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52 Living Cost in Shanghai (2009 Edition)

Would like to know what's the average pay for a senior financial accountant position in a international company?

Is RMB 27,000 /mth (after tax) ok pay?

Posted by Tom at 2009-09-08 23:05:34. More

51 Shanghai for Disabled

Exactly DC. You would think that the cornerstone of the expo them, "Better City, Better Life", would be traffic management. Its not all about making things look new and building a whole new infrastructure.

Shanghai already appears to have a decent traffic infrastructure. Problem is, its not managed properly --- Which doesnt make for a better city or a better life. As far as the infrastructure goes for the disabled....there are lots of ramps and WJS said and also a whole system of ridges to guide the blind. I didnt realize that the ramps were useless, but the guideways for the blind also seem pretty useless as there arent any audible pedestrian crossings (the ones that make a click or beep when the light is green). This is another example of making everything look better when in fact it is completely useless.
Posted by Tom at 2009-08-31 20:08:31. More

50 Shi Shi Shi Shi - Chinese Pinyin

thats really fun. good to see that you sent this to shanghaiist.
Posted by tom at 2009-06-08 22:33:40. More

49 Australian Pavilion Foundation Completed

Westerners would never eat cake for breakfast.

Posted by tom at 2009-02-27 00:52:23. More

48 Xizhimen Viaduct is Too Confusing

in fact this bridge is our masterpiece-we chinese call it Great Spaghetti, if u go to beijing, both great wall and great spaghetti are worth visiting, more importantly, latter one is free and u can't miss it.
Posted by tom at 2009-02-17 18:49:11. More

47 Metro Lines are the Bones of the City

Where on the web can I find the plans for expanding the Shanghai metro? I would like to know if and when one will open in Zhou Pu / Kangqiao area.
Posted by tom at 2009-01-24 13:42:21. More

46 Where are the Train Tickets?

Nike’s latest duo of Dunk Low CL’s are made up of a variety of elements including simple color-ways, gum soles, suede and leather. The first model consists of a grey and white color-way that is complimented by a gum sole, somewhat similar to another style released a few years back. The second sneaker appears in a similar format except in black. Both are now available at Sneakerhead. At the end of April, reports of Nike’s Japanese City Dunk Pack was reported to be released in June. The Fukuoka Dunk and the rest of the pack will be hitting stores this weekend. The shoes are made up of strong colors applied to patent leather. The shoes are said to be inspired and recognizing the ancient Yamakasa festival which features colorful shrines. Available June 28 at select Japanese retailers. Via Stussy Japan.
Posted by tom at 2008-11-13 14:07:58. More

45 Four Types of Consciousness

[...]The offline scripting tool might add some relief here, but it’s still sort of a pain. I’ve had to separate “build” from “configuration” steps.[...]
Posted by tom at 2008-06-25 11:59:05. More

44 Foreign Companies in Shanghai

I'm looking for a sales rep, we are a flash web design & animaiton company in shanghai
Posted by tom at 2008-06-23 18:15:52. More

43 Top 3 Issues of Shanghai Tourism

im working in jiading, how would i go about finding prostitutes in the area as i dont speak the language.
Posted by tom at 2008-01-20 21:25:25. More

42 Cross Bank Money Transfer Now Possible

I have the need to pay for some product in China - I live in the US. My vendor in China suggested we use PAYPAL, but then realized his China bank will charge an additional $35 to process the order. I then attempted to use my credit card to pay for services - again through paypal, but then again his Chinese bank wanted to hit him for 10% of the total. Is there some alternative for my vendor to accept money from me - inexpensively. The amounts are typically $300-$600. We thought maybe we could open a credit card merchant account in China and he accepts my credit card from the US? I've seen plently of merchants in China accept foreign credit cards - what percentage are they getting hit for?

