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172 Who is Chris Devonshire Ellis - Part II

“Due to the serious error of judgment I made publishing details of off-the-record meetings with Chinese ministers, I have decided to step down from these roles,”

Hah hah !

Yep, just like my off-the-record meeting with Obama, my off-the-record majong session with the french prime minister, and my off the record fandango with Hillary Clinton.

You see, they really, truely, did happen. Unfortunately they were OFF THE RECORD.
Posted by wonton at 2009-03-04 18:13:16. More

171 Who is Chris Devonshire Ellis - Part II

A midget thug capitalizing on his bow tie and skin colour, trying too hard to convince us that he is a giant.
Just another media-whore trying to extend his 15 secs of fame and milk it for money.
Posted by wonton at 2009-02-25 10:51:19. More

170 Shoe Thowing

You are not a world leader until a shoe is thrown at you, or someone slaps a pie on your face.
Posted by wonton at 2009-02-04 02:59:23. More

169 Happy Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving dinner is a little like our Chinese New Year eve dinner. Everyone in the family will try to be at the table. It's celebrated a little earlier in Canada probabily because of the earlier havest due to the seasonal changes. Don't particularly like turkey, taste like liver with the texture of wet cardboard.
Posted by wonton at 2008-11-27 18:52:47. More

168 Yifan is Growing Up

You are a lucky man JS,
I am happy for you.
Posted by wonton at 2008-11-21 14:25:25. More

167 Happy Birthday to Me

I'm a little late here, but Happy Birthday to you my friend.
Posted by wonton at 2008-10-22 19:18:38. More

166 Top Commenter of 6 Years

Oh crap ! I lost to AussiePB !
Thank you JS for keeping this place open for so long.
I think it is the interesting subjects you brought up that keeps us coming back.
Good Job !
Posted by wonton at 2008-09-21 20:03:08. More

165 Goodbye Olympic

It was a great 2 weeks. Thanks for the memories.
Posted by wonton at 2008-08-28 01:32:10. More

164 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

@Marshall :

Frankly I don't feel for you at all and totally unconcerned about what you think of me.
The post was not directed at you.
I have written enough about this issue.
Neither of our countries had a flawless record.
Regarding your fellow countrymen's protest for the people of China,
Thanks but no thanks. We can deal with it ourselves.
The pot calling the kettle black ? you bet.
Picking on olympic runners showed poor judgement. As bad as shouting "kill the frenchman" to an American or picketting outside Carrefour.
Don't lump everyone of us with the party simply because we share the same flag.
There are just too many issues for you to understand.
My point is simply this :
You go deal with YOUR history and we will deal with OURS.
The last I heard, the commandos who blew up the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand are still running free and the Pacific Islands are still radioactive. When was the last time you spoke for those who suffered injustice inflicted by YOUR government ??
Posted by wonton at 2008-08-24 03:45:58. More

163 Olympic is about Competition and Happiness

Thanks for your recomendations.
Interesting read.
I guess someone was trying to stir things up.
But I still think it was a bad idea to put up a girl with a faked voice.
I think the movie "Hair Spray" would have been terrible had the directors replaced Travolta's voice with Babara Streisand.
Yeah, there were some debate on the faked voice of Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady" but the movie was made in 1963 !

Anyways, I don't think Lin Miaoke was beautiful at all, she was reminds me of Chucky.
It would have been so much better had she used her own voice.
So what if it's not perfect ? It's human, and frankly more endearing.
What we got in the end is a creepy face with a plastered smile.
Posted by wonton at 2008-08-17 03:41:17. More

162 Olympic is about Competition and Happiness

I don't think Lin Miaoke was beautiful. In fact I thought she was quite creepy. She looked like a creepy puppet or Chucky the killer doll. Pictures of her prancing about in the news was irritating to watch.
I feel sorry for Yang Peiyi. At her age, its no consolation to be recognised for a beautiful voice but a "not beautiful" enough face.
If I was her father, I would have beaten up the jackass that even suggested the idea the first place.

@shanghai-ren: heh heh...well, at least most people enjoyed the orgasmic results !
Posted by wonton at 2008-08-15 11:55:08. More

161 Friends Started to Boycott French Products


However you feel, I hope your country do well and win lots of medals.

This topic is passe for now. I just want to watch the games.
Posted by wonton at 2008-08-09 13:26:35. More

160 Friends Started to Boycott French Products


Your country is no more perfect than ours so you can stop the hot air. Where was your people's evolved humanity when you helped the Nazis kill Jews ? The pitiful smattering of resistence is still a joke to your saviours. Your treatment of Algerians is nothing to be proud of. And thanks too for nuking the pacific and blowing up the Rainbow Warrior. You go deal with YOUR history and we will deal with OURS. France is no bastion of democracy just because it gives out silly statues with torches.

"these protests against China are really for the benefit for the Chinese people"

Wow ! I'm impressed ! so the chinese REALLY SHOULD be grateful for your insults.

Just for the record, I don't run around with a swastika on a french flag or agree with killing the french. Joan of Arc is not a whore. Just a Schizophrenic.

I don't even blame you for thinking us as flith. Maybe it's just your lack of education.
Posted by wonton at 2008-08-09 13:11:52. More

159 The Day Before Olympic Games

I know exactly what you mean when you wrote
"I really feel worried. I am afraid something goes wrong, although I know it is not my fault."
I feel the same way. Somehow I feel that many foreigners don't appreciate how hard we are trying to make this a successful event.
Posted by wonton at 2008-08-08 14:47:46. More

158 Killed 6 Policemen and Became Hero

Without a dependable judicial system, there are no rules to follow our enforce.
The police cannot lead, and the people cannot follow.
Posted by wonton at 2008-07-19 13:57:26. More

157 10 Things You Love/Hate About Shanghai

@AussiePB: Cool down my friend, seen your blog, don't think Ling would question your sincerity if she had seen it. But hey, don't you want to return to the big island in the future ? Singapore might be fine for now, but isn't it a "bloody hell" of a place compared to Australia ? Your tourism board said it, not me. ha ha ! Must admit though, "attractive Asian women (in Singapore) - compared to Shanghai?? You MUST be joking right????????" kinda took me by surprise. Thankfully I figured you can't be that wacky. Looking at your response to Ling... thank god I kept mum on this.
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-28 11:51:37. More

156 Kijiji.cn Changed to Baixing.com

Kijiji sounds much more interesting.
Baixing... so blah.
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-27 02:08:01. More

155 10 Things You Love/Hate About Shanghai

@hardlinejuan :
heh heh...missionaries, mercenaries and misfits...I think you forgot to add the arseholes & dickheads which obviously is the group you belong in.
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-26 15:44:08. More

154 Kong Fu Panda Hits Shanghai Tomorrow

Hello !
Hav'nt seen you around for sometime. :D
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-20 03:49:14. More

153 Kong Fu Panda Hits Shanghai Tomorrow

Yahoo ! another Spielberg movie I can get from my friendly DVD pirate.
Better to get another chinese fed than paying money to that turncoat.
He is not going to make any money from this Chinese.
He has his conscience, and I have mine.
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-20 03:37:00. More

152 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

Thanks for your hilarious insight regarding the love of the white women for the black man's dick and other earth shattering revelations of a handicapped mind.
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-20 02:24:09. More

151 I Hope We can Start to Talk about History

The government did not handle the situation correctly at all.
Their sledge hammer response was totally unnecessary and extreme.
However to consider the students martyrs would seem like conferring the nobel peace prize on Ah Q.
I think there are more deserving people in our history.
I am glad in a way they did not acheive their "revolution" because they simply had no vision or goals to share.
Simply wanting to get to a destination is useless without a road map or compass.
I have no doubts whatsoever that had they managed to succeed, China would have descended into a bigger mess under their useless rhetoric.
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-08 01:45:59. More

150 Review at Yifan's 1st Birthday

Posted by wonton at 2008-06-06 19:03:51. More

149 I Hope We can Start to Talk about History

Reality check necessary. Lets not make martyrs of those student leaders.

A very good friend of mine was one of those hanging about the square the night everything turned ugly. Interestingly, he was a foreigner who managed to enter the "inner circle" of the student leaders by impersonating a foreign reporter. He was holding the passport of another country. His analysis of the leaders was pretty negative. They were described as idealistic opportunists with no sense of their responsibility to their supporters. Their demands were vague, with emphasis on freedom and democracy but without true understanding of the issues. I had the opportunity of following the events leading up to the final clash on both CNN and BBC. Even the reporters appeared rather amused initially by how niave the students were. Slogans like "Give me freedom or give me death !" were thrown about. But when asked to clarify what democracy meant to them, you heard silly things like "I want freedom to do anything I want !" When asked what is it that they wanted that they could not do, we saw puzzled expressions. The arrogance of the students when meeting the representatives of their government was shown on CNN. Even the reporters were taken a back. Was the protest as peaceful as it was made out to be ? Who was provoking who ? What did they think when they threw excrement at the painting of the idol of the party ?

Of course I am not saying that what the army did was right, But when a string is pulled hard enough by one side while the other side is anchored to bedrock, eventually it will snap and sometimes the ones pulling it gets hurt. The jackass Wuer Kaixi came to my university in Canada not long after to raise funds for the "movement". In between,he was feted with sympathy by everyone till he became as fat as a pig.

Of course there may be other sides to this story.
You don't need to believe everything I wrote, just check out the facts first before deciding. As stakeholders, we owe it to ourselves to find out the truth.
Posted by wonton at 2008-06-06 17:59:22. More

148 Chinese Internet Turns Black and White

Hello Siegfried.
How many times do you need to say good bye ?
Ha ha, I smell a snake !
What other excuse do you need to make up for your meaningless contribution ?
I know what the "b" stands for, and so does the person I directed the msg to.
As for you, I leave it to your imagination.
May it be as negative as possible.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-28 12:47:29. More

147 How We Can Help?

Oh you got it wrong my dear !
you see, we chinese have always separated the foreigners into the good, the bad and the A-holes. No prizes for guessing which group your wonderful comments put you in.
However if you have any $ for us, we will take it too ! :D
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-26 12:19:45. More

146 Chinese Internet Turns Black and White

Don't be too bothered by the comments of Mr Auf Wiedersehen.
They are just cheap shots of a silly B. from a distance.
Thanks for everything you and your gang have done for us.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-26 11:12:19. More

145 Chinese Internet Turns Black and White

Total agreement with your last sentence.
Thank you for your useless distraction.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-25 04:18:32. More

144 Chinese Internet Turns Black and White

The essence of your question indicates your preoccupation at picking on whatever our government does, and yes, your lack of interest in the events that led to this announcement leads me to infer that you are pretty mixed up, muddled and confused.
As to whether it is appropriate to suspend all entertainment with mandatory orders, I have no problems with that. I would venture that most chinese too don't have a problem with it either. Inconvenienced ? perhaps, but not much if you take what the victims of this earthquake is going through. Like I said before, I am sorry you were inconvenienced by our conscience. Oh! Just for the record, I don't really care if you are chinese.
Go tune your ukelele and play somewhere else.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-24 04:24:42. More

143 How We Can Help?

Good on ya, mate !
Facta non verba.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-23 12:51:41. More

142 Chinese Internet Turns Black and White

There is nothing to interpret. I don't know which planet you are from, but it is common for governments to declare periods of mourning. It gives a chance for the people to express it's sorrow and unity with the victims. The closing of entertainment places is appropriate. It reflects the seriousness of the calamity. I suppose that daily visit to the bar is REALLY important to you. I am sorry your were inconvenienced by our conscience.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-23 12:39:30. More

141 Chinese Internet Turns Black and White

@ force to mourn:
Regardless of your nationality, thanks for reminding us that we share the world with people who are not so bright.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-23 02:24:17. More

140 Error in Western Media Report about Tibet

So I guess Singaporeans are not allowed to do disgusting things like speaking their minds.

neutralised - made neutral in some respect; deprived of distinctive characteristics
neutral - possessing no distinctive quality or characteristics

Thank god you are neutralised Singaporean.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-11 04:09:13. More

139 Introduce Yourself

Hard boiled commander of an successful sales legion,
prone to sudden pursuits of stupid ventures.
Loyal servant to China,
Father to an unborn son,
husband to a stubborn wife.
And I will have my puppy...
in this life ...or the next...
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-09 00:51:07. More

138 Slow Internet Connection in Early May

@AussiePB : It's pretty easy to get around the GFW. Just stay outside China ! har har!
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-07 15:33:45. More

137 Slow Internet Connection in Early May

@AussiePB, hope you are feeling better.
Posted by wonton at 2008-05-04 01:54:48. More

136 Grace Wang Called a Traitor

@mei: I think she was either not too bright and looked for attention at the wrong arena or her saw a good chance of getting a US citizenship by pleading persecution. But whatever it is, she going to get her green card fast ! I am not too concerned bout those death threats. She'll probabily be still alive ten years from now and probabily has a cushy job waiting for her at Amnesty International or something like that.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-25 23:57:02. More

135 Grace Wang Called a Traitor

@rat in hat:
Tibet deserves to be modernized on whose terms ? your's ??
You understand them ? so where are the chorus of Tibetian support for your stand ? Yeah, silent majority... sure is deafening.
Do pay attention to yourself.
Don't play politics with ignorance.

