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19 Baixing Awarded as Red Herring Asia 100

People will like this new name :) Maybe a famous brand later.
Posted by 502forever at 2008-12-02 19:51:36. More

18 Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday, Jianshuo :)
Posted by 502forever at 2008-10-19 14:53:23. More

17 Keep Walking

Great, jianshuo. A good manager should know more field other than coding and technology :)
Waiting for more messages about management and marketing.
Posted by 502forever at 2007-06-26 20:52:48. More

16 Happy (New) Father's Diary

Yeah, Father's Day is coming. Enjoy your first festival as a father, Jianshuo :)

Best wishes~
Posted by 502forever at 2007-06-16 23:42:11. More

15 My Baby Arrives

Hi, Jianshuo. Just got your fantastic news. Congratulations.
Happy for you :)
Posted by 502forever at 2007-06-04 23:19:55. More

14 Flowers in Spring, in my Garden

That flowers could make you energetic the whole day ~
Wonderful job.
Posted by 502forever at 2007-05-12 23:47:38. More

13 Flickr Meetup This Saturday

Wow, it's a pity that I am in Beijing, not Shanghai~
Posted by 502forever at 2007-05-12 23:39:54. More

12 Living with Bad Environment?

Yeah, I can't agree you more, Jianshuo. Of course, keep the principle is right. But, sometimes, we shoulden't stick to so-called principle, and we should act on the environment.

Good luck, Jianshuo!
Posted by 502forever at 2007-05-12 23:37:36. More

11 Street Markets in Shanghai

The photos looks great. It's full of Chinese feature~
Posted by 502forever at 2007-05-09 13:16:22. More

10 I Just Paid for my Second Year of Flickr

Yes, I agree with you completely. Web is a part of life. Sometimes we only enjoy it randomly, and not for specail purpose.
Posted by 502forever at 2007-05-07 19:29:59. More

9 Kijiji SJTU Office

Wonderful office~
Posted by 502forever at 2007-04-06 10:55:50. More

8 Future Shanghai Metro and Maglev Map

There will be a great change about Metro in Beijing 2008.

This is the URL about Beijing Metro:
Posted by 502forever at 2007-03-22 22:56:41. More

7 RSS Changed to Full Text

Good news. I think I should know more about RSS :)
Posted by 502forever at 2007-03-13 17:56:59. More

6 Zezego's Living Cost in Beijing

For most of average people, house is the main problem living in big city like Beijing and Shanghai ~
Posted by 502forever at 2007-01-28 20:48:52. More

5 @Wangjianshuo.com Email as Gift

I am visiting this blog today. Would be appreciated if I could get an email address like @jianshuo.com :)
Posted by 502forever at 2007-01-28 20:37:54. More

4 A Stolen Bicycle

It's the same condition in Beijing, especially in the college. But it's a little better now.
Posted by 502forever at 2007-01-28 13:12:09. More

3 Short Note of 5 Days in Chaminade

"leadership is all about feeling instead of techniques", this make me think a lot...
Jianshuo, maybe you shoule try to make that be a famous theory:) Just feeling, the feeling from the bottom of heart.
Posted by 502forever at 2006-11-26 12:23:12. More

2 Rumors after Rumors - Part II

Believe everything will go well :-) An episode in life maybe give you a new viewpoint to see the society, especially the internet society!

I will come here frequently, and learn from you ...
Posted by 502forever at 2006-11-24 15:22:23. More

1 Happy Thanksgivings

what is the true meaning of life? Maybe no one can describe it clearly, but the time when we share with the friends around us is what we should really cherish.
Posted by 502forever at 2006-11-24 15:07:14. More