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42 Meeting Place: Starbucks at Jinyan Road, Pudong

that looks like a lemon lamington from australia.
Posted by dezza at 2008-05-11 02:22:08. More

41 Meeting Place: Starbucks at Jinyan Road, Pudong

that looks like a lemon lamington.
Posted by dezza at 2008-05-11 02:21:46. More

40 More Accidents in 2008

i can't help but snicker about this 'fear' in china. the chinese protesters blame CNN for being biased and boycotting carrefour but they can't trust their own media and government to provide timely, accurate information on matters that are far more important. who cares about the olympics and the olympic torch relay when hyper-inflation, potentially life threatening diseases and possible terrorist activities among other more important events are being unreported or worse, covered up? where are the priorities?
Posted by dezza at 2008-05-06 00:42:34. More

39 Four Types of Consciousness

Jian Shuo: I appreciate your seeking the truth and trying to understand the points of view of all sides. Keep strong in the face of false accusations and unfair personal attacks. Hopefully some Chinese angry youths can be influenced by your wisdom...
Posted by dezza at 2008-04-25 15:36:18. More

38 Real Pictures of China with My Experience

While you are right about the CRH trains being more comfortable and civil than shown above, how many migrant workers and farmers can afford to take the CRH train? In reality most cannot afford the high price of the D trains and millions of ordinary Chinese still take those disgusting green trains that date back from the 80s and 90s. I was on one a few weeks ago, not by choice but because there were no other options out of the small town I was in. Be careful not to portray ALL trains in China to look like the CRH just because you happen to be in Shanghai that gets special treatment from the railway authority.
Posted by dezza at 2008-04-16 22:41:04. More

37 Current University Students are Different

the chinese economy has to create 10 million jobs a year just to keep up with the growing graduate workforce. with the flood of foreigners taking up local jobs (many foreigners work on 'local' salaries, not fat expat packages) this just cuts into the job market for Chinese grads as well.
Posted by dezza at 2007-12-19 10:39:53. More

36 Current University Students are Different

It's quite clear Joshua Allen has never stepped into a Chinese university or at the very least talked to a recent Chinese university graduate..talent glut? You gotta be kidding me. Chinese employers themselves complain about the quality of Chinese uni graduates for godsake!
Posted by dezza at 2007-12-19 09:54:21. More

35 Train from Shanghai to Nanjing - CRH (D)

while these new CRH trains are indeed comfortable and very nice, my only concern is that the price of the tickets are priced too high for average chinese. this benefits the rich and foreigners which is just another instance of the wide income disparity in China..favouring the haves and not the have-nots.
Posted by dezza at 2007-12-01 14:48:19. More

34 Panyu Lu or Fanyu Lu?

it's probably just a typo, but to clear things up: but panyu 番禺 is a city in guangdong 广东 province, not guangzhou 广州 city.
Posted by dezza at 2007-11-22 21:13:42. More

33 Trans-Bank System Finally Available

With the advent of foreign banks in China, would you consider opening up accounts with them since you are probably a high net worth customer?

Since moving to Hong Kong, I've found HSBC to be the best bank I've ever used and I've used banks in China, Canada and the US. Highly recommended.

Posted by dezza at 2007-11-20 08:29:03. More

32 Why Classified is NOT Popular in China, Yet

i think if you took the word 'classifieds' and substituted it with 'BBS forums', then you'd have the same thing. In China, BBS forums serve a lot of the same functions classifieds do in the west, especially when it comes to buying/selling stuff (maybe not as big as houses/cars but everything else).
Posted by dezza at 2007-11-16 13:03:21. More

31 Hospital in Shanghai

I hope your mother in law recovers quickly. But it is good for you to have experienced China's dire health care circumstances first hand. Phony and medicine, poor public health and corrupt and incompetent doctors and hospital administration are all contributing to an increasingly sick society..
Posted by dezza at 2007-11-11 06:50:34. More

30 Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday Jianshuo, hope you and your family have a good celebration!
Posted by dezza at 2007-10-19 14:05:50. More

29 Photography Technical Details of Night Scenes

ISO setting can be left at 100 (best quality photos with least amount noise) if you have a tripod or put the camera on something stable. if you want to hand hold a low light shot then you'll have to bump up the ISO as high as you can without hand shaking your photo and you can use noise-reducing software.
Posted by dezza at 2007-10-03 15:38:22. More

28 Photography Technical Details of Night Scenes

Sorry to say this but using a tripod has nothing to do with being a 'professional' or not. "Hold on tight" is not a good tip to give beginner photographers. If you are too lazy/do not have a tripod, then you'll have to rest your camera on something stationary. A shutter release cable or remote control will give you more stability and help avoid camera shake from manually pressing the shutter.

It is virtually impossible to have a take a long exposure photo without a tripod (or resting the camera on something stationary) no matter how steady your hands are.