Anyways looks like there might be some talks so I'll just wait and see the results first.
Posted by Wonton at 2008-04-25 23:46:54. More

134 Grace Wang Called a Traitor

@rat in hat:
Hi, thanks for your comments.

I have to disagree with you on some points simply because I think we cannot continue in this present fashion. Tibet is an issue we must deal with, and peacefully. A solution must be found and it must be one acceptable to all and not just non-tibetians. Otherwise a threat of rebellion will always be there.

Our refusal to address the issue and deal with it is not a strength but a weakness.

The terms set by the Dalai Lama can all be negotiated, as long as we come to the table. I believe that the west would be more concerned if we were to settle the issues and becomes stronger because of it. Right now it is a chink(sorry I can't find a better word) in our armour exploited to the maximum by our enemies.
Come on ! we are all one people. Stop being so divisive.
And no, I am very sure there is NO danger of collapse of China. If ever we go back to poverty, it will have the least to do with Tibet.
You can't convince anyone if you are unreasonable.
Please not give me the nonsense about not needing to be reasonable in dealing with traitors.
Cutting you nose to spite your face is stupid.
If you need to be a hawk, at least be a sensible one.
I consider myself a patriot regardless of what others may think.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-25 14:40:54. More

133 Grace Wang Called a Traitor

Thank you for your post.
Do understand that during the years of "Tibetian hardship" the rest of our country was not wallowing in excess.
China is doing better now and Tibet also benefits.
Please don't deny the efforts.
Yes, perhaps the tibetians are not satisfied from a religious point of view. But this is an unacceptable reason for breaking up our country. I agree that the government do have a roll to play in opening a dialogue with the people representing your community and I have written before if it needs to be the Dalai Lama, so be it. In this sense, I think more had to be done.
By not allowing foreign delegations to investigate, China is not doing anything wrong. Please remember that we are a soverign nation and not Iraq. No soverigh country would allow this.
I happened to read the Dalai Lama's defination of autonomy under China and realised that his terms are really quite unattainable. I don't know if he is simply starting at an extreme position first. Perhaps it turned off the government.
The people of tibet can live free from fear and suspicion if they stop burning down shops and beating up innocent people on the streets. For a people advocating peace and harmony, they sure had a strange way of showing it.
Are you saying that they are not accountable ??
When I hope for a better life for China, I include everyone, including the people of tibet. It gives me no pleasure to see them harmed.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-25 12:52:33. More

132 Grace Wang Called a Traitor

Grace is not a traitor.
Intimidation of her parents is wrong.

I am impressed by her galliant stupidity.
There is a time and place for negotiation.
Running into the battlefield between two adversaries in the midst of gunfire will endear you to no one. You are collateral damage of no value to either side and merely a distraction.

"A lot has been made of the fact that I wrote the words "Free Tibet" on the back of the American organizer of the protest, who was someone I knew... I never dreamed how the Chinese would seize on this innocent action. " why ? are you really that dumb ? what the heck are they teaching you at Duke ?? master 10 languages ? are there any limits to your vanity ?
She deserves to be villified, not for being a traitor but for simply being stupid. If you choose to dive into a caudron of fire, don't expect sympathy when you get burned.
besides... your claim of innocence is suspect.

But if true, I'll say welcome to the real world Grace, feel free to exercise your naivete and don't complain about the consequences. Continue your quest and hopefully one day you can walk on water.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-24 16:19:36. More

131 Error in Western Media Report about Tibet

The biggest cult on the planet ?
Nawh, try christianity. We don't deserve that honor.
Not by a long long shot.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-24 15:08:17. More

130 Error in Western Media Report about Tibet

Hi Peter.
No, I am not confident of the truth. But my eyes are all I have and while limited, they do tell a certain reality of the ground. Yeah, the people MIGHT be all smiling under duress. I don't know. Maybe they even harbour thoughts of beating me up because I am a Han, who knows ? But I am a litttle tired of "deep thoughts", so I am settling at the shallow end just like everyone else for or against the issue. The world has gone mad.

I would agree with you in a way though, there was a time when we did worship that "cadaver on the square" but that was a while back. As I have written, the world is full of strange people loving strange people. China has enough idiots for all causes. We had them in Tiananmen Sq foolishly trying to overthrow the establishment. Now we have them waving the flag.
Call me a traitor, I don't give a shit.
Thankfully ,(?)
Idiots exist in every culture and on every side. We are no better than the rest of the world. I am content in that sense.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-24 10:39:30. More

129 Four Types of Consciousness

@mei: unfortunately when you have no idea of the "truth" you will be led by whichever "news" you consider accurate. The news people are pretty powerful these days. Impartiality is a joke. This is the golden age of yellow journalism and we are all lemmings diving off a cliff.
@Tony: brainwashed implies that the person once knew things differently. I noticed that this is a convenient catch-all word many westerners like to use when describing anyone who holds a contradictory position. It allows them to dehumanize the other party. Please resist describing us as such. The person whom you deemed "brainwashed" may not have the opportunity to see the whole picture. If you must, use ignorant, which would be a fairer label. I hope through this forum you see us as individuals and not a "brainwashed" mob.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-24 01:42:56. More

128 Error in Western Media Report about Tibet

Saw Tibet, happy faces, well fed people, no complaints.
Temples beautifully restored with monks.

I am sure 99.9% of Branch Davidians love David Koresh.
Am also sure they still love him even after the FBI occupied the compound.
99.9% of followers of the Peoples Temple loves Jim Jones.
99.9% Members of Heavens' Gate love Marshall Applewhite.
Charles Manson is loved by his family.
The world is full of strange people loving strange people.

Yeah, I'm stupid. so sue me.
I'm tired.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-23 18:34:35. More

127 Grace Wang Called a Traitor

Thank you for your cheap shot.
China has enough idiots for all causes.
We had them in Tiananmen Sq foolishly trying to overthrow the establishment.
Now we have them waving the flag.
Thankfully ,(?)
They exist in every culture and on every side.
Choosing to take the view of some to represent the majority is no less idiotic.
Hopefully you are not one of them.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-23 11:13:21. More

126 More Discussion on Tibet

Hello BO,
I am not trying to piss you off. Honest!
Perhaps something is lost in our interpretation of what each other wrote.

You wrote:
"Maybe you should ask yourself what was it that has made this guy reacted the way he did! For all you know, all his family could have been killed by the PLA in 1950. Of course that's only my guess... behind every action, there is a reason and only strong reason can create just a strong response. I do not know this guy, I have never even met him in real life but you can see how desperate he was when he tried to extinguished the torch. Do you see his pain? Have you ever wonder about the kind of oppression and grievances that he wants the world to hear?"

my reply:
"I found it interesting that for a person with so many questions yourself regarding the motivations of the protester, you seemed to have already made up your mind on his legitimate "desperation" due to his "pained expression"

This lead to my last posting:
"My response was from reading exactly what you wrote about your basis of supporting the protester ie. his pained expression. Nowhere did you offer me any other support for your decision."

Your post
"You are not looking at the situation but rather the players involved. Isn't the underlying cause and agenda more important?"

You also proceeded to downplay the attack by saying that she had bodyguards.

my reply
"If you need to protest, go ahead, but at least do it in a civil way befitting your dignity. Choosing to attack a girl on a wheelchair leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Even those who supported you before."

While the objective of the protester may be to extinguish the flame,(which I am not too concerned about, he did do more than that. the girl was hit, which I am concerned about) Perhaps you may see it differently. If a stranger rushes up to me sticking a knife at my throat, I really don't care if his original intent was simply to ask for my address. My reaction will be to beat the crap out of him.

By acting in a provocative manner, he has already invalidated himself to whatever noble cause he stood for.
This is why I wrote that I would not be as concerned if Yao Ming was carrying the torch vs Jin Jing.

You wrote:
"Its is not for you or me to decide on the fate of the millions of Tibetans. Self rule or not...they can decide for themsleves. Like you and me, they have brains too. Do you deny them of this basic right to think independently?"
You have to admit that the Tibetans are not happy and that's the main reason for these series of events that have been splashed across frontpages of various newspaper North, South, East and West for the past few weeks...."

I have never claimed that they are happy. I do agree that their unhappiness is something we must look into. Yes, the first protests started within Tibet, IN CHINA. What happened ? did the PLA wontonly killed tibetians ? do get you facts right. The Dalai Lama is not asking for independance. With regards to the issue of STAKE, as citizens of China, the tibetians have a stake, I have a stake, as do all citizens of my county. And no one else.

You last statement was really bizarre:
"but by NOT snuffing out that flame, I would be encouraging human rights abuse in China indirectly"

Good grief ! encouraging human rights abuse ??!! did you ACTUALLY thought the population of my country encourages human rights abuse ??

I am nevertheless in total agreement with you on this :
"Its clear that we have very different opinion and stand regarding this issue but am glad that we can voice our differences calmly in a civilised way."

I am sincerely appreciative of your efforts in offering your point of view. I do accept that my points may not be correct and may change in time. My wish is that as my country progress, our conflicts with reduce.

