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80 Yifan, Dad and Mom

wow, Yifan grow so tall already
Posted by Mike at 2009-09-17 23:30:07. More

79 Xinjiang! Xinjiang!

how much do u wanna know?coz i'm from there,and living in shanghai now.Fortunately,all my family members are safe!And actually ,u r kind of blind coz u were in US when it happened,the common sense tell me that the government did what they should do,but just a little bit slow,slow response , if u know what i mean!They cut down the telecommunication system jus for practical use,to cut down the connection between the local blind riots(actually they r not riots,but just blind ,non-educated teenagers,also with hooligans, thieves, extremists, terrorists, independence supporters together) and the evil leader,who's hiding herself in US.the political purpose is quite simple,aiming at being independent,the best way is to evoke sabotage,to establish conflicts between different nations,Han nation,Uygur nation and other nations.That's the main brain's thought,so with money's stimulus,those bad guys without steady income or even no income found that it's a very good opportunity to assemble together to release their own vicious mind toward people whose have a better living condition!Meanwhile,they also believe that the government cant prove them guilty coz the number is not that small,Then they did the brutal event,99% of the victims are innocent folks,jus on their way home or in the shuttle bus,they caught them off guard,with iron and wooden stick ,after several strike ,people were dead for being knocked on the head and other crucial parts.Besides,the main business district was blocked by burnt cars and all the shops along the street were burnt and robbed!The death toll is high than the government annouced, about 400 people died ,now in Urumuqi, anti-violence and anti-terrorist polices are scattered in the urban area for safety's concern,and the security council is doing a thorough investigation about the leaders or sub-leaders in that events.Teenagers have been released from the court,but with appropriate penalty----education under parents' supervision... jus stop by ,
Posted by mike at 2009-07-23 11:05:29. More

78 Wrapping up my Trip in SV

Posted by Mike at 2009-07-09 23:28:06. More

77 Drawing of Stanfod

Not bad drawing at all
Posted by Mike at 2009-07-06 09:29:56. More

76 Bye Bye Shanghai for Few Days

bye bye Jianshuo, please take more pictures!
Posted by Mike at 2009-07-02 20:08:16. More

75 Worry about Yifan's Education - Part II

ha ha ha

Your story:
1. Cake for Panda
2. Bamboo for Panda

It's so funny. Poor little 3 year old kid. I guess he likes cake very much.
Posted by Mike at 2009-05-18 23:18:00. More

74 10 Things You Love/Hate About Shanghai

oh ..once i went to Gucci to buy my wife a b,day present..i paid 35000 yuan for a bag and the bag ended up being fae
point being..eveything in asia is fake ,,even alcohol,,
how they hell...? never mind
Posted by mike at 2009-05-14 14:17:10. More

73 10 Things You Love/Hate About Shanghai

i dont understand joey..he speas so ill of foreigners but yet he is speaking our language..btw joey..
asians in africa,america,uk and even in asia are being treated like "ayi's" and janitors..why?
because they have no respect for others and they smell like the metro in paris..believe it or not joey..foreigners are the only reason asia is the way it is,,without us you'll just be another low class,bottom of the cheer cup,race.

i do agree with one thing,,some foreigners in china act like they own the world but thats just it,,all countries in culture have their own problem
1.south africa = crime rate is high but at least they admit it-asia will cover theirs with an excuse
2.usa =financial crisis / crime ect but everybody own earth wanna live the american dream
3.uk-ind of boring but at least people have a sense of humor,,chinese..my god..id rather not say

my point being--when i came to china everything about the place was disgusting..some eat unborn kids(eww) they spit..and you know why chinese like dogs so much,,thats because they also act like animal

they way they wal on the street is the wat the drive a car,the way the drive a car is the way the swim in a public pool they way the swim is the way mae love..

im not saying we foreigners are kings but before you point a finger be sure of ur people are good...you know what they say.dont spit in the wind cause it may blow back in your face
Posted by mike at 2009-05-14 14:11:53. More

72 Why Use the Pedstrain Crossing?

interesting post
Posted by Mike at 2009-05-06 21:29:42. More

71 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

looking for a 1BR apartment ASAP. no service apartments. High rise, low rise, old building, new...i don't care what the outside building looks like, as long as the inside is clean....i am very clean. area is not as important as price. budget between 2500 - 3200 RMB / month. looking for 1 year lease.

contact me at 137.7445.4535
Posted by mike at 2008-10-25 19:21:18. More

70 Happy Birthday to Me

hApPy BiRtHdAy tO yOu !!!
Posted by Mike at 2008-10-19 00:53:50. More

69 Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to you!
Posted by Mike at 2008-10-19 00:53:02. More

68 China Eastern Airlines

I wish that I have never heard of China Eastern Airline.