As for the second photo, while it is exposed correctly, I didn't know Shanghai was slanted like that..sorry to say that that's not a good photo at all...the good news is that it can easily be fixed by rotating the photo in most photo editing software.
Posted by dezza at 2007-10-03 15:34:16. More

27 Apartment Sharing in Shanghai

I wholeheartedly agree with you Jian Shuo. But with the unpredictability of the way the Chinese government (at all levels) acts (and doesn't act) upon established laws is just plain scary. One day the local authorities may deem Faye's project legitimate and not pester her, while another day it may decide to cracj down on foreigners staying at residents' homes without first notifying the local PSB or enact some other regulations they dream up. There is a crackdown in Beijing on foreigner visitors staying in local residences as we speak. That's why I bring up this point, like you I like her idea and hope she succeeds, I just hope she doesn't run into any trouble with the authorities.
Posted by dezza at 2007-09-26 18:03:43. More

26 Apartment Sharing in Shanghai

Good luck with your project, but with most business operating in China you're going to have to deal with the long arm of Chinese law and government interference sooner or later. It may be best to get a legal interpretation of your project before you run into any legal troubles...
Posted by dezza at 2007-09-26 17:21:26. More

25 Cheap Budget Hotel in Shanghai

Ru Jia (home inns in english) is a great hotel . i've been to a few all over china (guangzhou, shenzhen, beijing, tianjin) and the standards at all of the hostels are the same. very highly recommended.

be warned, not all Home Inns will let you stay if you're a foreigner. some have the necessary license and some don't nso it's best you asked beforehand.
Posted by dezza at 2007-09-24 14:40:33. More

24 Apartment Sharing in Shanghai

This is a great idea. However, I'm wondering if Fay has registered with the relevant authorities (PSB, city government, etc) in Shanghai? As I understand, not all hostels/hotels/guesthouses in China are allowed to accommodate foreigners, they have to show a sign that says they are licensed to do so. If she isn't licensed, then foreigners staying there would be at risk of getting kicked out by the police in the middle of the's happened to people I know who stayed at unlicensed guest houses around China.
Posted by dezza at 2007-09-24 14:12:00. More

23 That is Easy - Easy Solution to Complicated Problems

jian shuo: it's nice to see that you're thinking outside of the box. too many chinese think along government lines (i don't blame them with the thought control as it is in china...) and throw up excuses that often make no sense.

i'm curious, would you attribute your 'new thinking' on these chinese issues to your exposure to the outside world?
especially since you just went to america?
Posted by dezza at 2007-09-10 10:15:01. More

22 Nanpu Bridge was Closed Shortly

shrek7: " the pace of development in places like Shanghai would only be retarded if democracy took over"

You are right, that's why we are seeing the environmental degradation, corruption and its related effects because of this pace of development. Let's hope China doesn't destroy itself before it meets its development goals.
Posted by dezza at 2007-06-30 23:50:07. More

21 Nanpu Bridge was Closed Shortly

to me, closing a bridge during rush hour is a lot less of a sin then the other stuff you can read about regarding chinese government injustices in Shanghai and further afield....anyone read about chen liangyu and his cronies' misdeeds?
Posted by dezza at 2007-06-28 13:58:11. More

20 Shanghai not as Safe as Before

China-Watch: I agree with your 'harmonious society" comments. That's what propaganda is for isn't it? Brainwashing the people with the government agenda...why do they need to talk about it? Why not just go about doing it?

You forgot to add fighting inflation, wild stock/real estate market and protecting the environment. The more they talk, the worse it gets!
Posted by dezza at 2007-05-17 09:37:35. More

19 Reasons of Bad Traffic in Shanghai

Perhaps it's because of my background in urban planning but Shanghai, Beijing and most other Chinese cities are poorly planned and continue to be poorly planned. I'm not sure about the figures for Shanghai but on average 1000 new cars hit the roads of Beijing daily! Exacerbate that by poorly built roads and highways, inexperienced/reckless drivers and that will explain the traffic problems all over the country...

Posted by dezza at 2007-04-25 16:54:01. More

18 Reasons of Bad Traffic in Shanghai

"There are many traffic rules. However, I first know it only after I pass the driver's exam."

Ummmmmmm...shouldn't you have known the traffic rules BEFORE you passed the driver's exam????
Posted by dezza at 2007-04-25 16:49:20. More

17 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

interesting discussion. just one complaint, isn't discriminating people based on their money (or lack thereof) discrimination anyway?

that doesn't make it any better than discriminating based on colour right? that may explain why rural migrants are looked down upon and not afforded the same rights in cities because they come from rural areas....
Posted by dezza at 2007-03-20 23:59:09. More

16 My Experience with Hong Kong

yes, please email me in advance if you come back to's too bad you couldn't stay the weekend!
Posted by dezza at 2007-01-27 15:56:14. More

15 My Experience with Hong Kong

hi wjs, if you have time this weekend email me. i can meet up with you and show you some interesting places in HK. it sounds like you are only spending your time in central and wanchai but there are so many nice places around HK..esp hiking as solopolo has mentioned.
Posted by dezza at 2007-01-26 11:00:06. More

14 Chinese Stock Market is Crazy

thanks for the detailed explanation gengmao.

however, until the busines situation improves and becomes more open and transparent, I doubt many foreigners will be rushing into China to invest stocks listed in the stock markets there..

