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58 Shanghai Taxi Colors

i was so lucky and took an Benz yesterday! :D:D
Posted by tutu at 2004-08-16 21:44:12. More

57 Doorplate not Used in Beijing

it's very true!!! that's wat i've experienced in Beijing :P
it really took me a long long time to look for my friend's place:(
Posted by tutu at 2004-08-16 00:35:22. More

56 Transferred to Microsoft Consulting Service

it's a good chance to have new challenges. all the best for ur future ;)
Posted by tutu at 2004-07-07 10:18:20. More

55 Five Years in Microsoft

congratulations ;)
Posted by tutu at 2004-06-30 09:32:24. More

54 Life in Pudong Started

hey, congratulations to ur new settlement. btw, any photos to share with us?
Posted by tutu at 2004-04-06 21:23:45. More

53 Still Working with IPowerWeb

oh, why i can't see Fanfan's blog?
Posted by tutu at 2004-04-06 10:18:58. More

52 Sanya Travelogue - on the Beach

wow, so relaxing vocation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Posted by tutu at 2004-03-22 11:38:28. More

51 Old Houses in Shanghai - Part II

i once heard from my foreign friends, it's so nice to dream to stay in this kind of house, but it's so tough if you really stay in it :P
Posted by tutu at 2004-03-09 10:13:02. More

50 Learn Photography - Seriously

i think maybe the FUJI S7000 would be better to start with. and kodak also has a style for the beginner :) i'm saving money for S7000 now. :D
Posted by tutu at 2004-03-08 09:53:26. More

49 LookatChina.com

very good website!
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-27 10:05:32. More

48 Receiver Pay SMS?

the double pay of caller and reciever is the most unreasonable way of all...
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-19 10:24:40. More

47 Beijing Impression

when i was in Beijing, i thought their metro station is really somehow like the old london train station. just the feeling :)
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-17 09:31:25. More

46 Hello From Beijing

u r so funny:P
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-09 19:44:59. More

45 Hello From Beijing

u r so funny:P
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-09 19:44:15. More

44 Free .TK Domain Available

i tried it 2 years ago, and it sometimes works, sometimes not. :)
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-05 09:29:41. More

43 Shanghai Map Viewer

ha, i added my home on :D
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-03 09:28:22. More

42 Xiangyang Market - the Shopping Paradise

wow, i just go to Qipu Road yesterday, it's better than Xiangyang road :)
Posted by tutu at 2004-02-01 11:27:37. More

41 Struggling for Parking Lot

last time we drove to the center part of shanghai to buy something in the No.1 department store. and then we got 20 RMB for driving in the one-way road and 20 for parking. so actually it's almost the same to take a taxi.
Posted by tutu at 2004-01-30 09:35:11. More

40 Drama - Forget Me Tonight

i've read that novel. when i'm reading that, i felt like another Wangshuo writting about something in Chengdu.
Posted by tutu at 2004-01-25 22:27:44. More

39 Happy New Year

wow.....it's so happy to know a world-wide famouse man ^^
Posted by tutu at 2004-01-23 22:24:32. More

38 First Contributor for MyBusStop

wanna have a try ^^
Posted by tutu at 2004-01-17 11:42:07. More

37 At the Age of 27

just enjoy the peaceful happiness :)
Posted by tutu at 2004-01-14 19:45:04. More

36 Got Flu and Went to Hospital

all the best wishes for you and Wendy :)

Cheers up in the new 2004
Posted by tutu at 2004-01-05 10:14:42. More

35 Last Day of 2003

didn't u see the count down? it's too crowded for me :)
Posted by tutu at 2004-01-02 10:29:16. More

34 Summary of the Year of 2003

it's really a terrible year....like a nightmare
Posted by tutu at 2003-12-29 09:39:57. More

33 Wangjianshuo's Blog Meetup

wow, such a cool event.

en..i'm going to Lijiang tomorrow and if i could be back before friday, i may come for a greeting.
Posted by tutu at 2003-12-18 09:50:43. More

32 World AIDS Day

Hi, Jianshuo, I should say I agreed with wat you said, frankly, it's not hate. i don't hate them, but neither do i love them. To me, they are just ordinary Adults, they should take the responsibilities for themselves. Like wat we usually said, think twice b4 you jump. There is no discrimination to AIDS people as far as i'm concerned.

I've seen that movie, it's a very touching one. I respect those homosexual people, they have the rights to choose their life, and some others like Lijiaming, they also have the rights to choose their life. But shouldn't be more people aware that the way they choose is easy to be infected with AIDS? So be sure to think twice or more before they final their decision.

BTW, Maybe I will see you at the dinner tonight :P. HAHA, later you can add my link loh ^^
Posted by tutu at 2003-12-02 17:19:00. More

31 World AIDS Day

look at this one,


A friend send me this link long long ago, but frankly i just can't be sympathetic with him, as he gives himself AIDS.
Posted by tutu at 2003-12-02 09:53:39. More

30 Expressing with Icons

so funny pics...haha...
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-28 20:48:52. More

29 China and Italy are Similiar

hi, Jianshuo, Strongly recommend you this book http://www.dangdang.com/product_detail/product_detail.asp?product_id=465375

very interesting book, it's something real about the Europe life! I just love the way how the author writes, so humourous :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-27 09:18:10. More

28 Starbucks in A Day

hi Jianshuo, didn't u think the starbucks becomes more and more noisy? i more prefer some other places now, like the coffee bean. But i like starbucks coffee, it tastes nicer.