Like I said before, I am really quite tired of this debate because I feel like very few people are listening and everyone is shouting. The latest news of protests outside Carrefour is a big disappointment to me. I just need to get away from this for now.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-19 19:19:38. More

125 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

I started out in support of the boycott, as a show of support to my country and displeasure against the french. I felt that my quiet show of protest would be sufficient.
I was quite shocked and saddened when I saw the sea of protesters outside Carrefour. I think this is wrong. We can choose the decision we made but we should not harass people do do otherwise. I do not see someone walking into Carrefour as a traitor. He just needs to buy something. Carrefour has a right to do business here. Everyone, please show some restraint. I am afraid we have just lowered ourselves to the protesters' level. Where is the dignity in this ??
I am very sad.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-19 11:45:36. More

124 More Discussion on Tibet

Hello BO,
Calm and civilised. There is nothing calm and civilised in what the protesters are doing is there ??
I am grateful for your response even thought I am a little lost on your points. Especially the one on Yao Ming. But it's ok, I think we are both looking from different angles. I also don't understand the "race" thing you wrote about.
Anyways, like someone said before, the view is quite different depending on where you stand. We are both rather sure of ourselves but the only difference is that it is us who have to deal with it and not some person screaming from afar. As to whether you capitalise on anything at all, it really don't matter much. My response was from reading exactly what you wrote about your basis of supporting the protester ie. his pained expression. Nowhere did you offer me any other support for your decision. But frankly I am quite tired of continuing on this subject. We can write till the cows come home and the distance between us may not change. Let us just agree to disagree on this matter for now. I think there is too much emotions on all sides. Whatever it is, I am glad that we are able to treat each other with courtesy.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-18 04:57:13. More

123 More Discussion on Tibet

Hello BO,
Thanks for sharing your POV.
I am replying to your last post.
Perhaps I have not made myself clear.
Do you love your country because of it's perfect government or despite of it's imperfect government ? Despite the fact that sometimes you feel embarassed to be associated with actions of some of your fellow citizens, are they enough to drive you to away ?Will you stay and fight for your country when it is attacked by those you perceived as hostile ?At any point during your protest marches, did you loathe your country enough to hurt your own people ? if so, why are you still there ? What is the difference between nationalism and patriotism other than one is used for yourself and the other for your enemy ?

Please take note, those fighting for the independence of Tibet are only those who are OUTSIDE Tibet. PEOPLE WITH NO STAKE IN THE INTEREST OF THIS COUNTRY. You don't even know the origins of the riots within Tibet to begin with. What you saw was a group of very passionate people representing their interest against a government you assumed to be automatically at fault simply because of their facial expressions and the fact that you distrust of anything with the word 'communist'. From what I see, many of you caught up in this frenzy are as blind as when you went into Iraq looking for the weapons of mass destruction. I can only urge you to find out more regarding Tibet before jumping on the bandwagon. I would'nt be asking you to do this unless I have certain amount of confidence in my sources would I ? I am not saying that the party is totally blameless in this matter. Is the party going to represent us forever ? I don't think so. But for now at least, we are going in the same direction.

Human rights ?? I guess it would be nice to have the GFW removed and riots on the streets every now and then like your countries. But until we solve the problems of the rural poor, and get this country in better running order, it's a luxuary we can forgo a little. We are not going to fire the driver because he has bad breath...maybe later.

Noticed that we are all sitting in front of our monitors getting better understanding of the issues without resorting to screaming matches ?
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-17 20:30:28. More

122 More Discussion on Tibet

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your reply.
I really have to disagree with your comments on 'nationalism'
Yes, pride MAY lead to arrogance and inability to see things from other people's perspective.
But not always. It also unifys a country to deal with whatever issues in hand, and to protect it's interests. Your adopted country overcame a lot over the last 100 years thanks to nationalism. It is the unity in spirit that lead your country to acheive so much.

If it is bad, then I think nationalism is something every country is guilty of at some point in time. Sometimes it is whipped up by the government, sometimes it is simply by a picture of a girl on a wheelchair attacked by a thug.

As to whether what you see now is a good or bad 'nationalism', let history decide. Right now we are both too firm in our views to see otherwise.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-17 15:47:22. More

121 More Discussion on Tibet

I don't get the point of your post. Clinton had his problem with where he planted his cigar.
The person you obviously detest is right now a piece of dead flesh on the square. We have moved on. Seems like you are the only one with the problem. I think it might be more productive for you to aim for a living target for your venom perhaps someone like Robert Mugabe.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-17 15:02:23. More

120 More Discussion on Tibet

Hello BO,
Thanks for your reply.
I found it interesting that for a person with so many questions yourself regarding the motivations of the protester, you seemed to have already made up your mind on his legitimate "desperation" due to his "pained expression"
Are we "capitalising" on this event ? I really don't know. I am pissed, thats for sure, but in a similar way, I can say that there are also fellow citizens just like a great majority of your people who don't give a rat's ass to the whole thing and are just trying to feed their families. It may seem like the whole country is in an uproar but perhaps you are just looking here. Just remember not every Chinese have net access here. With a population of our size, even a minority would seem huge.
I don't understand your example regarding Yao Ming. Because I would not be AS upset had it been Yao Ming carrying the torch because I would think he is better in defending himself. Nevertheless, I do not support independance for Tibet not because I am brainwashed but because I have a different perspective from my knowledge of history. And trust me, it is not from books written by the party. Perhaps before we clash too much on emotions it might be better to find out more about the issue. Freedom and change are simple words for those without a stake. Independance for Tibet is an idea promoted by a minority. Strangely, even the Dalai Lama is not pursuing this route to a better life for the people he professes to care about.
If you need to protest, go ahead, but at least do it in a civil way befitting your dignity. Choosing to attack a girl on a wheelchair leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Even those who supported you before.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-17 14:23:17. More

119 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

@GN : I totally agree with you.
We MUST learn how to listen and communicate with people who don't agree with us.
Voices of patriotism must be heard, along with traitors.
Lets not forget jackasses also deserves their 15 seconds of fame.
Of course, choosing which group to side is a personal decision.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-17 12:15:53. More

118 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

@Remy : Your country is no more perfect than ours so you can stop the hot air. Where was your people's evolved humanity when you helped the Nazis kill Jews ? The pitiful smattering of resistence is still a joke to your saviours. Your treatment of Algerians is nothing to be proud of. And thanks too for nuking the pacific and blowing up the Rainbow Warrior. You go deal with your history and we will deal with ours. France is no bastion of democracy just because it gives out silly statues with torches.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-17 11:51:48. More

117 "Love China" Blooms on MSN Messenger

Guess it's passe for Americans to be patriotic.
Self loathing is in fashion.
Thank god we are not at that point.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-17 10:16:40. More

116 More Discussion on Tibet

Hello BO
I will tell you what is wrong with your observation
"Many people in China has either unintentionally failed or deliberately refused to see the point that this demonstration/ disruption would occur regardless of whether the torch-bearer is handicap (or Chinese for that matter) or not."

Rightly or wrongly, most chinese do not accept the idea of an independant Tibet. While this is the party's position, it is also in line with the general sentiments. Yes, some parts of our history has been whitewashed by the government. We know that. But this is not something we were "brainwashed" into believing. Somehow, many of the protesters seemed to think that just because we happened to agree with the party on some issues, we must be brainwashed. I think this is ridiculous. Our minds are as independant as yours. We also make fun of our politicians but on a less devastating manner than your media.

I can't speak for the rest here, but my disgust at the attack on Jin Jing, is that the protesters are so blinded by what they are trying to put across that they would even attack a girl on a wheelchair. Please don't give me the crap about "it's not about her, it's the government we are against". She is one of us. Regardless of what you believe, not all torchbearers endorses the communist party.
Why is it that you can only accept shades of grey when refering to your world and not ours ?
Contrary to what you are saying, I am very sure were the events reversed and she was an american or french and attacked similarly in China, your country would raise a stink.
Hypocrites exist not only in China.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-16 18:43:06. More

115 More Discussion on Tibet

Hello PeDu,
Regarding your comment "I feel sad that the protest has been used by Chinese government successfully to inflame nationalism and therefore gain more support."
Actually you might be surprised to know that the government has quite little to do with this. In fact, it is trying to keep down news of the protests. If you followed the news, things are still alright and not as bad. If anything, what inflamed the people are the "true" news from outside sources. I still cannot understand why many foreigners seem to see nationalsm as a dirty word. Aren't you proud of your country ?, even when it is imperfect ?
What made you think that we are all in agreement with our government ?
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-16 16:09:54. More

114 Standing Cross Different Lines

Hello JS,
I think lot of people needs to be reminded that China is still in the process of getting in step with the rest of the world. It is only in the very recent few years that it became active in a global way. I have always said that as a nation we are far from perfect.

Internally, many issues still needs to be ironed out. The list is endless. While no fan of the party, I don't envy the job they have in hand, balancing the push and pull of this nation, while trying to keep the majority happy.

It sounds like an excuse everytime we say that China is a big country and things takes time to change, what many forget or simply choose not to accept is that this is true.
China's progress in the past 20 years is nothing short of spectacular. Just look around, no other nation managed to do as much in recent history. So please don't complain so much. Be patient, and we will get there. I am sure of that.

While some may see Tibet as a number one issue, I don't really share that sentiment. I might be wrong, but it's all a matter of priorities if you understand the problems many other people face. I think for an indigenous people, at least they are being taken cared better than what was dished out in many of the countries critical of us. Granted they may not be entirely satisfied with present arrangements but that is something we need to settle ourselves. Outsides screaming at us will not change anything.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-15 15:36:55. More

113 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

@wayfarer : I would like to agree with you that most french of germans do not hold very strong views against China. It would make me very sad if it were true. But the silence of the so called "majority" in allowing their friend to be ridiculed and insulted is really too much. As I had written earlier, the staging of the games is not just for China alone. This country fought hard for the games to entertain our friends. I feel like we are being slapped with a second opium war. God knows we are still recovering from the hurt and humiliation of the last one.
I know that my boycott probabily won't make a dent on whatever. I am no even a supporter of the games in China the first place. But it's just a little thing I feel I must do. For myself and my country. I do appreciate your post, but just know that a great many of us are hurt, and for people like Brian, well done. We all just have to live with the consequences.
China's foreign policies has been fairly consistent in that she has never interferred with the internal politics of other countries. Tibet is a problem we must solve ourselves and not through some screaming protest grouppie.
I agree that no country is perfect, least of all China.
But not country should be treated with this kind of disrespect. Having less Chanel no. 5 sold in China is the least of our problems.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-12 18:39:37. More

112 Friends Started to Boycott French Products

Hello JS,
Childish as it may be, it's still the most efficient way to show your disapproval. I am nothing but a speck in the eyes of the French so my boycott of their goods is about the smallest way for me to show my displeasure. It's definately much more civilised than screaming an rioting on the streets. And I don't intend to throw paint at their embassy. It's all rather simple really, If they want to do business with me, the least I expect is that they show some respect and civility.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-12 03:57:36. More

111 Error in Western Media Report about Tibet

The only thing I can say is each of the news networks are throwing up it's own version of shit. And people are reacting to to whichever version they saw as "true".
The reactions of the protesters are no more legitimate than the supporters.
The interests of those each side claims to protect is all but swept aside.
Is independence the solution for Tibet ?? or is it just another flavour of the month for protests against China leading up to the Olympics ?
After Tibet blows over, will we be facing protests against the games due to lead paint ??

When I see the crazy frenchman fighting with his fellow sportsman proudly carrying the torch, I can't help but laugh at the madness. Because the protester could have better spent his time fighting for the rights of the inhabitants of the islands his country nuked in the south pacific ! So much for his conscience ! He probabily thinks Tibet is somewhere next to Korea. These guys are so desperate to give out another silly statue of liberty trinket !

The Olympics is the cumulation of 4 years of hard work, not just by China but every sportsman of the world. Unfortunately it is hijacked by a bunch of China haters. (There are those who say they have no problem with the Chinese, it's the communist party they are against. Well, by sabotaging this event, it shows that they treat both as the same.)
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-09 15:56:15. More

110 Why I Didn't Cover About Tibet

@Horace : thank you for your lengthy inputs on this topic. I may not agree with everything you wrote but your suggestions and arguements are something to think about. Your efforts indicates the topic's importance to you.

