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132 BBC's Interview

Bellevue, there is no point arguing with or against you on any issue. You try to bypass the issue with nitpicks and personal attacks.

On the topic of censorship & BBC, BBC regularly deletes comments in their online discussions that do not agree with their views. In fully moderated discussions, comments do not appear at all. Perhaps these "Have Your Says" should be renamed "have your say should you agree with us"
Posted by bellevue at 2007-09-30 14:25:49. More

131 BBC's Interview

AKFrost: best proof that you are but an idiot.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-10-31 10:28:31. More

130 Chinese Blogger Conference

troll, did you try your best to avoid BBC or any west reporter, and when failed, told whoever you met that 'there is no censorship in China'? Garbage
Posted by bellevue at 2006-10-31 10:19:46. More

129 Who is Chinabounder

Don't get distracted by this wangjianshuo and ChinaBounder. iSweatshop is the highlight this week. Please sign the petition here:
Posted by bellevue at 2006-09-01 23:33:28. More

128 I Want to Go to India

India is a secular democracy which never recognized caste system since its founding. The former social hierarchy is mentioned by the government only in order to implement affirmative action, to correct the social gap. I seriously doubt Indian ID card could carry such information for a different purpose.

China invaded India with no good reason in early 60s. Today, 'teach India a lesson' emotion still runs deep in wangjianshuo's generation in China. If they do, they will get a lesson.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-08-26 06:57:25. More

127 South Railway Station Pictures

Oops, some Chinese passengers have their own alternative ways to use or abuse the South Railway Station:

For those who do not read Chinese, basically, they loitered in the lobby at night in hundreds, clogged all 132 toilets (German-made), destroyed some censor-activated faucets - all happened during the first 3 days of operation. Someone even steal away bathroom paper roll.(The lesson learned here: even German quality is not Chinese-proof!)

Something you'll never learn from this Chinese 'blogger'.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-07-10 20:27:16. More

126 New Jersey Government Shutdown?

Dave G.: Thanks for pointing out a big loophole of homeland security, which should be closed up. BTW, the youngest age admittable to CYL is 14.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-09 09:22:48. More

125 San Jose Impression

Salute the CHP! Bring more tickets to that stupid interloper!
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-09 09:15:45. More

124 Back to Blog of My Own

Alex L.: Really? Since Dick Cheney has the power of censorship, why can't he stop NYT and WaPo from reporting on the scandal involving 'scooter' Libby, his chief of staff? You think VP office is running a Central Propaganda Department? Come on, that's China.

So you bet on China in 20 years to make its wrongs right with its might. I'd bet on Venezuala.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-07-08 18:17:55. More

123 Back to Blog of My Own

I'm just wondering why people should listen to someone that claims 'there is no censorship in China's internet', and what one can learn from those government garbage tirelessly recycled by wangjianshuo.

I hate to start a name calling, but until wangjianshuo retracts his statement on China's internet, 'liar' is the only choice to describe this 'chinese blogger'.

Is there censorship in China's internet, wangjianshuo?
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-08 11:35:37. More

122 New Jersey Government Shutdown?

hello_world & Dave: I can confirm that US immigration people actually share your point of view. For exemple, one of my college classmates informed the naturalization service that she was a CYL member, and later on INS people interviewed her and assured her that her membership would not get in the way of becoming citizen. Isn't America an incredibly generous nation?

I guess no one has a problem with the US generosity, which is in the nation's chemical makeup, but I wish those new immigrants be more forwardcoming like my former classmate did. Many of them fail to disclose their affiliation to communist organization. We are now in post-911 era and shouldn't we be more careful?

Didn't those Chinese immigrants once vow to "fight for Communist cause all my life" (为共产主义事业奋斗终身)? Didn't you, Dave? Doesn't that ask for a complete destruction of the United States of America? Now Dave, you either committed a purjury to your Chinese Communist comrades, or lied to US federal agency. Maybe you did both.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-08 11:22:15. More

121 New Jersey Government Shutdown?

Actually I'm not quite convinced that China is more capitalist than communist. But let's agree on this one: China murders.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-07 05:20:27. More

120 New Jersey Government Shutdown?

Dave: Correction: Wangjiaoshuo WAS a card-bearing communist, and is a staunch supporter of Chinese Communist Party (He has been a Communist Youth member since his high school years). So far no evidence about his current party affiliation. Yet his blog usually echoes Xinhua News Agency, which is CCP's mouthpiece.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-07-06 20:14:00. More

119 My Site Remains Illegal in China

wangjianshuo's 'blog' is illegal in China? It's not supposed to have Chinese audience, so this is irrelevant. The whole purpose to have this blog is carrying out 'foreign-oriented propaganda', to begin with. Don't try to portray yourself as a rebel, blothug wrong!
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-04 20:01:57. More

118 Slight Changes in "China"

The thing that will not change is called G-R-E-E-D. No one should be surprised to see all big GOP donors end up in Beijing or Shanghai happily patroning cheap ChiCom chicks.

Shanghai is home to the ugliest Americans and Europeans. They cut lines, jaywalk on streets, and spit in your face. Something they will never do in their home country. That speaks a lot how they view the so called 'middle class' such as wangjianshuo. They are rude, because they are eager to ‘blend in’, to get even with Wangjianshuo's 'changed China' at least.

If all you want in your life is money and high-octane sex and nothing about value, China IS one of the best choices.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-04 19:50:43. More

117 Xiang Yang Market Shutdown

It's taking away Chinese jobs!
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-04 19:29:44. More

116 New Jersey Government Shutdown?

"Disclaimer: I don't think it is right to make decisions about which form of government is just the good way or the bad way. "

It's a shame for a staunch commie such as wangjiaoshuo to resort to moral ambivalence like this to justify Beijing butcher's hold on power. For wangjianshuo, there is no censorship in China (What a crap), and the Shanghai government corrupt to death is as good as Stockholm city hall.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-07-04 19:15:35. More

115 Pictures of the Bund

All I see is a colossal of soulless Las Vegas whores afloat on heavily polluted water – a perfect metaphor for modern day China. The exception must be the former HSBC headquarters and the Customs house. Brits can spell e-l-e-g-a-n-c-e. But they didn't have luck. Both were looted by the commie bandits. Do not know what blothug wangjianshuo is proud of.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-28 20:17:30. More

114 One Child Policy in China

buster05, it seems that you are willing to concede that China's practice has been inexcusably wrong. You should go one step closer to admit that its policy per se is misled, to say the least.

