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54 Foreign Job Seekers Move to Shanghai

I think Shanghainese employers are v discrimatory towards south-asian people. If you are white, no need any qualifications or experience. But if you are south-asian then your qualification & experience is no worth~
Posted by Alex at 2009-06-30 16:41:20. More

53 I Use Hotmail Since 1997

hotmail sucks
Posted by Alex at 2009-06-25 09:58:34. More

52 All Metro Stations in A Day


You seem like an expert on the metro. I have a quick question if you dont mind. I will move to a college campus soon, and want to know if you think line 11 will really be finished this year?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good blog.
Posted by alex at 2009-05-13 17:45:53. More

51 Salary for Foreign Engineers

I have been looking to move to Shanghai in the past month or so. I have a 6 figure salary in Chicago working as a senior business analyst in the futures trading industry. I want to move to Shanghai mainly for family reasons. My grandfather recently passed away and my grandmother is by herself. I am very close to her and would like to move back and be with her. My parents are settled in the US as with me (married, no kids). My question is what type of job are out there in the financial sector and how much do they pay? I know a 6 figure salary in $ is probably not possible, and I am willing to take a pay cut. But I have a house payment here and certainly don't want to go more a 15-20% cut. Thanks
Posted by Alex at 2009-03-05 06:32:24. More

50 3 Days to 6th Anniversary of Blogging

Happy 6 years anniversary!
Posted by Alex at 2008-09-09 15:09:02. More

49 Killed 6 Policemen and Became Hero

The policemen in Shanghai are crooks anyway. I cant say I feel sorry for them, they are poorly trained and act like they are above the law, picking on the weak.
Posted by Alex at 2008-08-01 17:41:54. More

48 CRH Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou

There are many more slogans like in the last picture on neighborhood buildings near the south railway station. It's really a nightmare living near the railway. Don't know whether the government will take actions on these slogans for the tiptoeing Olympics.
Posted by Alex at 2008-07-04 14:11:44. More

47 Plastic Bags and Gas Shortage - My Observation

I shopped today at a rural convenient store in SongJiang District. No free bags anymore. Each of them costs 0.1 yuan now. And I ended up holding 4 bottles of icy soda when walking out of the store.
Posted by Alex at 2008-06-01 22:16:20. More

46 Leave Home Early to Avoid Traffic Jam

I hop on the subway around 06:30 to avoid the rush hour.
Taking the subway during the rush hour is certainly not a good experience. Especially if you are to take line 2 in the morning, remember not to have too much breakfast, cuz under that kind of pressure, ANYTHING could happen...
Posted by Alex at 2008-05-28 10:04:45. More

45 Where to Study Chinese, Beijing or Shanghai?

Posted by: jezz on May 24, 2008 4:59 PM

Hi jezz ,

My name is alex . I'm chinese , live in shanghai . In the future I want to travel some foreign country as you do . Before that I have to practice my English, so I think we can do the Language exchange in Shanghai. It's free! And I have many friends in Shanghai that they can speak English . I also have some foreign firends , they come from westem country. They teach English in a language school. So they know where is more suit westem people live in this city. Including: where to live , where to shopping , where is the best way to realize local cuture .

If you interested in this information , please feel free to contact me. I can give you more details.

Here is my MSN:
Posted by Alex at 2008-05-26 19:01:46. More

44 How We Can Help?

SiChuan Needs your help!!