@DKwan :Don't be so sensitive. And don't be so quick to assume insult in a friendly discussion. You have not put forth enough support for anyone to see your point in a meaningful way.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-08 19:39:25. More

109 Why I Didn't Cover About Tibet

What is so terrible about loving your own country and preventing it from fracturing into little pieces ??
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-07 19:59:35. More

108 Why I Didn't Cover About Tibet

@DKwan : Basically the Mongolians broke away during the tail end of the Qing dynasty, when China was in a mess, by first getting the help of the Russian Tsar. Unfortunately it's did'nt work out too well and he got buried in a swamp along with his familyand some bullets.
It was retaken by the chinese for a short while before they again got help from the north but this time Stalin. Well, they stayed a vassal of the soviets from 1925 up to it's collapse in 1996. The russians got it's buffer between China by screwing both the Mongolians and China.
Yes, it was a part of China, a part we were unable to hold on to. Life is like that, you don't ask for your child back after it is given away for adoption. You say good luck and have a great life.
With regards to Tibet and Taiwan, we have NEVER given way. Grouping them together with Mongolia shows that you don't even understand the situation.
What is the big deal with the P word ?? why is it ONLY a problem when communist establishments use it ?? Do check out your own country's history with the P-word before checking out ours.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-07 19:54:15. More

107 Why I Didn't Cover About Tibet

@AussiePB: me sensible ??? it's probabily my flu medication talking...;)
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-07 14:12:26. More

106 Why I Didn't Cover About Tibet

Ensuring a Han majority will not solve the unrest. It will only cause futher resentment by the local population. In fact, it may be the interference by "officials" seen as representing solely the interest of the party, that cause the unrest the first place. The party's disdain for anything remotely religious is clear. Making atheists our of everyone will not help.
The displacement felt by the Tibetians may not be that different from the alienation felt by the indigenous peoples of America and Australia. Any development must be through serious and honest consultation with the natives of the land. Simply bringing along commerce is not enough. Some kind of dialogue has to be established with the leaders of the community. If they are the monks, so be it. More respect should be accorded to them than the silly cadaver on the square.
I am all for autonomy, not for seccession. Those advocating for an independant Tibet don't know what they are asking for. This is not what caused the unrest the first place.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-07 11:40:47. More

105 Why I Didn't Cover About Tibet

Pretty unusual comments coming from you JS, not knowing the "truth" never stopped you from sharing your opinions before.
I understand your unwillingness to rely on the "news" from either sides. I had mentioned this before in the debate on Myanmar. The truth is likely to be somewhere between. Each side has it's own agenda. But the fact remains that Tibet has always been a part of China barring a short period of colonization by the British, a fact the west is unwilling to accept. It is also a fact that it was a rather backward place bounded by slavery up until the introduction of the communist ideal. Now I am not saying that the system was perfect, but it nevertheless made a huge qualitative difference in the lives of the Tibetians.
The fact that the Dalai Lama was supported by the CIA is no longer in dispute, so the position of the pieces on the chessboard is very clear.
Yes, there should be freedom. But at a pace dictated by China alone and definately not some foreign politicians influenced by the news networks threatening to boycott the Olympics.
Randolph Hearst types are still all over the place. FYI check out Murdoch.
I am not a big fan of the "party" but I am quite flabbergasted by their constant need to pacify everyone just to save face for the Olympics.
We are always talking about China standing up. Why are we always apologising for standing up ?? First Myanmar, then Congo, now Tibet,...whats next ?? As far as I am concerned, the invitations have already been sent out and tables set. It's ok is you choose not to turn up. But insulting the host is simply bad manners and comparing the Beijing Olympics with the Berlin Olympics is absolutely ridiculous.
Posted by wonton at 2008-04-06 03:29:12. More

104 Yifan has his Second Haircut

Ha ha hah... poor boy, his haircut looks like it was done by a weedwacker...and he seem to know it ! Cute kid ;)
Posted by wonton at 2008-03-03 18:42:51. More

103 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

No, I do not "rather see the children continue to languish in the orphanage than have a true childhood."

But I rather see the children have a true childhood with as little adaptation problems as possible.

The fact that I disagree with a point does not automatically means I take the extreme opposite position. The problems of the world are not solved in this manner.
Posted by wonton at 2008-03-03 18:37:21. More

102 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

Hello Kim,
You are right to say that the abandonment of girls in China is not a new phenomenon. But it's also true that the one child policy made it a lot worse. It is not something we could be proud of.
You are also right to question what was my stake in the make up of the adoptee(?)'s family. The simple truth is - practically nothing.

But you brought up a rather interesting "Dining for Darfur" thingy that turned your stomach. I think in a similar way, I could ask you, "what was your stake ?" because as repulsive as it was to you, something was done by those strange people, - money was in fact raised.
I am not equating adoptive parents with the diners. Just because we are unable to solve the world's problems don't mean we are not entitled to an opinion.

In the end, thats all there is. I may not do something about it right now not because I don't care. I might have other priorities at present. You will not see me protesting the adoption of Chinese children by foreigners. To begin with, in my perfect world, nothing like this need to happen.

Yes, there are "cultural correctness" issues simply because as a chinese, I hope the children do not become the "lost generation" of tomorrow. If naming the child "JianShuo Zimmermeister" is acceptable to some, fine. I just think it is weird that all.

I have expressed my hopes that "those administrating the adoption process show some care in their selection of "suitable" parents." If you consider yourself suitable, fine. Just remember so did the parents of the example I brought up.

I know, I know, shit happens...

Posted by wonton at 2008-03-03 18:25:17. More

101 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

@elliottng - there is no controversy.
As far as I am concerned, the writers of Juno simply needed something offensive to be uttered by their character and they obviously felt that picking on the Chinese for a cheap laugh was acceptable. Any other race like the jews or Italians would have been suicidal. So what else is new ? you get more laughs picking on those who are different. Don't tell me you actually think Hollywood cares when actors wear red ribbons ?!
Do you think Spielberg cares for Sudan ??? where was his bleeding heart when his people was screwing the Palestinians ??
So don't blame me for buying pirated DVDs. I really don't care Hollywood is losing money just as they don't give a rat's ass over offending the moviegoers over here.
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-22 18:07:24. More

100 Readers Wanted for TV Interview

heh heh heh .....potential for evil intentions...heh heh...
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-20 17:46:32. More

99 Prostitution in China

Prostitution was introduced to China via the silkroad when the greeks needed some tea to add to the hemlock for Socrates. They offered democracy for our tea but we ever only interested in their women. After much debate they gave us Medusa which turned all the lions guards into stone. With great effort we managed to banish her to the island of Taiwan where she screwed a snake and gave birth to Ah Bian.
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-19 13:56:02. More

98 Cold Winter Comes

heh heh heh heh...thats funny..
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-19 13:30:28. More

97 Cold Winter Comes

@JS - Gud Gawd ! I know this place is democratic but do we really need to put up with THIS ???
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-18 19:20:18. More

96 Photos in the Garden outside My Home

It just occurred to me that all the rats on chinese new year greeting cards and decorations have big Mickey Mouse ears ! I guess a more accurate depiction whould have been too grotesque(new word I've been trying to use). Good grief ! we are being americanized and we don't even know it !
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-18 12:09:54. More

95 What is Knock Knock?

@AussiePB: Don't worry, my taste is probabily not that much ahead. I prefer silly limericks. heh heh.

There was a fella named Bates,
who could dance the fandango on skates.
But a fall on his cutlass,
rendered him nutless,
and practically useless on dates.
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-18 11:55:01. More

94 What is Knock Knock?

@ JS - don't bother if you don't understand. It's just a silly pun joke thingy played by very young kids. Usually nonsensical word play. It don't work when you translate it to chinese. I was once so hounded by my young Canadian nephew with so many knock knock "jokes" that I wanted to slap him. So I gave him this :

Knock, knock,
Who's there ?
Screw who ?
Screw you and git lost !
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-17 18:12:04. More

93 Yifan Eats Orange

You have a cute kid.
I envy you.
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-14 01:05:41. More

92 Watching Spring Festival TV Show Now

Bought a genuine copy of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" DVD in Beijing not long ago.
Never laughed so much in a movie.
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-09 23:49:31. More

91 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

@Stardom: There seem to be a recurring thread here that chinese dislike people with darker complexion. But if we look at some places outside China, we will know that this is not the case. I know Chinese-Indian marriages do takes place in Hong Kong, Singapore, and India. In the States I know of a Chinese lady who has a Black husband and he got along fine with his in-laws. It's really no big deal. He even picked up some cantonese to greet the grandma. It's quite unfair to simply label all Chinese as racists. Please remember that until very recently, most in China had very little exposure to any outsiders, especially those of other races. The whites are seen in a little more positive light simply because of movies. There is generally a slant in movies from Hollywood that even the local blacks in the States have an issue with.

I am confident that in time with more exposure, everything will balance out at the end.
Lets not forget that once upon a time, the chinese too were cast as Fu Man Chu types played by white man or as ridiculous wise man spewing nonsense in Benny Hill. I used to get quite pissed off. But now I figured that they were just a reflection of a point in time when some were more stupid than others.

Be patient, change will come, and it's already faster than anytime in China's history.
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-09 23:28:37. More

90 Went to Shanghai Community Church

Sorry, I can't resist...heh heh, can anybody help Vivienne look for an UNpatrotic catholic church in China ????
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-09 22:45:14. More

89 10 Things You Love/Hate About Shanghai

Thanks for coming. I'm sure we will not miss you either.
Posted by wonton at 2008-02-07 20:48:27. More

88 Not Be Afraid of Grace and Beauty

Sadly I have come to the conclusion that the problem is not that we Chinese are afraid of grace and beauty. We simply have no idea of what is grace and beauty. We fearlessly ape western culture at the expense of our own, totally oblivious of the sacrilege. The grace and beauty of our own culture, built up over the centuries, is lost in the name of modernity. What we get in the end is a bunch of condescending structures thought up by individuals with no sense of our heritage. I will choose our hutongs over the bloody UFO or bird's nest anytime. And it's not because I am afraid of grace and beauty. I am sorry but the skyline of Pudong looks more like a comedic doodles of a 3rd rate cartoonist.

One day we shall look back at what we have done and long for China.

I fear we are all rushing to a place we are not even sure we like.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-30 12:40:21. More

87 Snowing in SJTU (with Kijiji Logo)

@AussiePB: Please bring some green leafy vegetables along. They are very hard to get now. I am sure your in laws will appreciate them.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-30 11:54:43. More

86 Top 3 Issues of Shanghai Tourism

yeah, sure, there is this place right between your legs you can explore with a cattle prod. Be sure to put it on stun.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-26 22:50:36. More

85 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

@Rocketgirl - It's alright, there is enough space in this world for stupid and shallow people to find each other. You have my best wishes for finding your other shallow half.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-26 22:46:43. More

84 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

@Naif - oh, I see... so despite your professed tears for that slovenly women, you were actually just using her as a replacement for your mother... I guess it's rather honorable that you don't change women like socks. You just need them to change your socks !
Let us not be racists, let us be gay MCPs
Thanks for being an honest hypocrite.
I'm sorry I wasted my time on you.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-25 22:24:07. More

83 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

@DB - Ultimately we are all adults and responsible for our actions. A woman who thinks she can survive by simply sticking to a man (Chinese or otherwise) is nothing more than a parasitic leech. The man who abandoned her is as irresponsible as she is stupid. I guess they were made for each other.

If I were in Naif's position I would have told her to get a job and kicked her out after a week. Life is hard. There are no free lunches anywhere especially in China. We can't afford it !
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-25 17:02:07. More

82 Top 3 Issues of Shanghai Tourism

Don't bother arguing with idiots. They are just trying to provoke the audience.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-21 00:19:55. More

81 Happy New Year 2008

Best wishes to you too. I like your positive energy.
It is not my intention to be controversial or anything.
I am just venting my frustrations when I get a big itch from what's happening around me.
So don't mind my bad breath. Sometimes even I don't understand myself let alone others.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-02 14:58:27. More

80 Happy New Year 2008

Hello Jian Shuo
New Year, New Joys, New Challenges.
May 2008 be a great year for you and your family.
Posted by wonton at 2008-01-01 12:56:43. More

79 Why Things in China is Cheap?

Chinese goods may appear cheap, but if you factor in issues like poor workmanship, back-up service, and dubious sources, you may no longer find it as attractive. Come on China ! lets have a bit more pride in what we do. We need results, not hot air. (there seems to be too much of it).