Someone should tell you that O.J. lost the civil case. American judicial system does not fail to serve its ends. China fails on both counts: policy and execution.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-28 20:05:36. More

113 One Child Policy in China

Unfortunately, China's crime in name of 'family planning' is documented - not very well though - but it's there. The moral degradation is simply obvious and will leave behind a national wound for years to come.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-27 03:58:05. More

112 Shanghai South Railway Station

The best way to get onboard in South Station is catch a taxicab. Cab can get you landed right in the second floor curb side so you don't need to take escalator. Voila!
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-25 18:22:09. More

111 "The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone"

Amigo-teen: Wal-mart will lose this kind of case, every time. Sue them. They are reponsible for at least 20% of our trade deficit.

And I can guaranttee you that it won't happen in most of their stores. The security guy often is an amigo, tambien!
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-25 18:17:06. More

110 One Child Policy in China

Well, my mama is a Jap. I don't know who my father is.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-23 23:25:29. More

109 One Child Policy in China

Really, are you sure? Not a worthless Chink?
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-23 13:47:18. More

108 One Child Policy - Part II

"To Buster": ah, I like the food part. Especially when it's not poisoned by addictives, pestcides, MSG, antibiotics, drugs ...
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-23 02:27:31. More

107 One Child Policy - Part II

Read again. It says Ha Fo Da Xue, rather than HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-23 02:24:15. More

106 One Child Policy in China

"Every country has its own set of beliefs, laws, ideals, and practices." Yes, once upon a time the Third Reich decleared Jews and Gypsies (the Romani people) to be 'cleaned up' for an Aryan nation. Should I need to live under Hitler's regime to be able to judge their policy?

The Third Reich is no more. Yet the similar thinking is still taking hostages.

India has beautiful, honest, intelligent and hard working people and a democratic heritage you can find nowhere else in the Third World. Investing in India is investing in future.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-22 17:10:53. More

105 One Child Policy - Part II

shrek whatever: yank gets the way, for now. I can post again!
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-22 09:55:12. More

104 One Child Policy in China

I don't see any sign of the alleged easing of tight control in China. As for India, the largest democracy on earth, the family planning is carried out through persuasion and social work, not infanticide and forced abortion.

Hepatitis in China is a source of 'legitimate' discrimination in workplace. Never heard of as a source of boy preference. Can you think of a more plausible excuse?
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-22 09:50:54. More

103 One Child Policy - Part II

To those who are serious about understanding Chinese, take a look at the words from the Chinese overwhelmed by their joy on the mutilation and killing of 2 GIs:

If you can't read Chinese:

Those comments show a much more real face than the polished PR garbage here.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-21 21:05:13. More

102 One Child Policy - Part II

Shrek7: You bet. Can they spell zeitgeist? That's it.
China goverment takes out ethics from public or even private life. It's a success. China now is a value-free nation. I laugh every time when I hear people taking about 5000-year civilization of China. If it's true, Henan must be the richest province in China. Ask blothug wangjianshuo.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-21 20:51:17. More

101 One Child Policy - Part II

It is not true that China is loosening it one-child policy, even under the international pressure from rights NGOs. For example, Shanghai authority stipulate that a second child is only legitimate under following circumstances:

Meanwhile, China authority targets minority groups for stricter forced-abortion as their way of 'family-planning', in order to maintain Han Chinese's predominance in demography.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-21 20:28:16. More

100 One Child Policy in China

China's one-child policy produces enormous amount of 'unwanted' baby girls. A portion of them actually survived hospital, which is the state's killing field, and got abandoned later. A still small proportion of them ended up in American adopting families:

If you really have guts to compare India with China, only one society of the two is a humane one, and it's not China, obviously.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-21 20:13:59. More

99 One Child Policy in China

If you need a place to repeat ChiCom lies and government brainwash talking points, look no further: blothug wangjianshuo has a perfect place here. Maggie just found it.

Nothing can justify a government's decision of infanticide. Chinese government has been doing just that, partly funded by UN program. Shame on the United Nations. Shame on communist thugs and their simpathizers.

China is full of people like Maggie, who lost the ability of telling right from wrong. Instead they keep recycling the bullsh*t their government made available for them: basically, China needs to kill its baby to prosper.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-21 19:59:26. More

98 One Child Policy in China

Hope it's not McKenzie that is consulting ChiCom's 'population policy'. But if yes, it shouldn't surprise anybody.

Probably the largest social engineering campaign since Hitler's Holocaust, China's family planning is causing more problems than solution. Above all it is causing moral degradation in an unbelievable scale. Reports are rampant on forced abortion, or even post-delivery infanticides. Chinese communists are committing a murderous crime that amounts to Pol Pot's genocide, all in the name of 'population control'. It also serves their long standing policy of pursuing the extinction of Tibetan and East Turks.

More tragedies will be exposed to the world after the regime collapses. It's a true tragedy of human arrogance - when government believes it can decide for individuals, disaster does follow.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-20 19:24:15. More

97 Weather Forecast: Wet and Hot

According to communist China's 'law', no individual or organization can publish or disseminate weather forecast. Violators will be fined up to 10,000 yuan. No western style stand-up weather-man is allowed, except in government-run TV station.

