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56 Dong Fang Ji Bai from KFC

where is Changli area in pudong? I live in pudong and want to try.
Posted by xu at 2006-08-17 12:46:35. More

55 Continue to Seek for an Apartment

In this faster and faster moving society, compation and what you feel bad now curiosity about others are disappearing in the same speed, which is replaced by the terrible word appathy. If one day you really moved in those most sophisticated area, you would find such BAD habits are not so unacceptable, no any single stranger is out of monitor of eyes does means the most reliable safe, and moreover being curious about your life does absolutely mean the warmth of heart every one shows. I clearly remember in my childhood when I lived in such area, the whole building is just a big family, who is ill, who need help about anything, whose kids in co-worker parents home haven't school lunch to take, all of them can take it for granted to go to neighbors for help and will be accepted warmly for all. That is definitely nice experience. Hope you be able to realize and enjoy it some day.
Posted by Xu at 2004-03-04 18:09:50. More

54 Film Mona Lisa Smile

Thank you, JH.
I have learned a lot this time.
Posted by Xu at 2004-03-02 15:46:16. More

53 Film Mona Lisa Smile

Isn't dubbing the way only changing the human voice and not touching any background sound? That is what I have assumed. And I know any original film is also dubbed by actors and actresses in studio after the scenes is finished. For those are familiar to foreign language seeing original movies is likely the nice fashion to brush up language skills at the same time enjoying it, on the other hand, for those are not familiar to foreign language reading subtitls seeing moving pictures must be a tired way to enjoy a foreign movie.
Posted by Xu at 2004-02-27 17:32:05. More

52 Reviewed by ChinaHerald.net

Not nitpicking, just want to say 6 zero behind 16 is the population enough to our city Shanghai.:-)
Posted by Xu at 2004-02-25 18:44:47. More

51 About Jian Shuo Wang

I wonder why this time you deliberately let it slip the chance to get most of your lines to be linked to other entries. :-)
Posted by Xu at 2004-02-19 16:24:38. More

50 I am a RUBIK Cube (Magic Cube) Solver

I think by myself that girl your classmate who was stripped of her magic cube would have turned to fell grateful while finding you helped her solved mystery, and if she had asked you "Can you teach me that, Jian shuo?", it would have been a beautiful story coming on ...
Posted by Xu at 2004-02-06 13:38:59. More

49 Service Quality of Banks in China (Shanghai)

I noticed you'd become more enthusiastic on your blog these days, 3 to 4 entry one day, like a breakthrough. I hope that stream in your mind will last long. And I was also impressed by your confidence of your intuition to see through your readers gender. By the way I think I am HE.:-)
Posted by Xu at 2004-02-04 16:30:54. More

48 Service Shock in Shanghai

At least one thing for which our State-owned banks are not to be cast away. The bank service time. I remember when I finished my work, they were still opened until some 6 PM. Actually this convenience had been realized before I got SERVICE SHOCK in Japan. Each bank here Japan is to be closed in exact 3 PM, and of course no Saturday and Sunday service. I wonder how a full-time job employee can catch time to visit a bank ? or leave it all to his full-time housekeeper wife ? Sigh ...
Posted by Xu at 2004-02-03 16:37:56. More

47 Happy New Year

Happy Monkey Year ! Xiao Wang and your Wendy !
I notice at the first day of this new year, you became more eminent. Please let us know what you talked to world if you want to. I didn't find the content in website above.
Posted by Xu at 2004-01-23 19:10:28. More

46 Future Plan of Shanghai Metro

What a "exciting" news! They said 6 of the 9 new metro lines will be in 2005 open ... ? Yes they did say that, but don't miss to hear last word, OPEN TO CONSTRUCTION! I think this is already the most optimistic expectation. Things never be done overnight. It's apparently better to take realistic view, I have the same yearning as you do, though.:-)
Posted by Xu at 2004-01-31 16:30:56. More

45 Future Plan of Shanghai Metro

Wow, how delicate the map is! Thank you, Xiao Wang. It seems every small load is located on the map, very precisely.
When the metro system become completed some day in 2010's, it must be overwhelming that of Tokyo, we are polished new! And the gap of real estate price will be bridged, now shanghai is 1/5 that of Tokyo.
Posted by Xu at 2004-01-20 17:03:07. More

44 At the Age of 27

Xiao Wang :
The other day, an American CEO who has 2 years experience in Shanghai showing up in an Japanese TV interview program, talked about his image of your Chinese, saying, they are so impressive to me, bright, ambisious, energetic, long-sight, and most of youth can speak English very well, even haven't any experience learning oversea. When I heard that, I felt my face flushed because I am far from fit in that image, but at the same time I was proud of something, because you came across my mind, yes, Xiao Wang! you just an best examle to his description, an incredible sample of our young Shanghainese, young Chinese.
Posted by Xu at 2004-01-14 15:57:23. More

43 Got Flu and Went to Hospital

No, just by chance. They say don't come early, come in right time.
Posted by Xu at 2004-01-05 00:08:26. More

42 Got Flu and Went to Hospital

I believe you two will recover soon. Just try to push the bad air out of body and take in the fresh one.
Cheer up !
Posted by Xu at 2004-01-04 20:58:18. More

41 Cool Stuffs at Amazon

Happy new year ! May 2004 be a great year !