I ate four meals out of the 10 on my flights from Vancouver to Australia via Shanghai and took some store bought meals on the way back knowing how bad the food was.

The worse part was when I left Australia and ask if my didgeridoo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didgeridoo would be no problem for check in as it goes into a hand delivered bin that is for fragile items AT NO EXTRA CHANGE.
Great! the kids will be happy. But because of the mandatory lay over in Shanghai (they did provide a moldy smelling hotel room) I had to re-board to Vancouver. As I got to the check in they said that it would be no problem for me to carry my didgeridoo on board. So as I tried to do this I was stopped by two rent a cops and was told that they item was either too long or dangerous. I don't know I was just told to go back to the counter and see them.
The happy people at the counter (the same ones who told me that it would be no problem to carry this on) said that I could check it in and that it would COST ME $128 DOLLARS CND eq. WHAT THE BEEEEEEEPPPP!!!!!!. So having no choice as this point but to pay it I did and not I tell you to "AVOID CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES" Before they steal you money. It's all about the money in China. As we know with the milk killing babies in China. Sept 24 2008.
Posted by mike at 2008-09-25 14:02:26. More

67 Wangjianshuo's Blog Meetup

Great! I knew your blog from an interview in Crossover. It's really not easy for you to keep updating your blogs. I also started to write my own english on blogger.com. The website is
http://my10000blogs.blogspot.com. Hope someone can visit it and leave me some comments on there.


Posted by Mike at 2008-08-28 14:15:31. More

66 Business is Business

They don't do it for Beijing alone. They do it for trillion of products with "Made in China" brand on it. After this Olympic, people will have more respect for that brand and will buy more of it.
Posted by mike at 2008-08-08 23:52:52. More

65 Baidu Post

Who's the supergirl? :-))
Posted by Mike at 2008-08-04 09:14:18. More

64 Photos of Carrefour after Boycott

"facts about the photos"
1. location
2. how I chose a normally light time
3. how I manipulated the images by purposely trying to avoid photographing people.

4. how I compare it to a different store at a different time for effect.

you have the propaganda methodology down really well. good job!
Posted by mike at 2008-05-06 02:12:10. More

63 Living Cost in Shanghai

Hi ! Very nice blog! I have been a english speaking student at Fudan for a period (MBA). Shanghai rocks !

I am considering setting up a import business for buying tailormade shirts, jackets etc in Shanghai. I need one or more persons that I can trust to work for me ordering shirts, shipping via UPS, EMS etc. Where can I get in touch with those people. They need to speak english. What would a reasonable salary for those people be?

ALternatively: do you know any tailor that speaks english or a webpage where i may order directly in small qtys to start with?

Posted by Mike at 2008-04-28 05:09:07. More

62 Shanghai Zoo

One of the best in China ? You didn't visit many zoos i guess. It's not because it's in Shanghai that its necessary the best.
I found the Shanghai zoo very depressing when i visit it in 2004 (maybe it's different now). All animals seems poors, in old and pretty dirty cages.
You should try the Wild zoo, the one in Guangzhou is pretty cool (there are some koalas there too) and i know there is one in Shanghai, it's probably more interesting than this zoo. (but more expensive).
Posted by mike at 2008-03-21 18:13:23. More

61 Booking China Domestic Flight Outside China

I am trying to geta cheap ticket from Beijing to Kunming for next sunday returning one week later, Any tips?

