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75 Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday, Jianshuo! Have a good time celebrating this special day!(First birthday since being a father)
Posted by caroline at 2007-10-18 21:37:14. More

74 In Beijing - Love Beijing

Hi Jianshuo, I happen to be in Beijing for a fortnight stay of business travel. You are right, yesterday was a great day, and also today, I saw very blue sky early in the morning(7:00AM), I barely saw that at the same hour in Shanghai, BUT it's also the best season in Shanghai in my opinion.
I shopped at 星光天地last night, great shopping and dining experience, and I did see lots and lots of fashionable girls in town, you barely see any attractive ladies on the street of Beijing(except for Sanlitun area), because it's said they all drive, they don't walk, but it appears to me they only walk in the most dazzling shopping malls like this.

Nice journey, Jianshuo!
Posted by caroline at 2007-10-16 19:12:26. More

73 Thoughts about Traffic Jam

This problem has concerned me for a long time as well, not only those blocks, but more frustrating thing is those construction workers, they were holding long painting brushes or shovels and they have no idea standing in the middle of the road is creating more traffic problems and somewhat attempting to kill themselves as well. I especially like your idea of a city attorney, but like you said, people's mindset is far too difficult to change.

BTW, last Saturday(22nd), I was in Gubei grocery shopping, I was too shocked to realize the traffic was actually even more crazier than ever. Jianshuo, what do you think of the traffic situation last Saturday? Coz to me, I thought the plan was somewhat gonna affect many people? But it just didn't work that way. I don't want to say the idea of no car day is just a show-off case of the government, but I do not understand what's the point of two other phenomena:
a. since the government wants to show to the world how much they care about air pollution, why don't they invest more to replace those old buses and vans with extremely untolerable pollution(I'm sure you've seen those bad-conditioned buses that emit thick black foggy thing)
b. I heard that one of the highlights in the special Olympics to be held next month would be the fireworks directed by an Italian guy, which said to be comparable to the Olympics in Athens.

Well, I feel very frustrated and confused, but all I can understand is to think in this way: there are different sections of the government run the various projects, and they don't cross check what each department is engaged doing, and the most important is the big boss of the government never care to balance.

Posted by caroline at 2007-09-25 17:57:03. More

72 Typhoon Not Hits Shanghai (Yet)

But yesterday afternoon was pretty nasty, I had no idea how hard the rain could hit the road, and I was on my way to pick up my new bought Sagitar, when I arrived in there, I couldn't believe what I saw in the whole car storage plaza on Wuzhong road. Nearly a hundred cars of both Volkswagen and BMW were almost half soaked, my babe Sagitar's wheels were half buried in the rain water already, and I made a quick decision to drive them home, which means I had to plead to the sales person to take off his shoes and curled up pants legs(the rain fall depth around 30cm) and drove my babe out of the "pool". The reason that I had to pick up the car home right yesterday was I remembered in August, 2005 when another typhoon hit Shanghai and soaked Buick Excells and all those cars were sold with 30% of the price off, but very few people found out about the nasty deal. You never wanted to be one of that victims.

So I say Typhoon hit me right on the road already, and guys, safe driving!
Posted by caroline at 2007-09-19 11:26:46. More

71 Heading to San Jose Tomorrow

Have a nice trip! and look forward to your pictures, I know that you take nice ones, and I've always loved the angle you choose to define the views and also portraits.
Posted by caroline at 2007-09-06 11:13:23. More

70 What you Miss in Shanghai?

Jianshuo, allow me to say this is the best topic of your recent posts. Although I'm not an expat, I do have lots of things to miss in Shanghai, I say it because I've always compared what we're having with what we used to have and what the western world is having right now. I agree with most of the answers above, and there's also one thing I especially want to highlight: patience. It occurs to me that the whole bunch of population is crazy up to sth and they never would want to spend time on sth that doesn't directly link with their own interest, I mean not a minute would they want to, I used to witness a bus driver refused to stop the bus when one elderly passenger didn't manage to get off at the stop (he was just like 30seconds late)and he shouted at the man really loudly saying that this is BUS implying that you have to be prepared to get off before the driver pulls it over no matter who you are, but the sarcastic thing is the next minute at the traffic light, a young man waved the bus to stop, the driver didn't hesitate to open the door, we all know it's because the driver wants the money. See? this is what we are experiencing now in Shanghai, the said-to-be most developed city in China. So pathetic, here we don't have the basic respect for each other, yes, everybody is hurry for STH(I don't know what), it's like if you don't hurry, if you waste time on other people, the money will fall into others' hands...Shame!
Posted by caroline at 2007-08-24 12:18:59. More

69 Shanghai Also has Blue Sky - for One Day

I know it sounds cliche to again complain about the silly government, but we do have thousands of reasons to hate this stupid government, many people tell me the government(top leaders) actually know about what to expect from the future since they themselves abandoned our own future, but they simply have no idea of how to gradually learn from mistakes, coz simply the mistakes of all kinds are repeated again and again everyday by the same local government.
Posted by caroline at 2007-08-17 18:14:18. More

68 Yifan is Exactly 2 Month Old Today

What a proud father! This past two months must have been the most wonderful piece of memory in your life, all the joy of being a proud father and all the hope of the future, so sweet. Congrats!
Posted by caroline at 2007-08-03 00:46:50. More

67 My Baby Arrives

Congratulations! I'm sure there will be more of your baby boy topics in your blog, so looking forward to that!
Posted by caroline at 2007-06-04 21:53:48. More

66 Cheap Way to Visit Hangzhou

It's glad that I can help:-)

Talking about hotels, I know a more economic place called 西湖之春, RMB200 for a standard room, although a little higher that Home Inn or Jingjiang Inn, it is not that crowded, I tried to book a room in this hotel several times when I failed to get one in the above two I mentioned, and it worked for me. If you don't ecpect too much from the service and so prime location, I would say this is not a bad choice. The most frequent destination of west lake for me is Yongjinmen, where West Lake Xintiandi is located(where Starbucks, Hagen-Daz and other coffee shops are located), and it takes about 10 mins(RMB10) taxi to get there in non-rush hour.