Thank you for your concrete details of search inside books.
Yes, such translating machine doesn't work at all. That is why we need to learn foreign language in heart. I believe however improved the machine would be, it never reach our human's spiritual realm.
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-31 23:49:40. More

40 Cool Stuffs at Amazon

Wow, this time I think you have more chance to win the trophy. Look! now you are just ranked on the top! And it looks much easier to vote, just by twise click.

You deseave to be proud of Wendy, she is a really excellent writer. Why did you not notice her genius until now? :-) is the term of "The Era of Post-Growth" her invention by spark?

And you just tickled me, I became eager to know how you quickly search a keyword in a book, and read the sample pages containing the word.
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-31 01:06:51. More

39 Merry Christmas

What wendy wrote giving me strong impression is euro is overrated and RMB our currency has a quite large room to aprreciate. This might be true.

Merry Christmas to you and your great family !
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-24 20:59:25. More

38 Wangjianshuo's Blog Meetup

Good idea ! I intend to come back since the coming spring, so I lood forward to attending next time. Have a amazing meeting !
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-18 17:58:59. More

37 Taxi Fell into Trap

What a nice violin statue stage ! If you don't say it is the scene just from your window, I may think it is somewhere in Europ. That surrounding lawn also lookes trimed well, not like what you said knee-deep grass, though. :-)
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-14 16:41:13. More

36 Wendy's Blog

OK, let me put in a little more flame here by interpreting Wendy's top line on her homepage, " If you love one man right, everyday is Valentine's day. " How romantic it is !
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-10 18:04:01. More

35 Vote Me as Best Mainland Blog

Now, It became 2 votes !
To go ahead over other competitors, we need more friends and help. o(^^)o
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-06 19:38:34. More

34 Watch Out Bad Shanghai Taxi Drivers

Wow, contience discover !
It is a rare experience may be only for foreigner.
The bad guy is not always ugly, once he notice what he did and feel a prick in heart, it is never too late. Of course, it is better if that guy could make a apologize and give bace overcharged money.
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-03 18:27:44. More

33 Watch Out Bad Shanghai Taxi Drivers

Xiao Wang:
I must say, you did a great job with which how many foreigners will be helped out !
I think we should encourage those were beguiled to make a complaint to Taxi Complaint Management Commission, please pick up the telephone number for them if you can, and for those are unable to speak Chinese, you might want to recommend to at least try to call 110 police telephone number where there has been foreign language service for already half a year as a pioneer in our country, including English, Franch, German, Japanese, arabic and else around the clock ! The purpose is clear, to keep bad taxi driver out or at least deter them from another malpractice, and restore our reputation of Shanghai.

Incidentally, you might want to note that your wonderful fee calculator is one to compute the least fare in terms of driving distance, it should be made an allowance for waiting time additional fee in traffic congestion state.
Posted by Xu at 2003-12-02 20:37:55. More

32 Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, envialbe friendship connected by this blog ! Near to the zenith !
Posted by Xu at 2003-11-29 16:43:53. More

31 Volkswagen Polo

Xiao Wang :
Thank you a lot for your response so quickly.
You mentioned very well. According to my experience both in Shanghai Japanese office and here Japanese university, I can say, most of Japanese are frendly with Chinese, they know what they or their fathers and grandfathers did during world war II correctly, although there are some ommition and embleshing way used in the expression of their history textbooks. While there is exactly few extreme rightist who reject the history of invation, but they do not represent whole Japanese.

If there is kind of discrimination against our local Chinese, I think it is not derived from intention of waging a new war against us, which is quite non-sense, but from their superiority of advanced economy and technology across the board. And this superiority has been wilting and weeker, with the contrast economic context of their more than a decade-long recesion and our conspiciously robust emerge. Yet still, their economic scale (Gross Demestic product GDP) is 3 times as larger as ours, considering their population is a tenth ours, the income gap is still pretty huge.