Source: xinhua
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-19 20:44:30. More

96 I did Ignore World Cup

ChinaBounder: China is at its best doing just that. Speaking English or not, they won't change a bit. Sad, but true.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-19 14:36:45. More

95 Hukou System in China

Staunch Nationalist: It will be after you invade and conquer it (if you win), like in Tibet. Not now. Good luck
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-19 14:32:27. More

94 I did Ignore World Cup

No matter how much you hate Japan, you can't beat even team japan! Not even with all your scandals.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-18 11:36:54. More

93 Hukou System in China

Blothug wangjianshuo, Taiwan is NOT part of China. Stop day dreaming and get some life.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-18 11:29:10. More

92 "The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone"

Well, a fancy restaurant without such sigh in display still reserve such legal rights, as long as it is legal in that state.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-18 11:04:01. More

91 We Need a Bridge, Seriously

Most of the other places in America are adorable, too. The people are just beautiful. Blothug wangjianshuo and the like should visit there and get a real dosage of what America is all about, and quietly put their ambition of defeating 'US imperialist' to back burner. The 21st century is just another American one, period.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-18 11:01:14. More

90 We Need a Bridge, Seriously

To begin building such a bridge, please translate the following into English:


Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-17 22:52:28. More

89 We Need a Bridge, Seriously

Another commie blothug, bingfeng, is never too shy to voice his joy over teaming up with another rogue state and welcome a terrorist into Shanghai:

Indeed, he is much more candid than this blothug is, namely, wangjianshuo.

Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-17 20:32:52. More

88 We Need a Bridge, Seriously

Bovemanm: Of course China refused to join in a statement against Iran. Instead, China welcomed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Shanghai and invited him to a cruise tour in Huangpu, ended in a fireworks gala. Iran is now the pawn in China's great game against US and the West. Read any Chinese BBS, and you know right away how Chinese are excited to fight for the eventual victory over 'Yankee Imperialism', after years of official brainwash. We really need to bridge this knowledge gap and put more Americans in the know.

BTW, you'll never read news about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Shanghai shaking hands with Hu Jintao from this blothug wangjianshuo, since news as such would not serve his purpose here: to put a human face on an inhumane communist regime.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-17 18:34:18. More

87 We Need a Bridge, Seriously

Let's give some due credit to Taiwanese gooks, or Taibazi as Shanghaiis often refer to. People like Kaifu Lee and Jerry Yang. They seem already know China (and US) so well, that they can capitalize on Corporate America's greed to help Communist China gain ruthless control over its own people, make money at expense of Chinese people, and get away with it.
Posted by Bellevue at 2006-06-17 18:05:58. More

86 "The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone"

I think any restaurant owner is entitled to deny service to unrepentant commie supporters such as blothug wangjianshuo and taiwanese gook Jerry Yang.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-06-17 17:56:54. More

85 The City and Its Moral Boundary

Well, in fact I don't check this site regularly. You don't need to remind yourself on human weakness every morning, don't you? It's always there.

For example, in a previous entry this 'famous shanghai blogger' mentioned dining with An Ti, without a word on censorship, which only weeks ago prevented An Ti from bloging anymore. Microsoft (wangjianshuo's former employer) under the pressure of Chinese Communist Regime (wangjianshuo's permanent slave master) deleted An Ti's blog space on MSN. Yet this wangjianshuo said no word about it. He cited An Ti's name out of shameless self-promoting, as the latter had kept a finest blog in China, while wangjianshuo's blog is the longest running shame on blogsphere, littered with lies, rubbish, garbage, junk, trash, and never short of commie propaganda.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-01-14 08:21:51. More

84 Xujiahui Metro Installed Auto-Door

oops, sometimes the non-existing censorship back fires. sorry.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-01-12 20:31:41. More

83 The City and Its Moral Boundary

Someone has long gone across moral boundary when he unabashedly claimed that there is NO censorship in China.

Now he starts talking about ethics? A new low.
Posted by bellevue at 2006-01-12 20:29:39. More

82 The 8-Day of Nightmare

Huh, 8 days out of propaganda. Need to catch up now.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-23 07:40:58. More

81 Sorry for Outage 8 Hours

What is phishing? Good question. It's a parody of fishing. It's tricking people into doing something against their own interest - giving up privacy, or losing their money.

Does this blog contain phishing pages? Absolutely. Portraying China as a normal country is phishing. China is NOT. Talking about Starbucks in Shanghai without mentioning how many people are abused by their own un-elected government and can't afford to basic needs is phishing. It's targeting unwary readers, tricking them into believing China is just another decent country where people can thrive without compromising their own integrity. It's tricking those poor naive victim from the West into 'go China' to lose to their shirt.

It's a phishing world. Enter at your own risk. Consider yourself be warned.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-14 18:33:04. More

80 Weekend at San Jose

It is not the driving skill that Shanghai drivers lack. It's the courtesy and common sense. Those idiots just don't care their own safety, much less the safety of others.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-14 18:09:20. More

79 Weekend at San Jose

boot-licking, panda-hugging fag?
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-13 09:05:09. More

78 Weekend at San Jose

At first sight this 'famous shanghai blogger' kind of toned down his trademark anti-western rhetoric. A real change?

Wait a minute, what is this - "how harmony the community and the neighborhood were constructed" ? This is only a cheap echo of the most recent Chinese Communist Party dogma: 'build a harmonic society'. Even thousands miles away, wangjianshuo's mind is still obsessed with government propaganda!

Let's see how CCP is doing building the social harmony:

Chinese Police Kill Villagers During Two-Day Land Protest

By Edward Cody
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, December 9, 2005; Page A01

DONGZHOU, China, Dec. 8 -- Paramilitary police and anti-riot units opened fire with pistols and automatic rifles Tuesday night and Wednesday night on farmers and fishermen who had attacked them with gasoline bombs and explosive charges, according to residents of this small coastal village.

The sustained volleys of gunfire, unprecedented in a wave of peasant uprisings over the last two years in China, killed between 10 and 20 villagers and injured more, according to the residents. The count was uncertain, they said, because a number of villagers could not be located after the confrontations.