如何捐助/HOW TO DONATE/寄付方法









新西兰/New Zealand/ニュージーランド

中国大陆/China (mainland)/中国大陸

香港/Hong Kong/香港


其他国家和地区/Other countries/areas/その他の国と地区

Please contact the Chinese embassy or Red Cross in your country. Thank you very much!
Posted by Alex at 2008-05-18 21:07:34. More

43 Why I Keep Losing Stuff

It happens to me all the time. Some things just vanished when you were trying damm hard to find them, but they magically come back some day when, maybe, you are looking for something else.
Posted by Alex at 2008-05-05 12:20:01. More

42 Look at Places I have Ever Been

So many places!! Envy you a lot!
Maybe you can tag them on Google Maps. :)

Noticed you've removed the drop down menu of categories on the header.
Posted by Alex at 2008-05-05 12:15:21. More

41 Why I Keep Losing Stuff

I think it's theft.
Posted by Alex at 2008-04-27 14:49:50. More

40 My Friend Alexandra's Book: The China Price

heard you on the radio this morning on NPR (National Public Radio). Interesting conversation on "Three dollars goes to the brand, and one dollar goes to the manufacturer. They [China] are aware of those three dollars and they want to get into that".
Posted by alex at 2008-04-03 21:31:27. More

39 Being on TV is Nothing

But what are you expecting to change?
Posted by Alex at 2008-03-20 12:22:45. More

38 Being on TV is Nothing

But what are you expecting to change?
Posted by Alex at 2008-03-20 12:21:54. More

37 MSN Messenger Virus BR2002

My MSN messanger sends me a message from one of my contacts. It contains a zip file about my pic or something like that. Also I need to be showing online for it to come through.
Posted by Alex at 2008-02-17 01:16:12. More

36 Please Don't Add me on MSN Messenger

plz add me girls
Posted by alex at 2007-11-26 19:15:38. More

35 Highly Recommend Book - China Road

A read this book flying from Shanghai to Seattle last weekend. One of the best books I have read. Very enjoyable travelogue and insightful as well into China. Also an experience I would love to have, spending time really understanding people and their lives.
Posted by alex at 2007-08-14 23:53:08. More

34 Sleeping Cats

Posted by ALEX at 2007-06-06 05:19:35. More

33 Shanghai is Cooling Down

hi shianshuo
i really wolud like to kmnow about de temperature of te sea water and if i know any surfshop or place for buy neoprene clothes
Posted by alex at 2007-05-22 22:32:25. More

32 Exchange RMB to/from Foreign Currencies

I would just like to say that i live in the UK and i have used my visa electron card on previous journeys to china and it tends to give me quite a good rate compared to what i get back home in england
Posted by Alex at 2007-04-22 06:17:39. More

31 Best Buy Opens Store in Xujiahui

I took one NB there since sales emphasize no bargain, which is I'm afraid of. whoever good at bargain or not walks into that room will feel you were treated fairly. I'm kinda like it very much!
Posted by Alex at 2007-04-13 15:52:58. More

30 View of Shanghai under Clear Sky

Thank you for posting the photos. I have never been in Shanghai when the sky is so clear.
Posted by Alex at 2007-02-01 06:30:37. More

29 Shanghai Looks Similar to US, But...,13,1,19,9

City re-construction INDEED was just the "image". Actually it was the government's strategy to attract investment and it was based on research. With more foreign investment from various leading compaines, shanghai got more job opportunities for people. with more job opportunities, government got more money to improve education and health care, social security system (although currently it's still weak). And the city re-construction improved some residents life quality. For example, 20 years ago, it was normal for a local 3-generation-family to live in a 20-square-meter apartment in old downtown. With city reconstruction, most of families got 3 apartments depending on the total family members who used to live there. Although they moved to suburb, with efficient publuc transportation system, their life quality eventually got improved (they at least got privacy as a human being...).
Posted by Alex at 2006-12-12 17:47:34. More

28 Xiang Yang Market Shutdown

QiPu market is not safe to go.

I have just returned from Shanghai. My wife and I just got married in April. She is Indian, so it was her first trip to China. We stayed at HengSheng Penisula Hotel, which is close to the Bund. Her parents and their friends (all US citizens of Indian origin) came to Shanghai as well.