About restaurants in Hangzhou, I have tried a quite nice one in my last weekend trip. It's called 榆园 near Hupao Road(also West Lake area), cozy decoration with a mixture of culture(both French and Mexican to my understanding). I went there in a late Saturday afternoon, and we drove along the Botanic Garden and several other visiting places, it was really enjoyable to drive in that area with breath-taking view just aside, but again I have to warn about the traffic, it was moving slowly since so many people were driving into 满觉陇 to have afternoon tea and dinner, and it takes a little patience to get a parking lot and even a table in the restaurant.

Finnally about the satisfaction we are expecting in trips, I've always believed that no trips can be perfect, and if you start complaining, you just can't stop forever, so my advice is that stick to your plan A, but never say NO to plan B and you will find yourself more willing to visit Hangzhou again and again.
Posted by Caroline at 2007-04-16 15:18:33. More

65 Cheap Way to Visit Hangzhou

Hi Jianshuo, about the train fare, it has been adjusted quite a bit to RMB44 since the kinda of train you mentioned (RMB25) is GONE forever, now replaced by the new bullet train; and another problem is about how to get hold of a ticket especially one at weekend. I used to live both in the two cities, I mean returning to Hangzhou in the weekend, and I did not have to buy tickets in advance and I have always known a little secret that Carriage 5 & 6 is always empty(they don't sell tickets on these two carriages), you could lie in the long seat if you like, but now, the whole situation is different: for so many times, I have to go plan B - travel by bus, coz since the new bullet train is only one deck, and with more people are ready to experience the high speed train, getting hold of a ticket becomes so difficult, at least according to my experience. So I would suggest plan B(almost anytime you want it) or go to the spot at least a week before to buy one.

And about the returning tickets, ask the service girls in the train (they used to sell it in the train), because you should never expect to get one to return especially on Sunday if you try those ticket offices just a couple of hours in advance.

One last problem I would like to share here is about getting a taxi at weekend in Hangzhou. It took me for a while to understand why there are many cases of refusal to take passengers in town, but in one recent trip there, I met a very helpful and kind taxi driver who explained that pretty well for me. He warned me that NEVER expect to catch a taxi around West Lake area especially in the late afternoon of weekends (some other times may not apply), because no such a driver would risk to lose money in that area, too many private cars are driving into and out of that area and no one can actually move fast, so I would say don't waste your time trying to catch one, coz trying luck there doesn't sound practical at all. Allow yourself enough time to walk of the area and you will get one soon.

I will be more than happy to help if there are more tips that I haven't thought of to offer.
Posted by Caroline at 2007-04-15 15:26:58. More

64 Kijiji SJTU Office

Jianshuo, when I first read your entries, I was wondering which company you are working for, coz I used to be working in this building too (not fun memories though), but the campus was nice. So now I know KIJIJI is the one, hah! Wish to know more about you. You did have posted some great entries here, I'm especially fond of checking out those interesting discussion in the comments colum:-)

Good luck!
Posted by Caroline at 2007-04-06 16:52:59. More

63 4 Year Anniversary of Wedding

Hi, I don't know what links bring me here tonight, but I would say the topic been discussed about the blogger's 4 years' anniversary was really sth we should all feel happy to share, coz it's indeed the happiness that made Jianshuo to write this, however, how come such good topic lead this absurd argument? I don't get it. Yes, Carsten, the world is not just black and white, which obviously enough tells you and your wife's story is not enough to prove anything, and on top of everything, it's just not fair to judge Tamie's attitude in this ironic way, that does not help anything(if at the very place, you were trying to prove sth or solve some kind of problem).

Btw, Jianshuo, Congratulations on your four-year anniversary, I know keeping a relation is never easy, not to mention marriage, both of you need to show your patience and tolerance, and then a lot of love. So cheers.
Posted by Caroline at 2007-04-06 01:23:21. More

62 Link to Your Site

Dear Jianshou,

I am working for a new website that was created for English speaking tourists interested in traveling to China. I am an expat in Shanghai and enjoy your website - and I was hoping that you might be interested in creating a link for our site in return for us adding a link to your site on our page. Our site would greatly help your visitors - expats living in Shanghai - get a feel for what is happening outside of Shanghai, as we have writers working in several cities around China. This would offer your site's visitors a link for ideas on where to take family that might visit, or simply give them an idea of great places to visit for a weekend away from Shanghai. In the next few days the site will be updated and the final product will be launched, but for now this will give you a great idea of what we're going for. New information is being added daily and we plan on being the biggest China travel site within a year. I hope that you're interested, I think we could be a great help to each other! I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks! Caroline
Posted by Caroline at 2006-01-18 16:28:06. More

61 Donghai Bridge

Can someone tell me how many km's it is driving from Sjanghai to Ningbo and how much time that takes???
Posted by Caroline at 2005-09-06 20:50:41. More

60 What does Successful Blog Mean

Please could you help me and tell me what a "blog" attually is?
Posted by caroline at 2004-10-21 03:31:52. More

59 Travel Ban Partly Lifted

I AM FREE!!!!!!!!
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-31 16:32:59. More

58 Going Back to Normal Life, Slowly

WHO travel ban for Hong Kong and Guangdong has been lifted!

Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-24 07:34:47. More

57 SARS Almost Goes to an End

yes Linda, I also wonder how many people have been exposed to SARS but have never travelled or come into contact with SARS infected people....

