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43 Impression of Impression Sanjie Liu

I saw the show 2 years ago and I cannot agree with your rating. For a show that is meant for globe audience is quite poorly plan. It is a show with big cast, lots of action and singing unfortunately, for viewer that don't have good Chinese language will not be able to understand what's happening, it lacks a story teller to make things interesting.
Posted by Loretta at 2009-03-26 12:20:28. More

42 I am Going to Guilin

When you are in Gulin make sure to make a trip up the river and go to Zheung Ni Mao's theater show.
Posted by loretta at 2009-03-21 10:06:03. More

41 6 Years of Marriage

Congratulations! many many happy years to come.

Please may I also congratulate you as a very civilized modern "MAN", you can openly express your feelings and know how to treasure things and people around you. Is very important that people around us to know we care because one day you might wake-up they might not be there for you to tell them. Please take this as a compliment.
Posted by loretta at 2009-03-20 00:13:29. More

40 I had my Wisdom Teeth Extracted

If it is not broken, why fix?????
Posted by loretta at 2009-02-06 10:21:51. More

39 How Cold is Shanghai Today

Is it normal to have cold weather like this every year or this is the norm? With those ice spikes hanging can be deadly if it break-off, can hurt someone!,
Posted by loretta at 2009-01-26 01:46:44. More

38 Happy Birthday to Me

Work hard, play hard! good for you . Happy Birthday
Posted by loretta at 2008-10-19 00:46:14. More

37 Finally Get into Buck's Restaurant

So, what did you order? menu looks very straight forward????
Posted by loretta at 2008-09-18 14:37:37. More

36 Photos of Wujiang Road

Wujiang Road is one of the must visit place whenever I go Shanghai. All my favorite eateries are there, the famous WANGJAISA next to metro exit, YANG's, the fry bun place that forever have a long line up outside this hold-in-the-wall food stall, last but not least SUZHOUYANJAI the noodle house that serve the best eel dish in town. Good shopping, good fun, many happy good time there.

Where is Xintinandi? please give name in Chinese character and direction getting there. Thanks.
Posted by loretta at 2008-09-02 03:38:29. More

35 Prepared for Shanghai World Expo

I live in Vancouver, my home town was once the host city of Expo in 1986. You can expect a whole lot of fun, is a continues party happening for the whole duration. The whole world is being brought to your own back yard for you to explore. There are things to do for any age group and your son in 2010 will be old enough to enjoy as well.
Posted by loretta at 2008-08-28 07:12:56. More

34 Happy Moon Cake Festival

Mid-autumn festival = thanksgiving in the west. Is a time to sit the whole faimily down and spend some quality time together. Happy mid-autumn festival to all.
Posted by loretta at 2007-09-26 01:45:09. More

33 Can you Understand Dish Names in China?

JS please explain to me how on earth will "Griddle Cook" get translated to "fuck".
Posted by loretta at 2007-08-29 15:39:54. More

32 Olympics Impact to TV Commericals

体操 = gymnastics
Posted by loretta at 2007-07-12 07:01:13. More

31 Arranging Hong Kong - Xian - Beijing Trip

You have not been rip by United. Open jaw multi-city fare is always higher than same city return fare, is not just United all air lines have the same pricing structure.
Posted by loretta at 2007-06-22 23:46:49. More

30 Take Taxi or Buy a Car?

My experience of getting a cab in Shanghai is much more difficult from one trip in compare to the last, that is a consideration as well. Also a lot of times driver will refuse a fare, it have noting to do with distance, I got refuse just going down from one end of Wai Hai road to the other end or a fare that worth 50 RMS plus. No rhyme or reason.
Posted by loretta at 2007-05-22 03:43:41. More

29 Angkor WAT, Cambodia

Please share more about your visit. Routing and cost from China??????
Posted by loretta at 2007-03-09 01:05:53. More

28 Two Year Ends

Pardon me, please explain what does "buy electricity from a bank" actually means in China ???
Posted by loretta at 2007-02-17 16:43:04. More