The sale is not completed just because the goods have left the store.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-26 12:27:30. More

78 "I Will Follow All the Rules!"

Keeping the law vague allows corruption to take place.
It also allows the government to make it's own interpretations when hauling individuals to court.
So when a tourist happens to takes a picture of the great wall with a satellite dish in the background, he can be charged for spying.
For the time being, it's hardly surprising there is no urgency to change anything. Status quo has it's benefits.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-26 09:46:54. More

77 Not Be Afraid of Grace and Beauty

Don't be too impressed by words on a wall.
It may be too simplistic to conclude that - "We are in a hurry, that we don't dare to slow down to spend the time to really appreciate the beauty of our life. We are afraid to put time and effort to make our living environment more beautiful, and healthy. We are afraid that spending time with fine art is too luxurious. We are afraid something is too beautiful that may be treated as outrageous. When we talk about how many hours workers spent to create an ancient garden, we often said it in a negative way - "look at how luxurious the bad guys are!" However, we ignored the fact that really beautiful thing does take time. So the market is full of craps that a worker created in one hour, and very rare can we see some decent art work."

We are in a hurry because we need to make enough money to sustain our families. Grace and beauty can wait. Not everyone has the time to admire a bowl when there is no rice in it. We are not afraid. We are too busy. There is no grace or beauty in poverty. Anyways, the current defination of beautiful in China is pretty outrageous so we are not missing much, and much of what is deemed as beautiful by the new rich are quite vulgar.
The olympic bird nest is a piece of crap. So are the many "modern" additions in our cityscape. Time will not change the fact that they are bullshit on a bed of roses. Appreciate the jobs they created though.

The worker create crap because he has no pride- Major problem for everyone.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-20 05:11:07. More

76 The Age of Change, in Reality, and in Mind

The extreme income gap and the need of the nouveau riche to flaunt their wealth may just lead to another revolt. We are not that different from the 1930's.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-20 04:33:33. More

75 Current University Students are Different

In the end what we get are universities producing students with good results but without passion in what they are persuing.
I rather they just give up and do something they like. At least it would maintain their curiosity and interest.
A young man without curiosity and interest in life might as well be dead.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-20 04:24:36. More

74 Gave Chinese Names for my Friends

As your wish !
Elizabeth, aka Liz,
I hereby confer most honorable chinese name.
Let it be known henceforth, that you will answer only to the name of Li-chi.
(same as the fruit... the one we put in our almond jelly dessert)
heh heh heh...I'm such a meanie...
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-15 01:29:33. More

73 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

AussiePB: I think it's not easy adopting a child with a different ethnicity and culture from the parents. The child will ask a lot of questions tougher than "how are babies made ?" The alienation the child feels about having two "different" parents is real. The parents should have seriously considered the ramifications BEFORE they simply went ahead. Right now I think the little girl probabily feels a lot like the mecha-boy from the movie A.I.

I do not have any stats on such cases, I would like to think that most adoptions of such nature ends happily but even if 5% of them ends up noxious, can we put them aside as acceptable losses ?

There are no easy answers on this topic. I accept that we can't put aside the interest of the unwanted children in orphanages. Most of them are sadly not orphans at all but rejected for stupid and selfish reasons. (gender being number one) I only hope those administrating the adoption process show some care in their selection of "suitable" parents.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-13 09:41:12. More

72 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

@AussiePB: I don't know if you have seen this article but it reflects my concerns completely. My sympathies lie with the child. She is going to be one big screw-up. I am sure if Jianshuo knew the parents when they first adopted the baby, he would be just as " impressed with their capacity to LOVE" and can't wait to help name the kid.. My advice is: Put away those rose tinted glasses ! The world is not just about beautiful things. Chicago may look beautiful but it has an ugly underside too. Read on...

HONG KONG - Hong Kong authorities are searching for a new home for a 7-year-old South Korean girl after the Dutch couple who adopted her just months after she was born changed their minds, officials said Tuesday.

The Dutch diplomat and his wife adopted the girl seven years ago when they were living in Seoul, South Korea, but struggled to integrate her into their lives, a South Korean consulate official in Hong Kong told The Associated Press.

The diplomat, who has not been identified, handed the girl over to welfare authorities in Hong Kong last May, saying she was having trouble adapting to their culture, including their food, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to comment on the matter.

"That's the reason they disclosed as to why they are meeting authorities. It is the reason they gave for why they want to discontinue the relationship," he said.

"It's bizarre. I don't think it has anything to do with cultural shock," said Law Chi-kwong, an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong's Social Work department.

"The child grew up with them. They adopted her when she was a baby; they are responsible for shaping the child's mind and culture. How can you say the child cannot adapt to the culture in which she was raised? This is just ridiculous."

Media reports at the weekend suggested that the couple adopted the girl because they thought they could not have their own natural children, but then decided to give her up when the wife got pregnant.

The official at the South Korean consulate, however, said the family had two other children, a 14-year-old-boy, and a second son, born after the girl was adopted.

The girl is in foster care, but the Dutch couple will remain her legal parents until she is found a new home, the official at the South Korean consulate said.

"Our concern is that she can find a new home, whether it is in Hong Kong, Korea or another country. She's been in Hong Kong for almost three years ... so it's better for her to stay in Hong Kong."

The girl speaks Chinese and English but not Korean, he added.

Mark Choi, a spokesman for the Korean Residents Association in Hong Kong, said there was a lot of anger in the Korean community as they could not understand how the family could give up the girl after seven years.

"Several families have come forward to offer to adopt or foster the girl," he said, adding that he did not know who the girl was living with right now.

Hong Kong's Social Welfare Department said it was working with the adoptive parents and relevant parties on the future care of the girl. It refused to disclose any other details.

Peter Mollema, spokesman for the Dutch foreign ministry in The Hague, said there was no official statement.

"These are personal, private matters not shared with everybody at the ministry," Mollema said. "Right now, we're trying to get the facts straight."

The South China Morning Post, in a report Sunday, quoted the unnamed Dutch diplomat as saying that the adoption had gone wrong.

"It's just a very terrible trauma that everyone's experiencing," he said. "I don't have anything to say to the public. It is something we have to live with."


Associated Press writer Toby Sterling in Amsterdam, Netherlands contributed to this report.

Posted by wonton at 2007-12-12 14:06:11. More

71 Went to Shanghai Community Church

@Marco : Thank you for your kind wishes... well, I guess I should be grateful...but I doubt my wife's cooking is what God intended me to be grateful for...or at least what she done to the stuff he provided ! heh heh heh...wait till she sees this !
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-05 17:38:57. More

70 Went to Shanghai Community Church

@AussiePB: Sometimes you have to forgive me for simply being an ass. I still feel the same way but I don't think I needed to sound like I was leading the way to the Bastille.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-05 16:50:20. More

69 Went to Shanghai Community Church

Apologise for that silly post. Can't even remember what pissed me off to write something like that. heh heh. Anyways, you can't say grace without food on the table.
Posted by wonton at 2007-12-04 13:33:47. More

68 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

I an sorry for leading your topic astray... again.
I am really quite a pain in the ass.
Someone please beat the devil out of me.
heh heh...
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-27 19:06:08. More

67 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

Correction. SOMEONE in China gave up on them. China did'nt.
If you have a one child policy back home, the end result will probabily be similar.
Do something useful and go tune a ukelele.
A cheap shot always, always, always deserves a backhand.
I've already made my summations...two days ago...and it's NOT about people adopting kids for superficial reasons.

hmm...where did I leave the Holy Hand Grenade...
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-27 18:57:06. More

66 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

Ok, your "key points"
ie: adopting children in China is easy, long wait in the US,
you know of one well balanced Korean kid with two white parents, and a two happy white parents of a Guatemala kid.
wow ! certainly "meat and potatoes" endorsement for China to give up it's children. And by the way, China "should be grateful because afterall, hey, they are only little girls.

I apologise for my single lousy point about doing what is in the best interest of the child.
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-27 00:14:57. More

65 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby


Just a note regarding "especially if you and your wife personally have no problems conceiving - you cannot even begin to imagine what it's like psychologically for couples who don't have this luxury)..."

Actually I don't need to imagine. I know how it feels. I desperately want to have a child but my wife have other ideas. I have been wanting a kid for the past eleven years. I still greive for my unborn child.
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-25 23:36:39. More

64 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

Hello AussiePB,

Perhaps you are a little too sensitive here. I am NOT refering to children of parents of mixed races. I am quite sure your children will do fine. Because they will be able to identify with their parents' origins, and culture.

I don't think the world around an overtly looking chinese kid will be able to reconcile with the fact that BOTH his/her parents are white. In time, he will hunger for his roots which NEITHER of the white parents can fill. This incongruency will be exaggerated by their token chop socky name which their well intentioned parents picked up on the net. The unforgiving environment around the kids may make the situation worse when they return to the parents' country. Racism is not as prevalent in cosmopolitan cities but I will be concerned if they were to live in communities unexperienced with diversity. Pauline Hansonville (don't mean Australia)

While it's not representative of all adoptions, I have seen a very good documentary about a young lady who happened to be of vietnamese origins adopted by white parents during the vietnam war. Man, was she messed up. She grew up in the midwest in a white neighbourhood and she described her growing up years as "hell". She was lucky enough to trace her family back home again but when she met them, the cultural divide has become too wide. In the end, she could not find the resolution she so desperately sorted. It's quite sad. There are many other cases too where the child and parents became so estranged that the kid took to drinking. Rationally I thought they seemed rather ungrateful children given the fact that had they not been adopted, they would have a tougher life if any at all. But I guess sometimes the need to belong is much more important that material things.

Again I need to emphasise I am not refering to children of mixed marriages. Your wife is a chinese, having a part chinese name for your kid is in fact an excellent idea and I WOULD be surprised if you did not do so. If one day you feel like adopting a chinese kid, I would be happy fo you and the kid because it has a chinese mother with the additional wisdom of a non-chinese.

Oh no! of course I don't expect a world according to wonton ! Gud Gawd ! THAT would dilute my uniqueness ! ;)

My point is that, If I had all appearance of a certain race, I would adopt a child of the same race so that he will not have to grow up needing to perpetually explain and question his origins. This is to protect the child. The child I love.

If both parents are white, then get a child elsewhere. There are more than enough kids that needs saving outside China. Why not try Romania ? there are children falling into the hands of pedophiles there all the time.

We all wish for a more perfect world. But in action, we have to make decisions grounded in reality. Of course you might ask, if we don't make the first step, who would ? Well, I won't... not for the love of the child. I am not going to pave the road to hell with my good intention.