If Shanghai is so safe, and numbers so low, why are there so many restaurants empty?
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-22 09:05:04. More

56 SARS Almost Goes to an End

The man turned out to have regular pneumonia! Thank goodness!

Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-20 21:41:47. More

55 SARS Almost Goes to an End

They took a man to hospital near my studio yesterday, he had fever for a week already. The health people came and sterilized everything! This man worked as the elevator operator. I think if he had SARS, there will be a massive outbreak! Oh no!
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-20 08:14:49. More

54 Caroline is Back to Shanghai

I did yoga until the DVD machine jammed today! haha!

The qu wei hui doctor thanked me for being cooperative today! I asked her when I can get out and she told me to hang in there.

Actually I ran up and down the stairs and took my temperature, it was 37.2 celcius, and the doctor told me to retake the temp otherwise they will have to come and check me into a hospital! I came down later in the day. whew!

No sign of my flowers budding! I am literally watching the grass grow!
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-19 01:45:56. More

53 Caroline is Back to Shanghai

Yoga is getting big in Shanghai, but I have yet to find someone as good as the yogi I was practicing with in Hong Kong. So I got some good CD's and practice at home.

I am going crazy in the house! 10 more days to go!!!
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-18 19:55:12. More

52 Caroline is Back to Shanghai

Thank goodness I have internet access from my own home, adsl! Otherwise you will see a mad woman in the streets at the end of the month.

Lots of internet cafes opened in Shanghai, but remember to bring your mask!

By the way, news today is that the qu wei hui sent a man with a full SARS protective gear on and wanted to come into my house and spray everything. I told them I have been doing a lot of bleach cleaning and there was no need to do that. Thanks. The old lady across from me asked the man to go do her home instead. So everyone was happy in the end.
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-17 01:37:03. More

51 Caroline is Back to Shanghai

Do you know if someone is locked up for 4 days in a room they will go crazy?? hahaha! So far I am not going nuts yet. I bought 3 yoga tapes to stay healthy, catching up on all the reading I was going to do but never had time, check email 100 times a day, planting herbs, flowers weeding, mowing and cleaning.

News from Sina and other sources is that if you deliberately go out while being quarantined and had SARS and spread it to others and the others die from it, then you will be executed.

I will be thinking about that!

Have a good trip Annie, and come back soon!
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-16 12:09:37. More

50 My Temperature Is Monitored

Hi Annie, the local qu wei hui people were pounding on my door one day before I arrived back in Shanghai, asking my ayi whether anyone has gone or is back from SARS infected area. So I decided to turn myself in before they execute me! :-)

Dr. Wu came to take my temperature this morning, but I will call her everyday at 10am and 2pm to tell her my body temperature. Someone from the qu wei hui called me at 11am to see whether I needed anything (and probably see whether I have sneaked out of the house). So I am laying low.

Here's an article about Shanghai's hotels from AP:

4 Major Shanghai Hotels Close Over SARS
Mon May 12, 9:38 AM ET Add Business - AP to My Yahoo!

By JOE McDONALD, Associated Press Writer

BEIJING - Four major hotels in Shanghai, China's biggest city, are closing for up to three months due to lack of guests amid the SARS (news - web sites) outbreak, employees said Monday.

The closures of the Peace Hotel, the Shanghai Hotel, the Jinjiang Tower and the Donghu Hotel follow a steep decline in travel and add to the economic devastation of SARS, which has killed at least 252 people on China's mainland. Airlines, restaurants and other travel-related businesses are expected to suffer huge losses.

Shanghai has reported only seven SARS cases and one death, but foreign tourists have heeded advisories to avoid China and the country is telling its own people not to travel.

"We're closing because there are no customers," said a receptionist at the Peace Hotel, an Art Deco landmark on the Shanghai riverfront that was built in 1920.

The 380-room hotel closed Monday and will reopen Aug. 12, said the receptionist, who wouldn't give her name. She said most of its staff already were on leave and managers weren't available to comment.

It wasn't immediately clear how many employees of the four hotels would be affected. Phone calls to the Shanghai Tourism Commission weren't answered.

The Shanghai Hotel is closing Wednesday for renovations and a date to reopen hasn't been set, said a receptionist there who wouldn't give her name. She said employees are to be furloughed with a 600-yuan-a-month ($75-a-month) living allowance.

The Donghu Hotel also is closing, said an employee who answered the phone there and wouldn't give her name or other details.

China's central government last week ordered officials to help airlines and other battered industries. An official of the country's tax agency said Monday that the government has ordered tax credits for SARS-affected businesses.

The city government said last week that despite the loss of tourism, Shanghai's manufacturing and other industries were still strong and the city should record economic growth of at least 10 percent this year.

In Beijing, which has suffered 129 deaths, authorities have told cinemas, gymnasiums, discotheques and other entertainment sites to close, idling thousands of workers.

Shanghai has not ordered similar closures, but some businesses have shut down for lack of customers.

The Jinjiang Tower is to close next Monday for three months, said a receptionist there.

"We are a big facility but have no customers coming," said the woman, who wouldn't give her name. "Temporary closure is good for saving costs."
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-15 19:52:35. More

49 My Temperature Is Monitored

I am back in Shanghai. At the Hong Kong airport my temperature was taken before I got on to the airplane. After the plane landed at the Shanghai airport, some health worker came on to the plane and took all our temperatures. Then we were let off the plane. At the health checkpoint, out temperatures were taken again.

When I got back to my xiao qu, I went to register myself, and my temperature was taken again. Then I was told to stay put in my home until the 27th.

What a bummer! Let's hope SARS will be history soon!
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-14 23:34:08. More

48 Shanghai SARS: The Next Level of Precaution

This is taken from the South China Morning Post this morning.

