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31 Train Tickets in Shanghai Railway Station

I am traveling by train from Shanghai to Kunming Jan 14 and returning Jan 21 or 22. Will these times conflict with the Spring Festival? We are arriving in China (Shanghai) on Jan 14 about 15:00 hrs and hoped to go straight from the Pudong airport to the train station. My research says the train (K79) to Kunming leaves from the SOUTH train station at 19:17. Bus 7 from PVG should get me there. We hope to travel Soft Sleeper both ways. What are my chances of this? Is it possible to somehow purchase these tickets in advance if my assumptions on timing and availablity are inaccurate? Will the train accept credit cards or cash only? Is there a foreign window at the SOUTH train station similar to the one at the MAIN train station where someone can speak English? Can I purchase round trip or must I purchase a return in Kunming? Will I be able to recharge my lap top and camera on the train? What are the electrical outlets like in China? Similar to US? This is our first time in China. What more should I know about this trip? We plan to spend a day in Kunming and then travel to Dali and on to Lijiang for a couple of days and then a couple of days in Shangri La. What is a "must-see" on this itinerary? Sorry to have so many questions but we are very excited to come to China.
Posted by Joel at 2008-11-13 04:16:12. More

30 PVG: From Pudong Airport to Nanjing

How will be the weather in Wujin district during november and december?
Posted by joel at 2008-09-06 23:55:53. More

29 PVG: From Pudong Airport to Nanjing

I am coming to Wujin (changzhou) via Shanghai airport on 1st of November. I have three year old child with me. How will be the weather like in November and December in Wujin District?
Posted by joel at 2008-09-06 23:53:18. More

28 Business is Business

Thirty-first Church or Trinity Church
Posted by Joel at 2008-06-03 14:18:20. More

27 Highly Recommend Book - China Road

Looks like an interesting book, with your recommendation and the glowing reviews on Amazon, I had to go ahead and order a copy:)
Just curious, where do you get these books in Shanghai, oe do you order from Amazon in the US?
Posted by Joel at 2007-08-13 03:14:24. More

26 Personal Social Network Management

Have been looking for a long time for something like this as well. This looks very promising however -- a new product called Cortege at
Posted by Joel at 2006-05-12 01:34:45. More

25 Found a Piece of Old Video

the clip is really funny :)
Posted by joel at 2006-02-14 13:02:49. More

24 Tulip Wakes Up in my Garden

I like that photo!
Posted by Joel at 2006-02-13 04:49:15. More

23 Different Views on Typhoon

Hey Jian Shuo,
I thought of your job when hearing that Yahoo! bought a 40% stake in alibaba as expected today. Just wondered what you thought this meant for ebay in China, and consequently you.
Posted by Joel at 2005-08-12 12:58:59. More

22 Ability to Make Impact is the Cause of Pressue

I don't think the BBS is necessary

Blog is the essential of of this site.
Posted by joel at 2005-08-04 11:40:33. More

21 From Shanghai to Hangzhou

wow, check the BBS,

Posted by joel at 2005-08-03 14:15:12. More

20 Blink - The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

One thing very interesting is many western business people use 'quantitive thinking' to think (or to analyse) 'Chinese qualitive thinking'.

There are many books teaches western company how to do business in China. It gives us some fresh idea about our own culture, as we start to think it without inside it.

They collect datas, build model to analyse and make decisions.

I saw a book called "YES MEANS NO IN CHINA", you can see the idea from it's name.

(anyway, thanks for answering my question about Kijiji)
Posted by Joel at 2005-06-21 06:29:43. More

19 Kathleen's 5 Rooftop Restaurant

hi, jianshuo, sorry but I have a question about Kijiji.
How does decide wich country to open a branch site?
Posted by Joel at 2005-06-20 03:26:44. More

18 Blog Registration in China

as an old saying “High position invites criticism” (shu da zhao feng), since your Blog was voted as Top 10 China Blogs, hehe, it is time for you to do it.

anyway, I sympathize with you...
Posted by Joel at 2005-06-10 03:31:08. More

17 I Love Shanghai!

yes, it is.
a city you can do business solidly, not many puffers around there.
Posted by Joel at 2005-06-04 02:41:14. More

16 Living Cost in Shanghai

Dont need to reply through email.
Posted by joel at 2005-04-10 05:29:37. More

15 Living Cost in Shanghai

Im going to Shanghai in june to study chinese. Do you have an idea about musical instrumet prices? Whats the approximate price for an electric guitar? And also, what do a night out in the city (clubbing, bars) costs?
If you know, please send me an answer.
Posted by Joel at 2005-04-10 02:35:45. More

14 Jian Shuo Wang at Kijiji China

Congrats on the new job!! I'll be watching for great things to come from Kijiji!!
Posted by Joel at 2005-04-05 13:39:55. More

13 Jian Shuo on Wired Magazine?

Here's the story on Wired for all to read:
Posted by Joel at 2005-03-25 05:14:51. More

12 Jian Shuo on Wired Magazine?

I sent you the pdf of the article. Let me know if you have any problems downloading it. I saw on the Wired website that the article will be on there March 24th.
Keep up the hard work blogging and others are sure to notice as well. :)
Posted by Joel at 2005-03-23 14:40:17. More

11 I Got my U.S. Visa

Actually, Beijing did respond to the US's expensive phone number and finger printing. US Citizens who want to go to China are now not allowed to mail in their applications for Visas, they must either go to the consulate in person, or pay someone else to do it for them. Not a very large response, but a response nontheless.
Posted by Joel at 2004-11-17 12:12:55. More

