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130 Say Goodbye to Paper Ticket

Posted by JAMES at 2009-09-02 01:20:02. More

129 BossTown Tonight

what kind of culture shock . can you give examples.
Posted by james at 2009-08-13 07:36:44. More

128 Foreign Banks in Shanghai

I plan to move to China in Feb. I can work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop. I will still be employed from the same company and can still work from China. I don't want checks mailed to me. Could I open an account in china at citi or boa and still have direct deposit into those accounts. Does anyone know if this is possible?
Posted by James at 2008-09-08 17:00:37. More

127 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

Just pass by. Is the nationalism dangerous or not? Is it bad or not? I cant just say yes or no because it has both good effects and bad effects on the whole country and its people, isnt it?
Posted by James at 2008-06-10 15:28:38. More

126 IKEA Shenzhen Opens

sometimes i feel that the price is not very good
Posted by james at 2008-05-15 11:30:15. More

125 Earthquake is Much More Terrible than I Thought

Foucing on the report of earthquarter...
Posted by james at 2008-05-15 11:25:32. More

124 Beijing Airport Terminal 3 (T3) Opens

I love the photos. The overhead view says it all. Amazingly, I've read that Bejing may need to build a second airport to cope with the demand. (See The Economist for the article).

I've done a comparison of Bejing with two other recently opened airports, Tianjin BinHai Airport and Heathrow Terminal 5. Bejing beats them both hands down.

New Airport Comparison
Posted by James at 2008-05-12 16:37:36. More

123 Fake Market in Shanghai?

It's kind of funny that the author of this site even admits that he/she was unable to differentiate the difference between the "fake" products and the "real" products. The truth is that the only difference is a licensing agreement. The so called "fake" items are oftentimes better quality than the store bought items. They are the same material and the workmanship is just as good. Also, if you are buying clothing, then you will notice that the unlicensed products have not been handled by store employees or tried on by customers. They usually come mint condition in the bag. Finally, the so called "fake" products are about 80% lower than the prices of the same thing in the malls. Yes! It is the same thing. I spoke to a represented of Ralph Lauren once and they admitted to me that the "knock-offs" were the same thing, however, their customers would not buy if the price was that low. There you have it! It is all psychological. Let's face it...there is only so much value that you can add to a cotton shirt or leather purse before the price becomes ridiculous. If you are buying the "real" products in the mall then you are getting ripped off.
Posted by james at 2008-05-11 19:34:17. More

122 Olympic Torch in China

@ DingLi,
For the government money is not a problem
Posted by james at 2008-05-08 16:17:20. More

121 Where to Study Chinese, Beijing or Shanghai?

i haven't learnt mandarin in FuDan university, cause i am shanghainese and i have lived here 28 years

just according to what i heard, FuDan uni is really the best one in Shanghai

so i just recommend it
Posted by james at 2008-04-17 15:19:26. More

120 "Love China" Blooms on MSN Messenger

i love my country(China) and i will support our people forever

i DO THINK we do think!!!
Posted by james at 2008-04-17 11:15:14. More

119 Volunteer for Beijing Olympics

Hello i study cooking right now and i am willing to work for free for the olympics,in the department of cooking,its really hard to find any info on the subject thought above the fact that they need volunteering but were are the aplications?Also cheap dorm facillities maube for us thats the least they can do .Plz if an one has or finds any info let me know .i will do the same but i have been looking for three hours and cant find anything.thx
Posted by James at 2008-03-26 02:17:25. More

118 National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao)

Hi all!

Is National College Entrance Examination had a negative effect into a student??
if yes why??

please answer my question

Posted by James at 2008-02-29 20:44:12. More

117 Trans-Bank System Finally Available

My favor bank is also CMB.
Posted by James at 2007-11-24 13:47:02. More

116 Wendy's Wallet was Stolen

Jian Shuo/Kukoo, it's a smart thing to block credit cards even u found them back later. What happened to me is I dropped my wallet(not stolen)somewhere. After two weeks, someone called according to my namecard and return the wallet to me without cash inside. A few days later, I got a call from CMB(China Merchant Bank)saying there were two attempted transactions on my credit cards. One in Shenzhen, the other one is online shopping at US. Luckily both didn't go through as I have reported lose earlier...
Posted by James at 2007-10-09 10:44:10. More

115 Shanghai Car Plates IS Investment

Actually, I am at the moment in the process of obtaining a second-hard car. The car comes with a Shanghai plate, but it's tempting for me to sell the Shanghai plate and get a nearby plate from SuZhou. I will save 40,000 just by doing so. I live and work in Pudong, so the impact of non-SH plate limitation is minimal to me.

Jian Shuo, I agree with you SH plate can be considered asset, but the price to obtain the asset need to be considered. I foresee there is a chance the price for plate will drop to around 30K in the near future, is it possible to buy SH plate after you see plate price drop? For your case, now you are driving everyday a non-SH plate car. If next month the price drop to 30K, are you allowed to bid and buy SH plate to put onto your car? thanks.
Posted by james at 2007-08-07 11:41:22. More

114 Watch Out Bad Shanghai Taxi Drivers

Damn it.
I wish I had read this site before going away.
Be wary of the people trying to get you into their taxi outside the maglev station.
It cost me 450 RMB to the bund, and I knew I was being overcharged, but oh well...
Posted by James at 2007-06-23 10:13:08. More

113 Name of the Baby - Part II

王天哲 is my pick..
Posted by James at 2007-06-13 11:48:06. More

112 Train from Beijing to Shanghai

hi, LOVE this website, its so hard to find information about Chinese stuff, I'd like to book, 2 deluxe soft sleeper tickets, for the overnight from beijing to shanghai, a 2 berth cabin, on a Z train, which i believe are the best most modern trains, do you know if the z trains have 2 berth cabins, failing that whats the second best kind of train that has 2 berth compartments
Posted by james at 2007-05-10 17:26:03. More

111 Street Markets in Shanghai

JS, the same feeling with Yee. I do not want to be in any one's picture without my permission, no matter which purpose he took picture.
It's very common question that everybody will face to. More and more cameras are on the stree now....
Maybe you can rise up a topic about privacy, it will be a good topic.
Posted by James at 2007-05-09 14:13:23. More

110 More AdSense Code on Site

I still do not get you. Your site is absolutely my favorite , I will check out your site time by time. Your site and all those articles are so impressing for me.
I believe this site is not involved any money, that's why I do not know why you pull Google into it. When I browse your site, I should be very, very caution to avoid clicking any unrelated hyperlink, like Google Ad. It makes me some kind of pressure.
Itís definitely NOT what you want, I believe all you do is to make everyone causally, relax, right?
BTW, when I tried to open Google's Ad, it turns to "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". So what does this Ad do? i still do not get it neither.
So PLEASE remove any AD at this site.
Posted by James at 2007-05-07 11:36:02. More

109 Going to Europe?


It is getting easier for Chinese to go to the UK. The fact that you have a British boyfriend will help a lot.