Latest mainland developments

* Eighty new Sars cases were reported, with 10 more deaths. Beijing accounted for 48 new cases and half of the latest deaths. Officials said migrant workers comprised 10 per cent of cases in the capital. By yesterday morning, China had 5,086 cases.
* The tourist city of Hangzhou quarantined more than 1,700 people after it reported four Sars cases.
* Passenger traffic on mainland airlines fell 25.7 per cent last month, the State Statistical Bureau said.

* The Anti-Chemical Warfare Research Institute of the People's Liberation Army has developed products including goggles, protective clothing and masks for hospitals and police handling Sars patients.
* Huang Mingda, a doctor at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has proposed that traditional Chinese medicine should become part of comprehensive Sars treatment.
* Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport became Russia's only air link with China after the country closed all other major centres.
* German soccer team Bayern Munich cancelled a two-game tour to Beijing and Shanghai in July.
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-14 08:17:10. More

47 Shanghai Quarantine - Mandatory

Annie, email me privately, I have something to tell you!
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-19 17:45:02. More

46 Shanghai Quarantine - Mandatory

hey, wait a minute, I have only been here since February, that's not six months! Can I be released??
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-17 21:31:49. More

45 Shanghai Quarantine - Mandatory

Wang, I have arranged so that I don't have to go back to Hong Kong until mid-June, at that time I will not come back to China until end of July. I'm taking my son and going to USA to see how my other 2 kids and hubby are doing.
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-13 08:13:49. More

44 Shanghai Quarantine - Mandatory

I want so badly to pretend I am a visitor to Shanghai so that they won't quarantine me.

What is the difference between a visitor and a resident anyway? Why the difference in quarantine?? That is so ridiculus. I will return on Wednesday as a visitor, but my xiao qu will probably find out and lock me up!

I hope I can negotiate with them and tell them my business will fail if I am locked up for 2 weeks, and hopefully they can treat me like a visitor instead and take my temperature twice a day plus find out all the places where I have been.
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-13 08:00:57. More

43 Shanghai Quarantine - Mandatory

Today I found out that when I get back to Shanghai, not only am I quarantined for 2 weeks at home, but my son is not allowed to go to school during that time either!
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-12 18:02:47. More

42 Shanghai Quarantine - Mandatory

Luo, I don't think there is a need to be quarantined in the USA. My hubby and kids went back Monday, they are happily running all over town, applying to the local school and eating at MacDonalds. No one has asked them to be locked up at home for 14 days. Only in Shanghai.
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-10 07:48:30. More

41 Shanghai Quarantine - Mandatory

My question about this quarantine is: Hong Kong has not passed SARS to any outside countries,including Mainland China for about 2 weeks, should we really be quarantined when we get back!??
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-09 22:33:39. More

40 Emails and Privacy Policies

No problem, just be careful and think of the country first....I think it is going to be very hard on China and I plan to help as much as I can, AND not cause social unrests!!

Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-09 13:49:44. More

39 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

I read the 23000 people quarantined in Beijing from Sina!

Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-15 19:58:15. More

38 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

Nick, I think you could still come to Shanghai, but you must be very vigilant about getting SARS here.

Although there are "only 7" full blown SARS cases in Shanghai in which one died from it, we do not know how many those 2 people from Beijing has infected during their massive shopping trips into the crowded Nanjing Lu and subway trips. We will find that one out in a few days. Over 200 people are quarantined: around 100 for the first 2 couples who have full blown SARS, and another 100+ for the second couple.

Some of my friends will also come in May to visit me, but we will not be travelling all over China, and will be wearing masks in crowded areas, wash our hands often, and take off our shoes when we go into homes.
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-11 08:45:45. More

37 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

Yes, N95 masks are not for everyone. Surgical masks with at least 3 layers are good for those of you with oxygen problems. But if you work in the hospital and do not want to get SARS, N95 and surgical/special masks are the only way, not the gauze/cotton kind.

Anyway, I have given up wearing masks in Hong Kong unless I am in an enclosed space with someone coughing. The chances of a non-health worker, not travelling in an enclosed space and getting SARS by not wearing masks is zero.

Although when I get back to Shanghai from Hong Kong and can travel about the town the first 10 days, I will wear a mask just in case I have SARS and is a super carrier.

Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-10 21:21:12. More

36 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

As I mentioned before, most of the masks the hospital workers and Shanghainese use are the gauze/cotton kind, that WILL NOT prevent SARS particles from entering your nose once the masks become moist.

Health workers in hospitals also includes people who takes the trash out, cleaners and office administrators. Hong Kong was so careful in hospitals, using all the correct kind of equipment (I think) and still hundreds of health workers became ill.

So I am also pretty sure there will be more people infected with SARS if there aren't any now in Shanghai.
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-10 07:54:25. More

35 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

Annie, we should get together and talk about this! I have to be back to HK in 2 week's time also! What the hey??
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-09 22:36:10. More

34 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

Full article taken from the Shanghai Health Bureau!

Guess we will have to get together and mope in Hong Kong Annie!!