Hope you understand.
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-25 23:26:19. More

63 Some Thoughts about War and History

heh heh...the words of a traitor.
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-24 16:48:03. More

62 City Life v.s. Village Life

@Adi Chew, This is a good forum area. Do stick around.
If you're not careful you might even learn something. :)
I totally agree with your point that "a well-governed dictatorship is better than a misguided democracy"
America, despite all it's harping on it's democratic ways, has basically only two political parties. It's people have only two option of choosing which direction it wants to go. They forget that for many less developed countries, there are sometimes too many little parties to offer a cohesive strategy for the country's development. For years they have supported the Shah of Iran, a ruthless dictator until he was "overthrown by the masses" (a somewhat unorthodox democratic action)
Pakistan seems to be going thru some sort of upheaval. Granted I am a little short on understanding the actual situation, It appears to me that the western reporters are having a great time pushing their own agenda. I doubt they would be celebrating the triumph of democracy if the population votes in a taliban government.
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-24 14:46:58. More

61 City Life v.s. Village Life

Hello AussiePB,

Do you consider the Ex Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee as a dictator ??
My take on history is that dictatorship often comes before democracy.
The first president of Turkey started off as somewhat of a dictator. But he was wise enough to set up a democratic system for the country.
An iron glove is sometimes needed to get the house in order before it can be taken away.
It's just a process. Some countries takes a longer time to get there but eventually all will arrive at a system of government that is more or less democratic. If power breeds corruption, then we should be assured that dictatorships will never last very long. Democracy in the hands of an unsophisticated population is often disasterous for the country too.
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-24 04:44:42. More

60 Chinese Middle Name for Erik's Baby

Never very excited about chinese babies being adopted by non-chinese.
Nagging feeling they were picked simply because of their novelty. And we all know just how long thats going to last.
I am sure there are enough options for childless couples in their home country or Romania.
Try getting a chinese couple to adopt a white child and watch all hell breaks loose.
The kids may have a good life in the material sense. Psychologically they will probabily be a little messed up.
Unlike what Michael Jackson says, in most places it does matter if you're black or white or yellow.
Hopefully the kids will not grow up with a totally confused state of identity with a chop suey name like Elizabeth 天恩 Smith.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I have seen enough celebrities travelling long distances to pick up novelty babies so as to boost their humanitarian image. Some even go all out to create a mini united nations family. It's all a little too disturbing for me.

Sorry for being such a sour puss but real world is often quite ugly and appearances deceiving. Right now I'm bracing myself to be slammed.
Posted by wonton at 2007-11-24 04:04:25. More

59 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

I am a "he". But I would be honored if you actually thought I was a "she".
heh heh.

But you know what ? I just had a chat with me wife...again, and she said that my favourite meat on a stick was actually halaal but adapted for chinese. WELL ! I was a little bummed out. It kinda put all my arguements up in smoke.
Arrrrgh ! she makes me feel stupid sometimes. But I DO like satay... maybe there should be a halaal and a haraam Burger King in Malaysia...

I feel idiotic... maybe I should'nt talk to her so much.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-27 14:02:34. More

58 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

Sorry Halal,
I might have misinterpreted "anglo" to mean "anglo-saxon" and carried on my riff raff from that direction.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-27 13:07:35. More

57 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

Hello Halal

Go check your facts again. The straits chinese make up of only a minoriy of Singapore's population. Whatever their numbers, to say that the local "lost their taste for pork and beef" is quite a stretch.

"find me an American of PURE ANGLO descent" what did you mean other than white ?? haven't heard of the Irish ??? please don't make generalisations. We don't need the insights of an six year old.

The last paragraph before my msg to Ling is the point of arguement. All the rest are fillerbuster.

As for the public apology, JS certainly did not apologise on my behalf. Go tune your ukelele.

Yes, I am a pain in the ass to people who thinks that I am insulting moslem(muslim) or Malaysians when I pick on Burger King's mystery bacon.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-27 12:44:38. More

56 China's Moon Probe Chang'e I Launched

Yahoo ! and just to be a real pain in the ass, lets remove that American flag from that piece of green cheese ! heh heh.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-26 19:15:17. More

55 China's Moon Probe Chang'e I Launched

Yahoo ! and just to be a real pain in the ass, lets remove that American flag from that piece of green cheese ! heh heh.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-26 19:10:17. More

54 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

"after more than a dozen generations, these arents pure chinese anymore. Give you an example, find me a true American of PURE ANGLO descent."

A really strange statement because as far as I know, MOST, and I mean a vast majority of Chinese Singaporeans are no more than fourth generation and they ARE pure chinese. The continuing statement is even more bizarre. Whatever gave you the idea that Americans are all mixed ??? Whitney Houston ??? it is quite apparent you have not been to the US.

As for the spelling of moslem vs muslim or Koran with a Q. Tomayto - tomarto. There is nothing insulting or demeaning. It is only so for those who choose to make it an issue because they have ran out of issues to pick on.

While it may sound nice that you are claiming a position of being "sensitive to the needs of people from different religion", what this means is that eventually, you will end up with your head shaved like a buddhist, wearing a crucifix, circumcised like a moslem(or muslim) and ringing bells like a hari krishna...and don't even get me started on your diet !

Given the diversity of cultures, there is no need to descend to the lowest common denominator for the sake of "sensitivity". If anything at all, we should be celebrating our differences without imposing any barrier to the freedoms of other race or religion. A person who tries to please everybody will end up pissing off everybody.

@Ling : Did you enjoy your halaal (or halal) wonton? I don't need to apologise for prefering a disgusting slab of bacon on my Whopper should I ? I AM CHINESE ! WATCH ME PIG ! heh heh !

Posted by wonton at 2007-10-26 18:56:18. More

53 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

I am always amazed and exasperated by what people can come up with to "technically" fulfill their obligations. Halal bacon is just the tip of the iceberg. Even more bizarre is the vegetarian resturants I've been to. I know that many buddhist are vegetarians, but have you noticed the dishes served in chinese vegetarian resturants ?? faux duck, chicken, ribs, fish... everything forbidden in the staunch buddhists' diet, made to look like the real thing but actually variations of toufu and yam. The resturant should be renamed "I can't believe it's not MEAT" or in BK's case "I can't believe it's not haraam"

@ling: What the heck is a char siew chicken ?? can't they just call it a tandoori chicken ? I guess in your case, you don't have a choice not to eat Halaal food. Which is kind of surprising coming from a country with a majority of chinese. Are there perhaps more moslems in your company ? Anyways, I am sure there are more than enough interesting moslem food without the need to create bastardised chinese dishes. In the end, it's a compromise that pleases nobody.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-22 18:24:35. More

52 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

Just to set the record straight, the "people who create mystery meat" does not refer to Malaysian people or moslems. Turkey bacon and chicken ham was in fact a goulish creation of some American food companies.

Good grief !
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-21 03:45:56. More

51 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

Hah Hah !
Touchy touchy !
Disrespectful to Burger King perhaps.
But unless Malaysia can claim to be the home of the Whopper, and the hamburger is a muslim creation...
Don't worry, the last time I checked, Burger King is neither Malaysian nor Muslim.
Intestines and dogs ! wow, I would feel hungry !
If I saw you choking I would call the ambulance.
It's all quite elementary.
To begin with, I never expected everyone to like chinese food anyways. I nearly threw up trying smelly toufu, so whats the big deal ? I just found it strange that people who can't eat pigs go on to create mystery meat out of chicken and disguise it as a cut of meat from a pig. It's bizarre. Bacon is from pigs. If you can't eat pigs, don't eat imitation pigs.

Note :
With regards to my sensitivities, I have merely described the nasty surprise of finding a fly in my ointment. Nothing more, nothing less.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-21 03:01:31. More

50 Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

Ate a halai whopper in Malaysia once. Nearly choked on the strange bit of mystery meat they called bacon (turned out to be chicken or something like that).

It's like finding Barbara Bush modelling a thong in a Victoria's Secret catalogue.

Gud gawd ! why do I do this to myself !?!
I really need to get that vision out of my head !
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-19 18:35:03. More

49 Happy Birthday to Me

Hello Jian Shuo,

It's good that you can afford the luxury of celebrating your age.
I feel the pinch every second of my progress towards my conclusion.
Best wishes from this sourpuss.

Live long and prosper.

Posted by wonton at 2007-10-19 17:34:46. More

48 One Year to Beijing Olympics

The easiest way for evil to triumph is when the good do nothing.

When good moslems do nothing and allows the bad to hijack the religion, can anyone blame Aussies for becoming more discriminating ? Remember the innocent people killed in Bali. How many moslems rose up to protest against this babaric action ? And how many felt that the aussies deserved it ??

I don't blame Australia if she stops more islamic immigrants.

Hey, It takes a while to recover from the wounds.

People who support Hambali deserves people like Pauline Hanson.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-17 18:35:13. More

47 Burma and my Ignorance

@Jian Shuo, Yeah, yeah, we're practically eating off each other's plates.

@AussiePB, A good and fair post. can't find much to argue with... but I know some Singaporeans are pretty pompous so giving them a few wacks might be fun. heh heh... the devil in me talking.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-09 14:41:27. More

46 Burma and my Ignorance

Wow, thanks for the very interesting bit of info. The last part was really new to me. My father visited the border a few years ago but he might be at a different town. He thought is was a litttle rustic and there were a lot of people trading jade pieces and stuff like that.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-06 13:22:27. More

45 Burma and my Ignorance

@Jian Shuo

I don't understand the purpose of blocking news. It's going to be out sooner or later. The only thing it is going to accomplish is increase the distrust of the people it claims to represent and damage it's own credibility.

As if it's not already bad enough !

Oh well, with the increased interactions between China nationals and the rest of the world, they are going to find themselves trying to stop a flood with a tampon.

Nyuk! Nyuk !
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-05 19:06:04. More

44 Some Thoughts about War and History

Ideals as nice only when there is a sincere attempt to acheive it. Otherwise they are meaningless.

An anal retentive government may tell you that they are opening up. But if you look carefully, you may still see their finger stuck in their arse even though you hear farting.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-05 15:02:29. More

43 Some Thoughts about War and History

Heh heh, sorry bout that.
I tried looking up Myanmar on youtube. Not much there, same clip of people dashing everywhere and the military fellas wacking them with sticks.
But I did see some really offensive clip of the wedding of the general's daughter. It's just disgusting how these people can live like that while the people suffer. Seems like the only fat people around are those with army connections.
I think the Asean can do much more than just issuing communiques. If even the people in Singapore are not allowed to demonstrate their solidarity with the people of Myanmar, how motivated is the Government ??
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-05 00:07:41. More

42 Some Thoughts about War and History

It is possible there were many who were injured or even killed.

But so far, all I have seen are clips showing the killing of the Japanese newsman. All the rest showed people scattering about, police firing in to air, and wacking them (sometimes on the head) with what looked like bamboo sticks.
There were some pictures of injured people, and footwear all over the streets.
Even the on sites supporting the people showed the same thing. I may not have the true picture yet, but the figures seemed exaggerated.

Sorry but I am always a little skeptical about western news reports. As far as I am concerned, the weapons of mass destruction so widely reported turned out to be bogus. Yellow journalism is still alive and there are still many Randolf Hearst types around. China have fallen victim many a times by sensationalized reporting.

I would like to state though, that I don't support the actions of the current Burmese government.
The people deserve the freedoms denied by the military for so many years.
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-04 10:44:39. More

41 Some Thoughts about War and History

Every country will have it's own version of what is "true" Singapore is no exception.
China considers Tibet a part of it's territory. This is non negotiable. How it deals with pro-independant factions is an internal affair. If they need to be punished, so be it. Tibet is a poor region and China has made big investments there for the betterment of the people. I doubt the Dalai Lama can do better. OK, perhaps they might be "spiritually happier" but you can't satisfy hunger with that. You think goodwill from countries entertaining the Dalai Lama can built the railway connection ??
There are many countries who would like to see China break up in little pieces. Mongolia was lost. What next ? Taiwan ?, Tibet ? Xinjiang ?
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-04 02:57:56. More

40 Some Thoughts about War and History

What do you mean by vested interest ?
I think currently China has a vested interest in being friends with everybody.
Just because it sold arms to the government don't mean it is endorsing them for beating up their own people. There is nothing wrong with selling weapons. Every country needs them for protection. I heard that even Singapore sold weapons to them.