The key facts that you need to emphasis are;
1) You have a stable life in China i.e. you have work, a home and friends in China that you will not leave and so will return when you say you will.
2) Ideally you boyfriend should be living in China. If you share a house in China all the better. Hopefully you have being going out with each other for sometime, so get get letters from friends (ideally both Chinese and foriegn) in China to say how long they have known you both.
3) Your boyfriend will need to write a letter to say that he will be responsible for you in the UK and the UK government will not bare any costs from your visit i.e. you have proper health cover and you both have sufficent money cover the trip. He will also have to include details of his salary i.e. pay slips plus copies of 3 months bank statements.
4) If you boyfriend is living in China then ideally in the letter he writes he should include details about his job such as his office address and type of business.
5) You should also include a PROVISIONAL flight schedule. Please do NOT buy tickets until your visa is accepted.
6) You will need a letter from you employer saying that you have booked time off work i.e. vacation. Ideally make sure the letter says how good a worker you are too!
7) My girlfriend and I even included pictures of ourselves from different travels we had been on i.e. Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian etc.. This again just reassures the British government that you are a serious couple.
8)Check out: www.ukvisas.gov.uk
Here you will find all the forms you will need to complete. There is also a lot of other information.

I am not sure about GZ but in Shanghai the process took about 5 working days. My girlfriend and I also had been to other Asain countries together, so she had a number of visas in her passport which I think also help reassure the authorities that you are genuine.

Good luck and when you get to the UK have a great time. Please also make sure that you visit a few places outside London. The UK is NOT London!


If you live in Shanghai please pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. Wan Ling has some lovely Tie Guan Yin (An Xi Oolong), Pu Er and other teas. Wan Ling's tea house is located near Jing An Temple

Posted by James at 2007-03-15 20:06:25. More

108 Going to Europe?


It is getting easier for Chinese to go to the UK. The fact that you have a British boyfriend will help a lot.

The key facts that you need to emphasis are;
1) You have a stable life in China i.e. you have work, a home and friends in China that you will not leave and so will return when you say you will.
2) Ideally you boyfriend should be living in China. If you share a house in China all the better. Hopefully you have being going out with each other for sometime, so get get letters from friends (ideally both Chinese and foriegn) in China to say how long they have known you both.
3) Your boyfriend will need to write a letter to say that he will be responsible for you in the UK and the UK government will not bare any costs from your visit i.e. you have proper health cover and you both have sufficent money cover the trip. He will also have to include details of his salary i.e. pay slips plus copies of 3 months bank statements.
4) If you boyfriend is living in China then ideally in the letter he writes he should include details about his job such as his office address and type of business.
5) You should also include a PROVISIONAL flight schedule. Please do NOT buy tickets until your visa is accepted.
6) You will need a letter from you employer saying that you have booked time off work i.e. vacation. Ideally make sure the letter says how good a worker you are too!
7) My girlfriend and I even included pictures of ourselves from different travels we had been on i.e. Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian etc.. This again just reassures the British government that you are a serious couple.
8)Check out: www.ukvisas.gov.uk
Here you will find all the forms you will need to complete. There is also a lot of other information.

I am not sure about GZ but in Shanghai the process took about 5 working days. My girlfriend and I also had been to other Asain countries together, so she had a number of visas in her passport which I think also help reassure the authorities that you are genuine.

Good luck and when you get to the UK have a great time. Please also make sure that you visit a few places outside London. The UK is NOT London!


If you live in Shanghai please pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. Wan Ling has some lovely Tie Guan Yin (An Xi Oolong), Pu Er and other teas.

Posted by James at 2007-03-13 20:32:26. More

107 Where to Study Chinese, Beijing or Shanghai?

Also consider other options. I have been living in Shanghai for 3 years but have just enrolled in Xiamen. Good university, with a good reputation and a lovely location on the sea.
Posted by James at 2007-02-28 17:31:04. More

106 Zezego's Living Cost in Beijing

Hi Jianshuo, sorry to brother you.
Normally i will browse this website daily, just like you update it. I like this blog and have learnt a lot. Thankd indeed.
BTW, Is there any chance that i can reach you directly? I mean by Email, MSN or other way. it seems i have experienced some problems about my job and need your help.
I know you are busy, BUT can you kind to give me some minutes?

Posted by James at 2007-01-30 18:28:41. More

105 Friend's Dog Killed

Jian Shuo, if you like dog but don't want to commit to adopt one at the moment, you may contact me. Maybe you can spend some time with my dog. We stay nearby, I believe.
Posted by James at 2007-01-02 14:20:45. More

104 Friend's Dog Killed

I had a dog which I brought back from Singapore, and she looks like Ahuang. Firstly, my full sympothy to Xipan for the loss of Ahuang.
I live in Pudong too,DaTang if you know where, and my dog doesn't have local dog license. She had a Singapore dog license, which I will use to protect her if anyone chanllenge it. I am thinking of get her a shanghai license, but the stupid answer I got from police station is that the license is only valid for one address and it doesn't last for one year but until Feb or march of each year. That means, if I got a license now,(Jan 07), it will expire one month later (at Feb) and I need to get a new one for another year from Feb onwards.
I think we dog lovers need to make some noises for the government to hear it.
Posted by James at 2007-01-02 14:12:20. More

103 40 Minutes for a Taxi at Hongqiao

Share a tip with you. Take the airport shuttle bus which directly to JingAn Temple, then you may take a cab there or Take metro Line 2 to Pudong...I stay in Pudong not far from where you stay and I am in IT as well, drop me a line if you like to chat.
Posted by James at 2006-12-19 15:28:49. More

102 Hello from Narita Airport, Tokyo

You are flying ANA again. Lucky you. hehe.
Posted by James at 2006-12-05 06:58:04. More

101 Heading Back to Shanghai

Better watch on the health? There are findings that jet lag, or distortion to ones body clock affects one's lifespan.
Posted by James at 2006-11-19 18:46:02. More

100 China Eastern Airlines

Flew on CEA once SYD-SHA, service was ok, but aircraft and in-flight entertainment were museum like. Recommend fly with ANA, JAL and Singapore Air, for the same price from SYD-SHA, may be even lower than CEA. Superb service, nicer flight attendents, great in flight entertainment.
Posted by James at 2006-10-31 20:59:51. More

99 My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

Yes!! My websites PR incresed. Visit http://www.techkerala.com/
Posted by James at 2006-10-29 03:46:45. More

98 Web 2.0, With Whose Name We Gather

whatever people define web 2.0 to be, i think that it is a good thing and not just about making money since it will simply increase the number of people using the internet to continue to build upon the amazing online community that has been created to support popular blogs like this one and others to come.

in fact, if you don't mind, i was hoping i could get a global perspective on a website that i just launched. it's called tellfriends.com. it's based something i call infokarma. tell friends. help friends. they'll help you. we've done it all our lives, now we can do it online.

would you mind taking a look and seeing what you think? my hope is the spread infokarma and the helpful information that friends tell friends around the world... very much like what you do for shanghai!

thank you in advance!
james l.

