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63 Hello! Hello! I am Back

good to know that
Posted by mac at 2009-02-03 20:46:33. More

62 Baixing Awarded as Red Herring Asia 100

hey, congrats!
Posted by mac at 2008-12-03 21:46:06. More

61 How's China in Global Financial Crisis?

'Michael Pettis' 'chinalawblog'

two not bad sites advised.

here is the question: how long will it take before someone from CHINA is obliged to tell someone from State A what's happening from State B in the United States?

that's happening here. i can't ignore those two news sources.
Posted by mac at 2008-10-27 03:49:36. More

60 How's China in Global Financial Crisis?

i'm been following Michael Pettis and ChinaLawBlog these foreigner to form 80% of my idea of this so called financial thing

Posted by mac at 2008-10-27 03:45:34. More

59 Ways to Delete Your Comments

tha'ts a bit weird..
Posted by mac at 2008-10-25 20:48:16. More

58 Happy Birthday to Me

happY birthdaY!
Posted by mac at 2008-10-18 01:53:51. More

57 Chinese Government is Like a Company

and my gut and skull tell me a bankruptcy is on its way...
Posted by mac at 2008-10-13 18:49:02. More

56 Software List for Newly Installed PC

try maxthon
customed 'search toolbox other than google', for one merit
Posted by mac at 2008-10-08 22:06:49. More

55 I Decided to Learn to Read Menus

i remember ICS has a program call "you are the Chef", you can watch that, maybe...
Posted by mac at 2008-09-19 08:04:18. More

54 Surrounded by Negative News in US

get us some first-hand news, if you can..
Posted by mac at 2008-09-16 07:15:56. More

53 Yogurt in a Bottle

Good luck..
Posted by mac at 2008-09-12 19:56:52. More

52 3 Days to 6th Anniversary of Blogging


here's one: top 10 commentators, or the most **est commentator(s), selected by a 50-50 percentage, you and the commentators. ISn't that fun?

Posted by mac at 2008-09-09 00:37:24. More

51 China-US Economy Discussion

I'm really impressed by the kindful thoughts concerning China by this Mr.Rimbaud whom i don't know. As i don't know much about economy, let alone China's, of which i've been informed is much different from those of developed countries, like US's(as demonstrated in China's uniquely functioning stock market these days). So i'm learning about these hugely-traded dollar reserves and hugely-bought T-bonds and rushing-in-investment and rushing-out-investments. And the interest rate factor in all that.

A quick impression is that our country has a huge amount of US dollars without knowing how to spend. And if i heard right, those kind representatives in charge lost some value while making investments abroad. That, i don't have a say or place to poke my nose of course. I heard those are called SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS, aren't they? So i'm letting those smart guys making decisions for us.

I'm still learning. Thank you.

And those 中文 ideas are quite creative and inspirational, thanks too. We'll see about that. More confucious college, got it. Or is that confucius college? A bit confused here... I have a recommendation, Mr. Rimbaud: 《横行的英文》(or 《THE RAMPAGEOUS LANGUAGE OF ENGLISH》, this is my translation, since the book didn't offer one, in its obviously oriented wisdom)(, if you can read Chinese, that is. I've read this book more than 1 time myself. Given the relatively abundand knowledge about English, the author still fails to convince me. Interesting book though.

Strongly suggested. IF YOU CAN READ CHINESE, that is, again.
Posted by mac at 2008-09-08 23:51:47. More

50 The Meetup on ICS Tonight

Yeah i watched a little then, I have to say i'm a bit supprised to discover your voice, hahah
Posted by mac at 2008-09-07 13:51:49. More

49 China-US Economy Discussion

Posted by mac at 2008-09-06 22:21:58. More

48 Table Tennis is the National Sports of China

and NYtimes got the first place to report this...
Posted by mac at 2008-09-06 03:09:29. More

47 The Wonderful 2008 Meetup

So i guess the beautiful lady sitting beside you is from Russia? Is she offering any ideas about the current news,like about the Georgia-Russia conflict?

And.... isn't that guy in the behind look just like Charlie, you know , from LOST?...
Posted by mac at 2008-08-30 22:26:47. More

46 Goodbye Olympic

you missed the basketball final?
118:107 that's what this olympics is all about...
Posted by mac at 2008-08-26 23:51:04. More

45 Olympic is about Competition and Happiness

Thanks Phil, i wanted to make a POLITICAL statement, that's what i wanted.