I tried to use all the chinese airlines website b ut they all wouldnt work for me

Posted by mike at 2008-03-16 14:20:41. More

60 Avoid Blog Blocked in China

Very informative and well-written. Thank you!
Posted by mike at 2008-03-16 01:12:43. More

59 Software for Newly Installed PC

i bought one dopod D600 phone, the operating system is in Chinese, of course i tried very hard to find english version but couldnt find it. right now what i would like to know from you,
1. is that possible to re-install complete windows on my mobile with english version?
2. is that possible to install windows if the d600 phone set is slow in operation or windows currupted?

thanks in advance, if you have time please send me an email with our answers.

Posted by Mike at 2008-02-11 02:40:55. More

58 Crazy New Year

No school in Suzhou all week 'cos of the snow. See http://picasaweb.google.com/bfarrow for some photos!
Posted by mike at 2008-02-05 00:06:27. More

57 PVG: From Pudong Airport to Hangzhou


Is there a bus from PVG to Shaoxing? If there is could you tell me the schedules?
Posted by Mike at 2007-12-24 22:27:49. More

56 Contact Me

Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

I love you blog. I often visit Shanghai Daily page and your blog to get more information about Shanghai, beside going to Xujiahui.

My name is Mike. I am looking for a place to study Chinese in Shanghai in the Weekend?

Do you know any big university or even small education center who offer Chinese courses in the weekend?

Thank you and best regards,

Posted by Mike at 2007-11-03 21:57:50. More

55 Wendy's Wallet was Stolen

it's kinda boring to always hear these kind of things about shenzhen or guangzhou. Actually most of the people i know in SHanghai (chineses or foreigners) have been already stolen at least one time (wallet or mobile). When it happens in Shanghai, it's "normal", when it happens in Guangzhou, it's "dangerous". I lived in SHanghai, and now in GZ, i don't really see a big difference about pocket pickers here or there. They are all the same, in all crowdy place all over the world.
Posted by Mike at 2007-10-11 12:46:39. More

54 MSN Messenger Virus BR2002

Hey there I recently caught an virus from msn messenger, my friend usually send me stuff and i usually just accept it and open but this time he didnt even know he sent has something to me then he told me that he caught the virus too. so now we having a problem which i checked on my expired norton(hopefully it still works, since it kept bugging me to buy new precription for it =/) anyways im going to stop blabbing on but do anyone know how to fix this problem? i search up online and finding no clues on it beside thats it an virus called bloodhound since it was detected on norton and said to be removed but im not sure if it is the virus that does this and hoping someone would help me out on this...

if you can help please email at emo_z@hotmal.com

Thanks a lot for reading and trying to help ;)
Posted by Mike at 2007-09-27 03:31:31. More

53 Trusted Tourism Agency

China Highlights provide tailor-made tours, Yangtze River Cruises and China Hotel bookings for independent (solo) travelers, couples, families, or groups throughout China.
Posted by mike at 2007-09-20 16:25:41. More

52 Is RMB and Yuan the Same? Yes


One of my friends will visit china he will arrive in shanghai hongqio international airport tomorrow at 6:00pm we don’t want to stay in shanghai that night and like to move to yangzhou 扬州 so I need help
Is there any bus go from shanghai to Yangzhou at the night around 8:00 –9:00pm
If not can I take train from Shanghai Railway Station to Yangzhou?
And how can I go from the airport to shanghai railway station
I hope if some one has any information about all these questions to help me
And thank you
Posted by mike at 2007-08-27 16:12:21. More

51 Exchange (Lot of) Coins to Paper Money

Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

Thank you for your help!

I went to a Bank of China branch already, I gave them my coins and some paper monies too, to deposit into my bank account.

They said they will count the coins and then deposit them into my account, no fee, but just not right away, they will call me in two days to say how many coins are there.

It shouldn't be this way, because many factories in China produce coin counting machines, not expensive, to export them. But most of the bank here don't use these machines and don't but them in their branch. We use a lot of coins here in Shanghai, everybody has coins, I am sure there must be some banks around here who has these machines.

Best regards,

Posted by Mike at 2007-08-06 18:09:00. More

50 Contact Me

Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

Thank you for your quick reply.

The bank can change the coins to paper money for me, but they only accept a small amount.