(excerpts; full text:

BBC News Government minimises Dongzhou massacre, Italy - 9 hours ago

Dongzhou (AsiaNews) – The deadly crackdown against
demonstrators in the village of Dongzhou was scarcely covered by China’s media. ...

Dissent: Beijing's Tricky Balancing Act BusinessWeek

Chinese Mourn Dead After Village Shootings ABC News

Chinese Mourn Dead After Village Shootings CBS News

Houston Chronicle - Chicago Tribune - all 683 related »

So much for CCP and its agent's 'harmony' lines. Next time you lie, find another one.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-13 08:32:41. More

77 Hotmail Does Not Work

Wow how did you know all that stuff about me?
I am sorry for my behavior. Sorry for calling you a liar Jianshuo.
I realize that I have a problem :(

Please help me!
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-12 15:03:27. More

76 Hotmail Does Not Work

Plus, Wangjianshuo is banning US embassy as a source in this blog. When I tried to quote a story from American embassy web page, I got 'this is a questionable source' warning.

A clear sign that what Wangjianshuo really believes in is anti-Americanism. He maybe talks nicely to Americans, but he can hardly conceal his diehard communist ideology.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-10 21:46:44. More

75 World AIDS Day

News about Henan, Wangjianshuo's native province notorious for its 'AIDS village':


Title: Henan "AIDS Villages" Up to 62 Percent HIV Infection Rate
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-10 21:39:52. More

74 In San Jose Already

I can't refuse the gift sent by others. But when I shop for myself, I will use descretion. For example, Cavin Klien is made in the Philippines while Polo Sports is made in China. It's hard, I should say, but you still have a choice.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-10 21:32:59. More

73 Hotmail Does Not Work

I want to say Wangjianshuo is a cheap liar, even if he spelled it right. You have a problem with that?
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-10 21:27:21. More

72 Hotmail Does Not Work

Perhaps you can't even remember if there is cencorship in China?
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-10 12:59:44. More

71 SFO Pictures

Above blue sky and all others, what you really must be missing in China is decent people.

How many Chinese look straight at your eyes when they are talking to you?
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-10 12:56:11. More

70 In San Jose Already

carsten: do you need my street address?

Disclaimer: CA cops are fully competent to shoot at any suspect, be it a viking or half-blood chinc :)
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-09 20:37:20. More

69 Jet Lag Patterns

Why did you use '@' to replace 'a' in 'Tiananmen Square'? You are giving just another living proof that cencorship exists, bastard!
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-09 10:55:10. More

68 Jet Lag Patterns

Lee: in fact I never think so. It's Wangjianshuo that fired the first shot:

By attacking BBC, the famous shanghai blogger wangjianshuo declares war on truth, not only a reputable western media, on behalf of his puppet master. It's he that had chosen the wrong politics.

Wangjianshuo, you think you can get away with it? You are dead wrong. You are just a fat liar working for murderous chinese communist thugs. Your job won't get any easier if you choose to continue your lying about fact.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-09 05:55:55. More

67 In San Jose Already

That's why we need to ban all forced labor/slavery products.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-09 05:18:33. More

66 In San Jose Already

Are you a racist? Why do you think a white trash bootlicking Chinese communists should deserve any better treatment than Wangjianshuo does?

I just feel a bit sorry for Denmark.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-09 03:51:29. More

65 Jet Lag Patterns

None of your f!@#ing business
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-09 03:45:34. More

64 In San Jose Already

Don't you understand regulating the privilege of behind-the-wheel is a state right? Your communist textbook never told you that? What a waste of your Chinese 'education'!

And your usage of the word 'officially' only betrays your Chinglish traits. None of my bisiness, of course. Thank you for amuzing me - you folks never disappoint me doing just that!
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-08 20:53:05. More

63 Jet Lag Patterns

I think what I have for ChiComs are a little bit more than *attitude*.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-08 20:46:34. More

62 In San Jose Already

Your question should be put this way: can you legally drive in California with your Chinese DL?
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-08 17:58:46. More

61 Jet Lag Patterns

The lag you are suffering appears to be more than a few hours. For example, you believe that cencorship is part of American life.

Go get the truth. In your stay in San Francisco bay area, turn on your car radio, tune to FM 88.5 for public radio programming. Watch channel 9 for PBS. See for yourself. Hear for yourself. This is America. This is not China, where 'no comment' is often the shield of a coward, like you, the famous Shanghai blogger.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-08 15:37:25. More

60 In San Jose Already

expat: You bet. Well, it's communism "with Chinese characteristics".
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-07 13:46:52. More

59 In San Jose Already

Quoting Chairman Mao? Are you completely out of your mind? Lest you don't know, Chairman Mao is dead!
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-07 08:49:28. More

58 In San Jose Already

Any more comments from Commie-sympasizing Chinese in the US?

Oops, you got a few comrades in custody:
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-07 01:09:44. More

57 Flying to SFO

Simple. Move to Xujiahui and see (hear) for yourself. If you actually enjoy third-world-country noise, then it's good for you.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-06 18:01:19. More

56 In San Jose Already

If famous Shanghai blogger Wangjianshuo happened to drive northbound HWY 101 instead of southbound after leaving SFO, he'll probably notice a huge billboard by the freeway, condemning the Chinese Communist Party.

Face it, Wangjianshuo, this is America. You can't dictate what I believe, and you can't censor what I want to speak, like it or not.

Sure, in Silicon Valley you can find enough comrades, spies working for the CCP regime. Enjoy their company. Don't forget turn on your bedroom (not bed room - sorry) TV and watch for a few minutes. Guess who is on - Saddam Hussein. Don't stand up and applaud. He is not a hero as CCTV portrays. He is standing on trial. His regime is no more.