I wanted to say something POLITICAL about it, like "i strongly condemn the idea of lip-synching, esp to these 2 girls( the song itself taken aside) and someone must take responsibility instead of justifying it". But that turns out POLITICAL anyway, so let's not talk about it. Let's talk about something that's not POLITICAL. 'POLITICAL' sucks. Who invented this word anyway? What does it mean?

BTW, i don't hate censorship. I've got proxies. What will hatred lead you? More hatred, and worse, NO HARMONY. We 1,300,000,000 harmonious people(oh NO, make that 1,299,999,999) need it to protect our COLLECTIVE CHINESE PEOPLE to survice this INTERNET ICE AGE, waiting to be COLLECTED.

I'll stop before this turns out political again.
Posted by mac at 2008-08-15 14:30:29. More

44 Olympic is about Competition and Happiness

and I"M PRETTY SURE baidu will 'IMPROVE' (i decided it was wrong to do this)
anyway, what're you gonna do? it is the biggest internet company in your own country
you job is hope for the best, not the opposite.

MY job? use it, while be aware of it and depising it. and can anyone view this page without the little red cross instead of the pictures?

again, why am i so obsessive with these minor affairs?

Posted by mac at 2008-08-15 09:02:33. More

43 Olympic is about Competition and Happiness

so that's what olympics about
let's forget all those un-harmoniousness and
refocus our attention on these game and get some fun, people

Posted by mac at 2008-08-15 08:24:52. More

42 One Ceremony, Many Perceiptions

now i wonder if OLYMPICS itself is fake or not

that sums up my perception
Posted by mac at 2008-08-13 10:19:55. More

41 The Chinese Elements - Part II

better shut up
Posted by mac at 2008-08-12 09:00:28. More

40 Foreign Media's Response to the Opening

@Carroll, so you are in US? you've got to know China has only ONE TIME ZONE officially, so don't confuse your tape-delay broadcast with the despicable and unpromisable 15 seconds delay CCTV has been practising, thanks. just in case you didn't notice...

Isn't it funny to watch CCTV's destiny in the next 50 years? it will improve, sure...We've got 1,300,000,000 people to wait for it. And when it does improve, i'm sure we'll forget all it has done. We have to, i mean, for better or worse, it's your own country's biggest TV channel. Your job is to hope for the best.

My job? Ignore. Unless it's mentioned in the media.
Posted by mac at 2008-08-10 05:00:41. More

39 Foreign Media's Response to the Opening



QUESTION:What does CCTV stands for?
ANSWER: Closed-circuit television.

Seems my first choice is RIGHT. Ignore CCTV, whatever it reports(except when CCTV5 is named CCTV OLYMPICS...)
Posted by mac at 2008-08-10 04:47:59. More

38 Foreign Media's Response to the Opening

@Shrek7: maybe you should watch ICS then :)
Posted by mac at 2008-08-10 00:11:08. More

37 Foreign Media's Response to the Opening


you don't read 'Chinese' media for it, because you are 100% sure it'll say it is a great event, that sums up your real ieda about domestic media as a whole: you DESPISE them, which is unequal to them and at your own peril to yourself. And this is sad, because by ignoring them at this very moment, you seem to perfectly inherit their prejudicial tradition at all times.
Posted by mac at 2008-08-09 23:55:22. More

36 Foreign Media's Response to the Opening

It takes some gut to intentionally ignore CCTV no matter how well it 'improves' , having realized your good intension towards it doesn't make it more professional or even on the way to it, and to always doubt Xinhua (which is too big to ignore), knowing it does provide authentic and sometimes exclusive information besides 'official' news: because immediately you'll notice a lot other demestic media are no better, except for a select few.

And it takes more gut to analyse 'foreign'(western mostly, for that's what they'll always be: 'western', a small bunch of 'western' uneducated and uneducatable) media without being emotionally charged in the first place:

I can't imagine how an ordinary Chinese will experience realizing this complex information confrontation, or is it an ideology thing?

and Mr. Wang, you have this creative idea about media:""""Media is just media. They have professional skills to report something in a way that is just too professional for people to get the real idea."""