tellfriends.com - it's infokarma!
Posted by james at 2006-10-10 11:09:20. More

97 Jian Shuo in Australia - Day II, III and IV

Wifi hotspots are everywhere, but not free.
Posted by James at 2006-10-07 09:19:35. More

96 Drive on the Left in Australia

Actually, may be driving on the left makes more sense to a person who's right handed.:)
Posted by James at 2006-10-07 09:18:15. More

95 Drive on the Left in Australia

There is no such "drive on left" sign in Sydney.
Posted by James at 2006-10-07 09:14:59. More

94 Top 3 Issues of Shanghai Tourism

hey, what about white guys in shanghai who r just poor backpackers? ie. will i get laid even if i dont buy them designer clothes? the shallow .............
Posted by james at 2006-09-13 14:12:47. More

93 Real Ice in Shanghai Metro

Just to make the already crammed train more crowded. Less space = more heat. Doesn't justify....
Posted by James at 2006-08-18 13:10:34. More

92 My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

Very interesting! but i am confused about search engines pageranking matter.
Posted by James at 2006-08-08 03:33:06. More

91 Pictures of the Bund

Excellent Pictures.
Posted by James at 2006-07-31 03:11:46. More

90 Do You Believe in Living Cost Index?

Can u pls adv me if the local schools match up to the british/intl schools in terms of subjects offered and also if all conducted in English.

Are the teachers local Chinese or from outside?

Also pls adv if US$ 2500 is a decent offer if the education/housing/medical is provided.

Posted by james at 2006-07-20 23:48:14. More

89 Do You Believe in Living Cost Index?

Thanks for your reply. Can u tell me if local school offer the same standard as British/Intl School in terms of syllabus and standard of English. Is the tution conducted in English??

Also pls adv if US$ 2500 will be a decent package if the education/housing/medical is taken care by the company.

Posted by james at 2006-07-20 23:42:17. More

88 Do You Believe in Living Cost Index?

Dear Jian,

Many thanks for the valuable info.

If I get USD 2500 and the compnay gives me the Education/Housing/medical would this be a good deal.

How about cost of car?
Company agree to give fuel & resonable amount for tax (toll)

Also can you adv me how is the other available education if not british/American school....I mean is it good and can foreigner's children fit in etc....

Wait your reply.
Posted by James at 2006-07-19 17:44:58. More

87 Do You Believe in Living Cost Index?

Need some guidance from you experts.

Have an offer US$ 4000 per month + annual tickets for family + bonous.

I have 2 kids aged 6 & 8 who will need British Standard education.

Please let me know the cost for

1) Education
2) Rent ( 3 bedroom in Puxi area)
3) Food
4) Water Electricity
5) Tax
6) Any other expensed like medical etc

Basiscally I need to know if the offer is worth and can I save something decent.

Please reply me asap.

Posted by James at 2006-07-18 21:50:22. More

86 Kijiji New Platform Went Online

Greate site, lots of potential. !!!
Posted by James at 2006-07-13 10:42:31. More

85 Weather Forecast: Wet and Hot

Well, they ain't firing the missiles because that ain't gonna help improving the big deficit of the federal budget.
Posted by James at 2006-06-21 21:30:52. More

84 My Own Cartoon Picture with Home Style+

Please email me the downloadable verision of the programme.
Posted by James at 2006-06-20 21:25:14. More

83 Water Mellon for Summer

here's wal-mart's problem... in the united crap of america, they sell junk -- poor quality items. all the products they get are made in asia (india, china, korea, pakistan, etc) they purchase from importers for pennies on the dollar by bullying them. also, as tracey points out, they target middle-low income families whose main concern is cost over quality (ie. they buy the cheapest stuff 'cuz that's all they can afford with their cashflow). so... when trying to apply this formula to asian countries they run into problems... 1) what do they sell in china if everything is already made there? no price advantage over the guy down the street or markets. 2) middle-low income families in china has a totally different meaning. so their definition of middle-low income becomes mid-upper in china whose main concern isn't cost over quality. i'd bet that if wally stays in the asian market, they will try to bully their way to success as they have done in america... ie. if allowed to, they will try to dominate sources (farmers, factories) so they are guaranteed lowest cost and increased profit margins. wal-mart sucks, don't shop there. i hope they fail miserably in their quest for world dominance.
Posted by james at 2006-06-07 15:06:21. More

82 Does Hotmail Work in China?

I'm in Beijing and having problems. Worked fine yesterday but nothing today. The mobile link worked but all the rest are still no hopers. I'll try again over next few days...
Posted by James at 2006-05-16 00:19:42. More

81 CTRIP + CMB = Best eCommerce Experience

I don't understand why Taobao.com and CMB online services uses ActiveX technology which made them firefox unfriendly. That's pitty.
Posted by James at 2006-05-03 12:33:19. More

80 My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

Very interesting. I am confused about search engines pageranking matter, how to increase the pageranking of my website in google? my site have a good rank in MSN and Yahoo.
Posted by James at 2006-05-03 04:07:02. More

79 Happy Women's Day

I belive this is not a site that provides freedom of speech. My last post was deleted somehow........
Posted by James at 2006-03-28 18:19:44. More

78 Discrimination Against Foreigners in Shanghai?

The discrimination against blacks in China is strong, and Shanghai is no exception - Shanghainese pride themselves on being better educated than waidiren, but in fact they just use this as an excuse to look down on non-Shanghainese while still displaying uneducated behavior. Yes, thats a sweeping generalization, but I feel its more appropriate than saying that most people are tolerant of black foreigners. I worked in Shanghai for two years, living one year in Pudong and one year in Puxi. I also studied Chinese for one semester at a university in Puxi. Though many people were very nice to me, and my overall feelings about China are positive, I eventually left and would not return to live, only to visit.

I am not naieve, and I do not mistake curious stares and pointing for racism. I don't even think these things indicate dislike. I mean the rude comments I heard, and the disgusting generalizations people made about me and any Chinese woman I happened to be with. Understanding Putonghua allowed me to hear some of the extremely crude comments, along with the garden variety ignorant or mildly rude statements about my skin color, cleanliness, reason for being in China, etc.

I don't expect such a homogenous society - and one with a generally poor level of education about matters beyond their shore - to be very open. Still, the level of xenophobia and nationalism that allows many Chinese to say that China is such an open and friendly place to foreigners who AREN"T white, is a lie, one intended to promote China at the expense of anything approaching the truth.

China is definitely opening up and improving in terms of certain areas, but I feel that as far as matters of race, they look down upon blacks, SE Asians, Indians, and other's with darker skin, and they express their disdain openly, though not violently.

I suggest those who doubt the pervasive level of racism search the 'net for info about the Nanjing protests of 89, where thousands of students took to the streets to protest the presence of black African students.

China wants to open up and participate in the world? Fine. The rest of the world looks a lot different than they hoped it would it seems, and the world - and people like me - aren't going to disappear, so I would think the onus is on China to own up to its many faults and began to go through what much of the rest of the world started long ago, which is figuring out how to be civil and fair. Certainly no one asks for perfect, but I as a typical black American still feel angry and hurt by the casual cruelty I dealt with in Shanghai, and I am a well-travelled man, not easily bruised.