10 Kodak Digital Image Printing Kiosk

Actually, last time I used a Kodak station (around last Christmas at a US Wal-Mart), the price per 4x6 was US$0.48. As I understood it, the machines are sold and serviced by Kodak, but it is up to the individual machine owner to set the prices. There is also now the newer "Aladdin" machine by Fuji, which is also available at US Wal-Marts, right alongside the Kodak machines. The cost per 4x6 is only about US$0.25, but you need to input your media and then return in an hour to pick up your prints (as they are produced on the larger "mini-lab" machines (like the "1 hour photo" machines).
Here is an article for anyone interested.
Posted by Joel at 2004-05-01 22:14:02. More

9 Working Vertically

Hey Jian Shuo,
Hope you are enjoying your new home in Pudong, I can't wait for some photos. I had a question about the new roofs, what happened to all the residents' old TV satellites? Will the government begin to enforce the ban by not letting residents put satellites on their new roofs? Just wondering, as I didn't see any satellites on the new roofs in the photo, yet most of the old "flat roofed" buildings still have them.
Posted by Joel at 2004-04-14 03:47:38. More

8 FIAT Siena 1.5 HL Pictures

Congrats Jian Shuo,
It's a nice looking car. As to naming the car, I too have given most of my cars names, of course with the types of cheap cars I had to buy as a poor student, most of those names can't be repeated here! :)
Posted by Joel at 2004-03-17 09:22:19. More

7 Blocked

Jian shuo,
I noticed this morning that and (where my Chinese blog is) both have disappeared. Do you think this is government action forcing them to shut down, or maybe they just shut down their servers in order to search for and remove politcally sensitve blogs in order to try and avoid direct government action? I don't care if the government shuts the servers down, mei banfa, but I just wish I had a chance to make copies of all my posts so that I could put them on a new server (that's something I say I'm going to do everytime goes offline, but that I immediately "forget" to do when they come back online, procrastination is a disease :) .)
Posted by Joel at 2004-03-12 21:24:14. More

6 Professional English

Proper spacing is a real big problem with Chinese English learners. It is so easy to fix, and makes such a huge difference in how others view your English level. I wish there was something so simple that I could do to make my Chinese alot better. :) Oh well, guess there's no easy fix for that, just study more vocab and grammar. Glad you abandoned the one post policy, enjoying reading your multiple daily posts.
Posted by Joel at 2004-02-20 09:35:02. More

5 Satellite Dishes Still Forbidden in China

I don't see myself an ethnocentric American, but isn't that what all TV is about? A medium to deliver advertisements, and if it wasn't addictive it wouldn't make much sense as a business model. If you take another look at Chinese television it is much the same, some may even argue that it is worse with the plethora of nightly "kung fu soap opera" serials which end with cliffhangers enticing you to tune in tomorrow for the resolution. Excessive advertising ran so rampant that the government had to step in and limit advertisements to 12 minutes per hour (9 in prime time), while this will help it shows that there has been a problem with TV ads in China. Either way I'm not a big fan of either Chinese or American TV shows (If anything, I prefer news, sports, and movie channels).
Posted by Joel at 2004-01-09 00:06:13. More

4 My Speech and Training Record

Wow! From reading your blog entries I had no idea you've done so many great things. I really admire your ability to speak in front of large groups in a foreign language, I only wish that I could one day be able to deliver a great speech in my own language, let alone a second language.

Wishing you best of luck and continued success in the New Year!!
Posted by Joel at 2004-01-03 12:22:14. More

3 Vote Me as Best Mainland Blog

You're doing great, though it seems is too powerful, having more votes than the next two top vote getters..combined. There is still time though :).
My blog is also listed under: Best Asian blog in an Asian language as a second language美国周乐的日记, though I have long since given up hope ;). Keep up the great work on your blog, and please post some pictures from your Guangzhou trip!
Posted by Joel at 2003-12-12 02:13:19. More

2 Watch Out Bad Shanghai Taxi Drivers

Two years ago I had a similar experience in Shanghai when I needed to go from my hotel to pick up some train tickets, my hotel was a cheaper one in a bad location and it was early morning, so there were no taxis around, I finally found one and the driver told me that it would be 14 RMB to the place to get the tickets, I thought this was a little much (should be just the 10 RMB as it was close), but I had just gotten into Shanghai from the US and hadn't slept in over 35 hours, so I just got in. When we arrived he told me it was 40 RMB, I'd heard of this happening before where the driver would try to make you think you heard wrong, ("si shi" instead of "shi si"), I was pretty mad, but I was really tired and just wanted to get the tickets so that I could get back to my hotel and sleep, so I paid the 40 RMB and gave him a dirty look to let him know that I knew he was ripping me off, but it wasn't worth it to argue with him. Well the next day I was off to the train station from the hotel, and it was pouring rain, no taxis, except for the guy who ripped me off the previous day, he quickly pulled up and got my bags into the taxi, he wouldn't answer and questions about price, I was well rested and would give him a good fight if he even thought of asking for more than 10 RMB, when we arrived at the train station he refused to except any money and wished me well. At first I was happy that he felt bad about ripping me off, but then I realised he still had charged me 40 RMB for what in total should have only cost 20 RMB, ohh well.
Posted by Joel at 2003-12-03 12:31:52. More

1 AIDS Comes Closer to Us

I think that SARS showed the government that education is their best tool against many of these problems. By educating the public on SARS prevention tactics, SARS was defeated quicker, now the public must learn about HIV as well, especially outside of the large cities. As for suicides I don't feel that there is an easy answer, only that parents, teachers, coworkers, etc. need to better understand the warning signs and how to step in to prevent suicide, though I don't think anyone has been able to perfect these tactics yet, it may help to lessen the problem a little. I think Religion isn't the only answer, just one that has been used elsewhere.
I really enjoy reading your blog!
Posted by Joel at 2003-11-22 04:59:47. More