New SARS regulations published

Shanghai government published a circular yesterday outlining new restrictions on travelers and quarantine rules as part of the city's battle against SARS.
Beginning yesterday, all local residents returning to the city from places with cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome will be placed under medical observation for two weeks.
Any visitors to the city from areas with SARS cases must undergo a health check and report their health to authorities every day for the first two weeks they are in the city.
The document didn't specify if the rules affected those from all areas with SARS or just places hard-hit by the deadly virus.
The government is expected to provide a more-detailed explanation of the rules, perhaps as early as today.
As of yesterday, 25 provinces and municipalities on China's mainland have reported confirmed SARS patients. Worldwide, 32 countries and regions have reported cases, said the World Health Organization.
The city's centers for disease control and prevention will be charged with enforcing the medical observations with assistance from neighborhood and village committees.
The circular said: "Upon arrival at Shanghai's border, travelers must have their temperatures checked and fill in a health declaration form.
"Any traveler with a fever or other symptoms of SARS will be separated immediately and sent to a nearby hospital for further diagnosis.
"Returning residents - either local citizens, migrant workers or overseas people living in Shanghai - who show no signs of the disease will be placed under quarantine at their residence or a place provided by the community for two weeks."
The circular stipulated that centers for disease control and prevention in the city have to appoint SARS supervisors. The responsibilities of a SARS supervisor include handing out notices for medical observation and detection, checking homes of quarantined people to make sure they are suitable for isolation, supervising the disinfection of quarantine centers and taking the temperature of isolated people twice a day.
The circular also said people visiting or returning to Shanghai have to report to related departments - neighborhood health centers, community committees, village committees or property management firms - within 24 hours of arrival. For those who check into local hotels and hostels, or find accommodation with local families, the accommodation providers have the responsibility to report.
The circular also defined the responsibilities of travelers.
Anyone placed under medical observation must not leave the place they have been quarantined in, nor meet with others, must have their temperature checked twice a day and answer all inquiries from health officials. They must also report to officials if symptoms like fever and coughing arise.
Neighborhood and village committees must provide daily-life basics to people under observation, accept tips on travelers and have the information verified and check on those under observation at least three times a day. The check can be conducted either by phone or in person. If anyone under observation refuses to follow the rules, they have the authority to enforce them.
Neighborhood and village committees must find appropriate places for medical observation for those that don't have a proper place to be quarantined.
Those organizing group tours have to find a place for group isolation and report to the center for disease control and prevention. The organizer should also forbid the isolated group from leaving the designated place or meeting others.
Those visiting Shanghai must take their temperature twice a day, complete health detection forms and itinerary reports every day, answer all questions from health officials and report to authorities when symptoms like fever and coughing arise.
Hotels and hostels must put all guests from SARS-affected regions on specially designated floors, check their identification cards and travel documents, report to supervisors and hand out and collect forms to record health and itineraries on a daily basis.
All construction sites and working units providing dormitories for staff have to report if they receive any one from out of Shanghai.
According to the circular, for those who show symptoms of fever and other abnormal physical symptoms, supervisors should notify nearby medical institutions at the earliest possible time to put the patient under clinical supervision. Medical institutions should check the patients' identification card or social security card and their recent traveling information. All the information should be registered.
The circular also said all district and county governments have to create hot lines and publicize the hot line numbers to accept tips on SARS-related information. If the information is verified and helps stop the spread of SARS, the information providers will be awarded a prize.
Anyone who breaks the rules outlined in the circular will be punished, with serious offenders facing criminal charges.( 2003-5-9)
Posted by Caroline at 2003-05-09 13:41:50. More

33 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

More bad news, I am in Hong Kong right now, and am planning on coming back to Shanghai next Wednesday, and the Shanghai Health Bureau put out a notice saying that people returning from SARS affected areas HAVE to be quarantined for 2 weeks! Locked up in my own home for 2 weeks! What am I going to do? They are planning on sending health officials from my xiao qu to take my temperature twice a day!

I plan to come back to HK at the end of May for a project, then again at the end of June! What am I going to do??
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-09 09:02:04. More

32 6 SARS Cases in Shanghai

And the Shanghai TOEFL test that is supposed to be happening on the 8th May has been postpone until August!
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-07 22:25:51. More

31 Two More SARS Cases in Shanghai

6 cases as of yesterday! There are about 200 people quarrantined because of the 4 recent affected people! The last 2 couple went to the Shanghai No. 1 Department Store during May 1st holiday!
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-07 06:49:52. More

30 Two More SARS Cases in Shanghai

That's terrible! 100% increase! I hope that 100+ people who were directly or indirectly affected will not have it! Imagine each affecting another 100!!!

I think Shanghai is doing a good job with the nabbing and quarrantining!
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-05 14:16:45. More

29 With SARS, All We Have is Time

Keep yourself healthy, Carol!

Just stay away from closed areas...that should do the trick. Do not hop on a train or bus for now. And if people are coughing near you, jump away!
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-06 15:50:03. More

28 With SARS, All We Have is Time

Keep yourself healthy, Carol!

Just stay away from closed areas...that should do the trick. Do not hop on a train or bus for now. And if people are coughing near you, jump away!
Posted by caroline at 2003-05-06 15:49:53. More

27 With SARS, All We Have is Time

According to, over 9000 people in Nanjing has been quarrantined as of April 30th. Because of just one case!

Wow! Be careful Carol.
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26 Daily Life - SARS Related III

and the latest from Hong Kong....

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Shanghai vows to introduce stricter preventive measures


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Shanghai authorities vowed yesterday to implement stricter measures to guard against Sars, even though the city's official tally of cases remains low.
Last week, Shanghai announced sweeping rules to fight the virus. But some of the rules were vague and foreign diplomats have pressed for an explanation of how they will be interpreted.

"The implementation is weak. We want to carry them out more strictly," said deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai government, Xue Peijian.

Government officials told diplomats that the measures would include enforcement of 14-day quarantine periods for residents and travellers coming from infected areas. Residents would be confined to their homes, and visitors to their hotels. Other steps include quarantining schools and companies which have at least two Sars cases.

Shanghai had ordered universities to reduce class sizes to less than 30 and to try to keep students on campus to avoid the spread of the virus, the officials said.

The Shanghai education commission had already announced that universities would give students just one day off for the Labour Day holiday today.

Officials said Shanghai had set up traffic checkpoints to screen people coming into the city, taken people's temperatures and ordered them to fill in health declaration forms.

Witnesses said some checkpoints were only screening passengers in vehicles without Shanghai licence plates.

As of yesterday, Shanghai had two confirmed cases and 12 suspected ones, including two US citizens, a French national and a person from Hong Kong, the health bureau said.