Since my business involves trips to China, I hope that in a few years, during my next extended stay, I see results, because China is only developing economically, not socially.

Sorry to rain on the parade of those who think that because Chinese fawn over white foreigners that its such a groovy place, I hope that you never have to experience such disdain.
Posted by James at 2006-02-26 08:52:29. More

77 Aerial Picture of Anyplace in US

I am wondering if there is a service that you can get a current hard copy aerial picturesof a specific address?
Posted by James at 2006-02-17 09:14:31. More

76 Google's Removed BMW.de

BMW.de is back on google search, they dropped BM coz BM were spamming the search engine. however, the other thing I wanna say is ebay -- really suck.. or may be ebay china suck... and support is useless!!!!
Posted by James at 2006-02-10 15:32:07. More

75 My Only Experience to Japan

Japan is just so good. Way ahead of the rest of the world. It will still take some time for the rest of world to catch up with her.
Posted by James at 2006-02-04 08:20:12. More

74 MSN Messenger Virus BR2002

dude same here, its been like like for 4-5 months now, i used to have error message 8????820 and now ive got this 80048883. it stops on default gateway and idunno wot to do. HELP!!!
Posted by james at 2006-01-20 03:26:44. More

73 Picture in Shanghai


Can you contact me by e-mail ?

Thank you
Posted by James at 2005-11-03 05:03:47. More

72 Shanghai Hand-Made Map


Can I please make e-mail contact with you?

Thank you

I like your map's
Posted by james at 2005-11-03 04:54:30. More

71 Hit by Caribe.sis Virus via Bluetooth

I'm from Malaysia and I was hit by this virus as soon as I activate bluetooth from my new Nokia 6670. This virus caused inconvinience everytime I switch on my mobile. Did you know how to get rid of it yet? Please do help if you know. Thank you!
Posted by james at 2005-10-24 00:07:20. More

70 We Filled Our Lives But Lost Our Souls

After reading the following, I wonder if that guy or gal really lives in San Francisco.

"Partly that's why I hide in San Francisco. In Shanghai reality is presented
in a much harsher, right-in-your-face kind of way than in SF. Here people
could care less about what you do with your life. Sometimes I try to
picture what I would be doing today if I stayed in China."

Isn't San Francisco notorious for its least affordability in terms of housing and humongous housing bubble in the USA? The median price approaches $700000 and only about 10 percent of city residents can afford it. Hiding in San Francisco to critique materialism in Shanghai? Either that author is clueless or trying to mislead.
Posted by james at 2005-09-08 01:27:19. More

69 Suggestion to Friends' Shanghai Trip

fuck you bicth you suck dicks
Posted by James at 2005-09-01 17:57:59. More

68 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai


I got an apartment in Shanghai with 2 bedrooms.(Lake view/Carrifour/ Newly furnished/RMB 3,500 per month)

Contact me by : james_fengtian@hotmail.com

And pictures of the apartment is on my MSN space:

Posted by James at 2005-08-29 21:14:28. More

67 Language Exchange Partners Wanted

Check out this page for lanaguege exchange!

Posted by james at 2005-08-25 04:42:02. More

66 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

About the Date:
The apartment will be available after 6th August.2005.

About the Rooms:
-The apartment (Floor 8th out of 26) is 112 sq.m with 2 living rooms and 2 bedrooms, and also kitchen and toilet, which would be very suitable for singles or couples working in Shanghai.
-There are also electronic annunciator and visible doorbell.
-The building is only half yearís old, bright new
-Big window in each room, very good view. And there is a balcony.

About the Decoration:
-Newly decorated. Bright, style, clean and cozy.
-Furniture, television, microwave, refrigerator, automatic washing machine, ADSL, air conditioner, etc. is included.

About the Surroundings:
-There is a man-made lake just under the apartment, which will have you a wonderful view. Holding a book when you lying on the bench beside the lake, how wonderful would it be! -The Carrefour and other shopping malls are located around within 5 minutes walk, also KFC and PIZZA HOT.
-Ice Sky Field within 5 minutes walk, and about 40 for 2 hours.
-A Chinese food town is being built, and will soon be done.
-Tongji University west is also near.
-Park, Gym, restaurant, swimming pool within 10 minutes walk.

About the Traffic:
-Xincun Rd.& Lan Gao Rd., where the apartment located, is in the northwest of downtown Shanghai.
-Buses are extended in all directions. They are:
No.112 (to the Nanjing West Rd.and People Square),
No.766 (to the Shanghai East Nomal University),
No.937 (to the Tongji University/ Shanghai Foreign Language School),
No.107 (to Shanghai University/ Yanchang Rd. station of Metro No.1)
No.738 (to Gubei),
No.923 (to Xujiahui)
No.517 (to the Shanghai Railway station)
-Zhen Ping Rd. subway station (Metro line No.3) is about 8 minutes way by taxi, and also the Cao Yang Rd. subway station.
-It is getting easier to go to the city center as the finish of tunnel directly to the center and the outcome of "M7" subway plan of the government.

About the Price:
-RMB 3,500 per month is the current price (about USD 430).
-First three months rent and one-month security deposit due at lease signing, if you are about to rent for one year.
-The building management fees and rent taxes has been included in the rents
-The utility fees (water, gas, electricity, telephone and ADSL) are on your own.

About the Duration:
Long-term roomer is welcomed. More than 1 yearís rent is the best

About me:
Please contact me by msn: james_fengtian@hotmail.com or call 13361938051. I will send you pictures of the apartment inside and outside.

Posted by JAMES at 2005-08-09 14:17:42. More

65 Went to Shanghai Community Church

Hi to all of you! God's blessing with you!!
I am a medical student from Germany (Muenster), who's planning his final year of studies. In the year of 2006 (Febr-July) I will do my clinical electives in Shanghai.
For this time I search evangelical Christians out there to be close together in Christ. Maybe we'll worship together (I play piano and I can sing) or ...
I you have informations for me, feel free to contact me

Best regards and God bless you all
Posted by James at 2005-07-28 17:41:49. More

64 Shanghai Under Stress Test

Alot of people -> creates heat
Alot of Taxis running on the road -> creates heat
Alot of A/C running -> creates heat

All equals to more heat, and next year will be ever more hotter than today, number of days over 40c will increase dramatically, eventually the city becomes inhabitable then people will begin to realise.

We should not focus on economy growth figures but rather on our enivronment. Because economy is killing it - literally.
Posted by James at 2005-07-08 18:22:59. More

63 Where to Study Chinese, Beijing or Shanghai?

I'm in a similar situation to Daria in that I am considering going over to Shanghai on a tourist visa then signing up for a language course in person. Would anyone be able to advise as to whether it is possible to change visa types in China without going home and returning?