27 Best Shanghai Eatery Streets?

My best local eats experience is on Wujiang road ( a 2 blocks walking street off Nanjiang road). Famous eatry include Yang's fried dumpling, Wang ja Sa resturent above the subway station and not to say there is a very very good noodle house which I cannot remember the name that serves Su chow dishes.
Posted by loretta at 2007-02-07 23:25:49. More

26 Life in a Crowded World

China is going through a serious case of growing pain. China is trying to catch-up with what took the other folks 60 years progressively to accomplish. No worries, Chineses people are fast learning is just matter of time.
Posted by loretta at 2007-01-16 01:54:21. More

25 Standing in a Train? No...

I am very Chinese to the root but I have not live in China for a day (except to visit China as a tourist). Chinese way for conducting business alway involve with red packets and there is alway a back door to anywhere and everywhere, this is part of Chineses culture.
Posted by loretta at 2007-01-16 01:45:01. More

24 Standing in a Train? No...

I am very Chinese to the root but I have not live in China for a day (except to visit China as a tourist). Chinese way for conducting business alway involve with red packets and there is alway a back door to anywhere and everywhere, this is part of Chineses culture.
Posted by loretta at 2007-01-16 01:45:01. More

23 Lining Up for Metro?

I was in Shanghai few weeks ago and I have the same experience, Metro line 1, 6:30 pm, Friday night going towards Circus World direction from People's square. There are some trying people but is hard to keep in line when it is so crowed, have to give people credit when they are trying .
JS, you as a Shanghai residence, you should be very proud to hear what I saw, a young mother teaching a 3 years old while waiting for the metro to follow the maker on the platform where to form a line while, stay clear of the doorway and let people off the train first before she should enter. Education works.

I live in Vancouver most of of my life, for a Vancouverlte is very hard to understand the meaning of being in a jam pack ride, I experience and realized the ture meaning of the pharse - jam pack after that friday night.
Posted by loretta at 2006-11-29 06:53:58. More

22 Rumors after Rumors - Part II

I am glad to here that you are holding on strong to your believe; writing as the guy who live in Shanghai. I was in Shanghai 2 weeks ago, because of your blog, I have learn so much about the city which makes me feel so much at home and able me to fully enjoy what Shanghai have to offer. I have plan to go to the Northeastern provinces in January 08 and I want to stop over in Shanghai again. Keep-up with the good work.
Posted by loretta at 2006-11-23 15:46:55. More

21 Rumors after Rumors

I am not surprice that not before too much longer you will not have time to continue writing, good for you, better and bigger things to deal with. Enjoy reading your writing very much.
Posted by loretta at 2006-11-22 14:42:56. More

20 Must See - Coffee Facing the Bund

Thanks for the suggestion. Is there anything along the Suchow creek that worth exploring. How far is Jiang on Temple from the Bund.
Posted by loretta at 2006-10-16 05:37:34. More

19 I Love to Invite Friends to my Home

Mosquito zapper is definitely a MUST HAVE to be able to enjoy your yard fully in the summer months but don't forget the outdoor hearter, an outdoor heater will allows you to extend your yard use from spring till winter. Do give it some thought!
Posted by loretta at 2006-09-18 02:09:12. More

18 I Love to Invite Friends to my Home


Will be traveling within Xinjiang for 3 weeks in October,any particular Chinese labeled grape wine that worth trying? would you also be so kind to advice what an electrictal wall AC outlet like in China; meaning does the plug need to have legs that are round, flat, flat at an angle? Also looking forward to be in Shanghai; hairy crab yum yum!
Posted by loretta at 2006-09-18 01:54:28. More

17 Decathlon Store Locations in Shanghai

Mr. Wang,
As recommanded, I went and have a look at the store web page, the stuff are really resonalbe which is not a possiable price at home. Now, how well priced for the regular non-asvertised goods in store? is it only the few blue product goods that have great prices and is it a multi-floor sporting goods store? Looking forward for the treasure hunt when I am in town.
Posted by loretta at 2006-09-05 01:38:19. More