Well, i don't get it. I'll be banned by you if i dare speak the word truely reflect my first reation to this sentence.

That sums up about my personal and amateur idea, if you are interested, that is.
Posted by mac at 2008-08-09 23:39:24. More

35 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Roger that, Roger.
God bless u~
Posted by mac at 2008-08-09 12:20:58. More

34 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

There are 2 facts i noticed with some interests though:

1 According to Phoenix TV, THERE IS A DELAY of 15 seconds.
and see this, then choose one version you want to believe.
"CCTV to broadcast Olympic events live without delay"

2 Sina blog closed all comments around 19:59 , opened it again around 01:20 check some sina blog to get some hard evidence if you don't believe this.

and i don't have to comment on CCTV's professionalism, do i? i almost don't watch it anyway.

again, if you do find this ceremony interesting and fun and maybe some pride thing, enjoy yourself~~
Posted by mac at 2008-08-09 09:51:08. More

33 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

i can't believe i missed it half-intentionally without being guilty(that's weird) or curious

enjoy yourself, though, if you do find it interesting and fun~

Posted by mac at 2008-08-09 08:09:58. More

32 In Beijing, Just Before Olympic Games

and trusted, thx
it's about my imagination
Posted by mac at 2008-07-31 13:28:01. More

31 In Beijing, Just Before Olympic Games

Posted by mac at 2008-07-31 13:24:54. More

30 Crossing Over with Hong Huang

Google is malfunctioning here when i typed into a super-harmonious word.
hopefully compensate? not that easy, believe it or not, i already got some hatred issue
it's a very bad example if the five rings got away with it
Posted by mac at 2008-07-29 05:27:25. More

29 Is Olympic Really Coming?

let me know if the DVD version of Kung Fu Panda comes out
i mean
Posted by mac at 2008-07-03 05:03:28. More

28 Changed to

hah, that's great! how come you guys never thought about that?
Posted by mac at 2008-06-26 01:11:59. More

27 All Kinds of Trap

just listened the PBS program and grabed some RSS there BTW.

1. Is that your voice ? hehh
2. A lot of famous voices there, too! and they expressed splendid perspectives!
3. GFW is a lot bigger than i thought, and when i say "fuck GFW", i'm meaning it rather than pouring my furor. note: I was born yesterday. note again: i don't use

do you?
Posted by mac at 2008-06-11 08:17:19. More

26 I Hope We can Start to Talk about History

you think?
Posted by mac at 2008-06-08 13:14:35. More

25 Happy Birthday to Yifan

hey, happy birthday to Him! wow, one years old...

i wonder what has he chosen? hehehh
Posted by mac at 2008-06-03 08:30:57. More

24 The World is Not Created by Genius - Part II

nothing,, just want to say "FUCK GFW"

thanks for this interesting game, LZ( can i call you that?)
Posted by mac at 2008-05-31 16:32:38. More

23 The World is Not Created by Genius - Part II

now looming a last question: IS GOD GENIUS?...
Posted by mac at 2008-05-31 16:20:58. More

22 The World is Not Created by Genius - Part II

now a flashback: the world is not CREATED by Genius? i belive you meant the world is not DECIDED by Genius? Isn't the GOD who CREATED the world? or is it? or is it HIM?
Posted by mac at 2008-05-31 16:16:11. More

21 The World is Not Created by Genius - Part II

oh my god, i overlooked this sentence "Please really think about it, and choose a number before you continue reading"

thus ruined the game for myself.. next time i'll scan these english more carefully...
Posted by mac at 2008-05-31 16:05:48. More

20 The World is Not Created by Genius - Part II

hey, this is interesting!!

who is this Hugo? please tell me you are not the Hugo who wins the lottery in LOST. That Hugo really knows about some numbers.... haha
Posted by mac at 2008-05-31 16:01:54. More

19 I Felt Afraid of Public Opinions Now

dont be stupid.
i'm here.
Posted by mac at 2008-05-30 23:23:28. More

18 Yifan has His Haircut (11th Month)

haha, he's fighting all your arms~ cute boy~
Posted by mac at 2008-05-26 00:27:56. More

17 Olympic Torch Arrives in Shanghai

quote" i think it is the right thing to do"...
OK, right it is. Next time they'll ask for your opinion
Posted by mac at 2008-05-24 02:48:37. More