Posted by James at 2005-06-27 22:38:23. More

62 I Love Shanghai!

Yeeeahhhhh!!!!...Shanghai.....The City to be.....
Posted by James at 2005-06-07 12:47:39. More

61 Do You Have a Calendar?

calendar is a good tool..but i somewhat feel needs better integration with tasks....the Tasks standalone doesn't really work that well.. making it as a feature in calendar would be much more efficient..
Posted by James at 2005-05-28 14:40:59. More

60 T.I.C Moments


- higher official cars, or wujin car do not give a damn about traffic rule. not even cop cars themselves follow these rules.
Posted by James at 2005-04-12 11:45:18. More

59 T.I.C Moments

- when drivers cut in without indicating, or indicate but still squeeze in.

- when drivers don't let others drivers to merge in

- when police hand out tickets when you are not really speeding.

- when cops are pursuing you when you doing nothing wrong, but paying a tip to the cops, you can always get away. or if you are some authority type.

- higher official cars, or wujin car do give a damn about traffic rule. not even cop cars themselves follow these rules.

- traffic lights are only there to decorate the city.

- large shopping centres are there to rip whatever money you got inyour pockets.

- you can do whatever you like if you have nice, and strong relationships. :) i.e EQ > IQ.
Posted by James at 2005-04-12 11:44:20. More

58 Claire on the Exhibition

:) My one is in the production.....
Posted by James at 2005-04-01 18:18:43. More

57 Claire on the Exhibition

check out the Prius, www.prius.com. It's the high oil price we should worry, it's the pollution coming out of the cars, buses, and trucks in Shanghai.
Posted by James at 2005-04-01 09:40:52. More

56 Coffee Bean Club


oh really? never saw one of those before so....but then again, someone who's not internet literate is very much likely to put in the address bar that particular address instead of the intended address format don't u think? :)
Posted by James at 2005-03-24 19:49:16. More

55 Coffee Bean Club

please contact Cai at cai_jy1105 at hotmail dot com --> that's a funny and strange way to write an email address?????
Posted by James at 2005-03-24 08:28:11. More

54 Jian Shuo on Wired Magazine?

I think what the magazine did was a case study analysis, and Wang Jian Shuo would be the perfect example, the best resource in all.
Posted by James at 2005-03-23 17:34:32. More

53 No Baggars Premitted on Metro?

Begging is an old tradition to make money fast without hard working. I have heard many stories about how a begger in KwangZhou, own significant properties in Hu-Nan province( his home state). He might have an army of children beggars whom under his control or in whatever causes. I also personally witnessed that once you gave because of mercy, tens of beggars or more rushed to you for money. They touched you, grabbing you and whatever method to stop you. As I usually visited China as a tourist, I have been warned numerous times about not pay attention to those beggars. Otherwise, some unhappy ending or nuisance could happen during trip. Beggars are everywhere. I encountered gypsied children beggars in Rome, Italy. They always came a group, 5 to 10 children came to you pretending to ask something witha newspaper. Under the newspapaer, they equipped with scissors or knife to cut strap of lady's purse. I was warned too for gang of Gypsy children prior to Rome. I drove them away before they had a chance walking towards us.
Now, begging is an international stuff. It is always influenced or strictly controlled by gang members or other equivalent. Begging is sometimes quite annoyed. I remembered one time while we waited for train. A dirty boy, of course, with dirty hands and clothes begged for money. If you ignored him, he kept close to you, touching your hand or clothes with his dirty small hands. What would you do? The easiest way to do is to give some mercy money, then he will leave you alone. But someone else might come to make his or her luck again. Or you could raise your voice and drove him away. Psychologically, you would not use latter tactic in public because so many eyes might stare at you in a hostile way, particularly, I am an unfortunate tourist.
To deal with begging, it is really not an easy thing. There is no good solution unless government is determined to crack down the head of the gang. It is also true that there are real poor people, not related to ring of gang. The question is how long those really real individual beggar could continue begging without interference of the gang members. As I learned that there are may gang groups. They control their own district without written agreement. Mostly, they can observe and obey the unwritten regulations. Besides, there are so many social issues which even more difficult to deal. As this is an open forum, I would suggest to the government authority to harshly punish the head of the gang. It shouldn't be too difficult to get to the head of the original crime. Unfortunately, I always have some reservation. I even worried that gang and some bad officers might have close gainful connection each other.
Begging is certainly less harmful as to compare with picketpocket gang ring. Again, it involves all age group. That will be an interesting topic. We encountered an inexperienced (novice) female picketpocket. My wife caught her while she intended to make some move. Later, we figured out that she must take her "final examination" before she will be granted pratice independently. Too bad, she failed. This happened in one of the supermarket in Shanghai.
Posted by James at 2005-03-22 04:17:23. More

52 Life in a Low Cost Labor World

There is a major difference between EMS and other parcel services such as Fedex, DHL, UPS. EMS relies on the post office, while all the others are standalone logistics company. On top of that, price for UPS, and etc are much much more expensive than EMS. It's just , EMS are not on the same level as others. Therefore, comparing it to the others is not justifiable.
Posted by James at 2005-03-03 17:11:52. More

51 I can Recognize Orders Now

it is something that bothers me, if these traditional houses were to be allowed to stay, who really wants to stay in them? even after massive interior renovation, who really wants to stay in these houses. They lose their economic value and advantage over new high rise buildings. Yes, these are traditional, having a few of them might be historically significant, but evolution does not require the perservation of these buildings. It constrains the thinking, and undermines creativity.
Posted by James at 2005-02-26 13:57:16. More

50 Yes. It Snowed in Shanghai

Yes yes, abnormal weather across the global, we should promote the use of hybrid cars, such as Toyota Prius, or even the introduction of fuel cell cars to reduced CO2 emission.
Posted by James at 2005-02-23 15:14:33. More

49 Do Chinese Move to Small Cities


I understood how you felt about 'hukou' which derive a series of other problems, both socially and possibly politically. I wonder that cities, towns, and villages have their own 'hukou' registry. People will receive subsidiary from government when almost everything is lacking and need to be distributed acording to need. The rice and cooking oil etc. keep people going and alive. It is also a statistics and security measure. This is a brief explanation about 'hukou'. It existed at least 8 years while Japanese occupied China. 'hukou' itself is not a bad thing, just like registry and identity in western countries. The only problem is the benefits 'hukou' provide. That's one of the main reason why people like to migrate to the city with better benefit. Of course, better opportunities, too. If there is no benefit and subsidiary from the 'hukou', 'hukou' is just a registry and identity tool. Everyone has to pay tax to enjoy benefits from the city. Local, international and transient residents are alike. That's my opinion.
I would not agree tht 'hukou' could cause equality and human right violation. Both equality and human rights are relative things. It is hard to measure. Unfortunately relative equality and less human right are always there. If we can achieve basic equality and human rights, itwill be very blesssed. What is the basic equality and human right. Do you have a definition?Democratic government with liberty does not necessary a sound government and lead people to have better lives. India is one of the example. The rich and poor in India is wide. There almost no middle class. Middle class I believe, is the backbone of a country as well as in society. Democracy, equality and human rights are wonderful. Unfortunately we are born unequally. If you are lucky, you are bron in a civilized rich world with developed equality, democracy and human rights. If you are unlucky, the road is long, curved and ragged. That's why I say we are unequal when we are born. The beautiful name of equality, yes, we should pursue, probably with a price. Hopefully, the price is not too high and acceptable. It is a real big issue. I don't think that anyone can solve that puzzle without a serious fight. Time will tell.