Mimi: Hong Kong's SCMP is only available in finer hotels in mainland China. It won't be on regular Chinese newsstands..
Posted by dezza at 2007-01-21 11:39:28. More

13 Chinese Stock Market is Crazy

jian shuo, while i wouldn't recommend investing in the shanghai/shenzhen stock markets you should look into investing in the stock market for your retirement future as stocks have proven over time to have the best long term investment returns.

just a question, is it possible for mainland Chinese to invest in the Hong Kong stock exchange as well as foreign exchanges like Nasdaq and the NYSE?
Posted by dezza at 2007-01-19 09:24:59. More

12 I Got a Tax Summary!

yes, they said thank you, but you should be asking: what did i get for my hard earned tax dollars? nice roads? nice hospital beds? nothing! keep in mind that the chinese bureaucracy is estimated to have spent over 30 billion yuan alone on entertainment expenses in the last year.
Posted by dezza at 2007-01-08 22:21:57. More

11 Three Services I don't Use in China

The absence of #2 is something I lament when calling people in mainland China. Voice mail is a great invention!

Posted by dezza at 2006-11-13 16:13:47. More

10 Jet Lag? Finally Found Out the Cure

WJS, if you are flying to the US you are heading eastbound, to the western world...hehe

I find jet lag is worse when I fly from HK/China back home to Canada rather than vice you have this experience as well?
Posted by dezza at 2006-11-12 12:34:37. More

9 Photo: Dog under Sunshine

it's not a real dog? really?
Posted by dezza at 2006-11-04 22:26:42. More

8 Rujia Qingdao, Fuzhou Road

shrek: haven't you heard the term ' a carpet hides a thousand sins'?
dirt, grime, liquids, stains and god knows what else could be lurking in the carpet. wood floors are much more hygenic!

yes. you are susceptible to cold feet in the winter but that's why chinese wear slippers at home or in hotels!
Posted by dezza at 2006-08-28 15:30:20. More

7 Rujia Qingdao, Fuzhou Road

please take note, not all Ru Jia hotels are allowed to accept foreigners as guests. only some of them do..i ran into this problem when i was in beijing.

otherwise it is a pretty nice hotel like wang jianshuo said.
Posted by dezza at 2006-08-28 15:27:36. More

6 How Car Annual Checking Works

is it even legal to register your car in another city? or is this a form of 走后门so prevalent in china?

in canada, if someone did this and the insurance company he/she had discovered this, they wouldn't be covered for insurance.
Posted by dezza at 2006-04-02 22:30:44. More

5 Happy Birthday to Goudaner (2nd Year)

happy motoring in shanghai? is that possible?:)
Posted by dezza at 2006-03-15 23:21:39. More

4 Booking China Domestic Flight Outside China

i have relatives who work as ex-pat executives in the chinese airline industry. what a nightmare it is from the inside... safety issues, ticketing nightmares, terrible customer service and rarely the 'flexibility' issue you speak of.

just the fact that they can't sell you a ticket 6 months down the road (let alone 2 months!) doesn't lend itself to much flexibility. as convoluted as the international airline industry is, it is set up much better still...

expect the unexpected when you fly chinese airlines: cancelled flights, changing departure gates (without notification in english!), etc.

to their credit, i'm told chinese airlines are MUCH better than they were even 3-5 years ago..but they still have a long way to go.
Posted by dezza at 2006-03-07 12:53:21. More

3 Diversity, Consistency, and Efficiency

you didn't mention corruption, especially with regards to banks and governments. perhaps that was on purpose? i doubt it slipped your mind...?
Posted by dezza at 2006-02-23 10:42:35. More

2 Waited Long for Yuxin Sichuan Dish

oh, also you should buy your stuff in HK! much cheaper:)

take a look at Hong Kong camera/lens prices on this website:

if you need any help/advice, let me know!
Posted by dezza at 2006-02-14 08:33:04. More

1 Waited Long for Yuxin Sichuan Dish

hi wang, definitely go with the canon 350D. since we're both chinese and I assume you have smallish hands like I do, the 350D will fit in your hands just fine. It's a great camera, make sure you stay away from the kit lens and buy a better lens though.

It will open up a whole new world for you once you start to learn about the capabilities of different lenses! Get a wide angle lens too..I use the tokina 12-24mm.

It's no coincidence the photographers in the know go with canon and nikon (in that order...)

Take a look at some of the photos on my website..

Happy shooting!
Posted by dezza at 2006-02-14 08:30:53. More