Any ideas? Please don't suggest I open a Chinese bank account, wire in a pile of money and then electronically transfer to his bank account when needed. I need the cash - for the cash flow. Thanks, Tom
Posted by Tom at 2007-12-03 10:45:47. More

41 Whole Day in Nanjing

I recently took the CRH from Shanghai to Nanjing. It was a great experience, similiar to the high speed trains of europe. I liked the detailed pictures. I don't think everyone is aware how comfortable and convenient the new trains are.
Posted by Tom at 2007-12-01 01:26:53. More

40 Paying Bills with SHFFT.COM

I used to be a dev of SHFFT.COM
Posted by tom at 2007-11-15 10:48:18. More

39 World Financial Center - Part III

@JSW, I am at Shanghai Green Town on Dong Xiu Rd/Jin He Rd. Close, but not the same place. The view is similar though. Do you know when the building will be open to go to the top and get the view?
Posted by Tom at 2007-10-28 01:02:55. More

38 World Financial Center - Part III

Hi Neighbor!

It is amazing how fast they reached the top.
It seems as if we have the same perspective. I know you live close by, but from the looks of your picture we may live in the same compound. Stop by for dinner sometime!
Posted by Tom at 2007-10-26 02:16:41. More

37 Software for Newly Installed PC

I used to do this in college, although nowadays I find that most computers with good antivirus are stable enough to keep me from erasing everything.

I keep them around for a few years. I usually just buy a new one, once it gets too slow :)
Posted by tom at 2007-07-18 02:10:37. More

36 How I drive in Shanghai - Part II

Hi JS,
You asked what is the reason for a right turn on red rule. Right on red was initially adopted to keep traffic flowing when the situation ( safety concerns and traffic ) alowed for it. No point sitting and waiting for the light to change when there are NO pedestrians in the crosswalk and NO cross traffic. I have seen the law concerning right on red in China and it translates to the same meaning as most places around the world. Right on red AFTER yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalk, AFTER checking that a turn can be made safely, without intefering with cross traffic and most importantly AFTER stopping. Right on red was never meant to be used to ignore the red light. By sticking the nose of your car in front of the on coming traffic, forcing them to let you in, may help you get to where you're going quicker, but it is not the purpose of the rule. At this point you're infringing on the flow of traffic not helping it. Kind of defeats the purpose.
Think of it this way: the light is red and you're supposed to wait. If an opportunity comes to continue safely, then turn and be on your way. If the opportunity does not appear, then wait your turn and go when your light is green.
I think Chas hit the nail on the head, it's about respect. People in China tend to drive the same way they walk or get on the subway, selfishly, rudely and with no consideration for others. Who said before ? The "ME ME ME first" mentality. Now changing that way of thinking could take many years to fix. It's all about education, start with the kids , they haven't been spoiled yet.
For the rest of us, we'll just have to live with it. These guys aren't getting religion anytime soon.

PS Most people would cross at the green if they knew for sure you were stopping. At this point in time they are afraid you might be teasing them into complacence and setting them up for the kill. They don't trust driver's behavior yet.
Posted by Tom at 2007-04-30 15:59:27. More

35 How I drive in Shanghai - Part II


I am a daily bike rider (what this country is know for) and have trouble at every intersection. The bicycles disobey the traffic lights and the cars have NO respect. I intentionally ride towards the cars as a scare tactic to help teach the drivers here. (when I have the right of way).

China seems to be a collective culture, they do what the other does. You have your individuality, so please don't lose it to follow the masses. The drivers (and bicycle/moped drivers) need a serious education. Maybe the death toll will be reduced (who cares about waiting for pedestrians, when you could save 500 lives each year).