Posted by james at 2005-02-04 06:08:26. More

48 Do Chinese Move to Small Cities

Both Cheng02 and Stephen have different expression of "Hukou". It will be hard to get a satisfactory agreement or conclusion. The name of the game is education and living standard. If a country has popularized education and higher living standard, who is going to complain. Otherwise, they got to have class disparity and human rights problem. The class disparity will never be disappeared, it will be only within acceptable range. Just like human rights issue, it is still existed, but in a tolerable and compromised level. Even in your own home, sometimes parents will have different treatment to their children. Among nations, there are visible disparity. We live in a comparable and relative world, competition and cooperation are probably two major themes. Competition is surpass cooperation. Do we compete in this world. For what?, the most important thing is better living, period. it will be great if everyone will have basic education, basic living standard and basic human right. Can we live happily and peacefully? I am sure that a lot of good ideas will surface if we continue to discuss this type of issue.

Posted by james at 2005-02-03 06:17:50. More

47 Do Chinese Move to Small Cities

Mr. Wang and PC,

Regarding your topic about moving to smaller cities, I would like to say a few words about it.
The cities you listed, actually in America and most European countries are considered a big city. Any city has population over several millions are not smaller city. As to compare with metropolitan huge cities, like Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, London, and Paris, maybe it is small. As to Hong Kong, their population is about 5-6 millions. Is Hong Kong a big city or small? maybe we should include city size(square mile) and population density to decide whether the city is big or small.
In America, people live in surbanban of a major city, is mostly financially ahead of the people live in crowd inner city. If developer can plan surbanban cities around Shanghai and Beijing, people will move out of the inner city if the traffic is acceptable and easily accessible. I personaly feel that Shanghai city government should or would have a developmental plan soon or later to make satellite cities or towns surrounding Shanghai more attractive. I believe that they need time to achieve this. America and European countries took many years to achieve, probably so Shanghai and Beijing should too.


PS: They do have luxurious and expensive apartments in New York city.
Posted by James at 2005-02-02 01:19:17. More

46 In China, His Pay is Hers to Spend?

is it true for you as well??? :)
Posted by James at 2005-01-27 07:33:57. More

45 On Ethic

The traffic in China is terribly, particularly Tian-Jin, according to one of the local taxi drive. He told me that Shanghai taxi master scared to drive in Tian-Jin. You can imagine how dangerous those drivers in Tian-Jin. To cross a street or road, you have to be very careful. Why? because all kinds of vehicles have no knowledge of who has the right of way-Pedestrian or the driver.
To avoid potential accidental inury, I normally walked among the people, preferably position myself, of course my wife,in the middle, when crossing a road. Get it? For some reasons, I haven't found out yet that pedestrian do ot afraid of the drivers who drove disorderly. My conclusion is that both pedestrian and drivers love to play their psychological game. Interestingly, most of the time, they all are safe.
Traffic control and regulation, government should play a major role which to me, Shanghai is lacking. I do not dare to drive in Shanghai because my adventurous risk index is low. I personally believe that a major overhaul of Shanghai traffic rules and regulations are urgently needed. It is the one of the most desperate challenge to the law enforcement department. Police should carry out orders unmercifully if traffic overhaul is seriously under consideration. Sometimes, it is a nice sight-seeing when you vividly observe and witness how adventurous the Shanghai traffic looks like, especially during rush hour period. See, that's my ambivalent personality pop up. Sometimes, I contradictory to my own statement. Advocate government to implement the traffic law or let the live adventurous action continue, even crossing a street is interesting.

Posted by James at 2005-01-25 23:59:41. More

44 Life in New York is Tough for Me

Mr. Wang,

I enjoy to read your blog. It is plain and directly from what you experienced. So many responders to your email and I echo their thought, feelings and practical experiences.
CNN survey, actually I would say that most survey or poll are not convincing or flatly incorrect. Cost of living standard index comparison should be based on an apple for an apple. They should use more specific data to compare. You always can find inexpensive hotel with 3 star rating from internet, particularly if you have almost any kind of membership.
With American living standard, and the average income, the food, I believe, is the almost the cheapest. Both quality and quantity are worth the money I have paid for. We went to Macdonald, Burger King perodically and always with a coupon which I havn't notice that stuff in Shanghai. With coupon, a big Mac cost just 99 cents. A couple ordered 2 big MaCs and Add a regular french fry would cost less than $3.75 for two. If get rid of French fry, it si a little over 2 bucks. if you feel thirsty, drinkable water is free. What a deal! If you travel to Europe, you will realizes everything is extremely expensive. Just for a fast food restaurant like MacDonald, you have to pay a lot more. They even charge catchup sauce for your fries. Shanghai has variety of food, from expensive to inexpensive. I do enjoy to taste different category of food. I found that the quality is quite variable. The quantity of food is often insufficient, served with a small plate.
Shopping is really a pleasure when you know where and when to go. All brand names are on sale at least several times a year, particularly after major Holidays and change of Seasons. The most fun part of shopping is that I have no fear to buy. If I don't like it I could return it with a receipt for cash or even without for a future credit. Mechandise return is almost impossible in Asia, including China. For lodging, I always found a reasonable rate almost in every city. I like hotwire quite often. The only iffy is that you don't know which hotel you will go to, but it is close to what you requests. Try it. You may like it. Hope that your trip in US is rewarding and fruitful.

Posted by James at 2005-01-06 00:06:32. More

43 Getting Shore Pass (Temp Visa) for Japan

It's shame that I still have to apply for visa each time I want to visit China, kinda stingy, really hope that China be more generous and allow foreign passport holders to enter without a visa. Then again, it reduces the income for the government, we are paying 40AUD for a single entry visa into China. :(
Posted by James at 2004-12-10 09:25:36. More

42 Rejected by ANA and Postponed Travel

Just to clarify the comment I made previously, it somehow might confuse readers, as I said first it is not racism, then I said US passports don't need visa to go Japan. What I really want to say here is that it's all about the rules and relationships between countries. Good relationships between countries benefit it's people, eg. US and Japan. While less favourable relationships, especially where one country has certain feelings towards the other country, eg, US and China, Japan and China, less beneficial would it be for it's people. It's all changing though, probably in not so far future, Chinese passport holders can free travel to Japan, and US. While I hope the opposite can also be true, so that I don't need to get visa in advance for me to travel to China again, and especially the service by the people in the consulate general is just unbelievably BAD.
Posted by James at 2004-12-05 16:16:07. More

