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9 Olympic is about Competition and Happiness

whoever had the idea that "a pretty face + another perfect voice = China's national interest" should be prosecuted or then sent to labor camp straight.

it is so obvious, for people with a good taste, that a not-so-good-looking kid singing the "ode to the motherland" with a not-so-perfect-or-even-hoarse voice under such a huge setting will definitely be much more embracing and closer to the true Olympic spirit.
Posted by chez at 2008-08-20 09:08:09. More

8 How A Young Couple and a Kid Live in Shanghai

Here is another story from National Geographic, which I think is relevant to this thread.
Posted by chez at 2008-07-21 23:49:01. More

7 Strengthen the Control of Speech

if there is a market of satellite TV in china, i doubt that the signal-stealing problem would be as pervasive as is it now.

Since STV is politically banned for average chinese citizens in the first place, they can steal it from whom? Any STV provider does not legally have a market share to these audience anyway. Why not let people penetrate and get a free preview until the government drops the ban? It's not bad for people seeking alternative voices, neither for the "future" business of STV providers.
Posted by chez at 2007-07-31 09:59:58. More

6 How to Setup Websites Outside China

can someone please tell me what is the algorithm used by the GFW folks to determine whether a web content is deemed "unhealthy" or "hostile" to whatever? or it remains a total urban myth, or the eighth wonder of the world? i just didn't get it. i have yet find the wikipedia as nearly pornographic as the mainpages of those major chinese domestic websites. or i am just missing some serious trend of hippiness?
Posted by chez at 2007-07-12 17:24:24. More

5 Is this Water Safe to Drink?

did you guys hear about the water pollution outbreak in Wuxi? I would not consider tap water safe in any of Chinese cities. Even if you boil it, the toxins can not be removed, which are cancerous in most cases. The cancer rate in Shanghai in the past few years is increasing dramatically. It is a big shame to see that the public awareness is so poor and sometime the public is even self-defensive when issues come to the point of reducing environmental damage.

Cities like Shanghai can never become modern if the mind-set of people is limited to how many high-rises can emerge in per unit time (of course, this is also the mind-set of the policy making of the current government).
Posted by chez at 2007-06-02 14:30:18. More

4 Should I Drive in Shanghai?

the traffic accident is one the leading causes of death in china. so many lives were wasted by the reckless and mindless driving. sometime you feel ridiculed by just thinking about how people understand the meaning of human life this way.

people don't realize that their friends, their sons and daughters, their mom and dad are walking or driving everyday like themselves. i guess no one wants tragedy happens to their closed ones. why not slow down for them, respect their lives and obey the traffic codes. someday, your good manner will spare your life.
Posted by chez at 2007-05-21 12:57:59. More

3 Avoid Hong Qiao Airport on Friday Night

compared to the skylines in Shanghai, the air travel system in china is way under-developed. maybe because all the major business are concentrated along the coastal areas and the railways are sufficient enough to accommodate most travel demands.

in usa, from coast to coast (two huge economies), the air travel is the normal. how often you have to fly from PVG to the vast land of the west such as Tibet or Xinjiang, to attend a business meeting?
Posted by chez at 2007-05-21 12:32:15. More

2 Chinese Stock Market is More Crazy

just to make it more accurate, nasdaq is currently setting at 2500 and has yet to be recovered from the pre-bubble more than 5000 sth.

Bubble definitely will hurt the majority of household shareholders in a great deal. chinese market has been attracting too many first-time and very inexperienced investors. whenever grandmas fork out their little peggy saving, the bubble is to burst anytime.
Posted by chez at 2007-05-21 10:51:41. More

1 Seoul Changes Chinese Name

personally, i don't quite absorb the idea of seoul changing its chinese name. why bother anyways? to enhance self-identity by enforcing precise local pronunciation by a foreign language? come on. relax. i would rather consider this as an act of losing identity by searching it in an inferior fashion.

i didn't see korean people change all the chinese names of their other cities, otherwise they could be busy. Han happens to coincide with "Han" ethnic group in china, which makes it sound as if it is a chinese city.

is it also deemed offensive to americans by calling Holonunu 檀香山, san francisco 旧金山 and phoenix 凤凰城?
Posted by chez at 2007-05-20 19:21:07. More