We went to QiPu road for some shopping after learning that they have alot of stuff there. I, being the only Chinese in the group, was thought to be the tour guide by the people (huang niu). They(around 15) of them came up to us, literally pulling and theatening me to take them to their shops. When we refused to go with them, they threatened to beat me up. Some said "you are lucky today that you still have your eyes" as we were escorted out by security officers at QiPu road market. It was one of the scariest moment of my life. Everyone in our group were scared for their safety. I have never encountered this in Shanghai or else where in China. Shanghai is definitely not as safe as it used to be. QiPu road people are stupid in trying to use this tactic to get business. They not only lost me, but pretty much anyone I speak to about my trip. I will never recommend QiPu market. Anyone traveling to Shanghai shouldn't go to QiPu. Its not well organized, not clean, not safe.

Science and Technology Center is much safer. None of us felt threatened or harassed.
Posted by alex at 2006-11-08 01:16:16. More

27 Suggest a Topic

Best place to eat for locals.
Posted by Alex at 2006-10-26 15:32:55. More

26 Shanghai's Weather is Like Sydney in Oct

Sydney is ruled by capitalists,that is the difference too.
Posted by Alex at 2006-10-05 13:16:55. More

25 You'v Got (Registered) Mail!

"The service provided by banks are among the best in all these industries."

My god! Queuing the long line of ICBC bank and then talking to the bank teller with bad attitude is similar to talking to the Soup Nazi (if you've watched Seinfeld then you know what i mean)
Posted by alex at 2006-09-30 04:42:11. More

24 I Want to Go to India

Can someone tell me where the Indian resturants are at in Shanghai? Any vegetarian resturants?
Posted by alex at 2006-08-23 06:05:52. More

23 I Want to Go to India

I went to India in March. We experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly (Trust me, China is no better).

Indians are very friendly. The country is beautiful. The food is delicious. I love spicy food. My parents ate Chinese food their entire life, so they don't like Indian curry at all. But I love them. Maybe b/c American food is a mixture of all different cultures. If you have problems with the indian version of curry (very different from Chinese curry), you can get very good Chinese food. If you are in the south india, you will love the sea food there.

Indian also has its bad side: the tourist guide that takes you to the shops they get kick backs, the cabbies that says "meter not working. flat rate. 200 ruppies." etc..etc..etc... But that's pretty much the same where you have income inequalities, you will see that. Shanghai has those cabbies. I have never incountered them, but I speak Shanghainese. I am sure I'll get the tourist rate when I goto some other cities.

The ugly. India has 1/4 of the world's poor. I have NEVER seen the poverty and the extent of the poverty in China, city or rural. I use to live in HeFei in Anhui. Anhui is a poor province. There are some really poor areas. We visited those places as youth groups. India's poor population enables almost every middle class family to have a maid, a cook, etc. 100 ruppies a day is average salary. Call center staff gets 30,000-50,000 ruppies a month. that's an insane amount for the poor people. Sometimes you think why India is so rich and so poor at the same time. They have some of the richest people in the world. and the largets poverty population in the world. thats ugly. I hope China's strive to privatization won't push China into that case.

anyway.. India is beautiful.

Agra, Jaipur, Goa are my favorite. Taj Mahal is the MOST beautiful building I have ever seen. (sorry.. I admit its better than the Forbidden city, etc).
Posted by alex at 2006-08-23 06:01:24. More

22 Shanghai Airport City Terminal

The first mover carries the risk of the experiment, but then there is nothing new under the sun. Can't Shanghai just learn from the established city like Hong Kong, in this case, the HK city terminal is a success story.
Posted by Alex at 2006-08-14 17:12:14. More

21 Xiangyang Market - the Shopping Paradise

I hear that don't ever follow those guys.

Its dangerous to go with them b/c you are totally out of control once inside their "warehouse". All my relatives says DO NOT EVER go with those guys. Buy the stuff outside and ask them to take the items out and show you in the shops, but don't go with them to see it. As a shanghainese, I actually talked to once of the shop managers. She says the same thing. At best, you get something crappy for a high price. At worst, you are forced/coerced to buy (like by showing you a knife they have in their waist or something.)