The anti-communism billboard will be there, until the collapse of your murderous regime. Hasta la vista, y bevenido!
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-06 17:38:07. More

55 Flying to SFO

Xujiahui is a nice place? Only if you enjoy traffic noise as music to your ear. Day and night, period.

I have a friend relocating to Shanghai and lives in a highrise alongside Caoxibeilu (within Xujiahui area). He couldn't sleep well for months. He then had his window panes deplexed, quaduplexed, and even adopted active anti-noise equipment. no use. After throwing thousands of dollars after his sleep losses, he gave up and moved to Century Park area(not Centenary Park, sorry Wangjianshuo).

Another exemple that good or bad can mean very different thing to Wangjianshuo and a normal-thinking guy.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-06 17:22:12. More

54 Flying to SFO


Wang Jianshuo is determined to lie about China, so I decide to make his job a little bit harder. That's it.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-06 01:09:11. More

53 BBC's Interview

Gentlemen: is blocked in China.

Of course, BBC is guilty manipulating Mr. Wangjianshuo to say the obvious.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-06 00:07:32. More

52 Flying to SFO

It's not meant to be repeated. Please delete the extra.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 23:56:23. More

51 Flying to SFO

Famous Shanghai blogger: Ask Craig how he is handling the government censorship on daily basis, or how Bush administration is harassing him and how he fights back.

It's the censorship, stupid!

Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 22:28:37. More

50 Craigslist's Success

Ask Craig how he is handling the government censorship on daily basis, or how Bush administration is harassing him and how he fights back.

It's the censorship, stupid!

Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 22:26:35. More

49 Flying to SFO

Famous Shanghai Blogger: Ask Craig how he is handling the government censorship on daily basis, or how Bush administration is harassing him and how he fights back.

It's the censorship, stupid!

Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 22:23:15. More

48 Flying to SFO

Famous Shanghai Blogger: Ask Craig how he is handling the government censorship on daily basis, or how Bush administration is harassing him and how he fights back.

It's the censorship, stupid!

Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 22:21:54. More

47 Craigslist's Success

Ask Craig how he is handling the government censorship on daily basis, or how Bush administration is harassing him and how he fights back.

It's the censorship, stupid!

Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 22:19:53. More

46 Craigslist's Success

Ask Craig how he is handling the government censorship on daily basis, or how Bush administration is harassing him and how he fights back.

It's the censorship, stupid!

Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 22:18:39. More

45 Flying to SFO

xyzah, the version Wangjianshuo prefers would be Taibei, rathen than Taipei - he and his government pretends that Beijing is ruling over the 23 million people in Taiwan, and they dictate the city you are living should be called Taibei.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-12-05 22:05:37. More

44 World AIDS Day

Everyone knows that Wangjianshuo is not a native Shanghai folk. Instead Wang was born in Henan province, the very part of China plagued by the epidemic HIV/AIDS.

Yet you'll never read anything from this 'famous China blogger' on the fact of his home province. Like it never happend: the corruption of the local offical, the cover-ups, the persecution of the advocates and those unfortunate ones. At the mamont, the atrocity goes on.

So there is no censorship, huh? So China is 'peacfully erecting', right, Mr. Wang Jianshuo?

The real hero of Henan is Dr. Gao Yaojie, who braved the oppressive regime to fight the pandemic:

Grandmother Courage

She's just a retired country doctor, but GAO YAOJIE refuses to keep quiet about the plague ravaging China


Grandmas aren't supposed to raise hell. In general, they potter around their crammed apartments, grumble about their senile husbands and make endless mugs of tea for visitors. Gao Yaojie, a tiny 75-year-old from China's central Henan province, does all that—and a great deal more.

In 1996, the retired doctor examined a patient complaining of what he called "the strange disease." Then came another with "no-name fever." And another with "weird sickness." Alarmed, Gao notified provincial medical officials that thousands of peasants who had sold plasma to illegal blood banks during the mid-1990s were all being struck by the same deadly affliction: AIDS. Dirty needles and recycled blood, she discovered, had led to HIV infection rates of more than 50% in some Henan villages. In the village of Wenlou, for instance, three generations of one family died within a two-month period. Gao estimates that up to 100,000 people in Henan might be infected with HIV.

Instead of being lauded for her handy detective work, Gao herself was put under investigation. Local cadres told her to keep quiet, lest she bring bad p.r. to the province. Gao's phone was tapped and her mail seized. "They thought they could scare me into not saying anything," says Gao."But what can they do to an old woman like me?"

Undeterred, the diminutive doctor donned her frayed Mao jacket and, defying official orders, printed up hundreds of thousands of flyers and pamphlets to educate rural residents about AIDS. Gao has also spent thousands of dollars of her own pension to buy medicine for the sick of Henan. For her energetic endeavors, she was awarded the Jonathan Mann Award, a $20,000 prize from the Global Health Council. But the government, afraid that she would expose China's dirty secret, barred Gao from traveling to the U.S. to accept the honor. Instead, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan attended the ceremony in her place.

After years of playing dumb and losing valuable time to educate its citizens, Beijing has admitted that China has a burgeoning AIDS problem. But Gao is not convinced by the government's plodding "Five Year Plan" to stem the disease. Despite their big talk, Beijing cadres have only admitted to the existence of one AIDS village in Henan, ignoring the dozens of other hamlets where HIV is flourishing. Nor is the much-publicized money the government has sent anywhere near enough to treat the thousands of farmers who die before ever knowing the name of the disease that killed them.

Meanwhile, the nation is projected to have 10 million HIV-positive citizens by 2010. "The government says their plan will prevent an AIDS epidemic," Gao says. "But even an old woman like me knows the problem has already reached epidemic proportions." While the authorities continue to downplay China's AIDS problem, Henan's peasants know they can count on a wrinkled woman named Grandma Gao.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-05 20:38:59. More

43 Inside the Shanghai Radio Staiton

CCTAng: Chi Mak? You mean the spy working under the cover of Chinese propaganda outlet Phoenix TV? He should be shot for spying, and he would if had done the same thing in another country.

