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33 My Baby Arrives


Posted by bingfeng at 2007-06-04 12:13:26. More

32 To Save a Young Life

lao wang, i have re-posted the entire piece at my blog to give it a little more exposure.

God bless ma dong.
Posted by bingfeng at 2006-07-06 22:46:39. More

31 Pictures of the Bund

bellevue is mad (check my blog for his latest performance)
Posted by bingfeng at 2006-06-29 00:48:21. More

30 Pictures of the Bund


i guess you must have been travelling to your las vegas office quite often. what do you do at the World Journal? distribution or content? perhaps wang jianshou should pay a visit to your millbrae office next time he visits LA, hope you treat your "commie" buddy well.

BTW, thank you for not dumping sh*ts at my blog since i issued the warning of disclosing your IP, but if you really can not control the urge of dumping some sh*ts at my blog, please go directly to the stool i prepared for you, thank you in advance:

Posted by bingfeng at 2006-06-28 22:48:14. More

29 Google Pages?

a powerful tool. thanks lao wang.
Posted by bingfeng at 2006-02-23 19:00:29. More

28 The 8-Day of Nightmare

Huh, 8 days out of propaganda. Need to catch up now.

Posted by: bellevue on December 23, 2005 07:40 AM


8 days out of trolling, now you have a lot of work to do.

btw, why do you think i have no right to eat pizza? so someday if Mr. Anti holds some political views that you can not tolerate, you will also punish him by not allowing him eat pizza?
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-12-23 14:33:03. More

27 BBC's Interview

"Bingfeng has pointed out correctly, bellevue is a troll. The right way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or her."

Right, and pretend it's not there! Babies!

Posted by: solopolo on November 11, 2005 03:52 PM


he is there, solopolo.

but how can you argue with a person who will send you 40 hate mails and stinky comments per day?

it's so funny that someone will cheer a troll like bellevue just because they share the same opinions.

anyway, it's your choice.
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-11-11 16:14:49. More

26 BBC's Interview


well said. thanks for the clarification.
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-11-11 08:01:35. More

25 BBC's Interview


i can't agree with you that there is no censorships in china, but i totally understand your frustrations during and after the interview, and your complaint is even more valid after i find another interviewee aslo protested:

Rabiya, BBC, and all the big media:

Do NOT set the interviewees up, do NOT use the interviewees, do NOT manipulate them by cornerning them and directing them to the opinions you yourself want to present, so to fit into your own political agenda.

So if that's what you are doing, sorry, there is no way I can cooperate.

Tonight, it's not about censorship, but fair and professional reporting. Censorship is another game, we will play it another day.
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-11-10 10:29:01. More

24 BBC's Interview


don't argue with bellevue and just ignore him, otherwise you will get a troll who could send you hate mails and malicious comments everyday

he calls himself a "PRC passport holder" but calls chinese "chink" and "支那人", that says everything
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-11-09 13:22:42. More

23 BBC's Interview


ignore bellevue, he is a troll:
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-11-08 21:29:47. More

22 BBC's Interview


many western media have a pre-set model to view china and choose their reporting topics. censorship is one of their favorites:

see how ridiculous this piece of sh*t is:

BEIJING (Reuters) - The deadly bird flu virus has dominated headlines around the world, but China's own home-grown outbreaks remain largely taboo in the country's state-controlled media.

While China has been praised for prompt reporting to international agriculture and health organizations, its media has been mostly silent, showing limits to its transparency that could affect efforts to curb the disease.

more at:
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-11-08 08:47:51. More

21 Not Perfect English is Fine, So does Correction

your english is much better than most chinese bloggers who write in english
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-09-20 15:55:41. More

20 Celebrating 1000 Days of Blogging

congratulations! you did a great job, lao wang!

are you going to gradually shift to your chinese blog?
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-06-07 15:50:22. More

19 Jian Shuo Wang at Kijiji China






Posted by bingfeng at 2005-04-04 22:57:46. More

18 Beijing is Cultural Center

as a shanghaiese who lived in both beijing and shanghai, i think shanghai is a "cultural desert" while beijing is much better than shanghai

see a related post in my blog: shanghai or beijing, which city i prefer?
Posted by bingfeng at 2005-03-15 21:52:29. More

17 Things to Prepare for Visiting U.S.

dinosuar eggs!