I have many coins, could be about 5,000 coins, I can't sit to count that much coin, and people at the bank can't help me either, I have to find a place with the coin counter machine? Do you know where I can find one? Any bank branch with a coin counter machine?

I only keep paper money in the wallet, it should be lighter and easier to carry that way. So everyday going home, I took the coin out of the wallet and put them in a box, now that box become a bit big, I want to change them to paper to save space. I guess everybody has a box of coins at home too.

Thank you and best regards,

Posted by Mike at 2007-08-05 14:34:29. More

49 Contact Me

Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

Do you know where in Shanghai I could change coin money to paper money?

I have a lot of coin monies, like 1 yuan coin, about thousands. I went to ICBC bank but they don't accept it, they don't have machine to count coin money either? Do you know where I can find machine to count coin money too?

In the US, at Commerce bank, they have machine to count coins (quarter) and change to paper money for free. I think there should be place like that in Shanghai too.

Thank you and best regards,
Posted by Mike at 2007-08-04 19:54:40. More

48 Pictures of my Newly-Born Baby

Congratulations dude! what a wonderful thing that you have a baby now. I am so happy for you,
Posted by Mike at 2007-06-10 18:04:17. More

47 My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

The best bet donald is to sign up to be an editor of DMOZ.
Posted by Mike at 2007-05-29 04:08:50. More

46 My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

The best bet donald is to sign up to be an editor of DMOZ.
Posted by Mike at 2007-05-29 04:08:35. More

45 Night Life in Shanghai

Hey there

I'm in a band that plays heavy rock from Australia and we are thinking of touring in China - with a major desire to play Shanghai. Can anyone recommend venues to play, or better yet, some booking agents with whom we can speak.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Posted by Mike at 2007-05-17 15:09:37. More

44 Future Shanghai Metro and Maglev Map

Does anyone know when the first phase of line 8 will be open?
Posted by Mike at 2007-04-08 04:37:39. More

43 Long Metro Trains on Line #1

I found your website through Google on an unreleated search. You wield blogging nicely. where can a novice like myself start my own secure blog on a new domain?

Posted by Mike at 2007-02-02 14:58:55. More

42 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

Will be based in Shanghai next month. Looking for apartment in HongQiao area.

Need the flwg:

1) 2 or 3 rooms apartment
2) Fully well furnished with facilities like gym, internet, etc
3) With 24 hrs security

Budget : RMB 3000 to 5000

I can be contacted at eelh@yahoo.com

Thank you


Posted by Mike at 2007-02-02 00:02:27. More

41 ADSL is also Unavailable in my Home

Hello, can you tell me how much China Tel charges for DSL services in Shanghai? And do they offer different speeds?

Posted by Mike at 2007-01-12 11:32:33. More

40 Does Hotmail Work in China?

i dont exactly live in china. i live in washington, in the united states.(not DC) my school blocks all forms of email, and your backdoors allowed me to beat the school once again. i pride myself on beating the school when they block sites, by getting to the sites that are blocked. they had me up against the wall, because i could no longer find any backdoors. BUT YOU ARE SMARTER THAN MY SCHOOL!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
Posted by mike at 2006-12-19 00:55:19. More

39 Websites About Shanghai

advair diskus wrongful death and dangerous side effects. read on for more information...

Posted by Mike at 2006-11-21 08:00:06. More

38 "The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone"

Ok. maybe some one can help, For 8 yrs I have been going to a local restaurant near were I work for lunch with a group of my co workers. Never a problem, always paid and left in a timly manor{had to get back to work} we went like we sometimes do on fridays and the manager said we could not eat there any more. It seems that somebody, maybe in a different department ordered some pizza's and never picked them up. Can they discriminate and refuse service because of were I work? It is easy to tell because of my uniform.
Posted by mike at 2006-11-02 02:39:29. More

37 Ideas on Chiba in Japan?

moving to Chiba on an assignmen with an international company. looking for information on housing shopping etc.
Posted by mike at 2006-10-01 03:12:34. More

36 Train from Beijing to Shanghai

I took the 24 hour train from Beijing to Hong Kong. This train was similar to the Shanghai to Beijing train with the following exceptions (details are for the Deluxe 2 person Soft Sleeper cabins):

1. No power ports in the cabins. There are two outlets in the hallways - directly across from beds 3/4 and 11/12. I had beds 5/6 and my Dell power cord just barely reached my cabin and allowed me to watch DVDs in my cabin throughout the 24 hour period.