Last time when I went to Hangzhou with my friend, we see quite good places around the west lake. not the xihu xintiandi, but right side.
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-24 09:32:40. More

27 Starbucks in A Day

just uploaded 2 photos of the starbucks on Zunyi Road.


I love the starbucks' way to decorate. Last time when i went to Beijing, I see a very chinese styled starbucks house in houhai, it's quite attractive.

the picture is here http://img1.photo.163.com/aprilsakura/543206/4369470.jpg
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-23 11:09:37. More

26 Starbucks in A Day

I like the starbucks on Zunyi Road in Hongqiao Area best. It's a standalone whitehouse, more like american style, the cozy atmosphere with the large space between tables.

The worst is the one opposite to the Partkson. It's so crowded as a markets :S
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-22 23:43:23. More

25 Muzimei's Sex Blog Brought Trouble

i've seen her blog long long ago, frankly, i don't like her life style, but i more dislike the government behavior. This is a just a personal affair, like or dislike, you don't have any rights to interfere it.

Last time I heard some women who's husbands has been in affair with Miss Mu attacked her. It's more ridiculouse.
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-13 09:10:53. More

24 Going to Europe?

haha it's so iteresting!! I'm also attracted by the book "Around the World with 3000 USD" when i'm roaming at the Sikaole bookstore on meiluocheng. It's quite interesting? maybe u can borrow me ^^ btw, where did you buy it?
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-11 13:13:56. More

23 All Work and No Sports Made Jack a Dull

I see Da'an Garden is a good place. it has some good sport Facilities, and some of them are free of charge! special that for kids!
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-07 09:21:54. More

22 Shanghai Metro Map and Timetable

ha, i have the second one^^
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-04 13:22:35. More

21 Volkswagen Polo

Frankly, I'm not very interested in Polo. I more prefer Bora or Mazda 1.6MT. Mazda 1.6MT is only 136K RMB, even cheaper than the Polo, but it looks nicer than Polo. :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-11-04 10:02:14. More

20 It is Personal Website Age

and mine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~haha
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-31 09:31:01. More

19 Houses in Shanghai

remember the HK property tragedy? something in preview
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-30 14:08:45. More

18 JW Marriott in Tomorrow Square Opens

oh, yeah...sorri, i mistaken leh...........:P
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-31 10:14:31. More

17 JW Marriott in Tomorrow Square Opens

JW MARRIOT firstly is built near the HongQiao Airport almost 2 or 3 years ago. Quite famouse Hotel Group.
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-30 13:58:14. More

16 Cold Shanghai and Hot Hotmail

and i caught a cold, too bad:(
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-24 17:36:03. More

15 Why I Added Google Adsense to My Blog

my 2cents as well :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-24 09:46:19. More

14 Happy Birthday to Me

:) happy birthday to u
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-19 21:36:42. More

13 China Sent a Man to the Space

Thanks david, that's why i want to ask a about it. coz i'm just loving this Shenzhou V and i'm proud of it :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-17 09:28:37. More

12 China Sent a Man to the Space

just got one problem to "a", who said this is russia techonology?
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-16 12:15:05. More

11 China Sent a Man to the Space

Astronaut returns safely, manned space mission 'complete success'
Posted by tutu at 2003-10-16 09:20:07. More

10 Busy... Out of Blogging

i think that's not honeymoon, maybe some trival things.
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-28 09:11:19. More

9 Out of Blogging for Wedding

yeah, rly a big suprise, coz i'm also thinking that you've got married some times ago. anyway, congratulations and wait for the photos :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-23 10:27:25. More

8 Shopping Malls are Always On Sale

coupon is a trick at all like an entrapment. but i like the shopping environment in Huijin much more than Taipingyang(Xujiahui). it's cleaner and less people.

i'm going to do some shopping at huijin after work. thanks for the information :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-19 15:48:30. More

7 Shopping Malls are Always On Sale

coupon is a trick at all like an entrapment. but i like the shopping environment in Huijin much more than Taipingyang(Xujiahui). it's cleaner and less people.

i'm going to do some shopping at huijin after work. thanks for the information :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-19 15:48:27. More

6 Scrawl on Shanghai Buses

of course it should be normal, just like some others always translate "shanghai wai guo yu da xue" into "shanghai foreign language university". :( it should be SISU, sanghai international studies university
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-18 12:06:54. More

5 Hard to Buy a House in Shanghai

it's just like a shear roberry. i believe most of the real estate companies have been playing a trick. Now the job market in shanghai is really bad while the real estate is too harsh for most of the young.

life shanghai is getting tougher and tougher!
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-18 11:47:20. More

4 What Can I Do With My Own Mountain

wao, it's so cool! i love the mountain.
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-25 09:40:37. More

3 Back from Taihu by Bike

very cool trip! one thing i 100% agree is that the best time for a visitor to visit tongli or zhouzhuang or any ancient watertown like these is at night. while it is not corrowded at all.

i once visited Xitang by myself on a weekday when there're less people then that at weekends. it's raining and quite charming place. the only regretful thing is that i didn't stay there for a night, just because i'm a little bit afraid to stay a lone in the ancient room while i've heard about too many stories about ghost :(

anyway, nice trip!
Posted by tutu at 2003-09-18 11:36:39. More

2 Travel Plan to Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

i see eric's article on run's website, and i have asked my boyfriend to get those articles from Eric.

Just got it when i was going back. I will see it tomorrow. rly helpful things. :)

sori for not joining you guys last night, maybe next time :)
Posted by tutu at 2003-12-03 20:01:03. More

1 Travel Plan to Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

Nice trip plan, may will try it out next OCT.
Posted by tutu at 2003-12-03 13:21:15. More