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98 Rating of Places Nearby Shanghai

I have only spent two days of my life in China, and one of them was thankfully spent in Hangzhou. It's definitely a "must see."
Posted by Ben at 2008-11-06 14:55:08. More

97 Introduce Yourself

I guess I'll be a first time commenter coming out of hiding. I'm Ben, I'm a university student studying biology and chemistry near Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. I found this blog while searching for Shanghai hotels, and found it very interesting, especially since I'm in a class on Chinese Politics this term.
Posted by Ben at 2008-05-09 12:30:18. More

96 Skiing in Shanghai


yes, there is at least 1.

Check out the shop located in Julu lu, crossing Maoming lu. It is around 50 m from the crossing itself. Great stuff, only original.

Small but nice :)

Good luck
Posted by Ben at 2008-02-03 16:42:26. More

95 Kijiji Expanding Office

Posted by Ben at 2007-12-30 11:42:57. More

94 My Only Experience to Japan

The photos are not available now.
I mean I can't view a full one.
Posted by Ben at 2007-12-28 21:11:55. More

93 SJTU Campus Starts to Charge for Parking

Everywhere should charge for parking. Cars are evil monstrosities that pollute the air and destroy social interaction.
Posted by Ben at 2007-12-23 01:13:05. More

92 Booking China Domestic Flight Outside China

I also have a huge problem with booking on the website with an Australian Visa Card. I spent probably about 7 hours longer than I should have in total to get a discount fare from Beijing to Guangzhou, the Visa payment gateway operated by ChinaBank just wont work for me, no matter who's Visa card I used. I contacted the Call Centre, and China Bank, and they both blame each other! While in the mean time there is no way to book the ticket at all! So much for the benifits of Joining the Star Alliance Air China!
Posted by Ben at 2007-12-13 19:33:12. More

91 Learning Swimming

i can't swim i have brought adult size armbandsbut i am embarrased to wear them
Posted by ben at 2007-12-06 00:03:36. More

90 0# Gas Shortage in Shanghai

Reducing M3 would have limited impact on commodity prices. In any case, eliminating the price cap is beneficial for society, by forcing certain people to conserve fuel. Driving is a privilege, not a basic right, and people that choke our air should pay handsomely for that privilege.
Posted by Ben at 2007-11-11 00:14:08. More

89 Car Towing at Owner's Expense?

Towing regulations should definitely be implemented in 上海. People that park on sidewalks deserve to have their cars impounded and charged a ¥1000+ fine, for destroying the public peace.
Posted by Ben at 2007-10-03 02:11:58. More

88 That is Easy - Easy Solution to Complicated Problems

The CCP's crew is always trying to solve problems attacking aggressively consequences of a problem without looking for its causes, simply jumping stupidly on any bandwagon they can find. Because causes are always similar and will always make them look nasty&bad, what they actually are.

Chinese people understand that, CCP is out.
Posted by Ben at 2007-09-13 07:18:54. More

87 Shanghai Taxi Colors

I have traveled from Shanghai Railway station twice recently. Both times there seemed to be some kind or Cartel or something in operation. I went to both north and south exits trying to get a taxi that would go on the meter. Even at the proper taxi ranks there were men controlling the prices and telling me I could only go for 50rmb to somewhere i know costs 11rmb. Any driver that came to the rank and would go on a meter was chased off by the rest. Shouldn't there be someone there to stop this?!! The police that were there didn't seem to care... who can you complain to? I know there's a number you can use in Hangzhou but not sure about Shanghai.
Posted by Ben at 2007-08-30 00:30:33. More

86 Setup a Blog like This?

wonder if anyone else is having problems. I tried to start a blog at both and
after signing up, i can't seem to be able to view my blog. not a good sign?
Posted by ben at 2007-07-05 20:41:02. More

85 China's Social Resources

Everyone says it's pretty bad. My cousin in 上海 decided to raise her newborn daughter in Singapore because of that.
Posted by Ben at 2007-07-03 06:45:04. More

84 Take Taxi or Buy a Car?

It's funny, because when I'm in a big city, I refuse to visit friends in suburbs because *they* are too far away. Technically, I'm more correct than they are.