Has anyone seen any goodies at QiPu road?

Posted by alex at 2006-07-19 04:22:44. More

20 Xiangyang Market - the Shopping Paradise

I hear QiPu road is suppose to be the replacement for XY road market. But from what I know, it is a pifa market.

Where is(are) the replacement markets for xy market? I am coming to shanghai next month and want to do buy some cheap fake goods.

Posted by alex at 2006-07-18 07:58:32. More

19 Slight Changes in "China"

I was born in Shanghai. Went to US at age 11. I am 29 now. The changes in China are beyond one's dream. I am proud of what China has done for its cities and its people. Highways, better railways, airports, etc.... all the new infrastructures in all the cities, and China has provided many opportunities to its young generation! No where in the world has so much being built in so little time! wow...

The changes that really shoke me:
- There are villages where water is so polluted, people can't even use it to water their plants. The cleaning up of cities has polluted the rural land. Shanghai's SuZhou river was pitch black and smelled like an open sewer when i left. Now, along its banks are the prime real estates. All the black filth and sewers are NOT gone, but just moved to somewhere else.
- the value of human life hasn't changed. There are many migrant workers in Shanghai. Many of them get taken advantage of by the construction companies. You have coal workers that dig the mines at 1900s conditions, while the coal mine bosses are reaping the rewards at the cost of their worker's lives. We can't call ourselves a civilized nation until we value life equally: ours and others.
- corruption is everywhere! my god! business in China is about jumping hoops through the agencies. Each one is waiting for a "hong pao". Even the doctors at hospitals. That's just sad. If you don't have money for bribes, you can't get things done. And shame to the doctors and hospitals who refuse to operate b/c they haven't got paid by the patient. US health care sucks(cost is high), but if you have no money at ALL, and need surgery to save your life, you WILL get treated.

In the end, I feel great about what China has achieved in the past 20 some years. At the sametime, I feel with everything that is wrong with US (George Bush and all.. haha.. ), China still has a long way to go in the areas that are intangible. I love China and US.

By the way... regarding to "Made in China". I don't think of it much. Made in US can also be crap, e.g. US made cars (cheap looking on the outside and inside). Chinese made electronics are decent for the price you pay. I think its Made In China means value.

Posted by alex at 2006-07-04 02:07:29. More

18 Look at These Advertisements


Most of the advertising you see on TV are locally layered. Meaning, that when you see Chinese letters on the banner in the soccer fields, most likely case is that Budweiser China paid an advertising agency to produce and place the Ad during the soccer match. The technology is simple. It bascially layers the ad over the existing Budweiser ad (Budweiser paid for it. The original ad could be german). This will attract the attention of the local viewers, whatever your local language maybe. Coke does it often.

This technology has been in existance for quite a while. NFL has used it for its games on the FOX network. Its a great way for advertisers to use the banner space more efficiently.
Posted by alex at 2006-07-04 01:39:26. More

17 Language Exchange Partners Wanted

I need to learn chinese (Mandarin) for school, well, in a years time and was hoping to get started sometime this year. I'm in Ballarat Victoria, In Australia and so if there are any chinese people interested in doing a learning exchange contact me,
Posted by Alex at 2006-02-19 21:41:06. More

16 Free .TK Domain Available

Hi. May be this is BAD, but is something different:
Posted by alex at 2006-02-16 16:37:50. More

15 Tahiti

I your pictures are fab!!
Posted by alex at 2006-02-14 07:22:34. More

14 Traffic Control in Shanghai

Thank you, I will quotation u some information to be my presentaiton.:)
Posted by Alex at 2006-02-03 13:32:10. More

13 In San Jose Already


You are blog number 98 to be invited to our new Blog Ranking Service. We have invited 100 great blogs from China.

Spread your writings to the world.