2. They sell food from carts and have a dining car.

3. You are leaving China to go to Hong Kong so you have to go through customs at the Beijing West Station. This is located to the right side of main entrance hall. Instead of going into the main hall, do not go into the building but stay outside and go down to the right until you see the Customs entrance.

4. The beds in the 2 person sleepers are both lower berths (no upper berths) and no private bathrooms in the cabin. This is a better arrangement than the Shanghai to Beijing train since it provides a much more spacious environment. Going down the hall to the bathroom was not a problem.

Travel by train takes a little more time and is a little cheaper than air and saves a night of hotel cost. If I ever do a vacation to China again, I would likely repeat the train travel.
Posted by Mike at 2006-07-10 12:51:17. More

35 Train from Beijing to Shanghai

I took the overnight train from Shanghai to Beijing a few days ago and can confirm there are 220 volt power outlets in the deluxe 2 person sleepers. I also noticed several people charging computers in the aisles as there are also power outlets there. I don't know if this was because the 4 person sleepers don't have outlets or they were just being courteous to the others in the compartment.

1. When you arrive by taxi at the Shanghai station, several porters will grab your bags from the trunk of the taxi before you know it and then try to charge you up to 50RMB per bag to take them to your gate. They are very aggressive and intimidating. Just take you own bags and you can easily find your way to the gate without their help.

2. The train ride is cost effective, but somewhat noisy and cramped quarters, but still semi-comfortable. I would do it again, but now will set lower expectations.

3. When you get off the train at Beijing - expect a mass of people. It seemed to me that 20 trains must have all arrived at the same time.

4. There are attendants at the exit of the train station that wanted to see your ticket and would tear them to indicate you had left the station. I didn't have my tickets handy, so I just walked past the attendant. She didn't seem to want to mess with an obvious Westerner and let me go.

Final note - the Shanghai famous shopping market has been shut down, but the shopping in Beijing is still fantastic with bargains everywhere.
Posted by Mike at 2006-07-06 07:35:48. More

34 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

Hi everyone!

I am moving to Shanghai and this will be my first time in China. I am an English teacher and will start work as soon as I arrive. I am a 33 year-old male from London, UK. I would like to share and apartment with a Chinese student of English as I also would like to learn Chinese. I will arrive in two weeks and would like to arrange this before I land in Shanghai, the head teacher from my school will view the apartment on my behalf and I will conclude all procedures upon my arrival.

Please e-mail me: levitate2you@yahoo.co.uk

Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Posted by Mike at 2006-06-30 01:17:13. More

33 Train from Beijing to Shanghai

This site is fantastic.

Does anyone know if the Deluxe Soft Sleeper compartments have electrical outlets that can b eused to recharge computer batteries? (An earlier post said the single person compartments had TVs and power outlets. It was unclear if this was also true for the 2 person sleepers.)
Posted by Mike at 2006-06-23 05:17:36. More

32 Using Contact Lenses

I just got my contacts 2 days ago after wearing glasses for about half a year. My left eye is pretty bad and it blurs out some far away objects when I'm not wearing my glasses. Although I only wear glasses for when I'm on the computer or reading, I figured that if i were to wear contacts it would be easier for me playing sport and not have to carry my glasses around everywhere.

So when I went to the optometrist the other day for a yearly checkup, I asked about wearing contacts and soon after I was to be shown how to care for then, put them on etc. Luckily for me though, my right eye is now nearly perfect so I only need to wear a contact lense on my left eye.

The lady had explained to me how to put them on, and after about 30 minutes of trying, she eventually helped me so that I could feel what it was like to put them on. Once they were on it my eyes felt completely normal.

Trying to take them off was difficult, and after a number of tries, we had to leave as my dad had to go someplace. So I left them on to get used to them, and decided to take them off myself at the end on the day.