Are you telling me you are his comrade?

And the traitor James Yee, who tries his best to bring down US?

Posted by Bellevue at 2005-12-05 20:27:48. More

42 Inside the Shanghai Radio Staiton

We'll all see how far his pathetic narcissism will lead this poor liar to. If it sickens you to stomach, that’s because his job here is so close to a prostitute, always serving the highest bidder, at the moment the CCP. CCP won’t be there for ever, along with it will be made-in-china illusions and its cheap whores, like wangjianshuo.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-23 23:35:46. More

41 Inside the Shanghai Radio Staiton

WJS said: "Just for example, if you ask "Do you have censorship in America?" If you say "No censorship", it is absolutely wrong."

Once again, why do you think there is censorship in America againt bloggers? Do you have any proof? (Hint: didn't you have a Microsoft internal memo guiding you how to blog?)

Why do you think lying, dodging or whatever is better than facing the truth? What part of your education made you think so?
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-23 23:19:42. More

40 Some Recent Magazines about Me

Peter: this blogger actually knows nothing about the soul of the city he had moved in to seek fortune. In this blog, some part of reality was left out due to his self-censorship, like you had pointed out; other omissions are simply out of his own ignorance.

It's not easy to find out, that despite its tragic falling into the hands of communists in 1949, Shanghai still retains some Old World glory in its architecture and culture. Yet you'll never read a bit of it in his blog. For a crass nouveau riche such as wangjianshuo, Shanghai's past has never existed.

I pity this great city, for it is now represented in blogsphere by such a redneck, who cares everything about serving his communist master but nothing about history and heritage.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-23 23:03:14. More

39 Some Recent Magazines about Me


Mr. Wangjiashuo, do you 畅所欲言 today?

Cheap garbage!
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-11-23 21:28:35. More

38 Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascots

Cultural meaning? None. Political motivation? You bet. The choice of using Tibetan antelope, which is native to Chinese-occupied Tibet, as one of the 5 mascots (huan huan), is a shameless attempt to legitimizing Chinese atrocity against Tibetan nation and wildlife in the occupied land.

The International Campaign for Tibet has criticized Beijing's adoption of the Tibetan antelope as one of five doll mascots for the 2008 Olympics, saying that it should not co-opt this symbol of Tibet's wildlife heritage, especially without better protecting its survival as a species.

"The appropriation of the Tibetan antelope as the Olympic mascot is a way of China attempting to assert the legitimacy of its rule over Tibet," said John Ackerly, President of ICT. "It is ironic that they have chosen a species that is endangered in Tibet partly as a result of the Chinese presence in the region."

The Tibetan antelope is believed to have numbered approximately a million at the turn of the 20th century, but thousands were slaughtered for sport and meat by soldiers of the Peoples Liberation Army in the 1950s, ‘60s and 70s. In the 1980s, when the antelope's fine wool, called shahtoosh, became popular internationally, Chinese and Tibetan poachers began taking a large toll, up to 20,000 animals per year. The total number is estimated to have dropped to under 100,000 in the mid 1990s. Although it has since recovered slightly, the animal is still in danger of extinction, and China's record at protecting it is poor.

The railway currently being constructed from Golmud in Qinghai to Lhasa in Tibet may endanger the Tibetan antelope further. While tunnels have been built to allow the antelope to cross the railway line, the railway will bring many more people – and potentially more poachers - closer to the antelope's breeding grounds and habitat.

The Tibetan antelope was listed as a protected species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in 1975. In 1979 all international trade in Tibetan antelope parts and derivatives became illegal. The U.S. government listed the Tibetan antelope, also known as chiru, as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act in 2003.

"The threat to the Tibetan antelope's survival can be compared to the threat to the survival of the Tibetan people's unique cultural identity as a result of hard-line policies and fast-track development by Beijing," said John Ackerly, President of the International Campaign for Tibet.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-11-19 17:33:36. More

37 Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascots


You just get it right. Yes, they are just poor mock-ups of the antiquated anime figure: Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム, or 铁臂阿童木 in China, Japanese series now bought by FoxKids).

My personal choice for mascot would be:

and the best postboy for Beijing 2008:
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-11-14 19:11:32. More

36 Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascots

Brad: In case you don't know yet, lying is just not a big deal here.

The Mandarin saying goes: 杀熟!Yes, friend lies.

A clear sign that you are not living in China, or you just don't blend in. (/sarcarsm)
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-13 19:59:44. More

35 Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascots

I bet you can't and won't find many fake, i.e. unlicensed Olympic-logo bearing products, or Olympic mascots. Why is that? Is China a country where every man is wearing a fake polo golf shirt, and every PC is runing a copy of pirated MS Windows XP (or other versions, you name it)? WSJ (Wall Street Journal, not this famous Shanghai blogger WJS) tells its story:

"On the second floor of the Silk Street Market, Beijing's crowded counterfeit center, Xu Chao peddles knockoff Adidas, Mickey Mouse and Diesel T-shirts. But shoppers won't find fake versions of products bearing the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games logo at his stall or anywhere else at the market, a few steps from the U.S. Embassy.

"The penalties for selling Olympic items are several times higher than for other brands," Mr. Xu says. The red logo of a running Olympian is the one brand peddlers of fakes can go to jail for stealing, he says.

China is notorious as a knockoff haven, where poor law enforcement has turned a potentially huge consumer market into a land of 75-cent pirated DVDs and $10 fake Louis Vuitton handbags. Yet even amid growing consumer demand for 2008 Games trinkets, counterfeit Olympics goods are hard to find. Now, U.S. trade officials, business groups and intellectual-property lawyers want to know why the Chinese government can't make other counterfeit goods just as scarce."

Voila! It's not that Chinese government CAN'T, but WON'T crack down pirate Hollywood DVDs. They could, but they are only serious when they protect their profits, their own IP. They are just playing a dirty trick with the West, ripping the West off, piling up illegal wealth at the expense of western firms, one of them Microsoft, WJS's formmer employer.