The other day on Bai Hua Lu I saw a policeman standing near the bicycle lane. I assumed he was giving citations to the many people driving through the bicycle lane to make the 2 lane road a 4 lane road. I soon realized that he was directing the cars into the bicyle lane (forcing me out with beeps) to reduce the daily (normal( traffic build up. I have seen many Shanghai police enforcing the laws, but with actions such as this the driving public is then confused on what is wrong and what is right, making everything "right: in Shanghai.
Posted by Tom at 2007-04-28 02:33:20. More

34 Some Blogs about V2EX

sometimes i really feel disappointed on those inhumane things done by my government--especially things like blocking various of websites that are very helpful for spreading sociological knowledge and information under the excuse of safeguarding national security.
anyway,we can do nothing to those "big guys " except for protesting on bbs with extreme and dirty words.
Posted by tom at 2007-02-24 21:04:12. More

33 Should I Drive in Shanghai?

I walk every morning to work (Jin Qiao) and always cross on the green pedestrian signal. I am beeped at and almost run over every day. I have now begun to kick or slap the back of the cars as they pass (because they are so close). They are often stunned and sometimes embarresed. We can take care of this problem (if the police can't) one car at a time.

By the way, I have seen more police presence lately. They are writing tickets left and right. This is a good thing, but on the days when they are not there it is the same old story. Too bad.
Posted by Tom at 2007-02-14 22:54:43. More

32 Best Buy Opens Store in Xujiahui

I like the style. No crowded sales counter...
I have bought 2 cellphone there :)
Posted by Tom at 2007-02-02 09:23:00. More

31 Living Cost in Shanghai (2007 Edition)

Hi Wangjianshuo,

Great blog! keep posting.

The cost for the taxi has a small mistake I think. It should be 11 RMB for the first 3 km (currently it says the first 10 km).

Living in Shanghai myself, I agree with the prices you mention. Very surprised about the (low) price for Coke though, but that might be because I never drink it.
Posted by Tom at 2007-01-22 23:06:07. More

30 Personal Income Tax in China

DC, if you are a foreigner work in China, the policy to you is different.
Posted by Tom at 2007-01-09 09:37:58. More

29 I Got a Tax Summary!

I got it too.
Jianshuo, have you declared your EXTRA income tax -- for annual income summary > RMB120,000?
Posted by Tom at 2007-01-08 10:18:49. More

28 Where to Study Chinese, Beijing or Shanghai?

hi rachel,

you seem to know about options of learning chinese in china. since i intend to do so soon in 2007, i would love to get some more infos. would you mind getting in touch with me via i would appreciate a lot.


Posted by tom at 2006-12-25 07:06:52. More

27 MSN Messenger Virus BR2002

i got a virus where it sends to all your conacts i think its relitivly new tho ive tried all the searches posted and it hasent helped, the virus says;

is that u? :P

i would be very grateful if i would get a link to get rid of the virus ASAP as i dont want the wrom spreading thx alot =]
Posted by tom at 2006-11-26 17:07:14. More

26 How to Tell if Someone Block You on MSN Messenger

id ont get it the method u gave me was totally wrong and i want to know if they have blocked me before the way u showed me it cor work like u told us how it would work and i ahve not got a allow list figure that out plez
Posted by tom at 2006-10-30 21:50:15. More

25 MSN Virus omg.pif

ok, your wanting microsoft do not allow this domain to be used anymore for hotmail or msn account registrations the domain is used for current customers only you can only get / .com / / / .de etc otherwise looking at the paid plan packages can offer you and i doubt any of you skivys are willing to pay so you cant get it!!! lol
Posted by tom at 2006-09-07 01:40:36. More

24 World Financial Center - Part II

when the building is complete how many feet will it be? Will it be taller than the soon to be freedom tower? thanks.
Posted by tom at 2006-09-06 10:04:54. More

23 I Don't Know about China Visa

As mentioned in the previous post, Minsheng Rd 1500 is the place to be if you're in Shanghai.
Open from Mon - Sat from 9h till 17h.
VISA application is on th 3rd floor.