41 Rejected by ANA and Postponed Travel

sorry to hear about this. Japan does have strict regulations for Chinese travellers, especially with recent transit flight passengers who stopped over Japan and disappeared. thus, Japan increased their requirements for Chinese passengers. Regard to comments by Frank, no it's not racism, if you held a US passport or Australia passport you don't need visa in advance they will issue 90 days visa on arrival at the customs. however, with Chinese visa you need a ticket that shows you are a transit passenger who will be staying at Japan for less than 24 hours, then they will issue you a temporary visa. Without such an ticket the rule is you need a visa in advance to go to Japan, this only applies to Chinese passport holders and other passports. As to Jian Shuo, you actually misunderstood the real meaning of the 72hr stay rule in Japan. btw, this also applies to Singapore as well. Happy travelling, you could consider come to Sydney sometime. :)
Posted by James at 2004-12-05 15:54:23. More

40 Thinking about Sony F828

for that price, i would prefer a Nikon Coolpix 8800
Posted by James at 2004-12-02 20:15:03. More

39 United Airlines in Shanghai

just to let u know, or may be you are already aware of this is that by taking UA doesn't necessarily mean that you will board on an UA aircraft, they could code share the flight with other airline operators from which the partner airline will provide and service and aircraft..happy flying......:)
Posted by James at 2004-11-29 17:03:49. More

38 Edward's New Satellite TV

satellite tv is nice, not condsidering the issue of whether it's allowed or prohibited in China, setting up a satellite tv system is already illegal because you are basically stealing contents from the satellite without permission. But then again, who cares, it's constantly feeding the area so why not use it. :).
Posted by James at 2004-11-26 19:57:50. More

37 Top 10 Places to See in New York City

11th place to go to would be ground zero, world tower. since u go there, why not take a look. :P
Posted by James at 2004-11-21 08:39:40. More

36 Planning to Travel to Tokyo

oh by the way, i suggest you to take ANA as your airline to Japan, I think ANA is just the one excellent airline, excellent aircrafts, excellent services.
Posted by James at 2004-11-03 18:51:14. More

35 Planning to Travel to Tokyo

just to mind you that Japan is a different country, has different culture values, so i guess u will be amazed.
Posted by James at 2004-11-03 18:48:14. More

34 Planning to Travel to Tokyo

JAPAN JAPAN yeah, love that country, hehe., sorry im emotionally attached to Japan. although never been there, but will soon. so stay tuned to hear ur story.
Posted by James at 2004-11-03 18:33:25. More

33 Ideas on Chiba in Japan?

wow, congrats to your friend. hope he likes Japan. :) Japan is nice, and clean.
Posted by James at 2004-10-04 15:13:10. More

32 F1 Grand Prix Shanghai Pictures

it was alright, i watched on tv, and the race track is impressive.
Posted by James at 2004-09-27 15:54:03. More

31 Posting my Mobile Number

hi jian,

do you have consumer rights TV programme in China? its a very popular programme here...if you have a bad experience with a company and you have all your proof, you send it to these guys, and every week they investigate such a problem.

very embarrassing to the companies involved. you can be sure they will change something after that if they still want customers..
Posted by james at 2004-09-27 14:23:17. More

30 Cars with Non-Shanghai Plates

thanks jianshuo for allowing me to know this funny website, hehe. the grafitti looked so real. I can go and trick my friends now...ahhaaha..
Posted by James at 2004-09-23 20:00:27. More

29 Fahrenheit 911

"Jeez, a convicted drunk driver, putting his and other people's lives at risk is okay......but poor Bill gets a blowjob and all hell breaks loose. Ha, I am still laughing. What a country."

hahahaha.. i like that one...
Posted by James at 2004-09-16 19:42:03. More

28 Goudaner Scratched by Drunk Driver

hello, haven't been here for a while, and sudden come to hear the bad news. feel sorry to hear that, a car to any person could be one of the most precious item, and anything happen to it is going to cause a rush in adrenalin. if i saw someone scratch my car right at the scene, dont care if he is drunk or stupid, i bash the head out of him, afterthat, probably sit down and have a talk about the compensation...:P
Posted by James at 2004-09-16 19:31:13. More

27 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

The apartment will be finished construction before Nov.2004.
I am intending to rent it after that. We could have a discussion
about what kind of decoration you prefer before I decorate it
if you are intersted.

The apartment(Floor 8)is 112 sq.m with 1 big drawing room and 2 living rooms, which would be very suitable for singles or couples working in Shanghai.

There is a man-made lake just under the apartment, which will have
you a wonderful view.The Carrefour and other shopping males are
located around within 5 minutes walk.

Xincun Rd.,where the apartment is located, is in the northwest of
downtown Shanghai.So, it would be more convenient if you work in
a company such as Volksvagen in Jiading District near by. And also,
it is getting more easy to go to the city center as the finish of tunnel directly to the center and the outcome of subway plan of the government.

Please contact me by msn:james_fengtian@hotmail.com
I will be so glad to talk about the coming decoration, rent duration
and relevent things with you!
Posted by James at 2004-09-02 22:18:02. More

26 OOB on Travel for Three Days

Yo, I think you are getting too busy.... not spending enough time with your beloved wife lately....she might start to feel alittle be lonely...don't u think???
Posted by James at 2004-08-26 16:58:40. More

25 Nice Meetup with Hailey and Roddy

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..........Japanese and Chinese, the society-wise, I like Japan, it's so ordered and clean, everyone is well mannered. Therefore, I like Japan, and Japanese people. No need to hate them, Chinese People... LEARN THE GOOD FROM THEM I ENCOURAGE....!!!!!!
Posted by james at 2004-08-11 21:27:35. More

24 HP Pavilion a610cl - My New Home PC

use a boot manager u can setup two xp, i suppose
Posted by James at 2004-07-23 15:21:35. More

23 Group Drive to Yang Cheng Lake

hehe, why don't you use the windscreen spray to clean the windscreen than coming out of the car to clean the screen manually using a solution???
Posted by James at 2004-07-11 14:59:08. More

22 Typhoon Mindulle Hits Shanghai

"Typhoon Mindulle was weakened by passing the island of DRC Taiwan, and became a tropical storm.
Today's rain in Shanghai had a different reason than originating from the monsoon."

Taiwan is part of China, it is just an island called Taiwan, DRC Taiwan, please don't get it wrong. :)

Posted by James at 2004-07-04 22:21:17. More

21 Traffic Rules in Shanghai - Part II

No, I'm not from aboard, I am a Chinese born, but hae lived in Australia for a long time. I believe that heavy fines on traffic violations and more strict law won't actually help this matter, because of the existence of Guanxi - relationshps/connections, any law or regulations can be bypassed.
Posted by James at 2004-07-01 22:14:51. More

20 Traffic Rules in Shanghai - Part II


Posted by James at 2004-06-28 16:57:52. More

19 Daocheng Photos by Maphis Chen - Part III

Magnificent images...some of them were taken at low shutter speeds right??
Posted by James at 2004-06-25 21:57:52. More

18 How about Starting an Online TV Station?

The media control is gradually loosen up, and eventually it will become independent because of the accession to the WTO.
Posted by James at 2004-06-23 09:36:54. More

17 Exchange RMB to/from Foreign Currencies

To. Jian Shuo Wang

ICBC offers slightly better rates, not by a big margin tho, I'm not sure why is the case but that is what I get when I need to exchange AUS dollars to RMB.