Also don't forget to have a little foresight. 15 years from now, every suburban street in Shanghai will have horrible traffic. Outer Ring Road will be a pathetic parking lot half the time. When everyone wants "freedom", nobody has freedom. True freedom is public transport.
Posted by Ben at 2007-05-25 12:44:24. More

83 Take Taxi or Buy a Car?

11.5 miles is mad though, at least in Shanghai. You'd smell like a restaurant garbage dump afterwards. Where do you live?

Public transport is going to kick some major hinny soon -- by the end of 2010, there will be over ten Metro lines and one thousand bus lines in operation. By then, I'd consider anyone that drives a car unpatriotic (不爱国). :)
Posted by Ben at 2007-05-23 10:29:04. More

82 Take Taxi or Buy a Car?

"Ben, you must be kidding working in the taxi here. You just said "Taxi drivers are better at squeezing past buses", how can you work... you better focus on how they drive... :)"

Just work... if they hit a bus, it doesn't matter whether you're watching or not. Wear the seat belt too, even in the back seat. I've saved myself a few concussions that way. :)
Posted by Ben at 2007-05-23 00:30:35. More

81 Take Taxi or Buy a Car?

About the outskirts of the city... just don't go there. Going there and spending money there helps support irresponsible development.
Posted by Ben at 2007-05-22 12:01:17. More

80 Take Taxi or Buy a Car?

I believe taking the taxi is definitely the better choice, for a few reasons:

1. To go to work, Metro is the best option. It is MUCH faster than any road transport during peak hours, and is always on time regardless of how crowded it is (maybe wait a couple trains). Getting to and from a Metro station is impossible with your own car without wasting lots of money and time on parking. Shanghai has good (soon to be excellent) public transport, for very low prices -- why not use it?

2. You can work on the taxi. Laptop, SMS, paperwork, everything! Even if there's no work, you can read the newspaper or call a friend to talk. Reading is impossible when driving yourself, and talking is dangerous when traffic is crowded.

3. You have no liability. In your own car, you might hit another car or a bicycle, or injure a pedestrian. If the taxi does that, it's not your fault. You can just pay the fare, get out, and call another taxi.

4. You save a lot of stress. Driving during peak hours is like fighting a battle, and there's no point in adding to the stress of a long work day with two hours of perilous driving. Road rage is very, very terrible for your health.

5. Taxi drivers are better at squeezing past buses. Enough said.

6. You help improve society's living conditions. Driving your own car adds pollution to the already polluted air, whereas the taxi will be there whether you ride it or not. Also, owning a car promotes American-style car culture, which has a horrible influence on public life. Every street here is lifeless and barren. Nobody walks; there are no shops to look at; there is nobody to greet. This kind of city planning is unfriendly and environmentally unsustainable. Shanghai should realize that and limit development of suburbs.

7. When you're drunk, you shouldn't drive or you might die. :)
Posted by Ben at 2007-05-22 11:58:51. More

79 Shanghai not as Safe as Before

Shanghai is still so safe that it's not comparable to cities in the United States. Violent crime is almost nonexistent relative to the ridiculously high rates over here. As for pickpockets and petty robbery, the average alert, street-smart individual is safe.
Posted by Ben at 2007-05-17 13:07:15. More

78 Counting Coins with Weight

Still cheaper than fruit in Japan. :p
Posted by Ben at 2007-05-03 22:03:44. More

77 Areas to Visit in Shanghai

Shanghai has a number of excellent museums as well. The Shanghai city museum at People's Square has an incredible collection of Chinese art and artefacts. It took me two days to tour the place. If cities themselves fascinate you, I suggest the Urban Planning museum, also at People's Square. It has a scale model of the future plan of the city!
Posted by Ben at 2007-04-29 12:59:25. More

76 How I Drive in Shanghai?

By the way, have you people lambasting WJS even tried driving in Shanghai? In some cases, it is literally impossible to have manners. Literally, situations where obeying rules cannot be physically achieved. At busy intersections, waiting for the pedestrian crossing and bicycle lane to be clear for a right-turn may take SEVERAL HOURS. That is obviously unacceptable. Until over/underpasses are built at major intersections, like in Hong Kong, maniacal drivers will be the norm. You folks must be from places with light pedestrian traffic. I had a friend that was unable to leave a car rental parking lot for forty-five (45!) minutes because the sidewalk never cleared -- she returned the car in frustration afterwards.
Posted by Ben at 2007-04-27 13:30:16. More

75 How I Drive in Shanghai?

How do you folks think Americans acted back in the 1920s? Give Shanghai a break. People DO learn civility after time. Look at Singapore. Chinese people with public manners! If you can't accept the way things are as of now, just don't go.
Posted by Ben at 2007-04-27 13:20:49. More

74 Serious Ill caused by Serious Mistake

That's horrible. My friends and family often complain about hospitals exaggerating illnesses just to earn more money through unnecessary visits and prescriptions. Makes me appreciative of American healthcare. Pricey, but accurate.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-29 01:26:34. More

73 Shopping Malls in Shanghai

That warning deserves to be repeated: these malls are EXPENSIVE!