What is the Asean organisation doing ? why did it allow this loopy government to join it the first place ??

I am not thrilled by what is happening in Burma now, but you may notice that there were in fact some restraint by the police/army. Batons and rubber bullets (similar to the type used by the Israelis) were used.

Frankly, I think they should reinstate Aung San Suu Kyi. She won the elections fair and square.
The Burmese are peace loving people that is why they were willing to put up with all the nonsense for so long. So much so that the protest were basically a peaceful walk across town.
If it's in Korea or Japan, the protesters whould have firebombed the army.

Posted by wonton at 2007-10-03 16:08:46. More

39 Some Thoughts about War and History

Bet you are sorry you ask huh ?
Posted by wonton at 2007-10-02 18:06:08. More

38 Satellite Dishes Still Forbidden in China

@Jian Shuo,

You are not missing much. There are a lot of trash on American TV.
You missing "The Bold and the Beautiful" or what ?
The news are not that accurate either. Every network has it's bias.
On the plus side, you get to see it from different angles and decide for yourself.
Fox News is not news.
PBS is probabily the only thing worth watching.
Playboy is good for inspiration !
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-29 14:51:06. More

37 Some Thoughts about War and History

Oh God, my eyes are getting crossed !
Slap me and call me stupid !
What the heck was THAT !
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-29 02:26:20. More

36 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

Aussie football...and I thought you hate violence !
Guess you guys think Superbowl are for girls.
Have a good weekend.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-29 02:16:47. More

35 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners


Thanks for your kind offer. My writing may appear negative simply because I chose to engage at that point. Fact is, reality is not always as nice as what we want it to be. Yes, we can choose how to see it - half full vs half empty kind of thing.
But if you know me in person, you'd be surprised at how positive I am. Being negati..well lets just say raw, gives me some balance. I am already at a level most people would like to be.
In my experience, movtivation for change can come in two ways, either through positive reinforcement, or facing raw reality. I don't believe in negative reinforcement. I tend to be direct, sometimes painfully. but it gets the message across and gets the job done. Popularity has very little to do with managing a business. (of course being crummy is not going to get anything done either)

No point bringing up the old stuff, but if you read through the tread again you may see that I bear no malice in my comments. Like I said, even my wife was perplexed. Or maybe I am just not as good at expressing myself. What the heck, it's my second language.

Don't worry, I am quite fine. :)
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-29 02:09:05. More

34 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

No No, I am not talking about you. I was commenting on how everyone seems to be blaming Chinese women for breaking up seemingly perfect marriage. I really have no problems with chinese girls marrying foreigners. I was reacting to some of the earlier comments that were quite unkind. It got rather confusing after a while with Taiwan independance and stuff like that.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-29 01:30:31. More

33 Some Thoughts about War and History

Like I said, don't believe everything you read. :)
Those guys are still looking for weapons of mass distraction for W. Bush !
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-29 00:34:40. More

32 Some Thoughts about War and History

Good for you but perhaps my heart is not great enough.

I agree that this is a heavy topic and a real downer. But It just bugs me everytime Japan expresses it's "concerns" about China's military build up and acts the frightened little boy in front of the US. What do you do with a neighbour like that ??
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-28 18:39:13. More

31 Some Thoughts about War and History

How do you forgive a person who sees no wrong in his actions ??
Turn the other cheek ???
How many time do we need to be slapped ??

@AussiePB, ILH makes a good point. I read about the horrors your country's soldiers had to endure as japanese POWs. I think many of them had not forgiven the Japs.
I think its a terrible attitude to simply assume that the wronged individuals will die in time and no forgiveness need to be seek. It really dosen't speak well of the conscience of Japan.

@Jian Shou
I am sorry I have to disagree with you.
The statement "we were all victims" can only apply if the local population of that time in Japan objected to war. I am sure these people exist. But the problem is the majority did support it and "banzai-ed" all the way until the bombs started dropping on them. How is it possible for us to group them with the chinese who were maimed and killed ?? I am sorry but I sincerely find this grouping of "victims" highly insulting to the true victims and people who died as their POWs.
The wound is deep and salt is added when we agree that we were ALL victims. This is a statement I expect to be issued from the Japanese but not the Chinese !
I have not seen any sincerity on their side so what are we forgiving ???
Their continuing denial to face the truth ??

I can still feel the hurt in my father's voice when he recalled how his family members suffered and died because of the japanese. Am I supposed to tell him that they are ALL victims ??? I don't think I can do that.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-28 14:54:33. More

30 Shanghainese Girl Marrying Foreigners

Hmmm... I'm a little late here but come on guys, why is the issue of racism brought up when it's all about unfaithful horny men ?
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-28 14:09:58. More

29 Foreign Language Only Signs?

I think when we move to a new country, it is our duty to try and adapt to the new surroundings in a way that is comfortable to the locals. It shows respect and consideration to the culture. I don't think sticking out will help foster understanding. As such, I feel that public signage should give size priorty to the local language. I don't think Chinatowns should have only Chinese signs. It alienates us.
In the same way, signs in China should have Chinese in bigger fonts followed by English or whatever other language. I am sure many would appreciate it.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-28 12:46:07. More

28 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

Jung Chang...Wild Swans, yak yak.! see me suffer. Tedious book. forgot most of it. so sue me.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-27 20:16:18. More

27 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

Like I said, don't believe everything you read.

Posted by Wonton at 2007-09-27 20:07:44. More

26 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

@Jian Shuo
Don't believe everything you read.
The history of the opium war written in 1850s will be very different from the one written in 2007.
The view outside China may be different from within.
Perhaps, like you said, they are different parts of an elephant.
For example, Saddam Hussien is generally regarded as somekind of monster by many western countries. But he was able to provide peace to much of his country, and prevent sectarian bloodshed. Something the Americans were unable to do. Is the country better off now?? I'm sure from W. Bush's point of view, I's a great improvement. I am not saying that the killing of Kurds was an excusable crime. But whatever in Saddam's reasons, we will never know. But it is interesting to note that even Iraq's neighbour Turkey is afraid of them (Kurds). A hundred years from now the view might be quite different.

Stephen wrote : "Japanese Imperialism is to seek better livelihood for her nationals in the era of great depression." Perhaps so, but it certainly does not include developing germ warfare and testing it on the vanquished, neither does it include mass killings of the Chinese throughout Asia. It would be so easy to just say 'lets move on"

What I am concerned about the Japanese is that without an admission of responsibility and the absence of education, Imperialism will rise it's ugly head again. Not possible ? happened twice in Germany. I don't think there will be a third because the people did the right thing. Nazism is widely reject because of education.

I have no problems with the Japanese born either before or after the war. Most were not involved. And many responsible are dead or will be soon. But I am concerned about the tales that are spun in their popular culture turning disgrace into heroism. Celebrating the soldier's samurai spirit, while continuing to wrap themselves as "victims" just like everyone else.

Can anyone blame China for building up it's army and freak out everytime Japan flex it's military might ?

Just WHO are the victims of the war ??
The bully who got slapped in return ???
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-27 13:21:52. More

25 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

@Jian Shuo
So just what are the Japanese are teaching their kids about the war ??
Is it glazed over by two sentences ? or nothing at all ?
Why are the youths always surprised when they visit sites around memorial sites around Asia regarding the war ? Whay are they when told always expressed shock at what their country did ?
All I know is that when their minister commented that the bomb had to be dropped to end the war, it caused a huge uproar in their country. Why ?
Why is it that until today, more events were organised for the victims of the bomb than the people they slauthered in Asia ??
Just my 2 cents
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-26 19:11:25. More

24 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

Many Amarican soldiers died fighting the Japanese. If not for them, much of Asia might still be fighting a war of resistance against the Japanese. The British and French were pretty much emasculated at that point.
American civilians might not have gone through the horrors of war, but they willingly sacrificed their sons to fight a war for their friends.

Saving face is a big thing in Asian cultures. Very often the gulity party will not speak about their mistakes. But they might do something they perceived as restitution and hope they are forgiven.
I don't think the Japanese truely understand the magnitude of what they had done. Problem is as the years goes by, with the lack of education, they will understand even less. Question is, do we continue to pass their debt to their descendants ?
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-26 11:01:44. More

23 One Year to Beijing Olympics

I don't think a person should be tar and feathered because of her ignorance.
Pauline Hanson is afterall expressing her honest opinion about the world as seen through her eyes. As I understand it, her views struck a chord with many when she first appeared. It was something many agreed but afraid to support. However she still managed to receive one quarter of the votes in Queensland. From what I know, there is a difference in income, attitude and education between the city dwellers and the farm folks.
I once had a very interesting conversation with a guy in Canada. He was not a racist but he was very much against immigrants at that time. He was very angry that the government kept allowing people from 3rd world countries to come in and take over their jobs. This is very much the case for blue collared workers. Many communication problems ensued while the wages dipped. Crimes also increased because some of the refugees could not find work. He felt that only when there is enough jobs for all should the government open it's doors. He was frustrated because everytime he speaks up people would immediately label him a racist. His family was adversly affected. I truely felt sorry for him. He became a good friend of mine.
Like I said, sometimes, the easiest thing for us is to just open the doors, but have we ever wondered if it's the right time for it ?
Perhaps Hanson was simply concerned for the people closest to her. Unless controlled, immigration tends to affect the less educated negatively.
For a person selling Fish & Chips, I admire her conviction and willingness to stand up for her beliefs. A true democracy should have a place for people like her. It would be so easy to simply call her names. But is it necessary ? Right now even those who agree with some of her views are afraid to admit it as they are afraid to be labeled a racist. What is the message here ? to show the stupidity of fish and chips sellers ?? Bad ideas tends to die a naturally while good ones will be taken up.
A good government listens to all, a bad one selects what it wants to hear.
Perhaps I sound idealistic but hey, aren't we all striving for a perfect world ?
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-25 06:58:57. More

22 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

@Joshua Allen
Unfortunately, it is a highly plausible scenario.
There is too much of the "us vs them" mentality.
I hope one day the chinese can see that it is through the support of many "outsiders" that allowed it to florish.
As much as we love to hate the Japanese, they too have made very significant investments in China.
These investments keep our people employed and benefits both sides.
I feel a little sorry that everytime their government makes a faux pas, they freak out and barricade themselves somewhere "safe". (however since most of the time nobody gets hurt I just laugh) We can't hate them forever.

