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4 Xiangyang Market - the Shopping Paradise

Thank you for info.
I'm from Italy and here cashmere is expensive so I hope to try something cheap in Shanghai or Beijing. I'm going to Shanghai and Beijing not to buy cashmere but to holyday. So if I find cheap and good cashmere....better
Posted by federico at 2007-02-09 19:21:56. More

3 Xiangyang Market - the Shopping Paradise

Thank you.
Is there some place to buy real cashmere wool?
I read in many travel info cashmere wool is cheap in China and I think is also real cashmere wool in some place but where?
I'm going to Beijing and Shanghai in April.

Posted by federico at 2007-02-08 16:19:58. More

2 Xiangyang Market - the Shopping Paradise


do you know where I can buy good cachemere sweater in Shanghai or Beijing?
Can I find it in xin yang market?
I mean good cachemere and good price.

Thank you
Posted by federico at 2007-02-07 19:20:50. More

1 Pudong Airport Maglev in Depth

Well, the reasson for not travel at nigth cant be safety, there is not diference if you see something in the way at day, you wont stop at 430 km/h.

I was thinking that a tube to make vacum will also prevent objects to put in train way.

hey, the site is exelent, i spent some time sitting heare, good job all of you.

Saludos de Uruguay

Posted by Federico at 2005-02-08 12:11:47. More