General information to visit China at :
Services (for non-residents) -> travel -> Tourist VISA
Posted by Tom at 2006-08-12 17:38:01. More

22 Rent an Apartment in Shanghai

luxury apartment close to Jing'an temple for rent. new building, Modern decoration fully furnished, IKEN furniture. 1 bedroom, 1 living room and 1 bathroom with 74sqm, convenient and comfortable. near shop, restaurant, business, 5 minutes walk to Jing'an metro. rent 4200 rmb/ month. Pls contact weiqing 13041682942, here i have several 1&2 br. apartments for you choice, different price 4200-6000rmb
Posted by Tom at 2006-05-29 16:53:53. More

21 My Boat Sunk in Dishui Lake

Dear Jian Shuo,
Forgive the posting here, but I was trying to get in touch with you regarding some of your comments on Shanghai traffic and I didn't see an email address listed -- I'm writing an article about traffic in different cities around the globe, and I'm in Shanghai at the moment. Can you drop me a line at my email if you have a moment, or call me at the Four Seasons (under name 'Vanderbilt') Many thanks... Tom
Posted by Tom at 2006-05-03 16:47:34. More

20 OOB in the Next Two Days

G'Day Jianshuo,
I should have introduced myself yesterday.
I live in Melbourne, Australia, the home town of the Drapac Porsche Cycling Team which is currently competing in Chongming Cycling Tour.
In my efforts to get some news / results regarding the cycling race I came across your fabulous blog. I find we have a number of common interests & I'll continue, I hope, to visit your site.
Your photos of your cycling trip to Chongming Island have given me a great tour & appreciation of where the team is racing, the types of roads etc. Prior to that the best view I had was via Earth Google & an article regarding the development at Dongtan. It was interesting to read your comments in your Chongming Hotel posting a few years back when you said that nobody ever goes there. Now with the tunnel to be constructed, Dongtan, re-settlement of people from Three Gorges Dam area & World Fair in 2010 I guess there will be many more visitors than you imagined back in 2003.
I have received some information via email regarding the race (team is doing very well) but it has been good to make contact with your blog.
Hoo Roo,
Posted by Tom at 2006-04-18 22:06:08. More

19 OOB in the Next Two Days

It is always great to feel the sun on your face wherever you are in the world.
Especially when riding your bike or relaxing after a ride.

I have friends involved in the Chongming Cycling Tour 15th -19th April.
I have been searching in vain for results via the internet. Web sites for newspapers such as Shanghai Daily have only International sporting results.

Maybe you have been to Chongming Island the last 2 days to see the race.
Can you send me daily race results or a local sports online results service?
Posted by Tom at 2006-04-17 23:10:44. More

18 PVG: From Pudong Airport to Nanjing

I will be arriving at Pudong airport on 6th May, at 8AM. I intend to carry on straight away to Nanjing. Is taking the bus directly from Pudong airport still the best option, or would taking the train be just as easy?
Posted by Tom at 2006-04-10 20:04:35. More

17 Using Contact Lenses

Hey again, thought I just write in a follow-up message after completing my second try putting in contacts. Tonights try was much, much, much better! I was in and out in a half hour and that includes waiting (not long), putting the contacts in, taking them out, paying, and scheduling another appointment.

Everything went better than I thought it would today as far as the contacts go. I kept them in for a few hours and just took them out before coming to use the computer. I have to this point put them in and taken them out 2 times and on the second try for both it was much easier.

So, to anyone having problems, just be patient and you'll find a technique that works for you. It just takes practice.
Posted by Tom at 2006-01-13 08:34:55. More

16 Using Contact Lenses

This page is just what I needed! Tonight I went to the eye doctor to get my contacts and thought it was going to be a breeze. Little did I know I would spend half an hour just trying to put them in and because they were closing I have to go back tomorrow. It was very frustrating but I'm taking note of some of the techniques others have shared. I'm nervous about going back again...I wasn't nervous at all today because I thought it would go pretty smoothly.

I don't have a problem with touching my eyes but as they told me my eyes don't open very wide and I have long eyelashes so that combo doesn't make it easy to put contacts in. I tried my best to open my eye with my other hand and used every position imaginable and I would get so close but everytime the contact remained on my index finger. The assistants were patient and helpful and one even demonstrated with her contacts but no matter what I couldn't do it.