From what I have seen, prices are significantly higher than in the United States. If shopping with the intent of actually buying things, Shanghai is not the way to go. Also, malls in Shanghai are eerily empty compared to the jam-packed ones in the States. Perhaps it's because the target demographic of these upscale shopping centres is not very large yet.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-28 04:55:25. More

72 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

"The reason why Bsuh does not want to public support Taiwan is because it does not want to anger Chian further coz it needs China's help in peacing N. Korea out.."

The above quotation from the US government has been in place since 1978. Besides, North Korea still isn't listening. Maybe China should invade them, if only for humour's sake.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-24 12:18:38. More

71 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

"the average chinese limited knowledge of the world has got nothing to do with how often they travel or where they have been to...some of my chinese classmates from China still think and behave like the chinese in china despite being in Australia for 5 years!!! Eg. becoming defensive when foreingers speak about china... being hostile to Falonggong practioners claiming these are people who have tarnished the reputation of china (CCP= China, China = chinese culture, race, language etc.)... love to use "guang xi" and believe that "we are chinese, we must be united" sort of thing

I can't handle their way of thinking... yes..they hate other asians esp japanese..."

Pretty annoying, ain't it? I'm not sure where you're at, but too bad a whole lot of people can't handle Americans either. Though most American emigrants I've met are much more open-minded than Chinese ones.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-24 12:17:23. More

70 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

"Is Taiwan a country?

-YES. It is a country in its own right by any other definition that isn't chinese (I mean China-ish)"
Taiwan is de facto a country, but not de jure. For starters, the United States does not recognise Taiwan as a country - it agrees with "the Chinese position that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of China".

"Just feeling sad for the chinese who knows almost nothing of the outside world,
except from the manipulated input that China CCTV can provide."

It's sad mainly because intelligent Chinese that wish to pursue further knowledge are limited in their quest. People here in America can, when they choose to (which is rare), find accurate information about any topic.

However, for the majority of people, the ones that don't give a **** about knowledge, it's not sad at all. Chinese media present sanitised content, content that helps build social harmony. American news and pop culture portray little else but violence, unrest, crime, and hopelessness. It's an endless purveyor of antisocial cynicism. It may be a "free" country, but I don't have the freedom to take a stroll at night without risking being shot, stabbed, beaten, or worse. Criminals have more rights than victims here.

I feel sad that many fellow Americans, who are supposed to be free, liberal thinkers, end up just as dogmatic as their communist counterparts. Here, we're taught that the individual good is always superior to the greater good, even when individual good causes greater detriment. There is nothing absolute about that philosophy - it's just a philosophy. Individual rights and group rights are more or less important based on subjective judgement. All that means is Chinese values are not conducive to American-style society, and American values are not conducive to Chinese-style society. One is not inherently superior to the other.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-24 08:34:33. More

69 Lujiazui is Full

Hmm, I had no idea Lujiazui had good food. From far away, the place looks so empty and boring, and unfriendly towards pedestrians, like an American downtown. :p
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-24 06:15:00. More

68 Future Shanghai Metro and Maglev Map

Funny how that trade-off works. Increasing term limits for elected officials would greatly improve long-term planning, but would also lengthen tenures for idiots like Bush.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-23 10:14:57. More

67 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

Ha! That "mass ratio" comment made my day - hint, don't chuckle this loudly at work - spoken like an engineer.

