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28 Lujiazui is a Construction Site

Any pictures of the construction? I'm trying to imagine it.....after a four -year absence!
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27 More Discussion on Tibet

Well, I wanted to see if you had any comments on this most recent situation and was not disappointed in all the views able to be aired. It is hard to get any straight story on the situation, as many have mentioned since some of the writers in Western media outlets have strong pro-Tibet inclinations and CCTV 9,which I get here in the States has condemned so strongly the protest/attacks, it's hard to know which side (or no side) is right. I thought Gunjan sounded well reasoned for the most part, aside from some personal comments. Thank you for keeping an open forum, JianShuo.
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26 Snow Scene in Shanghai Again

Amazing! How is it today, as it's getting so close to CNY? Ours just melted, but should have anywhere from 3-12 inches (7.6 -30 cm) by this time on Wednesday. Like you said, normal for Canada (and the northern U.S., where I live), but not so common in Shanghai. Do you have any more Jiao Da pictures? Oh how I miss seeing the snow there! With the ice storms in Southern China, is it getting any better? I saw items on CCTV-9 where the relief workers were getting some supplies to villagers, but the station was also advertising for donations. Where is Wendy, that she took pictures of the damage there?
Stay warm and safe and God bless you this new year!
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25 Snowing in SJTU (with Kijiji Logo)

I could hardly believe it when I heard the news that it had snowed in Shanghai and Nanjing and points south. Thank you for the wonderful pics. The first is the route I would hurry down many mornings to my English class. Now I miss it more than ever; my students said it hadn't really snowed in ten years. I missed that coming from a snowy region, and missed it again this year (by moving back--it snowed here too, and is about -10 C now)! Thanks and happy new year!
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24 Labor Day (May Holiday) Canceled

Wow, it was a real shocker to me to read this information.What are the holidays that FanfeiCh talking about? Wow, no May holiday. So hard to imagine. I liked that mid-semester break as a teacher(except during SARS, when we didn't have much of a break,anyway)! How unusual....for me.
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23 Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year, Jian Shuo & family (and all !)
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22 Happy Moon Cake Festival

Wow, 200-300 is a lot for mooncakes. What happened to the good, cheap ones?
I was messaging my friends there and asking them to send some, but may go to the local Asian grocery to see if they still have them.
Have a good break this week!
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21 Highly Recommend Book - China Road

It sounds good...I'll have to see if our library has it.
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20 Yifan in His Two Months

What a sweet picture (1st one especially). Hmm, I think you'll see an actual naughty face in 2 years!
Congratulations again!
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19 The Name of Chinese People

Very interesting; I tried to get my adult junior college students and university staff in Shanghai to describe their family trees,and they said they didn't know, or only kept track of the males, rather than both parents, yet you know of your family roots back to the 1380's.....I can trace mine back to the early 1600's here,and were I to go to Europe, maybe farther. Amazing.
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18 Yifan has Hukou Today

Congratulations again, JS.
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17 Name of the Baby - Part II


I think I like these both, but you and Wendy have the first say!!!

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16 Pictures of my Newly-Born Baby

Congratulations again to you and Wendy! On this side of the "pond" I can see the big pics, too! He's so sweet!
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15 My Baby Arrives

Yeah, too! I thought you'd written about Wendy expecting, but I didn't know it was so soon! Congratulations to you two!!! Yeah
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14 Areas to Visit in Shanghai

Don't forget the museum at the bottom of the Pearl Tower; I lived in Shanghai for 1.5 years before I went there with friends and learned loads of Shanghai history. I'm with JL on Hangzhou or Suzhuo trips for culture (Yu Gardens is nice), ZhouJia Zhao or Zhou Zhuang if he has a less time for "river culture". Though foreign, I'm not really "fruffy" when it comes to shopping and would rather bargain than go to some of the high-end stores in areas mentioned above. Street food/ local restaurants (Hot Pot!!!!) vs. Pizza Hut or Starbucks, though quality medium priced restaurants like those in Lu Jia Zui or parts of Puxi are fine. I've been to "M" on the Bund once, but prefer the local culture myself. You're the expert, though!! I just visited!
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13 Where to Buy Tea in Shanghai

I agree with Pat, the English was a bit off. I believe you...I didn't have to fly out of H.Q. but had a roommate who did. Thanks for the tea-buying info. My question is, can you drink bagged greeen tea after 3 years? I had bought some to give away and still have it here in the US, unopened.
Have fun during the May break!
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12 Peach Flower in Nanhui District

I know there was one on Kang Qiao Road that ended at the Nanhui bus terminal, but am not sure if it went up to Longyang Rd. I went there a few years ago witha former student
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11 Public Market in Beicai

Wonderful! This brings back good memories,as this was the best fresh market near our place during my first year in Shanghai! Thanks!
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10 Shopping Malls in Shanghai

Yes, I've seen many of these while living in Shanghai; I'd also like to know where the best bargains can be found, from a local standpoint.....now that the Xingyang market is closed.....
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9 I Found a Bug - in my Soup

Probably the same thing you did!
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8 My Favorites in Shanghai

I'll have to get started on my list, but why (Jian Shuo & Micah) are the 926 and 136 your favorite busses? I guess for the moment, mine would be the Ru Er, which used to take me to two places where friends taught on Long Dong Da Dao (SMIC and a fancy-looking private high school; now all have moved on, but one....) and a few that got me around to places near Xu Jia Hui(but , again, I'll have to check notes...it's been 2 1/2 years). According to the scale, I should probably start taking the number 11 bus again... :-)
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7 More Cats in My Garden

It's so good to see another befriender-of-cats. In late January, a mother cat and kitten showe up and I have been putting food out for them also. Today we had another rather fat cat, who I would consider to be an illegal alien,and those two, probably temporary residents......we never know when they will come or go. It was so fun to read your blog and I hope you had a good time at home!
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6 Best Buy Opens Store in Xujiahui

Jian Shuo,
What I'm concerned about is whether this will affect the ability of shoppers to "bargain " at the electronics mart in Xu Hui, since Best Buy is usually a fixed-price store. I thought that was one of the perks of going to the "Globe" mall and other places around there (near Microsoft), as you can't barter for prices here... :( I hope not!
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5 Living Cost in Shanghai - Service Fee

Does changing the bubble mean the water tank?
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4 Living Cost in Shanghai (2007 Edition)

Thanks, JianShuo. Looks like the Metro prices have risen quite a bit since '04; everything was 2 or 3 rmb unless you wanted to go to the end of the line, on either line 1 or 2.Gee, I may want to take you with me to find a standalone apt near the Metro or a quality 1000-2000 1 bedroom apt.! Would they try raising it just because of a foreign face.....? I was looking at apartments at the back gate of Jiao Da that went for 1500 then. That was really tempting, but I didn't make it back that year. Hey, I never saw the dumpling restaurants ther, or I would have been there daily! The 2-4 Y shops in the old DJD neighbor hood were good. Thanks for all the info!
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3 The Scar in People's Heart

Thanks for letting us know..I'd heard some things, but not in such detail.
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2 The Changing Shanghai

Wow,I wonder if I'd recognize Pu Dong if it's changing that much! Where are youlocated? I used to be out on Kang Qiao Road, not far from Kang Qiao town......
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1 Shanghai Jiaotong University

Great post! I found you the other day while trying to find a bus that went between Hong Qiao and Pudong airports for someonand have really enjoyed reading your posts (except the dog story--too bad!) And now you've googled a pic from my old school I taught there for a year and was anble to show my family where the classroom building and my office was. Thanks!
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