Posted by bingfeng at 2005-01-05 21:38:55. More

16 I am in Shanghai

i have a strange feeling that WJS never left shanghai, actually he never left my laptop!

anyway, i enjoy lao wang's trip diaries a lot. thanks.

heavy snow in shanghai today, a late white christmas
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-12-30 21:51:58. More

15 Cold New York

welcome back.

yesterday shanghai officially announced winter arrives. thank god, finally we have an official winter here.
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-12-29 10:44:03. More

14 Chinatowns in U.S.

interesting observations. but what the CURRENT CHINA looks like?

maybe like this:
or more like this:

i think chinatown DOES reveal a part of the image of CURRENT china, although it's misleading to generalize ...

well, seems you will celebrate the new year in the states. lao wang, i am wishing you a happy and lucky new year!

do you have any plan for your blog in the coming year?
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-12-24 12:05:15. More

13 Dec 6 - The Longest Day in 2004

lao wang, glad to hear from you again! i suggest you change the subtitle to - events (in the world) that affect my life (and others). how about the starbucks cafe? did you notice the "tower"? i am looking forward to ur pics of this journey. enjoy the rest of it and come back soon!
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-12-08 19:45:18. More

12 Starting the Journey, Again

lao wang, have a safe and pleasant journey!
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-12-06 15:08:37. More

11 Interviewed by my Favorite Magazine

let me have a guess, it's That's
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-12-05 02:03:45. More

10 Rejected by ANA and Postponed Travel

it's not a big deal. let me tell you this: my stay in the tokyo narita airport was boring, and with 72 hrs, you don't have too much time to explore japan

see my short story about my stay in japan:
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-12-05 01:45:49. More

9 United Airlines in Shanghai


"lao" in chinese not only means "old" but also is a respectful term to call somebody. jianshou deserves this term "lao" because he operates such a beautiful blog, in my view, this site should be re-named as Lao Wang's blog :-)

i am kidding
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-29 20:19:52. More

8 United Airlines in Shanghai

lao wang, if you pass by seattle, would u pls visit the starbucks cafe, which is said to be the first one, and share us some pics?
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-29 17:15:06. More

7 Hong Qiao (SHA) v.s. Pu Dong (PVG) Airport

i happen to post a short note on the nonstop train between shanghai and beijing with a few pic ( for those who travel between shanghai and beijing, this is definitely an option to consider. i think many commuters have been already fond of it ...
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-27 22:31:03. More

6 Hong Qiao (SHA) v.s. Pu Dong (PVG) Airport

a subway connecting Hong Qiao airport and downtown (metro line 2) is scheduled to be in operation early next year. it takes about 40 minutes from the airport to the heart of Shanghai - the People's Square
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-27 22:19:18. More

5 Edward's New Satellite TV

unbelieveable! how you guys make it?

this kind of act is between "allowed" and "not allowed", it's in grey area, so many people do it but very quietly.
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-26 10:51:09. More

4 The Cats Story

rachel, there is an "adopting wild cats" program in shanghai, you could find various cats there to adopt
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-24 19:22:45. More

3 Wendy Passed Driver's License Exam

congratulations! i bet you guys must had some hard time in those driver's training schools! any interesting stories to share with us? particularly those with Shi Fu
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-24 19:17:57. More

2 Top Three Innovation that Failed in Shanghai

读了Wang Jianshuo的 Top Three Innovation that Failed in Shanghai,让我到想起上海最近兴起的两种和交通有关的赚钱方式:



Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-23 20:02:46. More

1 Road Report between Home and Xujiahui

getting up 8:15 is quite late in shanghai
Posted by bingfeng at 2004-11-23 19:43:56. More