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5 Find a Job in Shanghai

Rodolphe, What are you studying in JiaoTong University?
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4 Salary in Shanghai

I totally agree with RChen. When I was in China, I worked really hard as well as other people, while I am in US right now, since almost everybody leave after 5:00pm, so did I.
I can't imagine the intensity of work and the huge wage difference can exist for too long.
It is going to have a huge correction soon...
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3 Chicago is Amazing

Chicago is a fantastic place! A river runs through it...
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2 Top 10 Places to See in New York City

"I learnt it only take 1,880 (230 USD) for round trip from Guangzhou to SFO, and 2,880 RMB (350 USD) for round tip to New York. I monitor the air ticket price closely for the U.S. Trip."

The air tickets are much more expensive these days. I guess the supply couldn't keep up with the demanding as many folks flock into China... :)

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1 Life in New York is Tough for Me

JianShuo, very good description of the difference. I almost have the same feeling when I came to US(and NYC a few times). All those costs are very expensive relatively here and I think that is why all those companies are outsourcing their, mostly backoffice, operation to India. China could be a place to this kind of outsourcing as well given the endless supply of highly-educated people.

Another interesting thing to notice is that China is hoarding more than 1300B foreign
reserve right now and RMB is under pressure to appreciate. Let's see how the economy turns out.

The subprime related house bubble in US is bursting and I am not sure if that will affect things in Shanghai.
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