I'm hopeful that tomorrow is better and that they go right in. So far I've only tried to get one in my right eye without success. Left can't be any better haha. But I'm sure going to try to make this work. Glasses seem to get in the way too much for me and being able to wear contacts would make things a lot easier.
Posted by Tom at 2006-01-12 11:59:58. More

15 When the House Prices Goes Down

This is the funniest comment I've ever seen on Wang's blog. You think american media never ever tried to wipe the shit out of your government's terrible action in Iraq and GuantamoBay? Wake up! man, you're fooled by the so-called 'democracy' flag raised by your government while it's just a killing machine and greedy merchants when occupying other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Democracy is good only when people in their own country fight for it themselves, not obliged by other nations especially like USA, which only carry it as a flag and use it as a legal cover to do whatever they want to do.

The above is very true, the American media is ruled solely by ratings - they will not cover real news unless it will bring in ratings. They are slaves to shareholders and the almighty dollar. To really have a clue to what's going on, one must check many news services around the world, as well as blogs, etc. If you rely solely on U.S. news services, you are relying largely on propaganda.

BUT, as far as news is concerned, things in China are even worse. This is not a put down on the U.S. or China, just stating facts.

Posted by Tom at 2005-07-16 05:14:43. More

14 When the House Prices Goes Down

If you become a property owner, do you ever worry about the gov't authorities simply coming in an reclaiming your property? I read stories from time to time of this happening, tearing down villages to build skyscrapers and shopping ctrs.

Do some not buy in fear of this or is it so rare that it's not a real worrry?
Posted by Tom at 2005-07-14 04:20:01. More

13 Blog Registration in China

I read somewhere that an "anonymous" official saying that no personal blogs were going to be allowed. I surely hope that is not true. Good luck Jian Shuo!
Posted by Tom at 2005-06-10 05:54:29. More

12 10 Things You Love/Hate About Shanghai

transport is poor in shanghai. what is the point in saying it is also bad in london or new york? that doesn't stop it being bad in shanghai...the question was what do you like and dislike not what is the best town in the world..
Posted by TOM at 2005-01-19 09:28:43. More

11 About Starbucks Tour in Beijing

Hello Wanangjianshuo:

Your article was very interesting. I live in Seattle and spend a lot of time in China. I have visited a number of Starbucks stores in Shanghai and Beijing out of curiosity but never actually tasted any of their coffe because I prefer tea., or coffe with a differnt after taste However, during a recent trip to Ningbo I did sample a cup of coffee with some local friends. I was really amazed at how exactly the coffe tasted to what you would get at a Starbucks in Seattle. It was so wierd. I could detect no difference what so ever. You would think that the water source would impart some kind of local flavor. This has a lot to say about globalization.

Posted by Tom at 2004-08-20 11:51:47. More

10 Maglev at Long Yang Station

I love your site especially the map. Must be the best on line streetmap in China
Perhaps just the best streetmap.

regards Tom
Posted by Tom at 2004-08-04 03:51:53. More

9 Mowing Lawn

you grass is too long, get this one
Posted by tom at 2004-06-10 05:12:49. More

8 Mowing Lawn

you grass is not long
Posted by tom at 2004-06-10 05:09:19. More

7 EndAds and BlockMessenger

And here is an email to

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Complaint regarding ""

Using Whois I have tracked down that you are hosting (

For the past few days I have been inundated by a pop-up message advertising "ByeByeAds" a product offered by I have no other pop-ups appearing other than that from Endads. Therefore they must have initiated this problem. On the website it offers "ByeByeAds" to rid this problem. I cannot believe that people would be gullible
enough to pay these parasites to rid themselves of a problem that EndAds have created themselves.

It has wasted a lot of time and I am extremely annoyed that someone would host such a unscrupulous operation.

I assume that you will have received and will recieve other complaints regarding this. I trust you will withdraw your hosting of this site with immediate effect. I trust you will also inform all other hosts of this disgraceful scam, preventing them setting up again.

Please email me back the steps you intend to take.

Thanks for responding.