The French citizen was a four-year-old girl who visited Beijing with her family, diplomats said.

An official from the World Health Organisation, which recently inspected Shanghai, said this week that the number of cases in the city was likely to be higher than the official count though the team found no systematic under-reporting.

WHO team leader James Maguire said: "That doesn't mean that we're confirming there are only two cases.

"There's certainly a very good possibility of more cases, perhaps 10 or so."
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25 My Dinner Impacted by SARS

Face saving seemed to be more important to some people than others, and seemed to be more important for some areas more than other areas.
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24 My Dinner Impacted by SARS

Let's just say that 5 weeks ago when I was panicking in the streets of Shanghai, wearing masks, not letting my daughter go to kindergarten until they thoroughly disinfect the whole school night and day, people laughed at me. The customs officer at the airport actually sneered at me and called me an alarmist. Well well, today I took my kid to her local school, 25 out of 35 kids in her class did not show up, and people everywhere wearing masks, including all the airport custom officers.

So here's a question thrown out to all of you, how many cases are there in Shanghai? Do you know anyone who actually has the full blown SARS? In Beijing, I actually know friends of friends who have it, but here, nothing. When will the real figures in Shanghai come out? They are not using the same standard of determining SARS in Shanghai, as compared to Beijing and the rest of the world. So what are the real figures?

Meanwhile, stay healthy!
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23 WHO Reports Shanghai Findings

Yes Luo, I still let my kids go to school (until yesterday), but they are leaving for Michigan on Monday for God knows how long. The kindergarten has announced that on Monday, it will decide whether to open on Tuesday or not. Which means things might be ok, or get really bad here.

I am really bothered by this SARS thing, it has really ruined many lives! I have started a business in Shanghai and just started to make this my home. Now I have to send the kids and hubby back to the States!

I would prefer the Shanghai government to be like the Hong Kong government when it comes to actual honest reporting; like how many people getting it, what area are they from, what age group, whether they are cross infecting each other (not reported in Shanghai at all in the statistics), and how many people have died from it here.

Today in Putuo area, there is a confirmed SARS case, according to my ayi, and she said that her husband's factory would not let anyone go to that area!
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22 WHO Reports Shanghai Findings

WHO not finding anything? I don't think so, I think they said something face saving. In China we have learned to read between the lines, remember WHO said that the standard for determining SARS in Shanghai is not the same as Beijing or the rest of the world.

That means if you did not come from a SARS affected area, did not knowingly come into contact with a SARS patient and you show symptoms of SARS, have full blown SARS, or are dead from it, you are not counted in the numbers here.

My kid goes to a local school, out of 35 kids in her class, 10 showed up for school yesterday.

If you come to Shanghai, you will have to be quarrantined in your dorm/hotel and cannot go out for TWO WEEKS, effective 25th April.

All unversities have locked their students in the schools and they cannot go out or get back in anymore, until 10th May.

Ask yourself whether you want to come given these circumstances.

Keep looking at this site for more news about it.
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21 Daily Life - SARS Related II

Yes, for sure. Many doctors got SARS in HK from walking in the wards and going home in those shoes!
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20 Daily Life - SARS Related II

We have added a special carpet outside of our art studio, it is soaked in 1 part chlorine to 49 parts water. People have to step on this in order to come inside our studio. This will kill off anything they have stepped on. Try it for your homes and offices. I got this formula from a doctor who is my buddy and works for the United Christian Hospital in HK.
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19 Protect China - Not Only Against SARS

No new data in Shanghai!?? When are they going to update their methods of counting and announce those figures!?
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18 Protect China - Not Only Against SARS

Have you seen how the cabs in Shanghai are so shiny today?? Clean!!! Even the blue ones and the maroon ones are clean! The roads are swept so often! And of course spitting is now a 200rmb offense in Shanghai! Wow!

And what a beautiful day it is outside!
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17 Protect China - Not Only Against SARS

Don't worry so much about images, let's fight this SARS battle!

Will WHO announce its findings about Shanghai today? Last night on satellite tv I saw a little note on the bottom of the TV that said "WHO reports that Shanghai has been doing a better job preventing the spread of SARS"....
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16 SARS Pictures From Beijng and Shanghai

SARS ?How to protect yourself

SARS is here to stay. We don’t think this epidemic will subside soon
It is indeed highly infectious and is associated with a significant mortality.
Following the Prince of Wales and Amoy Garden outbreak, I am afraid there is a significant risk to the general population, as we do not know the exact number of potentially infected patients.
Therefore be vigilant and honest with yourself ?don’t hesitate to seek help if you think you have SARS. Encourage others or potentially exposed people to seek expert advice and help
The younger population tends to do quite well - the youngest we’ve seen is a 4 year old who was quite well after a few days.
Patients above the age of 45 have a high chance of getting into Intensive Care.
Patients above 70 have not survived so far.
We also really don’t know the many ways in which this Virus can spread.
Close Contact with infected patients results in a high transmission rate with 60-70% of exposed contacts developing infection.
I would consider the Lift, Park-n-shop, MTR, Buses, crowded office environments as potentially dangerous.
Wear A Mask whenever you are in public spaces and in possible close contact with people.
A good surgical mask from Watsons or Mannings is good enough for most environments except the hospital, or if your relative is affected.
If you are working in a high traffic flow environment and in real close contact with people ?a N-95 type mask may be even better.
Essentially, you need to “know?the people you are in close contact with ! Watch out for each other’s health.
Wash your hands every time you make contact with a “public?object or interphase. This includes doors, lift buttons, MTR handles, elevator rests.

An Alcohol wash will kill all viruses. This is available from Mannings and costs 30-35 HK dollars. Worth it ! Microshield from J & J is even better as it has a sustained effect. It is not freely available though at the moment.