I don't think we are any inferior to Japanese current generation to the extent both of intelligence and industriousness. But speaking their senior generation who were born just after failing of War, it is they who led Japan to hit No.1 in the world in 1980's from scratch. They did really very hard, there was a popular question before job interview : " Can you work 24 hours a day for our company? ". I think their experience, tips and lessons to former success as well as their group idea producing process, group solidity spirit and earnestness and punctualty to doing any work are worth for us to learn seriously before talking difference. What we should do in the path of reaching economic success is just to take advantage of any availalbe resources, including capital, advanced tecknology and market access ability, to build up our own strenth and make up literally the world factory.

I remmember someone's comment here : when you do well, the world will notice and respect you. May mutual understanding prevail between Chinese and Japanese someday !
Posted by Xu at 2003-11-07 20:36:10. More

30 Volkswagen Polo

Xiao Wang :
I really make sense about No.1 - 5, but except for No.6. Could you give more details about this one ?
Posted by Xu at 2003-11-07 16:08:29. More

29 Volkswagen Polo

I have to say, little surprised, the boycott against Japanese goods is what I have not heart ever. I know the resent two events as well as poison leak accident, have they really sparked anti-Japanese emotion, even stronger and stronger ? Could you give more details about that to say it's very true ?
Posted by Xu at 2003-11-05 16:06:28. More

28 My New Toys - Clock, Radio and TV

Xiao Wang :
You responded very well.
I want to say resolutely, we should be anxious about those pictures showing still unchanged needy. Yes, when you get improved life, please do not forget such people who lag behind you. That remind me of our beloved premier Wen Jabao's saying : " I can not get to sleep well unless I know every single Chinese has been able to lead a better off life. " Salute !
Posted by Xu at 2003-11-03 20:05:37. More

27 My New Toys - Clock, Radio and TV

I think that the old fashion coming back because they can remind us of much of unforgettable memory, rather than their real usablity today. So, these toys should come by the name of Reminiscence Commemoration. In front of them, we are able to keep ourselves knowing where we came from, and to spare the real by far better off lives we have in arms now with so many fantastic materials, don't need to worry over stopping while in trip clock; don't need to tune in and out digital radio; and even showing the figures clearer and bigger than real things high fidelity TV.

How can we reject the advanced things that give us comfort and convenience to return to the old lives with undeveloped things ? Is it practical and lasting ? what do you think ?
Posted by Xu at 2003-11-02 19:48:30. More

26 Houses in Shanghai

Xiao Wang:
Now I know your feeling is conplex, on one hand you expect the price holds on that would ensure your living house hovering, on the other you anticipate that bubble will burst with a short term and after you bought a new big house by favorable price it recover and soar again in sharp V shape ! That is typical feeling surfaced after they got some sweet thing, they need more and more, endless frustration. Do you remember the tale of "Gold Fish and Fisherman" ?
Posted by Xu at 2003-10-30 10:58:44. More

25 Cold Shanghai and Hot Hotmail

Cold is only cold, the best way to beat it is just passing over it, believe the every cell in our body has the power to resist such enemies that got in in our careless moment.
Just pump up ! You can do it !
Posted by Xu at 2003-10-24 19:10:07. More

24 China Sent a Man to the Space

One Step Jumping to Heaven
--- A Chinese Dream Coming True

Some 600 years ago, in Ming dynasty, a Chinese carpenter named Wan Hu was aspiring to be able to fly in sky as free as birds. He created 47 gunpowder rockets and lashed them to a chair affixed with kites, then he ignited his dream-carried chair ?Even though there wasnít a live broadcast, but Wan Huís resolute expression, together with echoed blasting roar had been left in Chinese heart for a long time. It is considered to be the first practical attempt to go to heaven in human being history.

33 years ago, in 1970, under strict circumstance, only by using a bicycle pump, Chinese technicians pressurized the fuel for self-developed rockets, with which they successfully blasted off Chinaís first satellite to space. When the well-known song ďthe east is always red?was broadcasted back to ground, tens of thousands people gathered in Tiananmen Square carrying their radios to catch the song from out of blue sky, ?I hear it! I hear it! ?they cried and embraced each other excitedly with tears running along their cheeks.

Today, on October 15, 2003, after 4 times experiments that is far less than those former the Soviets and United States did in 1960ís, our Chinese space vehicle named ?Sacred Vessel ?with the first Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei , who on behalf of more than 1.3 billion Chinese around the world, was launched to space orbit with flying colours ! Wan Huís dream at last came true ! A great leap in history.

Now, we are standing on a new start line, the space mission has just taken off. We will make a moon walk within years, and create our own space station, and ?finally build up human paradise on Mars in next century ! It is so exciting to think that our grandchildrenís children are leading their lives in Mars or other planets !