Those "jeep girls" chase wealthy Chinese men as well, though.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-23 06:43:21. More

66 Future Shanghai Metro and Maglev Map

"PS: I still think that maglev is a waste of money (way to expensive for the use, and use way too much electricity produce by coal which pollute a lot)"

Maglev vehicles use less electricity than conventional high-speed rail, primarily due to the lack of mechanical friction. It's a common misconception that Maglev is power-hungry, as levitation is such a novel concept.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-23 06:33:46. More

65 I Found a Bug - in my Soup

Zjemi, I don't know which part of the US you live in, but here in Texas, both replacing the soup and requesting a refund are perfectly normal options. Unless, of course, you're talking about Chinese restaurants in America, the owners of which are often ethically challenged.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-23 06:31:22. More

64 Future Shanghai Metro and Maglev Map

Thanks for the link. That forum is awesome. :)
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-22 01:03:04. More

63 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

From my observation in the United States, the American husbands of Chinese women are often of a higher cultural calibre than potential Chinese counterparts. They tend to be highly intelligent and caring, as well as interested in other cultures. When compared to men that grew up in China, they tend to be more open-minded and less culturally dogmatic.

One example is how many Chinese people are sensitive to criticism of China, even when their country makes a mistake. (e.g., piracy of DVDs, electronics, cars, etc.) They quickly rationalise and create excuses, regardless of merit, often bashing the other person for "not understanding". Of course, many foreigners are like that too, but judging from experience, many more are capable of seeing issues from both sides. Men tend to be like this more than women. If I were a Chinese woman, I may well marry a foreign man (Chinese men of your worldview level, Jianshuo, are uncommon). For the same reason, I am with an ABC woman. :)
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-21 22:23:18. More

62 Weird Policies, One by One

I assume one would need a legal entity (i.e. business licence) to become a landlord, that's all. The policy is to dissuade regular families from using real estate as an investment asset, as opposed to securities or bank deposits.

The one child policy is necessary. Anybody that thinks otherwise does not understand the basic cultural difference between East and West, between individual rights (resulting in public suffering) and public rights (results in individual inconvenience). There is no absolute right or wrong here.
Posted by Ben at 2007-03-16 11:12:06. More

61 Long Metro Trains on Line #1

"This is the price of development. Unfortunately, in developed countries and cities (ie the Bay Area, NY Metropolitan area, etc...) it would never happen because it would affect too many people and the lawsuits would keep progress from happeniong for decades."

It's never because it affects "too many" people, it's because it affects people at all. One lawsuit by one Luddite sociopath can derail a plan that would benefit a million people. Individual rights vs civic rights - it won't matter once China eclipses the United States anyway.
Posted by Ben at 2007-02-02 13:33:15. More

60 View of Shanghai under Clear Sky

You get used to the haze. Being from Shanghai, I'm used to it, along with the disreputable food quality. I've never contracted food poisoning from eating in Chinese street stalls - can you believe it?

I haven't seen an entire clear day there, or at least I don't remember. Give the environmental authority twenty years, it'll be cleaner in the future. China already has higher petrol efficiency standards than the United States.
Posted by Ben at 2007-02-02 09:48:50. More

59 I Got a Tax Summary!

Hah, that's great! I have a hunch that the money really does contribute to "flourishing and prosperity", as opposed to here, where it contributes to military invasions. :chuckle:
Posted by Ben at 2007-01-08 14:54:42. More

58 Shanghai Looks Similar to US, But...

Great post!

Shanghai doesn't look similar to the US at all, except for New York. Shanghai, with its excellent public transport, is far more efficient than the average American city, which suffers from horrible urban sprawl. Austin is bigger than Shanghai urban area (not 上海市 with farms), with only 1/15 the population, for example. The sprawl is ugly and makes the city appear deserted. Cars are the only transport, and the traffic is awful. A crowded metro is equally uncomfortable, but at least is fast.
Posted by Ben at 2006-12-10 00:43:54. More

57 Shanghai is Coooold

Shanghai is amazingly cold in wintertime. It's not the temperature, it's the wetness of the air that penetrates your bones. Hard to describe until one learns the hard way. :D
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-30 02:16:27. More

56 From Pu Dong Airport to People's Park

It's about 90km from PVG to Changzhou. I'm not sure about taxi rates; the train would definitely be cheaper, but takes a lot longer. Changzhou is on the Shanghai/Beijing railway line.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-14 15:35:05. More

55 Three Services I don't Use in China

Voice mail bloody stinks; it's like having to give a speech, yet you must sound like you're conversing.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-14 02:38:13. More

54 Jet Lag? Finally Found Out the Cure

Having ready cash IS the problem. Too much cash getting into the Shanghai property market and pushing prices way too high. Many people were buying and selling without even renting, just to earn the capital gain profit.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-13 14:01:10. More

53 Jet Lag? Finally Found Out the Cure

"By the way, guys out there, I would like to know if it is right that foreigners only can own ONE real estate property in China ?"