16 Requirements for Websites Related to Earthquake

in other words, i'm required to be sad
and this doesn't make me any sadder
did i say i had been really sad already?
ok, i'm sadder now...not in the supposed way

isn't an annually observed 5.12 more appropiate than a forced HTML code with a shortly-noticed 3-day 'national mourning' when more than 50 thousand people were killed on that day?

and CCTV didn't manage to squeeze a drop of tear out of my eye, that's for sure
Posted by mac at 2008-05-21 22:51:27. More

15 Introduce Yourself

how about this form? :)

[mac] male; 20s; student; Central China

[Self-sum-up] Until GFW resolves, i'm not sure i really would like to believe you, seriously and no offence. Yes, this is BIG. And NO, you don't know how it feels. Thank you. (Net Nanny, beware here, watch me please.) And YES, right now i can only 'IDENTIFY' this problem, i can't 'SOLVE' any of them. It's funny because, you see, the way i see it, THIS WAY OF THINKING is acutally THE PROBLEM here.

The way i see it, [30 years of 改革开放] VS [? years of GFW], GFW winned and is still winning. Don't bother convince me otherwise. I don't belive you. For only GOD knows if you are HARMONIZED or SELF-HARMONIZED or not, including YOU, MR. WANG JIAN SHUO. NO OFFENCE. Thank you.

p.S I missed the torch reaching top live broadcasting, damn!!!
Posted by mac at 2008-05-08 22:45:36. More

14 More Accidents in 2008

it makes no sense to relate these "bad" news to make up a 'terrorism' plot, LZ.
they are simply coincidental.

or are they? Hmmmmmmm...

at least i'm knowing these news form demostic media, that's not so bad, for one thing.

or is it? Hmmmmmmm...

maybe i'm not being told the whole truth?....
if so, why? i already know terrosist plots do exist, like those planned by Xin Jiangers...

then why are they hiding? maybe they are not hiding anything at all...

but why are these 'bad' news happen so 'together'?

i don't know then. what should i be expecting?...

i do feel sorry for those lost their lives, their relatives can be deeply sad...

or am I really? i don't know them, never see them...and...

what is this vicious thinking in my mind?...
Posted by mac at 2008-05-06 03:42:30. More

13 Generalization Plays the Trick

yes, you sum it quite well, that's about my first impression of this sorry 'poem'.

i've done a little digging,seems like the original copy is in English, not Chinese:

my opinion? bring GFW down first, this guy whoever writes this is a perfect victim.

Posted by mac at 2008-05-01 22:47:47. More

12 Death and Religion in Tibet

Thanks for your experience.. Looks like Tibet Terririfies, the way you make it sound.But that's the meaning of exploration, isn't it? ( easy for me to talk...)

And the gap is always there, i think, only now we begin to realize it. And i belive most of us are far from being ready, thanks to our saving-face-first media.
Posted by mac at 2008-04-29 01:43:15. More

11 Mixing, Muddling, and Confusing

you are a God-like, Mr. Wang. :)

1 I'm with Grace Wang, basically
2 I'm not with those who are not with Grace Wang, basically
2 GFW is bigger than you think, definitely

time to go
Posted by mac at 2008-04-25 00:54:05. More

10 What the Term China, or France Means?

Glad you answered, Mr. Wang, and rather kindly. Thanks, too, Tommy.
And glad that i don't agree. And i hope i don't get used to that 'gradually' idea.

Sure there's a bunch more problems, but GFW tops them all. Use your imagination.

That's all i have to say about it. Thanks again.
Posted by mac at 2008-04-13 10:16:31. More

9 What the Term China, or France Means?

no i don't think i'm ENGJOYING it
you have not answered my single question!
and they are real questions, not rhetorical.
so are you going to answer them or what?


i'm not believing more and more things i used to believe
because i know i used to get a "controlled" media or information
or 'another way' of that , by our government
and that cound lead to patriotism or not?"

and i can't open this Youtube link again!!!
and i love my country!!!
if i can't open this link tomorrow, i still love my country!
if i can, of course i still love my country!!!

4." 1..2...3...Is that what you are trying to convey, Mr. Wang?"