It was 1am and I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, I tried taking them off. But I just couldn't. I just can't bear the idea of touching my own eye. So after trying and getting frustrated, I got my mum to help me. I held my upper and lower eyelids open and she took it out.

Ever since then I have never managed to get my contacts back on. I am going to go back at the end of the week with my dad as he is also getting contacts. Hopefully by then I would have been able to have put it on and take it off successfully by myself.

Thanks for the info and hopefully you all will be able to do it.
Posted by Mike at 2006-06-19 14:23:18. More

31 Webcam Set Up, Broadcasting Shanghai

How can you download Icatch webcam software????? anyone know the website? email please at stand2k@hotmail.com
Posted by Mike at 2006-05-28 00:51:59. More

30 Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Guangzhou is really not popular, maybe due of the bad reputation, and also too closed to Shenzhen and HK. Many people still call the city "Canton", and it only becomes popular during the famous "canton fair".
And the worst, many people still don't know that Canton is...Guangzhou.

Mike (living in GZ ;) )
Posted by mike at 2006-05-15 18:20:38. More

29 PVG: Shanghai to Yangzhou

I don't think there is direct long distance buses from PVG to YangZhou.
I believe this bus station has but to YangZhou
上海交通大宇徐家汇客运站 虹桥路211号 +86(21)64697356

For more bus station see:
Posted by mike at 2006-01-26 02:36:36. More

28 MSN Messenger Virus BR2002

Install msn 7.0 instead....

I upgraded my 7.5 and the same problem like yours accured.

I reinstalled it without any luck, but I had the MSN 7.0 install file.

Now I've installed it and it works. So until Live messenger will come, maybe you should use 7.0 instead.

I hope I could help...

Posted by Mike at 2006-01-20 16:51:52. More

27 BBC's Interview

what's really behind “I don’t want to comment on this”:

possible cases:

A. Have no thoughts about it at all. Sould not be Jianshuo's case.

B. Fear to be perceccuted in someway. Don't want to get attention from Nationnal Securiti Agentt.
If yes, how many percentage of percentage?? BBC may gave the impression of 90%, while Jianshuo may mean 1%

C. Have comments but don't know how to explain to general mass in a short statement. to avoid misunderstanding rather not to comment.

Anything else?
Posted by mike at 2005-11-08 11:28:53. More

26 BBC's Interview

That's why I liked blog. It provides the original view of a person.
Not some reporter mixed everything up and distorted the facts by the way he/she presented it.

The gap of understanding is very interesting and very important.
sometimes language could be a barrier. For Chinese and Japanese example, the extremist on both sides, which have the biggest gap, don't speak the counterpart's language. How to translate and bridge the gap is a good question.

Posted by mike at 2005-11-08 03:59:13. More

25 My Own Cartoon Picture with Home Style+

sounds interesting. but the japanese woun't even install on my pc. is there a solution to that? and when is the english version coming out?
Posted by mike at 2005-10-04 15:47:16. More

24 Shanghai is Hot

I went back to SH in July-August, and...yes it's hot! IIRC we had 25 days above 35C. Good place to be: malls, SH "ShuCheng" or one of those museumes.
Posted by Mike at 2005-08-27 15:34:58. More

23 Secret Wealth Spam

I have received this email I got pictures and a fake passport. I am a Military Police Officer. CID will investigate this.

Dear Mr. Michael,

Greetings and best wishes to you this lovely day. Many thanks for your email message and your readiness to assist me out of this present situation. I am grateful to God for providing you for this noble assistance. However I am compelled to inform you that this transaction will be concluded in good faith, with transparancy, understanding and honesty. I also recognize the fact that it will be difficult to believe someone especially when you've not met that person physically, but I also believe that God has many ways of bringing people together to achieve a common goal in life.
First of all, I would want you to send me your personal details, i.e. your full legal names and address, personal phone and fax numbers respectively, a scanned copy of your identity or photograph for recognition. These details will go a long way to strengthen the much needed trust and confidence which will be the basis of this transaction. The money is my only hope of survival and as such I require to build a long lasting trust and confidence with you as we proceed further in this transaction.