So far as I know, that is correct, and you must LIVE in that property. This is based on citizenship, not ethnicity. Somebody that actually owns an apartment (as opposed to rent) correct me. :p
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-13 02:13:16. More

52 Jet Lag? Finally Found Out the Cure

"I find jet lag is worse when I fly from HK/China back home to Canada rather than vice you have this experience as well?"

I have the same problem. Going from Austin to Shanghai, I am perfectly fine already, as long as I don't land during the night. Going from Shanghai to Austin, I am jet-lagged for a whole week, usually 5-10 days of trouble sleeping.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-12 14:29:23. More

51 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"Oooh....surprise! surprise! I thought you were born and bred in America... Are you shanghainese?"

Yes. 我上海人。

Ironically, military investment is what collapsed the Soviet and North Korean economies. The world would be a better place without strong military forces.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-12 02:32:12. More

50 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

I'm not technically ABC, unless deciding to work in the US after school counts. Grew up in Shanghai. My parents wouldn't care - I'm a lot more traditional and conservative than they are. Most parents these days seem surprisingly liberal. The bigger problem is, the rest of my family knows no English, or any other foreign language for that matter.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-11 13:24:52. More

49 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"The argument on history is getting too heated...."

That's the time to call it quits and down a cold beer. :p

Other-culture in-laws are always a pain in the neck. What if I marry an African woman?
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-11 12:50:01. More

48 My Lifeline on the Little Plastic Card

Haha. The only cash I get is when I have to pay coworkers or friends with my card, and they pay me back in cash. I don't have any use for cash here, I just end up depositing it at the bank.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-11 05:50:37. More

47 My Lifeline on the Little Plastic Card

Pretty amazing, isn't it? I'm in the US 11 months every year (the other month in Shanghai), and I only have RMB cash in my pocket. The only use for cash is to give to homeless people, and I don't do that. :x
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-11 04:36:24. More

46 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"How come US ambassador to Japan Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK) was able to broker war supplies to Japan until summer 1940?"

The fact that he had to try says something. Allies naturally support each other; that it took effort to send supplies says something about the worsening relation between the two countries.

"How come FDR did not imposed trade embargo with Nazi Germany, after all FDR and Churchill are 'friends at the navy'."

So far as I know, we weren't exporting any oil to Nazi Germany in 1940. You don't need an embargo when there is no trade. Sure, IBM and other technical firms traded with the Nazis, but those goods were not included in the Japanese embargo either.

"How come Lend-lease agreement did not extended to China prior to Pacific War, may be FDR and Madam Chiang had not established friendship?"

How could anybody trust such a weak China to repay the favour afterwards? Britain was in a position of trust. The whole country, not just one (wo)man.

"How come 'Flying Tiger' reached China after Pearl Harbour, and the air defence before that was aided by Soviet Union until June 1940."

The Flying Tigers were a volunteer group, not ordered to fight in China. Mercenaries, if you will.

"The US Congress had voted to stay neutral at both European and Asian war and FDR had to comply."

The US Congress was isolationist at the time. It did not want anything to do with other countries. FDR had a superior moral judgment, and HE pushed through the trade embargo.

"The trade embargo with Japan by US and British was a result of conflict of the colonial interest at Indo-Chine (now known as Vietnam+Cambodia+Loas) at the end of the Battle of France which occurred at summer 1940."

Never heard that one before. So the embargo was caused by Vichy France? Can you explain that? I don't believe it.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-11 01:59:52. More

45 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"Do you actually aware the causes of the Pearl Habour and war on terror and who was provoking it?"

The Pearl Harbour attack was provoked by Japanese atrocities in China, which prompted the United States to enact an oil embargo. From the American standpoint, it made perfect sense, at least from today's perspective. Countries that violate human rights, such as North Korea, are subjected to scrutiny. Too bad we did that ourselves in Iraq.

The "war on terror" was in response to radical Islam. Some people think Israel's existence somehow causes all the conflicts, but that is not the case. Radical Islam is a dangerous mode of thinking, regardless of any other factors. Dangerous, just like the Christian Crusades were.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-10 12:24:27. More

44 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"If you really don't mess with us, then the world shall live happily thereafter."