At least you can verify my understanding of your ideas, i think, i.e. answer the last question.
Posted by mac at 2008-04-12 21:17:12. More

8 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

OH i forgot you mentioned "French Products Boycott" here, well , i don't use any French products in my memory. Does going to the 家乐福 supermarket counts? Then it's out of the question, i guess.

And do you want to know my opinion on "Boycott"? One of my friends usually speaks loud of that, and the funny thing is that he has a Walkman, which is later replaced by a Panasonic CD Player, and he can't miss one episode of his favorite manga shows.

So, tell me, how am i going to trust him?
Posted by mac at 2008-04-12 04:06:19. More

7 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

Let me see:

1 Our government has the right to cover the truth. But you can argue, go on. But be stable.

2 I feel no superiority over the majority who don't have Youtube, CNN, or BBC access. They are holding a wedding on 2008.08.08, on a reasonable basis.

3 I'm willing to join a protest to break GFW, but as long as they leave my business alone, i won't bother to be more "active". Trust me, China is improving already. They WILL know more, and they SHOULD still love their country.

Is that what you are trying to convey, Mr. Wang? Thanks.

p.s. There are 1.3 billion of us, not 13 billion. And to tell you the truth, despite all the media heat, i still prefer to watch a pirated US film during that contesting month, say, Cloverfield, which sucks.
Posted by mac at 2008-04-12 01:45:06. More

6 Disturbed Lunch

The point is, do you have an OPINION or not
Of course it's OK you don't have one
you had your lunch , and it's your blog, or bridge
and bridge can't talk

Another way of media control? how mellow
and you added "i love my country" before you talked about it
and THIS creeps me out
What's the relations between them anyway??? huh???
'the more i know, the more likely i won't love my country?'
you know what
i'm not believing more and more things i used to believe
because i know i used to get a "controlled" media or information
or 'another way' of that , by our government
and that cound lead to patriotism or not?

and i can't open this Youtube link again!!!
and i love my country!!!
if i can't open this link tomorrow, i still love my country!
if i can, of course i still love my country!!!

i hope i didn't ruin your lunch
or supper
or breakfast
Posted by mac at 2008-04-11 01:55:37. More

5 Error in Western Media Report about Tibet

I'm a college student , and I would like to begin this in our mother tongue, Mr. Wang, if you please:




您看,我不关心西藏问题(我个人看法是藏独根本没得谈,就是有的谈我也反对谈,我可不想以后爬Mount Everest的时候还要办签证)。我只关心GFW和Anti-GFW.据说国际奥委会向中国施压,说比赛期间要保持互联网畅通,保证电视直播畅通。我其实也不怎么关心奥运会,但我比较关注这条新闻。可是我不知道是该高兴还是该悲哀。


It's a shame that the "Western media bias" should become a focus in domestic media's "blackfire" coverage. I think it only reflex their own impotency in covering "sensive matters". The picture behind all this seems like this to me: "Look! They fumbled! They made a mistake! Let's all claw at their heads!"

Or it it? I'm afraid many people would only remember the face of Western media as "very bad, very sinister". Because for them, it's one of the rare times they ever heard of "CNN' or "BBC", let alone watching their programs because of the language barrier( let's put GFW aside).
I'm deeply sorry for them. They were simplely happy for the coming Olympics, though they may don't know what exactly that will change their life or even whether it will.

And that, can cast a shadow towards a possiblely more open media environment, if there is.
Posted by mac at 2008-04-09 04:55:38. More

4 My National ID Duplicated with Another One

this is weird.
i thought this ID number IS identical
i hope mine is
sorry for you and your afternoon
Posted by mac at 2008-04-07 02:40:01. More

3 Why I Didn't Cover About Tibet

so you covered
Posted by mac at 2008-04-06 01:45:57. More

2 My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

I've tried what you're doing to increase my rank on google and no luck. My house music site gets a ton of visitors however not from google I think using google adwords advertising keeps be from low or not listed in general google searches. Anyway just a thought
Posted by Mac at 2006-03-08 10:45:58. More

1 Real-Time Stream Broadcasting Cookbook

Cheers m8 the information saved me a lot of time in this field and has got me started, i'm well impressed.

And after all time is one of the most valuble commodities.

Cheers again.
Posted by Mac at 2003-08-19 03:07:03. More