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7 Xujiahui Metro Installed Auto-Door

check it out
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6 Xujiahui Metro Installed Auto-Door

To carsten, oops, i messed up two of my comments about metro... okay, for your question, where I read such information is from newspaper.. in my memory at least there're 3 times ppl committed suicide by jumping off tunnel, and there is once a girl was pushed off, lying there with a newspaper on hand, so people guess it was caused by the crowd..
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5 Xujiahui Metro Installed Auto-Door

To carsten,
The broadcast of Line#4 says "Shanghai Indoor Stadium" when it's arriving 上海体育馆站, however, if you walk out the door, go upstairs and downstairs to transit Line #1, the name on the board over your head actually is "Shanghai Stadium". (same Chinese name, different English name). What makes ppl more confusing is: the stop prior to 上海体育馆站 is 上海体育场站 (in the direction start from 大木桥路站), the broadcast states it as "Shanghai Stadium" actually, for which my understanding is to differentiate 体育馆 from 体育场, however, it's not consistent with Line #1. Hope i'm not confusing you now...
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4 So Many Typos in Shanghai Metro - Part III

hope my below observation could be also part of your English correction / optimization project (seems it's more and more like... ): for the 上海体育馆站 where ppl can transit Line#1 and #4, actually it's English name is differently stated in the metro broadcast and on station name board:

- at line #4: it is "Shanghai Indoor Stadium" (which i guess is aiming at differentiate its prior stop 上海体育场站 "Shanghai Stadium"). however, when you walk to line #1, the name appears as "Shanghai Stadium" ... so I'm afraid ppl might be confused by them
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3 65 SMS in One Day on Jan 2

65 greeting SMS, humm.. that's a lot!
however, not sure how many did u replied? even if just a thanks notes & same greetings?
and if not, will u care that u might get less SMS next time?
haha, as for me, i'm not that lucky and popular as u to get even over 30... (expecting though...), but i do reply them ALL, just to show my appreciation and same greeting to no matter who he/she is, at least this ppl bother to send me something...
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2 Xujiahui Metro Installed Auto-Door

actually the auto-door has been fully installed in the latest opened metro line no.4. and from my observation the progress of installation on metro line no.1 seems not that fast, for sake of keeping its daily operation normal. however, i believe one of the reasons must be for the safety and to avoid potential suicide, which happened many times in past year...
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1 The City and Its Moral Boundary

donno how come google brought me here while i just wanna search 大木桥路, haha...
but ur blog worth to read!

for the ad-card distributing thing, if one day i lose my job, lose any physical capability to think, all my memories,... and if some ppl willing to pay me if i distribute the cards, ha, i might do that, why not? i 'm just a human being and want to feed myself. come to the reality, those distributors, they hv no money to get education to know so called courtesy manners, they only hv one objective, to earn money, to make a living.... this kind of life is not what we hv ever experienced..
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