Only responsible countries deserve to live happily hereafter. A world with countries like North Korea is like a neighborhood with murderers on the loose. Even the most liberal societies would punish murderers; why is this so difficult on a global scale?
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-10 06:08:07. More

43 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"TheFrenchy. Here in America, we fight our enemies. We don’t wave white flag at them."

Most countries fight their enemies. From Napoleon to de Gaulle, the French aren't weak either, it's just English tradition to make fun of France. ;) Don't forget that it's with French military assistance that we became independent in the first place.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-10 01:17:16. More

42 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"Le peuple est difficile à gouverner quand il est trop savant"

Hah. Post of the week.

People with knowledge realise the stupidity of politics. That's why they are the first to die under a new government. Nationalism, in the end, is the enemy of civilisation; every revolution murders the rational people first.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-09 14:50:16. More

41 Xiang Yang Market Shutdown

There are some good casual lunch places in the S&T Centre station too, rare for a station.

Try Jingan Xiao Ting, I shop there and get some pretty good deals. Yes, including a stack of fake Armani suits, custom tailored. :p
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-08 02:23:30. More

40 I am not a Big Fan of Hate - Part II

"The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history." - George Orwell

Pardon my language in the old thread. My only message is that nationalism is dangerous.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-08 01:16:46. More

39 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

China's own history books are pretty laughable. I remember one that said the Ming Dynasty stretched all the way to Lake Baikal and Irkutsk in Russia.

As I said earlier, Japan deserves more praise for its historical role as the first Asian country to fight the west. Without Japan, China may have been colonised, and for a long time.

Let's also not forget the greatest racial extermination in history... that of the Native Americans here in the United States.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-05 01:43:38. More

38 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

China has done better under Hu than America under Bush. Though that might not be saying much, it certainly doesn't mean people have to start a revolution for every misfortune. :)
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-03 23:10:55. More

37 Coincidence? Maybe Not

It's only coincidence if a person vanishes. :p
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-03 06:19:33. More

36 Shanghai to Hangzhou by Taxi

Genius! :)

I feel sorry for the people that pay 1000. :p
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-03 00:30:04. More

35 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

"Ben, I dare you share your above statements with the American veterans and their families. They will chase you out of their country."

People here are used to liberals. Nobody is chasing anybody out of the country. Maybe hate, but not chase. ;) Also, you assume all veterans are the same. John Kerry is a veteran, for example, but he thinks more like me than you on the issue of war. He's even protested, and I haven't.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-02 15:11:52. More

34 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

ILH, are you Japanese? Cause it's spelled "loyalty."

People like me can forget past mistakes. "Patriots," on the other hand, want to start WW3 because of the legacy of WW2. Is this ignorant "duty" what humanity, our species, is about? War isn't about who is right, it's about who is left. If nobody survives, does it matter who is right? Why shouldn't people think for themselves? Don't people have a right to disagree when their leaders make stupid decisions? If you want loyalty and duty, go to North Korea.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-02 01:22:16. More

33 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

Smart people serve mankind and help preserve it. Patriots serve people that want to destroy mankind with selfish lies.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-02 01:17:00. More

32 Metron #2 Station Name Change

They should just do it like Guangzhou and use all Pinyin, or stick to English names like Century. ShiJi Park is confusing.
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-01 12:46:20. More

31 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

I said patriotism is for stupid people, people too dumb to understand how politics works. ILH doesn't like rational thinking, and thinks people should be patriotic and suicidal.

"Your patriotic soldiers are the same as Japanese soldiers during world war 2."
Everybody committed evils during WW2, both the Allies and the Axis. That's a moot point.

I'm in the US. Patriotism is a disease here too, just like in China - some Americans are very judgmental of other cultures and think they are kings of the world. People need to distinguish between pride, the love of one's country, and patriotism, the blind and stupid obedience thereof.

My two cents - no need to be afraid of my opinion. ;)
Posted by Ben at 2006-11-01 12:43:46. More

30 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

An obedient soldier faces many suicidal commands in times of war.