The fund is presently in a "suspensed account" of a bank here. The amount is US$7.5M (even Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars). My father deposited the money before he was poisoned by his business associate out of jelousness and envy. he was poisoned by his close business partners. Since then, my security in this country is no longer protected, and that is why I want to leave country to come overthere to start a new life. I will meet with the bank Director to inform him my readiness to transfer the money to your account. But I must recieve your full legal assurance that the money will be protected under your custody in your country after transfer.

As for the investment in your country. Please be informed that I am ignorant of business world, and as such will require your assistance to invest the money in a lucrative business for my future.

Sir, you are entitled to 15% of the total amount as compensation for your kind assistance to transfer the money, you will then assist me to invest the remaining 85% in a lucrative business in you country's economy. I have my eye on estate investment.

Please get back to me with the informations and details requested above to enable me meet with the Bank and request for the transfer immediately.
I sincerely thank you for your kindness in responding to this mail, and also your readiness to assist me in this matter. I will always remain grateful to God for this joint partnership and hoping that your assurances will be given to me for the security of the money under your custody.

Please find attached my photographs and international passport copy for your reference as I expect the informations requested above.

My warmest regards to your family and God bless you abundantly.

Best wishes!
Anita Bamba.
Posted by Mike at 2005-08-26 12:13:50. More

22 Pudong Starbucks is Nice

Häagen-Dazs sold in China were home-made in local factories...
Posted by Mike at 2005-07-11 15:34:16. More

21 US Credit Card Fraud Infected China (and Me)

It doesn't mean your card details were stolen. My credit card was stopped as well - the [Australian] bank said it was done as a precaution because I'd used my card in the US during that time the fraud occurred.
Posted by Mike at 2005-06-23 20:22:45. More

20 My Site is Almost Legal in China

What if your application failed? shutdown this site?
Posted by Mike at 2005-06-21 11:55:04. More

19 Language Exchange Partners Wanted

jianshuo is a good person
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18 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

I will come to Shanghai in July 2005, I am looking for a vila in Rancho Santa Fe, or Modern Villas or Lakeside Villas. Lease period will be min. 2 years. Rent max USD 5000/month.
Please sent you raction to CH_NL2005@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance,
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17 Lugu Lake - Part II

Wang Jianshuo, you should try visit the Zamei temple in nearby Yongning. It is 20km from Lugu Lake and a very beautiful place. I have posted some pictures of it on my blog "In the Footsteps of Joseph Rock" (drjosephrock.blogspot.com) but it may not be accesible from China unless you use anonymizer.

Lugu Lake is also a great place but I think some of the hotel developments are spoiling the tranquil environment. What do you think?

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16 No Baggars Premitted on Metro?

I stopped giving money to the flower girls in Beijing a while back. The only time I did it was when it was about 4:30am and they all had a lot of flowers left and were getting really desperate. Gave them 50kuai for all of their flowers, then another 50 for them. I just wanted them to go to whereever they called home and sleep. Now, I will just get them food and talk to them. Quite a few in the Wudaokou area know me now and don't harass me anymore, sometimes will just talk about their day or homes in Hunan. My hostmother seems to hate this behavior and is always telling me that their parents are bad for making them do this and for some reason this makes them bad too... I don't care, they are just kids, mostly under 13, still innocent. I can't really do anything to vastly improve their lives right now, and giving them money doesn't help them, might as well just make their day a little less of a hell.
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15 Meningitis in Shanghai

Meningococcal disease is not that infectious - you can't catch it from sneezes etc. It is spread by fluids, especially kissing and sharing food and drink. Might be a problem if you are all dipping your chopsticks in the same bowls this Spring Festival.

Antibiotics are effective if taken early enough. Got to be quick though, it can go from flu-like illness to death within a few hours.

Sorry to spoil the party!


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14 Difference Between Quanqiutong and Shenzhouxing

Can some one tell me how to check the mobile balance via SMS like it should be displaced in mobile i dont want to check the balace via voice message
if some one help me in this metter please post your messages
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13 Pudong Airport Maglev in Depth

I travelled to Pudong and back a few days later recently. The tickets are very easy to buy (and very cheap) - the train is very easy to find and is remarkable!