You can sign up here:

Click Here
Posted by Alex at 2005-12-07 19:53:22. More

12 FIAT Siena 1.5 HL Pictures

It is a nice car. What are your impressions now, after some time since you have own it? In Europe (actually only Eastern Europe) exactly the same car is called Fiat Albea and it is built in Turkey.
Posted by Alex at 2005-07-18 04:14:35. More

11 Back from Beijing Trip

Actually, Starbucks is the cheapest place in China to get a cup of coffee. Please don't compare it to Nescafe instant coffee or coffee from KFC. If you want a regular cup of coffee then it will be very difficult to beat 12RMB in China. In fact, I challenge all of your readers to tell me where I can find a cheaper cup of coffee. Sure, coffee is a foreign commodity and therefore will cost more than a cup of tea but to say that it is overpriced is unfair. You CAN get ice cream cheaper than Hagen-dazs. You CAN get furniture cheaper than IKEA but you CANNOT get coffee for cheaper than Starbucks.
Posted by Alex at 2005-07-14 11:21:30. More

10 Coffee Bean Club

there's a new coffee bar along Nanjing West Rd called Figaro Coffee..a must try. The flavor is very European. =)

It's at the Tian An Centre building. 338 Nanjing West Road.
Posted by Alex at 2005-03-25 21:00:11. More

9 I Got Wallop Invitation

I would like to have a wallop invite, please!
If needed, I have some Gmail invites to trade...
Thanks in advance..
Posted by Alex at 2004-12-22 03:57:12. More

8 Chicago is Amazing

Nice city with strong style of industrial culture!
Posted by Alex at 2004-12-15 17:03:37. More

7 I Got Wallop Invitation

yo sup! Do you have nemore wallop invites???:) if so, may i have an invitation?
my email is:
Posted by Alex at 2004-11-21 20:44:29. More

6 Where to Study Chinese, Beijing or Shanghai?

Im a peruvian 23 year old graduated from bussiness administration like 2 years ago in Universidad de Lima. I am going to Jiao Tong university in shanghai to study mandarin (im a begginer) so i can later establish a more solid bussiness relation with my suppliers there. I am going to stay there like 3 months. Then i want to travell around china for other 3 months. My question is: 3 months is enought to survive around china 3 more months?

Oh, other question, where can i find a good apartment in shanghai?

Please answer me to
Posted by alex at 2004-10-13 00:12:11. More

5 Webcam+Windows Media+GPRS+SmartPhone=?

hi a need this file....SPCA561.SYS.. can you help me
Posted by Alex at 2004-08-27 06:15:42. More

4 Webcam+Windows Media+GPRS+SmartPhone=?

Hi! As almost everyone :), I also need the missing spca561.sys file. Thanks a lot for your help. My email is
Posted by Alex at 2004-08-17 08:12:34. More

3 Websites About Shanghai

Hey fellow, have a look at (:
Posted by alex at 2004-06-08 15:59:38. More

2 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai


i'll be in shanghai this summer, starting around the thirrd week of june and leaving in late august. i am looking for a rasonable (up to 3000 rmb/month) room to rent with a kitchen and western bathroom at minimum. i would like to share with another renter, chinese or non-chinese, if possible. I will work near pudong but would like to live in an area that is more chinese and less touristy and hopefully within 3 blocks of nightlife. an old chinese apartment would be fine as long as it is clean and secure. if you have an apartment, please email

Posted by alex at 2004-05-30 10:01:27. More

1 Real-Time Stream Broadcasting Cookbook

I am using Windows Media Encoder 9 on an XP Pro PC connected to the Internet via DSL with dynamic IP.
I followed the steps to broadcast live from my connected Sony DV Camcorder. Problem is that in the Wizard the Media Encoder sets the following http: and the problem is that is the Local Ethernet Adapter's IP Address, not the PPP Adapter's IP address.
I can view the broadcast using my local Windows Media 9 player (entering the above http as URL), but someone else connected to the internet cannot pull the broadcast.
Any help?
Posted by Alex at 2003-02-04 07:40:07. More