Be careful ?wash your hands every time you touch your nose, mouth, ear or eyes. If You do so, then it is fair to expect your colleague/neighbor to do so as well !

In fact in Prince of Wales a significant number of medical and non-medical personnel got infected despite wearing masks. The one thing they forgot to do was to wash their hands ! We have know of colleagues who became infected even after touching patient’s records !

So Wash Hands ?even if it looks like you are obsessed !!

Both the Corona Virus and the Paramyxovirus have strong envelopes that protect them They can survive upto 8 hours on most surfaces ! Alcohol and bleach are effective anti-viral agents.

We also recommend that you clean “public?objects such as key boards, mics, etc ?with Alcohol or Bleach, if possible.

You may want to know how long do we need to follow these routines ?unfortunately, at this stage no one really knows !

Dispose your mask by putting it in a plastic bag and then sealing it. Masks should be changed everyday.

Here is what we say at the Prince of Wales Hospital

“To be Obsessive is the Minimum, …………To Be Paranoid, The Standard ?
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15 SARS Pictures From Beijng and Shanghai

The Health Minister has announced that weddings should be cancelled! What are you going to do Wang??

Don't go on the train! There have been so many cases of infected people travelling. I read all the emergency notices posted by the Transport Department on Sina! There are people taking taxis who were infected, and now the Beijing officials are looking for the taxi drivers!

The Auto show in Shanghai was cancelled because 2 people in it were infected/suspects! This rumour is from someone who worked in the auto show.
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14 SARS Pictures From Beijng and Shanghai

And remember when buying masks, DO NOT BUY THE gauze kind, but the N95 kind made by 3M or use a surgical mask. The gauze/cloth kind will only trap the virus in the damp cloth and make you inhale it all. I see doctors in hospitals using this, and I foresee many doctors and health workers getting ill and dying!

Check out the Hong Kong Hospital Authority website for more information!
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13 SARS Pictures From Beijng and Shanghai

David Heymann, the W.H.O.'s executive director of communicable disease, said a team of the organization's doctors inspecting Shanghai's medical facilities for the past four days had found evidence to suggest that the city has more than the two confirmed cases it says it has. Shanghai says it has 16 suspected SARS cases.

``Our team in China has clearly indicated that they feel there are probably more cases in Shanghai than have been reported,'' Mr. Heymann said in a statement on the organization's Web site, without elaborating. The W.H.O. team is expected to report on its findings in Shanghai shortly.

Shanghai authorities hinted that there would be at least some upward revision in the numbers of cases there, attributing the pending change to what one health official referred to as a ``stricter standard'' of classifying SARS cases modeled on the one Beijing uses.

It is unclear why it has taken so long for Shanghai, which boasts of being the most modern and open city in China, to use the standard employed in the capital and around the world. "

Taken from the New York Times today!
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12 Shanghai SARS: Situation Severe

Just wear the right mask, wash hands often, avoid crowds, get plenty of sleep, open lots of windows and take some Vitamin C/antioxidant pills. Your chance of getting it will be as minimal as winning it big in the lotteries!

Don't panic, help as much as you can, and keep the city clean.
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11 Shanghai SARS: Situation Severe

Hong Kong Plaza 7th floor is sealed off according to someone who works in the building.
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10 Shanghai SARS: Situation Severe

Annie, according to a student in one of the universities, Jiao Tong U has cancelled all of its outreach/extension programs, Shi Da (Teachers' U) has one case of suspected SARS, Shanghai U nothing is closed.

This student also said there is a rumor that some woman collapsed in the Xujiahui subway and died of SARS. But I think this is pure rumor. You have to find someone in the hospital to confirm that!
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9 China is Taking SARS Seriously

Yes it is Kang Jian Kindergarten...!
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8 China is Taking SARS Seriously

There have been so many cases of infected persons travelling on trains and infecting others in China!! Please be extra careful when taking the train! Better yet, do not travel right now!

This morning my daughter's school, Wunan Kindergarten, confirmed that another kindergarten has a child with SARS and is closed. (Xin Si Ji Kindergarten; translated as New Century?) Anyway, I am quite alarmed, perhaps the child is only a suspected case, I hope so! If not, then Shanghai has an epidemic already spreading all over!

Do you know when WHO will announce its findings of the cases in Shanghai?
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7 339 SARS in Beijing. May Holidy Cancelled

Have a good wedding, perhaps you could wear a mask when kissing the bride!!


Love this site. Keep it up!
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6 SARS Websites in China

And they fired the Health Minister and the Mayor of Beijing!

Maybe we will get some real statistics the coming days in Shanghai finally!
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5 SARS Websites in China

Thanks Mainlander, I am amused and also worried by all of this. It would be very nice if the Shanghainese authorities reveal the true statistics for this epidemic in Shanghai. My Godfather's ayi's relative has already died of SARS in Shanghai, and this lady has never travelled outside of Shanghai! That was weeks ago.

My husband and children will be evacuating back to America in a week's time!
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4 SARS Websites in China

Here is the latest from Time...

Beijing Hoodwinks WHO Inspectors
TIME Exclusive: Hospitals in the Chinese capital hid SARS patients from international health officials?
Registration at Beijing's No. 309 Hospital. Doctors say up to 40 SARS patients may have been moved from their wards

Special Report: Unmasking a Crisis
On Assignment: TIME's Photographers cover the SARS Outbreak
CNN: China pledges truth on SARS

Friday, April 18, 2003

Before World Health Organization inspectors visited Beijing hospitals earlier this week, hospital officials removed dozens of SARS patients from their isolation wards and transferred them to locations where they could not be observed by the inspectors, doctors at those hospitals have told TIME. On Tuesday, just hours before the WHO's inspection team arrived, more than 40 confirmed SARS patients at the capital's No. 309 People's Liberation Army Hospital were transferred out of their beds to the Zihuachun Hotel on the hospital grounds and at the China Japan Friendship Hospital 31 confirmed SARS patients, all doctors, nurses and hospital workers, were packed into ambulances and driven around Beijing for the duration of the WHO team's visit, the doctors said.