16 Rujia Qingdao, Fuzhou Road

For $25 a night and you get this quality of accomodation I think is very good value. You cannot get any kind of accomodation less than $80 a night in North America. If you are cheap with your accomodation you really cannot complain; if you are willing to pay $250 a night you can garantee somthing very nice. What you pay is what you get.
Posted by loretta at 2006-08-27 06:45:37. More

15 Qingdao (Tsingtao) Pictures

Tsingtao does have a very European feel.
Posted by loretta at 2006-08-23 13:24:12. More

14 Online Map in Shanghai (and China)

Just love edushi.com. Thank you
Posted by loretta at 2006-08-18 13:54:30. More

13 Shanghai Buses

Mr. Wang, do you know your interactive map is not working, will you be able to have it mix and your effort is much appriciated by all. Many thanks
Posted by loretta at 2006-08-08 13:38:51. More

12 How Many Hotels in Shanghai?

I am looking for good hotel recommandation in Shanghai, hope you will have your hotel artical be done by November. There are at least 2 hotel in Shanghai using the name "East Asia Hotel", Regeal Shanghai East Asia Hotel and the East Asia Hotel on Naning Road, which one are you referring to or none of the above?
Posted by loretta at 2006-07-27 06:06:57. More

11 Lion King Comes to Shanghai

WHAT? $300 to go to the Lion King, who can afford the ticket? What kind of income is Chinese people bringing home now? Is $50 for us to go see the show, is a big ticket event for most people to be able to afford.
Posted by loretta at 2006-07-20 14:44:52. More

10 The World of Different Rules

Your story is all about cultural difference! Your's believe vs the craftman's work culture, east vs west , all parties concerned have to give a little and we will all be one big happy family. Life is good.
Posted by loretta at 2006-07-11 22:50:36. More

9 Pictures of the Bund

There are a few different boat tour on the Bund, is there one paticular boat you would recommand?
Posted by loretta at 2006-06-28 03:16:29. More

8 Pictures of the Bund

There are a few different boat tour on the Bund, is there one paticular boat you would recommand?
Posted by loretta at 2006-06-28 03:15:22. More

7 Funny Icons, and More

Re: Da Vince Code. I am very diappointed with the moive, the book goes into detail to explain the in and out of things which makes it interesting to follow.
Posted by Loretta at 2006-06-23 03:18:13. More

6 Keep Doing, and Its Meaning

very well put. Please don't stop, I for one, your have expended my horizon that I would not have known.
Posted by loretta at 2006-05-12 05:30:40. More

5 Xiamen - Tiny Beautiful City

Mr Wang,

Is Sanya used to be known as Hainan island ?
Posted by loretta at 2006-04-27 01:29:16. More

4 Visited Yangshan Deep Water Port

Mr. Wang,

You always write about interesting places in China but for us who do not live in the country have problem to identify the English name of all these places that you mentioned, if it is all possible, it will benifit us a lot if you can put a chinese name besides the English name to help us enjoy your artical more.
Posted by loretta at 2006-04-21 03:29:19. More

3 Car Insurance in Shanghai

Can you re-post your last artical on Shanghai hotel. Thanks
Posted by loretta at 2006-03-30 23:33:04. More

2 Hello From Hangzhou

Mr. Wang, from your vast travel experience accross the Chinese soil have you travel along the ancient silk road yet? Hope to make that tripe this September/October, like to here your comment and suggestion.
Posted by loretta at 2006-03-11 02:51:55. More

1 Thanks for your Comments

Just want to wish you and your wife a happy and sucessful new year.
I've been visiting your blog for almost 2 years. Enjoy reading your writing, they are infomative, interesting, honest and very real.
Hope you can continue find time from your busy schedule to maintain the blog.


Posted by loretta at 2006-01-30 01:25:21. More