Posted by Tom at 2003-08-15 04:31:07. More

6 EndAds and BlockMessenger

Here is an email I sent to John Williams and Hope some of you can use it or part of it and not waste time like I have writing to the parasite:

For the attention of John Williams

I hearby give notice that I wish you to stop sending me popup messages advertising "ByeByeAds". This is wasting my work time and I will take further action should this not stop with immediate effect.

I have sent a written complaint to I trust that they will shut you down as soon as possible. If no action is taken I will hound their abuse department until something is done. To protect others I will periodically check who is providing your internet presence and alert them about your activities. Should you change provider I will pester their abuse department until you are finally shutdown for good.

I cannot believe that people are so stupid to pay you money for removing something you sent them in the first place.

The internet needs to be rid of parasites like yourselves.
Posted by Tom at 2003-08-15 03:59:08. More

5 EndAds and BlockMessenger

Thank you. I will also write to and that piece of scum John Williams. By the way, how do you know to write to (Sorry if I'm being stupid!!) Talking of being stupid how many people would seriously pay someone to rid themselves of something that endads had sent them in the first place. Amazing - some people......
Posted by Tom at 2003-08-15 02:51:52. More

4 Protect China - Not Only Against SARS

Zhao, I appreciate your response and I understand your thinking. Please remember that stories regularly appear in the US press regarding such things as "Man in China caught with a bible is sent to 20 years in prison" or about "Prison authorities put inmates to death to sell body organs." There are many such stories reported in the western press and the get repeated over and over again leaving Americans with a very distorted view of China.

These stories frequently are seen first on sites like, which is sponsored by one of the largest labor unions in America. Remember - every time a product comes into America from China, it is a product not made by an American union worker. The American labor unions are shrinking and their power is diminishing. Do not think for a moment that they are not considering the future impact of the continued growth of the industrial and economic strength of China.

I would appreciate hearing your opinion of where these (distorted) news stories originate and why they appear so frequently in the American Press. Either the western press is incorrect in reporting these stories or they are reporting facts. Which is it? If they are not being correct in their reporting of these stories, then where do you suggest these stories originate and why? Why does the American press hardly ever run stories that are positive about China? I personally believe that there are many positive things happening in China that the western press chooses to ignore. As an American, I am very bothered by this.

I would like to know your opinion regarding this.

I would also like to know why there are sites like that are dedicated to defaming China in every possible way? Are you able to put some light on this? I am confident that you will have a thoughtful response.
Posted by Tom at 2003-04-27 19:53:36. More

3 Protect China - Not Only Against SARS

It is important to understand that the American news services do not represent the position of the Government or the position of the majority of Americans. They support the positions and interests of American labor unions as almost everyone in this business must be a member of an “AFL-CIO?affiliated labor union. It is the AFL-CIO that is the number one anti China organization in the west. The AFL-CIO opposes a strong and economically healthy China and works to prevent China from growing. In the US, most of the lies about China all come from the propaganda mills of this national labor union and its thousands of loyal affiliates. Other anti China organizations usually base thier arguments on the propaganda that comes from labor Unions. One of the major originators of bad news about China in the US can be found at Look at some of the ridiculous articles found here and then lookup who the owner of this web site is and you will learn an important lesson about America that few people in China understand. Lazy reporters in the media regularly borrow these stories and they are found in the media again and again until most people think that with so much reporting on these ridiculous fabrications, it must be true. I do not tell you all of this just to talk. I hate these horrible evil people because of the horrible things that I know they do. It is important to know who the real enemy is.
Posted by Tom at 2003-04-27 16:43:02. More

2 Daily Life - SARS Related

What do you think about conditions in Thailand regarding SARS? Any truth to the matter that there is no major or any problem there?
Posted by Tom at 2003-05-18 12:29:41. More

1 Recent News

hi, do you happen to know, when and how it will be possibel to ues msn messenger again in shanghai? it used to work, but since a few days i can not sign in anymore. thank you, i really appreciate your help.
Posted by Tom at 2003-02-09 09:01:04. More