With regards to America, it's a bipolar relationship. As much as we would like to see them as a friend, it was not too long ago when our embassy was bombed by them, and our fighter jet knocked out of the sky by their spy plane. The blanket blaming of the quality of our products when most of it was due to design faults of Mattel, The supply of weapons to Taiwan... need I say more ?? We don't hate them as much as we don't know what to make of them. We know for sure that if one day Texas wants to go independant, we won't sell arms to it. But what the heck, the US is always confusing to her friends. Not that the French cared much about it, but "Freedom Fries" ?? come on ! why don't they just shroud the statue of liberty- a gift from the French !
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-25 05:44:36. More

21 What's Wrong with China?

Heh heh... please don't tell me to give up smoking for it though !
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-25 00:11:49. More

20 What's Wrong with China?

You may be surprised to learn to there are people in many countries who wish for a government like Singapore.
I am not saying it's perfect, but it's way ahead of many governments.
When you lived in a country where the pay of the ministers are "reasonable" but the main perpetrators of corruption are ministers themselves you will know what I mean. You don't need to look very far from your country.
I don't know how high they pay themselves in Singapore, but at least they have something impressive to show for it.
Heck, nobody will fault a successful business if it can afford to pay its employees a little better.
Sometimes we really have to keep things in perspective. Mr Lee Kuan Yew may not be perfect, but at least he was not Marcos.
The Philippines have yet to recover from his plunder.
Freedom has a price. If forgoing some of it can gurantee stability, security and comfort for the people then I am all for it.
There are systems that choose to push this to the extreme and failed miserabily. I am glad China is now moving towards a freer society.
You have an easier decision to make. It is just money and you already have the other three things.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-25 00:06:41. More

19 Don't Leave, AussiePB

Writing is the last sanctuary for the person no one wants to hear.
I am sure there are things you feel passionately about but powerless do.
I just hope I make an impact on someone with greater ability to change the world.
The written word is useless without a speaker of influence.
Words are often REALLY that cheap.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-24 15:34:57. More

18 Can you Understand Dish Names in China?

Some years back, while in Toronto,
I overheard a chinese waiter asking a white guy if he like some "Bean Flower"
I was amused to find that it was for Dou Hua.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-24 04:54:07. More

17 Don't Leave, AussiePB

I am sorry if my comments regarding aborigines in Australia upset you.
I have no idea of your race when I made that remark.
The comment regarding the drinking problem of aborinines were not meant as an insult.
I agree that I may not have true understanding of the problem but this information is learnt from many sources.
It was featured on the BBC, and many other available reports.
You just need to Goggle "aborigine" + "alcohol"
I have Australian friends who said so, and I have seen a few of them drunk on the streets of Brisbane.
I am NOT making any other inferences here.
Seems like the more I write the more you are offended.
I will just end here for now and hope you understand.

Posted by wonton at 2007-09-24 03:38:35. More

16 What's Wrong with China?

Ha Ha ! Jian Shuo knows me very well !
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-24 03:14:23. More

15 Don't Leave, AussiePB

Hello Jian Shuo

I am sorry my comments was seen as offensive and insulting to your reader.
This has never been my intention and I have tried my best to explain them.
I have even asked my wife to check if they sounded offensive and she too was rather perplexed.
I am in total agreement with your comments regarding this blog.
This is a great forum for everyone. And like any forum, opinions may differ.
I don't think this place was set up exclusively for people with the same opinions. We don't need another place like that (if you know what I mean).
I don't think there were any personal attacks on my part.
I could apologise if it changes anything but it would be quite empty here as I don't understand the source of his frustration.
If this Country means anything at all to us, we should continue to engage one another.
I am sorry he is choosing to leave. I have seen many of his comments and knows he meant well.

Just a side point, my wife did comment on my negativity regarding the Olympics. She asked why can't I see it as an event for China to thank the world for helping it's progress ? It hit me a little and I can see her point. But I still think it's rather extravagant expense.

Posted by wonton at 2007-09-24 02:53:33. More

14 What's Wrong with China?

I have been to Singapore. It's a good place and very efficient.
There are many things we can learn from it.
I am just saying that I won't be too comfortable if there is a threat of drastic punishment over my head.
Today is may be chewing gum (I don't chew gum so it's ok).
But tomorrow it may be smoking, which I do.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-23 16:17:49. More

13 One Year to Beijing Olympics


Man, you are so lost !

I repeat :"Australians might be ashamed of it's support of the Iraq war, but they would NEVER be ashamed of Australia would they ?"

If you are offended, thats your problem because nowhere did I say that YOU are ,or should be, ashamed of your country.
HOWEVER ...(warning: cheap shots ahead)
Pauline Hanson is nothing to be proud of.
I'm sure you guys loved your orange martini laced prime minister.

If anything, I am rather impressed with your people's freedom to openly express their opinions wheather it's in line with the government or not. The street protesters are not considered unpatriotic are they ?

Just because I failed to think happy thoughts, express my opinion about my country's problems which happens to be true I'm now somekind of jackass with "wrong attitude"???

I repeat again.
"There are more important and better things for us to do than to spend money on vanity projects."
It's just a matter of setting the right priorities.

I also did not question your citizenship. Please read last post again.
I wanted to make the point that our countries are not at par. You can't be dumb enough to think so otherwise you would have traded them. I see our people migrating to all corners of the world. I don't see aussies becoming citizensof China. Why ?

Actually I have not taken any offense. I am just tired of putting silly smiley pictures after evey sentence.

Unlike you, I'd perfer to have my house in order before inviting the guest.

No offense but any criticism about China as to come from self introspection of it's own people. I doubt China needs another outsider (or white man if you so chose to be offended) to teach it how to f*** up the country. I guess I am going to be accused of being nationalistic but I am just stating the current mentality of our people.

You should know what I mean. With regards to Australia, any improvement for the aboriginies must comes from themselves and not what everyone else wants. Your people have been trying to get them off the bottle for years.

I am really not such a sourpuss even though my writing may seem that way.

I am actually quite a nice guy.

:) if it helps to convince you.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-23 16:02:26. More

12 What's Wrong with China?

What is wrong with China ?
Hunger for wealth, and everything that goes with it.
It's the same thing every other country wants and there is nothing wrong with that.
The only difference is that we are willing to go further and make bigger sacrifices than the rest.

Comparing China with Singapore is dumb. Just because you are a successful street vendor don't mean you can run Walmart.
That said, I am impressed with the efficiency of Singapore. At least the system works for them.
But I dread living in a society where every positive behaviour is maintained by the fear of punishment.
I am sure we can immediately put a stop to spitting, or any other antisocial acts too if we link it to some drastic punishment.
It would be simple would'nt it ? but should we ?
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-23 04:55:48. More

11 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

Problem is, there are so much news about the rich and crooked that one automatically assumes all rich to be crooked.
If a foreigner confronts a local, the former is always assumed to be the aggressor first, and past injustices are dug up regardless of it's relevancy to the dispute. It's sad but somehow we have to move away from this mentality.
I think the reasons behind all this may be the frustration of the people left behind while the new rich(foreigner included) fluant their wealth. The income gap if it continues to widen will only cause such events to increase and escalate.
Reality is, were this a fight between two regular man in the street, nobody will give a damn.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-23 04:20:39. More

10 One Year to Beijing Olympics

Nobody questioned your national pride. You've missed my point completely.
You are right in regards to my reference point though, I have higher expectations.
But if you rather trade your Aussie passport for one issued by China because of it's greatness, then be my guest.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-23 04:00:27. More

9 One Year to Beijing Olympics

Just my opinion here, but if we are going to take the olympics as an opportunity to boo and jeer countries we dislike, Japan, Taiwan,..(fill in the blank). Then we might as well not bother hosting it.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-22 13:34:44. More

8 One Year to Beijing Olympics

I am merely stating the facts. There is much to do and in my opinion we are wasting a lot of money on things that looked good but contributes little to the well being of our people. The pursuit of vanity in our country is reaching levels of vulgarity. Local governments are building copycat western edifices while the population suffer in poverty. Our people are building ridiculous looking copies of british towns for the nouveau riche. As mush as I would like to be proud, I have to admit that we are also in a whole lot of crap. I cry when historical neighbourhood are bulldozed for generic blocks of glass and steel that says absolutely nothing about our culture.
Too much is sacrificed for too little.
I have enough of people making excuses for our problems. It is condesending and insulting.
The chinese can and will be great. But lets celebrate only after we truely arrived ok ?
I am not ashamed of China and never will. But I AM ashamed at some of the things done in it's name.
Australians might be ashamed of it's support of the Iraq war, but they would NEVER be ashamed of Australia would they ?
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-22 13:26:34. More

7 One Year to Beijing Olympics

Olympics 2008 is going to be one premature ejaculatory mess for China.
This is not the right time and we are not ready.
There are more important and better things for us to do than to spend money on vanity projects.
The architecture is alien to our culture and urban landscape.
The foreign designers are laughing all the way to the bank.
Just what the heck were we supposed to show the world ??
Our rich and poor divide ? our pollution ? our corruption ?
our greed ? or our need to show off ???
Why wear a suit when you can't even afford a decent pair of underwear ??
Boy, it's going to be some hangover the next day.
Posted by Wonton at 2007-09-22 02:02:19. More

6 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

As great a country China will be, it would appear that the hearts of the people cannot go beyond narrow and petty. Having pride in our country has absolutely NOTHING to do with dogmatic bullying of our guests. China will be great only when the world thinks so. NOT because we think so.
For now, the lack of honesty regarding our weaknesses will be our Achilles heel.
I have pride over what China WILL be, I am proud to be a chinese when I travel. But at home, I know things are far from perfect. Facts don't lie.
A smart person knows he has much learn while a fool knows everything.
Currently our lack of modesty regarding minor acheivements is disturbing.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-21 19:12:58. More

5 Fight Between Foreigners and Local

Good God, the opium war is over ! move on ! yes, the white man knows about this history too and none too proud about it. Lets not become the rightious bastards that everyone eventually hates. This baggage from the past is killing our progress as a people.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-21 10:45:02. More

4 Who is Chinabounder

I have no problems with foreigners screwing chinese, or animals, or traffic signs.
When you choose to open the window, some flies will get in... and finds garbage delightful.
The disgraced girls will just have to live with it. Afterall, we don't want to be blamed again for lack of freedom (to fuck anyone) do we ?

I never understood the need to suck up to foreigners (Caucasoids). I do hope it ends but I'm not holding my breath. May god help us when our leaders have names like Charlie Wang, or Elizabeth Su or Lincoln Yao.

When we don't show any respect to our own roots, don't expect the outsiders to do so.

For this I admire the Japanese.
Posted by wonton at 2007-09-14 14:34:49. More

3 Went to Shanghai Community Church

I am a Chinese first, and a Catholic second.
I will not make any apologies for that.
I know that my religion's expectations sometimes conflict with my country's needs.
Whenever it happens, I will always choose the path that my conscience allow.
A country like China sometimes cannot afford the many liberties many other countries take for granted. Perhaps one day we can. But for now I am willing to make that sacrifice.
If China falls, no religion is going to, or can save us.
If we fail, I rather we be responsible for it than some cockamamie advice from some distant holy mafia.
We have been waiting for this for a long time.
This is the century for China and nobody is going to take away OUR destiny.
Posted by Wonton at 2007-09-13 19:14:40. More

2 Seoul Changes Chinese Name

Mumbai is still Bombay.
Bollywood is not Mumblywood.

In Elaine's bizarre world, there are NO chinese in Singapore.
There are only Singaporeans...including people who just "happened" to look Chinky because of some misfortune.

Posted by wonton at 2007-09-13 16:22:17. More

1 Discrimination Against Foreigners in Shanghai?

Hello Everyone,

I just happened to chance on this interesting topic, so here's my two cents.
I guess the source of Elaine's anger is her inability to specify her race.
So the only recourse for her is to embrace her nationality (Singaporean or otherwise).
But it seemed rather unfortunate that she choose to blame everyone else who mistakes her for a chinese. Hey, if you look like a duck....we know the rest. Who gives a shit if your brother looks like a horse. Perhaps the anger should be directed towards the mating of the horse and the duck the first place ! Hey before everyone starts labeling me a racist, the duck-horse is just an analogy. No disrespect is intended here. Just don't blame the world for your own racial ambiguity.

Frankly I have more problems with people who are clearly of a certain race but do everything to deny it. "I'm not Chinese, I'm SINGAPOREAN." Take a look in the mirror dear, unless you have the word 'Singapore' tattooed on your forehead, you're a dammed chinese !" again, no disrespect intended. There is nothing wrong with the tag ABC. It accepts and describes the reality of a chinese born in th US. It is insulting only for the stupid.

Finally, to all individuals with darker skin tone, please understand that there are not many like you in China. When you are being stared at, it's not because they hate you or anything. You are a rarity, and unique to the locals. It's something redheads live with in the states. They get stared at all the time. So please lighten up.

Posted by Wonton at 2007-09-13 15:47:15. More