I don't think you understand what you are saying. You asked a military question about Little Boy, and I provided a military response. Obeying commands and patriotism are unrelated.
Posted by Ben at 2006-10-31 07:07:43. More

29 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

By the way, that has nothing to do with right or wrong. Which is why I never brought up the issue of being right.
Posted by Ben at 2006-10-31 04:33:10. More

28 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

I smell sarcasm. ;)

A military man is required to be obedient to his commanders, which is completely irrelevant to this discussion. Case in point: a "good" soldier would have dropped Little Boy on Seattle if that was the official command, despite it being against his patriotic common sense.
Posted by Ben at 2006-10-31 04:31:24. More

27 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

"As for me, Patriotism means when your county called upon on you, you are willing and ready to put your life on the line to serve your country’s interests unconditionally.
Are you ready to do that? If you are not, you are not patriotic to your country, as simple as that!"

That's called backwater ignorance. Many such "patriots" don't even know why they should die for their country, because they're too stupid to understand.
Posted by Ben at 2006-10-31 01:28:48. More

26 I am not a Big Fan of Hate...

Great post.

As a Chinese, I too believe that people should maintain a positive attitude in their judgment of other people.

For example, few Chinese people realise that Japan was the first Asian country to defend itself against Western powers; Qing dynasty China was hopeless, and the Republic was divided and weak. Without Japanese imperialism, East Asia might have gone the way of India or Africa in the early 20th century, colonised and oppressed. China might look more like Cambodia now.

There are two sides to every debate, and unfortunately, many people see only what they're taught to see.
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25 Suggest a Topic

Good morning :)

I'm curious about how to get information on Shanghai buses. Each time I go there, I get lost trying to ride the bus, because the map only has random bus numbers on it, not routes. Is there a central guide or book for reference that I can buy?

Thanks a million!
Posted by Ben at 2006-10-27 00:26:04. More

24 Cash on Delivery Still Preferred

Isn't COD a lot cheaper for the company? I'd think paying some random guy 2000 a month to collect payments to be much cheaper than paying service fees to some western credit institution.
Posted by Ben at 2006-10-23 09:46:44. More

23 Where are You?


My name is Ben. I am originally from Shanghai, and now in Austin, the state capital of Texas. It's a beautiful city with many mountains and lakes with blue water, though there are few Chinese people or restaurants. Life here revolves around live music performances (check out and enjoying nature. :)

Thanks for writing this awesome blog, it makes me want to return to Shanghai and do something big, bigger than myself. There are definitely more professional opportunities there.

Posted by Ben at 2006-10-22 08:37:46. More

22 Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday!

Do you use number candles or use a whole lot of regular ones? :p
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21 Drive on the Right in China

The 磁悬浮 travels on the left side. :P

I think people call it the "wrong" side as opposed to the "right" side. English puns are funny.
Posted by Ben at 2006-10-17 07:01:27. More

20 The World of Different Rules

Actually any rule is made on the basis of its internal sake. In China, some rules should be said to form unavoidably in connection with our culture and current social environment. Remember, is there any rule like JianShuo's mason in Mao's era. To be fair to say, social reality brings out the so-called rule, right?
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19 962288 Hotline for Foreigners

There's also a FREE mobile service in SH/GZ/BJ that lets you SMS in a question and get answers to your questions. I think it's called i.e. weather, restaurants, ATMs, Bars, recreation facilities, discounts on activities, etc. Just send an SMS to 118855 (china mobile) or 914855 (Unicom) with your question and they'll send you an answer within 20-30 seconds.
Posted by Ben at 2006-06-05 09:57:31. More

18 Last Google Dance

I think the Google dance is the third sunday of every month, but don't forget your dancing shoes.
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17 Does Hotmail Work in China?

Never had a problem getting into hotmail (Zhoushan Island, Zhejiang Province) for the last 8 months, until the last 24 hours. Thats why Im looking at these messages.
Posted by Ben at 2006-05-02 13:09:46. More

16 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

I recommend this website: to rent apartments and rent a car in shanghai
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15 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

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14 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

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13 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

We are a professional real estate agent. We had experience in finding good apartments for expatriates with different budgets.Contact us by Phone: 64871907 or cell phone:13636389089 Jason Yu(English service)
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12 MSN Virus omg.pif

hello, ive had many msn virus and because of me not checking the until its too late my comp has had £450 spent on it to recover and itstil hasnt fully worked, listen if u have any problems wiff your computer check them straight away before its too late
Posted by BeN at 2005-08-29 19:09:44. More

11 Jinjiang (Jin Jiang) Inn at Shanghai Pudong Airport


We are planning a visit to Shanghai and I found this page very useful.