I cannot understand why there are two rail lines? It would have made more sense to build a single line for twice the distance? The train is so fast (total time for the trip is about 7~8 minutes) that it could simply run back and forth? Why waste so much money making two lines?

Well worth taking a trip. My return journey the train was almost full but there is lots of room for luggage - excellent!

Mike - Cairns - Australia
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12 Shanghai is Cooling Down

Hey what happened to the Aussie guy who was injured - did you see what happened?
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11 Mobiles in China - My Personal Perspective

Dear sir / ma
it is a great plesure to introduce our company to you, we are dealing with buy ing and selling of googs, also our company will like to transact bussiness with your company in china kindly give us the price list of all type of mobile phone that you are producing in your company.
we are looking forward to received your reply
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10 Shanghai Map Viewer

Is there a way to show the street names in english (pinyin)?
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9 EndAds and BlockMessenger

Thanks a lot for your help... I just moved to broadband after staying with a modem for as long as I could stand, and this is the crap I get as soon as I got connected... Easy to follow instructions and, so far, they've worked...

It's good to know there are still some good people left out here... :-)

Posted by Mike at 2003-08-18 11:56:23. More

8 EndAds and BlockMessenger

This is the true meaning of extortion if you don't give them money they will continue to harase you. These people need to go, all the way, to hell not half, or three quarters but all the way!
Posted by Mike at 2003-07-22 17:43:44. More

7 No SARS Case Found in Shanghai

Should you not be more careful what you say on this blog? Giving information about suspected SARS cases in Shanghai or elsewhere in China might be seen by some as "leaking state secrets". Pay attention to what happened to people who gave details of HIV cases to westerners.
Very interesting to hear what is really happening in Shanghai - but take care.
Posted by mike at 2003-04-02 09:49:30. More

6 Fight Back for Golarger Spam

GoLarger's message was delivered to me through M$'s Messenger Service, something I never used and hardly knew was installed. It flashed as soon I moved my mouse after returning to my pc upon a few hours of leaving it.

I live in Thailand. I was motivated to make a pilgramage to Texas to remove Mr. Green's testicles, until I read this thread and noticed that register.com reports golarger's domain(www.largewinner.com) differently than as found by Wangjian.

Microsoft: I will remove your balls if given the chance.

golarger: ditto
Posted by Mike at 2003-03-24 23:16:53. More

5 May God Bless Us

Nice Websites and blogs!
i understand why your site is English only.
However, when u refer to names of places, e.g. "Daocheng", or a person, would u like to give the original(in your case, most of them are Chinese). That may make your works more readable.
Posted by Mike at 2003-04-24 10:58:46. More

4 Stop NET SEND spam

hey , i hav a serious problem ...
i use a corporate computer.
I want to stop this net send spam some times. but when i open services.msc, right click on "messenger" and stop it says "error 5 access denied"
does it have something to do with my user account privileges? being in a company idont have administrator privileges.
is there any possible bypass to this?
Posted by mike at 2003-11-25 19:21:36. More

3 Stop NET SEND spam

Two questions:
I am a homeuser with win XP. I use Norton Internet Securities 2002 as well as a printer regulary.
If I turn off messenger service I am afraid that my printer does not work as well as Norton. Is this true?
Can I somehow configure Norton to take care of the net send spam???
Thanks for help
Posted by Mike at 2003-04-04 02:26:33. More

2 Stop NET SEND spam

Thanks a lot.
Posted by Mike at 2003-03-25 21:32:54. More

1 MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP

jom or who ever else can anser this... i followed jom's directions up above. few exceptions though, i had to make my 'cgi-bin' folder c:\apache2\htdocs\cgi-bin because i have to use :8080 with my cable provider to access the cgi-bin dir for this step

'CGIPath http://localhost/cgi-bin/' - jom
'CGIPath http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/ - me

i get the internal server error like the guy above me in the article..... any suggestions??? remember that i'm running this off my cable at home and have to use :8080 for localhost:8080 to acces htdocs! ... please i swear if someone gets this to work i'll write the most indepth tutorial for windows so ppl don't have to go through this shit!
Posted by mike at 2003-11-20 09:55:52. More