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7 Grocery Cost in Shanghai, 2007

BTW, with your level of english and low-class (yes..undeveloped) mentality typical of undeveoped nations...I don't see how you are able to earn 10K/ mth...who's the big time sucker who employed you for 10k/mth? Or perhaps you work as the male equivalent of "chicken" in geylang?

Excuse me, the average chinese in singapore erans 800 bucks... go and count your RMB... you dun deserve to live in singapore. personally i don't think you deserve a place on planet earth at all....


Forget about him Joyce. I'm sure you can be both chinese and singaporean at the same time coz of your heritage. Shame on oncerest....
Posted by lionroars at 2007-03-16 14:22:40. More

6 Grocery Cost in Shanghai, 2007

Hi Joyce,

calm down. We don't want to talk to dickheads like that. Oncerest just demostrated to us why all the chinese women are rushing overseas to marry foreign guys. Sorry, Jianshuo, my comment don't extend to you..I am just getting fed up with how "bird brain" someone is...


Posted by lionroars at 2007-03-16 14:18:02. More

5 Grocery Cost in Shanghai, 2007

For those who arent aware, Singapore has a tendency to call any foreigner an expat even tho they are not. So a guy from China who works in a family own company as a receptionist earning $1000 per month is an expat... a British man employed by HSBC as their managing director in Singapore, earning $30 000 a month is also an expat....

Basically if you came from a third world country and ain't invited to work in singapore by either the MNC/ govt agency (but rather applied on ur own basis to work in Singapore)... You are just another cheap labour for small family own companies... this is something many people arent aware...the name "expat" sounds good but it aint in actual fact
Posted by lionroars at 2007-03-15 09:22:48. More

4 Grocery Cost in Shanghai, 2007

Hi Joyce,

I don't know about the average price of grocery in Singapore (well..i don't shop) but I believe you would have a better life in Shanghai if you earn $1500 per month rather than the other way around. After all, cost of living in Shanghai is still generally lower (i mean "cost, not quality") and you don't have to pay the CPF, medisave/bank/care whatever... cost of childcare and education is also lower, you can't just compare the price of groceries which China has plenty..and yes..they are one of the world's main exporter of fresh meat/ veggies... Basically I would say you can still have a decent life and keep a family with $1500 in China but not in Singapore. I don't know how you came to the conclusion that $1500 is the average wage in Singapore but yeah... even a new diploma grduate earns at least $1800 full time (talking about the 18 years old here) holder starts from $2200 (usually the 21 years old) for the most basic degree... most of the people I know start from $2800 unless they are foreigners/holders of foreign qualifications (which varies accordingly to where these people are from)...

Kind regards,
Posted by lionroars at 2007-03-15 09:13:12. More

3 Grocery Cost in Shanghai, 2007

Hi Oncerest,

I could tell you have a difficult life. Don't complain so much. There are people who like the tropics and if you don't like island life then no one is begging you to stay in Singapore. My suggestion is for you to get out of Singapore coz frankly no one likes you there... and you could prehaps choose the Antarctic as your new host country??? Its nicer and cooler there...
Posted by lionroars at 2007-03-15 09:01:43. More

2 Grocery Cost in Shanghai, 2007

Hi Joyce,

Yeah I thought so. Could tell you aren't Singaporean just from the way yoou write and think. Thinking don't change just within one generation but that aren't necessarily bad... so yeah... You are very much still Chinese than Singaporean.
Nice meeting you.

Posted by lionroars at 2007-03-15 08:57:24. More

1 Grocery Cost in Shanghai, 2007

Hey joyce and oncerest,

are you a singaporean or did you migrated from china?

Posted by lionroars at 2007-03-14 16:33:18. More