Something you'll never heard from this (in)famous Shanghai blogger.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-11-12 22:38:52. More

34 BBC's Interview

WJS said: "Just for example, if you ask "Do you have censorship in America?" If you say "No censorship", it is absolutely wrong."

Once again, why do you think there is censorship in America againt bloggers? Do you have any proof?

Continuing dodging this serious question can be construed as no evidence at all. But how can you not? (Hint: didn't you have a Microsoft internal memo guiding you how to blog?)

If you refuse to answer, your job of painting a smiling human face on top of China's brutal regime won't get any easier in the future. Consider yourself be warned.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-11 12:31:57. More

33 BBC's Interview

The audio link WJS provides above was basically BBC's interview with Yining and Nick. I didn't hear anything related to the not-commenting, elusive WJS.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-11 01:59:00. More

32 BBC's Interview

WJS said: "Just for example, if you ask "Do you have censorship in America?" If you say "No censorship", it is absolutely wrong."

Why do you think there is censorship in America againt bloggers? Do you have any proof? If no, are you making things up? Why do you want to misleading readers, and why do you think you can get away with your lies? What makes you believe so, from your experience in China?
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-11 01:45:17. More

31 BBC's Interview

WJS said: "The point is, do NOT put your words into my mouth, or do not use my mouth to say your words."

Who put their words into your mouth? Are you saying that you didn't even say - 'no comment'? As far as I know they didn't attribute other words to you. Why do you suggest that they are doing something they aren't?
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-11 00:18:59. More

30 BBC's Interview

"Now in China, the great wall has been replaced by the great firewall. In cyber spaces, the Chinese government uses electronic firewalls to control information coming into another country. Censorship is there. There are thousands of Internet police monitoring what you say and look at on the web. If they find something they don't like, you could end up in prison. Still, China held its first blogger conference this weekend in Shanghai."

Every and each bit of the above is true and correct. How can you dispute the fact?
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-11 00:13:24. More

29 BBC's Interview

WJS says: "Just for example, if you ask "Do you have censorship in America?" If you say "No censorship", it is absolutely wrong."

Why it's wrong? Can you give me an example of government sanctioned censorship over blogs - forget MPAA ratings - in America?
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-11 00:02:53. More

28 BBC's Interview

It's rather interesting to read the story from BBC's side. Apparently, they hadn't anticipated that Mr. Wang Jianshuo would choose to chicken out, despite the possible unhappy suggestion of the deadly, highly contagious avian flu:)

However, what the West is really facing off is a pandemic of fear: fear of losing business, fear of asserting one's own rights, fear of standing up to a tyrannical regime, and finally, fear of even mear whispering out the truth. Let's not miss this big picture, in which Mr. Wang is hardly the only victim; millions more are clinically ill nowadays, among them Westerners who seek fortune in this 'last market'. Or is it?

I hope and believe BBC will continue to do a great job to report all this fascinating development of human saga. I has good reason for my optimism: with BBC's help, Mr. Wang Jianshuo has successfully added this infamous 'no comment' into his notoriety, and I'm sure his business interests will be carefully taken care of, by a well serviced regime. You see, it's always possible to find a common ground.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-10 23:22:11. More

27 BBC's Interview

Smear campaign? I can't imagine Wang Jianshuo now can be so low to impersonate others and to make fake posts in his favor.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-10 12:05:48. More

26 BBC's Interview

支那is only China, it is not the center of the earth like the 支那人 wants to believe.
Kill all the chinkish 支那人, let the Japonese rule all China.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-10 11:54:35. More

25 BBC's Interview

My mama is a japonese, we are the best race in the world unlike the dog shit eating chink commies shitheads.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-10 11:47:27. More

24 BBC's Interview

Want to talk about 'professional reporting'? Fine. The buttom line is, BBS is reporting in a professional and respectful way, while Mr. Wang did not in defending the government. His 'no comment' sounds weak and akin to a coward.

If he sounds like a coward, acts like a coward, maybe he is one.

In 100 years, BBC will still be there, at Bush House, London, reporting to the world. The brutal regime that Mr. Wang, bingfeng and others are defending, will be no more. And I'm sure BBC will get a chance to tell us the story of its final demise.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-10 11:01:16. More

23 Tulip Sleeps in my Garden

If Wang Jianshuo decides it's time for him to defend every policy of the Chinese government, so be it.

The analogy of censorship and road sign system in Shanghai, only exposes Mr.Wang's own moral bankruptcy,which is only a franction of the regime's. Keep going on, Mr. Wang, since morality has never been your concern.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-10 10:27:39. More

22 BBC's Interview

Coolid, your response once again confirms that you, like Mr. Wang, came from a third world tyrannical regime, while you are trying your best to deny.
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-10 10:17:55. More

21 BBC's Interview

If the fat liar thinks he can get away with his lies about China's Internet, think again. Consider yourself broken, for your dirty little secret is not a secret to Chinese netizen:
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-11-09 21:26:01. More

20 BBC's Interview

Leben's post ( wasn't password-protected, until it has been referenced/trackballed for 3 times.