These doctors' revelations are the latest in a string of disclosures by local medical personnel that suggest the staggering extent of Beijing's cover up of the deadly outbreak. China's Ministry of Health came under fire for underreporting cases in the capital and elsewhere in China early last week when doctors around the country began to report caseloads of SARS victims that radically contradicted the ministry's official figures for the disease. Citing concern over "rumors" of unreported SARS cases the WHO announced late last week that it had been granted permission to conduct a five-day inspection tour of the capital's medical facilities in order to ascertain the truth about how Beijing was handling the outbreak.

On Tuesday, TIME received a letter from an informed local medical source charging that in order to prepare for the WHO team's arrival, Beijing's No. 302 People's Liberation Army Hospital, already full to capacity with SARS patients, had emptied its two infectious disease wards of SARS patients. According to the source, "The 302 hospital originally had two wings devoted to infectious respiratory diseases where SARS patients were being treated. But now there are only a handful of SARS patients remaining, all of whom are already well on their way to recovering. Several severely ill SARS patients have been transferred to a third wing which is not a ward for infectious respiratory diseases. As for the other patients, I wonder where they've been moved." The WHO team met with officials at the No. 302 Hospital, but never toured the wards.

Yesterday, a TIME reporter received a telephone call from another source saying that just after WHO team members said they would make a last-minute visit to the China Japan Friendship Hospital, patients were "rushed into ambulances and driven around the city for several hours." The source, who refused to give her name, said that "nurses at the hospital were furious that they had been confined to ambulances with contagious patients." She added that at the No. 309 Hospital on Tuesday SARS patients had been transferred to an "inn" on the hospital grounds.

Last night, a TIME reporter spoke by telephone with a doctor at the China Japan Friendship Hospital who confirmed this story. "Yes, what you've heard is true," he told TIME. "We have 56 confirmed SARS patients at our hospital but the hospital has only reported 41 to the authorities. Among the 56 there are 31 doctors, nurses and hospital workers. It was these 31 who were put into the ambulances. The other SARS patients were in their beds for the WHO's inspection." According to the doctor, the staff at the China Japan Friendship Hospital were infected in late March while treating a Taiwanese SARS patient who later died of the disease. A spokeswoman from the hospital, surnamed Liu, refused to comment on the doctor's story and told TIME's reporter to call the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau. The Health Bureau referred TIME to a local English language SARS information hotline.

A doctor at the No. 309 Hospital also confirmed the source's story. "We moved 46 of our SARS patients to the Zihuachun hotel on Tuesday," he said, "There were about 10 SARS patients in the ward when the WHO team visited. The hotel is being disinfected now. I don't think it will open again. It was going to be renovated anyway." But when TIME called the No. 309 Hospital's main office to ask about the transfer of patients, a man who refused to give his name said, "We are not answering any questions," and then hung up.

A retired senior doctor who once treated high-ranking Communist party cadres also spoke with TIME last night and confirmed that Beijing is continuing to deliberately hide SARS cases. "I've seen an internal Ministry of Health report which puts the number of confirmed SARS cases in Beijing at between 200 and 300, based on accounts from individual hospitals," she said, "Another internal document I've seen says that in the last 10 days there have been more than 100 new cases reported in Beijing." Publicly, the Ministry of Health maintains that there have only been 37 SARS cases in Beijing.

Over the entrance of what used to be the China Japan Friendship Hospital's emergency room is a blue and white banner that reads, "SARS Diagnosis Wing." Seated at a table beneath the banner are three doctors wearing face masks, blue head covers, plastic goggles and disposable gowns. Not an inch of their skin is visible. One doctor rises to approach a TIME reporter. When asked about his hospital's treatment of SARS patients he replies with mounting anger, "I can't tell you any details because I don't want to lose my job. All I can tell you that the government's handling of this matter is absolutely irresponsible."

—With reporting by Matthew Forney and Huang Yong/Beijing
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3 No SARS Case Found in Shanghai

All I know about Fujian is that a mother and father died of SARS leaving a boy ophaned after travelling from HK to Fujian and getting SARS there...Can't remember where I read that one...

So take precautions, ask people who cough whether they have a fever. Wear a mask, wash hands, disinfect with Chlorine....1 part to 49 parts water.

By the way, there are 920 cases of SARS as of today in Hong Kong, and 25 deaths! Only still one case in Shanghai! Either the Government is doing a GREAT job here or something is terribly WRONG!!

Posted by Caroline at 2003-04-08 23:30:04. More

2 No SARS Case Found in Shanghai

If Hong Kong has over 880 cases by now and 22 deaths, how can I believe there is only one imported case in Shanghai? In Hong Kong, the first cases were also "imported" but the disease spread like wildfire amongst the health workers. My friend who is a doctor at the United Christian hospital said they wore masks, washed their hands constantly and disinfected everything since THREE weeks ago, but still have 14 doctors and health worker infected by SARS!! Tell me there is only one case in Shanghai! Totally unbelievable. This is a highly contagious disease and Shanghainese are not doing enough to prevent it from spreading! It will take a foreigner to die here to get the government to admit how many people are actually infected!
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1 SARS Symptons

100% of people with SARS have this 38 degree celcius fever that would not go away. They will not respond to the usual drugs of antibiotics or anything.

Here are other symptoms that show up:
Shortness of breath
Aching bones
Aching muscles
Runny nose
all the flu like symptoms come on later, after the fever.

Of course when it gets bad, the patient cannot breathe on their own and will die unless put on a ventilator. Then if they survive, their lungs will be like an 80 year old's.
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