As to your second question, BankOfChina ATMs and foreign bank ATMs accept foreign bank cards and allow RMB withdraw. They can do this because they support Cirrus or Maestro banking network which of course the foreign bank card need to support the network as well in order to get it work. ICBC also support this, but somehow it just doesn't work, which I have tried a number of times.

I presume you can find more information about Cirrus and Maestro network by making a search on the net.
Posted by James at 2004-06-17 22:01:29. More

16 Exchange RMB to/from Foreign Currencies

ICBC the industrial and construction bank of china offers slightly better rates for Australia dollar to RMB than Bank of china offers. Not really sure about other currency rates though, and as far as I know, only Bank of China ATMs allow the use of foreign bank cards, or you can also try to find ATMs set up by your home country bank in Shanghai, Eg, HSBC in Huai Hai Road, American express ATM at the Bund. As China opened up their financial sectors early this month, we should see more foreign ATMs available in China.:)
Posted by James at 2004-06-17 14:09:49. More

15 Got Two Links (Gifts) Today

haha, Mat from salon.com just used your lines as an argument to support his belief that China's government is still closed, and undemocratic. He can't use examples that are outside of China, then it will be useless and meaningless, so yours was used. I guess alot of western people still don't realise why China uses this kind of policy, they believe that democracy is universal remedy for all countries, and should be advocated. They think that in China people live under authority, and there is no freedom. Well, it's true that freedom is to a certain extent, but that's also the case for many western countries, especially USA. If you see underneath of the democratic USA, it is most likely that it is the undemocratic country of all. In the case of China, only gradual improvement is for the good, total democracy will only tear it apart.
Posted by James at 2004-06-06 18:52:43. More

14 ADSL is also Unavailable in my Home

The reason that you can't get adsl is most probably because u are more than certain distance to a phone switch, or simply the switch doesn't offer adsl functionality. but if your area is new, the equipment should have been install they just not willing to have it activated due to lack of demand.
Posted by James at 2004-06-05 23:06:00. More

13 Kodak Digital Image Printing Kiosk

5 RMB is CHEAP for 6" photo?? hehe..how much you earn for a month? for an average employee in China, 5 RMB for a photo is an extravegant way to have an photo processed, and without human interaction too!!
Posted by James at 2004-05-01 16:47:53. More

12 One Month for My Goudaner (Car)

aiii....sorry to hear about the scratch, since it was a brand new car, if it was a second hand car then might felt differently otherwise. i like to ask you in which area did you purchase your new home? is it a house or just another apartment, because i kinda remember you said once that you will have a little garden at the back of the house??
Posted by James at 2004-04-17 15:16:36. More

11 DHL Airwaybill Number

:), it does take alot of turns within Shanghai's processing centre does it? :P I wonder if it should be regarded as safety measures or just a display of china efficiency.
Posted by James at 2004-04-05 22:47:15. More

10 Car Expenses

here in sydney, is close hanging around 93 to 99.9 cents per litre, because of the price increase of the oil on the market, we get increases like this. it's around i say, 3.9 to 5.4 yuan per litre.
Posted by James at 2004-04-02 19:07:49. More

9 March 20 Taiwan Election

It is funny how people try to pretend like they know something just to seem smart. I suggest that next time one will gain at least some understanding of the situation before they post. What you guys are trying to say is if people born in taiwan do not stand up to the "bully" (china) they are pussies. However, i bet you did not know that many of the people born in taiwan consider themselves to be chinese and do not want to become a seperate country. The pro-independence (green) party consists of native taiwanese who hate the chinese who originally came to taiwan after being driven off the mainland by the communists. therefore, they are using the issue of independence to sway and rally their party members who are not particularly well educated. the nationalist or kmt is the well educated taiwanese of chinese decend, and they are the ones that are responsible for developing taiwan's economy into one of the economic "tigers" of the pacific. the only issue regarding pro independence is is that it is created by the green party in yet another attempt to sway the populus to their side. by the way, did anyone hear about that ridiculus assassination claim made by chen? supposidly the bullet went through the front windshield and struck him "sideways" across the abdomin causing a minor scratch... sounds pretty fishy since most bulliets do not turn 180 degrees
Posted by James at 2004-03-22 09:33:43. More

8 Matrix Revolutions

Very interesting analog...^-^, but the role of agent smith is altered in the analogy as to what he really does in the movie.
Posted by James at 2003-11-15 11:25:18. More

7 Volkswagen Polo

yes, i'm sure, roads in shanghai are crowded by people and bicycles instead of cars, of course expressway is just a different story. anyway, along the normal roads you will constantly see people illegally crossing roads, bicycles taking wrong lanes, and especially cars moving on the wrong lanes. in these cases you will surely brake, clutch, change gear, foot on gas, change gear etc. etc...my princple is that for everything in world, simple is the best. picture this scene again with an automatic, all you have to do is simply brake then foot on gas, simple as that.

of course, of course if you are an enthusiastic and passionate about cars and expecting thrill rides every time rather than a relaxing enjoying driving experience then no doubt you will love manual.
Posted by James at 2003-11-15 11:08:54. More

6 Volkswagen Polo

oh, one more thing. for the traffic in shanghai, it would be better to purchase an automatic rather than a manual car. trust me!!...
Posted by James at 2003-11-14 20:06:47. More

5 Volkswagen Polo

why anti japanese goods? i support japanese goods since they DO provide the quality and reliability assurance than alot of goods made by other countries. besides, have you all considered that many parts that made up of the locally produced goods are imported from japan, eg, the engine of zhonghua family car, CRT of many local brands, and DVD, cd drive mechanisms. i believe learn from japanese goods rather than repel would be a much better idea of doing so.
back to the question, vw polo has no power definitely shouldn't be considered, mazda 323 is an out of date model. therefore, bora is worth of a consideration. :)
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4 My Home Goes Wireless

Umm...I'm not here try to disappoint everyone. WiFi is really pretty amazing piece of technology, and it definitely made our lives much more entertaining or even influenced on our daily lifestyles. However, put aside all the fancy stuff, a very down to earth question: Is it wireless safe for us, is it safe for biological beings?

WiFi, Cell Phone, Cordless home phone, and microwave, even nuclear bomb. they all pretty much related to radiation. With all that lot of radiation going on in your living room 24/7 although it's operating at a extremely low power, but you are constant exposed to. Do you feel safe that you are so close to it. The long term effects, no one knows. I was thinking of getting an apple airport extreme. But on second thought, just stick to my old Linksys 4 port 100baseT.

Until there is hard evidence to prove that long term exposure and usage of wireless products are biologically safe, then I probably will consider again. Who knows, maybe by then, there are even better communication mediums available.
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3 Stop NET SEND spam

Oh forgot, run the registry afterwards! :)
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2 Stop NET SEND spam

On mike's question if you can't use Administrativer tools but can apply registry into your computer and using XP then create a file "anything".reg.
and inside the file paste this in:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


This will disable messenger when you reboot your computer.
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1 Stop NET SEND spam

I mean, honestly... www.golarger.com should be the target of the next "Code Red"...
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