It's still cached:

[…] 自从在这里开了新的blog,谨遵不谈国事的标准。一来不想给自己带来麻烦,何况这blog的地方比较麻烦。二来也是自己很多想法都没有成形,不足以写下来,更不足以与高人论道。今天在Wozy的blog看了一篇文章,我惊讶于对于一个实际存在的事实为什么有很多人视为不见,甚至包括像Mr. Wang这种人。也许这就是即得利益阶层的体现,100年前,那些被称为异数的人远涉重洋取经,又回到中国大声疾呼民主自由。而100年后,也是这些人远涉重洋,不见8亿农民,只知北京上海。现在之中国真的那么美好吗?也许是我悲观,我看到的只有黑色中国。我喜欢Wozy引用的这个回复:The Peking Duck:“Not all Chinese bloggers are comfortable with the censorship and the blocking of keywords. Not all of them are apolitical and in awe of their government’s blinding successes.” 我没有说自己想说的话的权利,也没有挑战权威的勇气,但是我可以自己思考。 […]

Leben doesn't need to ask Mr. Wang if China has censoreship or not. He lives it.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-11-09 18:22:33. More

19 BBC's Interview

For those who can read in Chinese, the following blog piece reacting to Wang Jianshuo's worths reading:

Fortunately, most Chinese netizens I believe have no trouble to pinpoint the shamelessness on WJS's part in his denial of the existence of censorship. Mr. Wang Jianshuo, you are so arrogant and self-indulgence, that you even think you are above truth? You are dead wrong.
You are living in a 3rd world country without basic human rights to expression, and your blog says it all.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-11-09 12:51:33. More

18 BBC's Interview

Mr. Wang Jianshuo:

My suggestion would be, the next time you are asked about *censorship* in China, simply tell them that is doesn't exist - at least seems to you, who had already censored ones self before speaking out.

Or you can lecture the evil Westerners about the necessity of censorship in China. Anything goes, and each alternative will look less cowardly than 'no comment'.

With bloggers like you, who needs a censorship, anyways?
Posted by bellevue at 2005-11-08 21:08:59. More

17 My Favorites in Shanghai

Can't believe Wang Jianshuo is a northern Chinese. Too many pinyin errors. :(
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-03-04 19:12:50. More

16 MagLev May Extend to Hangzhou

Looks like they got it! Congrats!
Posted by bellevue at 2005-01-10 18:55:42. More

15 New Press Report on my Blog

Nina: I did and really enjoyed it. Thanx Jianshuo and QuiDuc! Can't wait for the part 2 & 3.
Posted by Bellevue at 2005-01-08 14:40:24. More

14 New Press Report on my Blog

oops it's Pacific Time at KQED. Thanks
Posted by bellevue at 2005-01-08 10:47:06. More

13 New Press Report on my Blog

Jing: You are in Bay Area? Let me know which program at KQED mentions that. Maybe too late to hear a rerun.

Jianshuo: I think you should seriously consider the bandwidth upgrade thing. More media exposure will lead to exponentially more traffic. Anyways, congrats!
Posted by bellevue at 2005-01-08 10:44:43. More

12 New York Pictures

Hope you are not scared by the subway. I know Shanghai has a new and stylish metro.
Posted by Bellevue at 2004-12-29 17:16:50. More

11 Cold New York

It snowed yesterday in Shanghai. Good luck JSW.
Posted by bellevue at 2004-12-29 09:38:49. More

10 Chinatowns in U.S.

That's Flushing, in Queens. Chinatown in lower Manhattan is worse than Flushing.
Posted by bellevue at 2004-12-28 17:40:41. More

9 Chinatowns in U.S.

Jianshuo: I totally agree with you, I am not alone. Just one catch with your 'old China' analogy: they are not even close to the treelined streets in colonial Shanghai, a splendid old China.

I never doubt the value of American diversity and never could have resisted the aroma of latte in Little Italy, or hotpot in Szechuan restaurant. But the melting pot does fail to achieve its full expectation in a few blocks, regrettably.
Posted by Bellevue at 2004-12-26 16:39:25. More

8 Chinatowns in U.S.

To AST: Just to offer an observation, most non-Cantonese Chinese do not feel warmth or emotional affiliation in Chinatown. Changing the name to Caotontown would serve the reality better. The cultural gap is there, but I guess few Anglo-Americans can understand that. Like Italiano, Chinese people are often subject to their tribal experiences at home.
Posted by Bellevue at 2004-12-26 16:29:42. More

7 Chinatowns in U.S.

Sorry Jianshuo, I had thought your microsoft collegues had already directed you to some fine Chinese restaurants in Bellevue. And you shouldn't have missed out an amazing seafood eatery by the Pike Market (close to the aquarium): people use hammer to knock off crab shell! Just like in Suzhou or Shanghai.

The best (if authenticity is index) Chinese restaurant can be found in southern California. But you don't even come close to silicon valley! Happy New Year
Posted by Bellevue at 2004-12-26 16:24:52. More

6 Merry Christmas!

Thank you fei for the in-depth information. The 'Happy Holiday' phenomenum is not new, but the trend is getting lots of steam this year. Now those well-trained store associates just smile and send their 'Happy Holiday' greetings everywhere. At least in this deep blue state.

It's interesting that you can still get 'Merry Christmas' by calling up frontdesk of highend hotels in atheist China.
Posted by Bellevue at 2004-12-26 16:06:25. More

5 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, or, in a Corporate America's politically correct form, Happy Holidays!
Posted by Bellevue at 2004-12-24 17:32:38. More

4 Hong Qiao (SHA) v.s. Pu Dong (PVG) Airport

Thanks carsten. Looks like car rental is for China nationals from provinces, although it's INTERNATIONAL airport.

My friends working as expats in Shanghai qualify their rule, but none of them drive. Now I know why :)
Posted by bellevue at 2004-11-29 15:58:28. More

3 Hong Qiao (SHA) v.s. Pu Dong (PVG) Airport

AVIS in Shanghai! Incredible. Any others, like Hertz?
Posted by bellevue at 2004-11-27 21:59:52. More

2 Jian Shuo Wang is Going to U.S.

You didn't even bother to include Silicon Valley!
It's either the Valley is going out of business, or Redmond is.
Posted by bellevue at 2004-11-26 18:49:52. More

1 I Got my U.S. Visa

I love the 'aircraft' analogue :)

To be exact, American Chamber of Commerce Cooperate Business Visa Program was implemented before 911 took place. Nevertheless it's more needed after that than before.

Have a nice trip to the Big Apple! Stop by Redmond again pls
Posted by bellevue at 2004-11-26 18:26:52. More