Your insights into the taxi drivers was very interesting - in London we would think nothing of asking a taxi driver to take us on a 5 min trip.

However the points here about conditions of the drivers and the time they have to wait for a pickup have all been food for thought.

We try to be considerate travelers, and websites like this are great in helping us learn a little about how to conduct ourselves politely in China!
Posted by Ben at 2005-08-07 21:49:18. More

10 Does Hotmail Work in China?

I just surfed in this great place. I took a few minutes of my spare time and surfed over your sites. Great kompliment! It´s one of the best I found in net.
Posted by Ben at 2005-04-20 17:40:19. More

9 Install Perl on Windows XP


I tried Active Perl for download but it give me option for Window NT and Me only. I tried window NT on my XP home edition but it gave me error message for wrong OS.
Any suggestion?

Posted by Ben at 2005-03-08 02:14:45. More

8 MSN Messenger Virus Jitux.A

http: / / . pif lol! see it! u'll like it dun dl is a stupid ass virus...:@
Posted by Ben at 2005-03-07 19:17:57. More

7 Free .TK Domain Available

Hey guys i probly will forget this site but .tk kicks a$$ ive used it for about 2 or 3 years free i got 2 domain that are up 1 i host but its not up and rocks my sites are (for a game called : soldier of fortune 2 and my other was a template i made for a friends buisiness but i soon wanna buy a domain off .tk coz i dont like the adds very much after a few years it gets anoying lol oh and my email is
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6 Free .TK Domain Available

Hey guys i probly will forget this site but .tk kicks a$$ ive used it for about 2 or 3 years free i got 2 domain that are up 1 i host but its not up and rocks my sites are (for a game called : soldier of fortune 2 and my other was a template i made for a friends buisiness but i soon wanna buy a domain off .tk coz i dont like the adds very much after a few years it gets anoying lol
Posted by Ben at 2004-10-18 12:03:50. More

5 Discrimination Against Foreigners in Shanghai?

everybody,let me say it loud and clear.DISCRIMINATION DOES EXIST IN CHINA.Ofcourse it is difficult to see if you are white espacially american or western european.i have read all the articles here and many other similar to is clear that those that feel the existance of discrimination are NOT WHITE.white people are semi-gods in china.they wont see any discrimination!?.i just wish jian shuo wang would be less defensive and address the matter as it many 'bad' things,for lack of a better word,going on here in china , they are ususally hidden from the public and only exposed when it reaches a critical state.these articles may help someone somewhere,who is not white and wud like to work in china.they should know the truth beforehand,instead of finding out the hard way.
Posted by ben at 2004-09-16 20:02:06. More

4 PVG: From Pudong Airport to Nanjing

Hi, Great side!
My question. Is there a direct bus (what bus number?) form Pudong to Nanjing operating currently and if so what are the depature times?
Would be very helpful to get this information since I arrive in Pundong 8.00 in the morning and want continue my travel straight away to Nanjing.
Thanks and regards,

Posted by Ben at 2004-04-19 14:34:29. More

3 MSN Messenger Spam

Awesome.. sometimes it takes someone to tell you easy tricks like this.. bless you!
Posted by Ben at 2003-05-26 18:42:28. More

2 Guestbook

your website is quite cool, i really really envy your happy life,i am gonna be a senior this year,and i have made up my mind i will not prepare 4 my master degree,coz you know it is quite weird in my college, everyone is preparing for their futher study.i got no confidence that i can make it.if i do it blindly, i would lost too much.time and money.
and right now i am pretty mess up,coz future is not bright 4 me, i wish one day i could lead the kind of life like you lead.going abroad is one of my dreams,but i don't know if i could make it someday, coz the reality is quite horrible for a greenman.
in a word,your site is quite cool,and i am sorry that i make too much room giving a vent of my god damn mood.sorry 4 this.
keep going, you are gonna make the best man of urself.
Posted by Ben at 2003-07-15 02:39:59. More

1 MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP

Hi Jian,

Thanks so much for the information posted on your site. I've "almost" installed MT on my XP Pro server. I say "almost" because I can access mt.cgi but the default username: Melody password: Nelson does not allow me to log into MT. Is there any way of resetting the default passwords? I have full access to all the files.
Posted by Ben at 2004-02-01 11:36:25. More