Our Chinese dreams continue ?
Posted by Xu at 2003-10-15 19:22:27. More

23 China is Sending Man to Space

It is a too good news to be true ? It is true !
Every Chinese should perceive that our country is no longer one to be oppressed, is the country will be soon marking itself the third in the world history capable to launch humans to misterious and potential space. What a honor !

May our Chinese mission succeed with flying colours !
Posted by Xu at 2003-10-14 20:33:38. More

22 Travel Tips to Hui Zhou

Wow, what an enviable experience you had in an ancient "hotel", just one thing I wonder that is how that door stems cold wind blowing in in winter.

I am also impressed that you are known so well in train number order just like a planner. I think what you mean is trains run towards capital is named even number, please check your description by a second.
Posted by Xu at 2003-10-09 10:07:59. More

21 Out of Blogging for Wedding

Congratulations !!!
Wow, what a wonderful place where was the past French Club ! You must have been as brilliant as that famous film star.
I hope sincerely this will be a good start for your life and even for this blog. Please share more and more happiness with us !
Posted by Xu at 2003-09-23 16:39:50. More

20 Hard to Buy a House in Shanghai

Wow, how enviable it is ! Now I became to want to come back soon in order to find a job in any residential developer, even someone like tutu above commented that the life in Shanghai is getting tougher and tougher. By the way, I happened to perceive that a couple of words was changed quietly from your original article. :-)
Posted by Xu at 2003-09-18 19:41:06. More

19 Hard to Buy a House in Shanghai

Addition :
Sorry, what I meant above red-eyed is the Chinese version of green-eyed, man who writes English is always attached to the sense of his native tongue.:-)
Xiao Wang :
I am still curious about what you mentioned that you even need to hire a representitive of residential developer to buy a house. Does it mean that you should hire a private detective disguised as a enployee of houses seller to get the first hand imformation ? Even old Shanghainese became unable to make sense of updated phenomenon of Shanghai, -- okay, I admit that I have lagged behind the times. Could you give more details of that to help me catch up with the what now Shanghainese are thinking about ?
Posted by Xu at 2003-09-02 09:52:33. More

18 Hard to Buy a House in Shanghai

Xiao Wang :
Yes, that is what I guessed you would reply. Providing you are still interested in the new opened houses, the second snuger house must be already on your visionary agenda, to which I think you are sure to run faster to approach than the pace of price rising. Look forward to the day when dreams come true !
Posted by Xu at 2003-09-01 20:20:25. More

17 Hard to Buy a House in Shanghai

Hi John :
I must say, don't be red - eyed. Yes, this guy can easily rake in nearly 400 thousand RMB from a small part of 530 thousand price if it was under installment plan. But, that is being happened in Shanghai -- a place to fulfill your dream !
Posted by Xu at 2003-09-01 12:28:30. More

16 SARS, Autumn Tiger, and MSF...

Wow, now you are among the top 5 IT professionals in China ! let's pull out the cork of champagne... pop !
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-27 14:08:35. More

15 Late Payment for My Gas Bill

Oh, busy boy, not poor boy, do not worry about that triffle. Why don't you use defined payment account system in postoffice or bank? What you only should do is to deposit enough money to that account from which all of utilities is paid off autimatically when they happen. And the check bill is delivered every month. I am not sure if telephone bill is included or not. Try it.
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-26 12:41:43. More

14 A Car Plate = 38500 RMB in Shanghai

Xiao Wang :
You look the market so optimistic ! Like a balloon lifted off, the price would be double next year again ! The earlier you invest in, the higher return you will gain. So, now is likely the best time to make up your mind rather than to wait for the price down of car itself. You have already attained such an envied success -- real estate, your condo has arised half fold in only 2 years ! Tomorrow must be better than today ! Not the day dream. :-)
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-25 18:05:30. More

13 A Car Plate = 38500 RMB in Shanghai

I remember the price last year was below 20,000 Yuan, it jumped dubble in one year, what a nice business! All the price down of new cars are eaten up by this number plate tiger. this may stand for the unavoidable fact that Shanghai is not yet prepared to welcome the coming on of my car ages given the road capacity. I am afraid what you can do is nothing but to wait for the traffic conditions improved enough to match the my car needs. Wait a minute, I heard that some Shanghai guys were applying for there number plates to the office of Hongzhou where was free of registration. Although you ought to run there every year for your car check up. what about now?
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-24 18:48:46. More

12 Driving for Exams

I thind our Shao Wang is sure to take your light pressure for impetus to pass it tommorow with fluttering red flags !
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-20 13:46:06. More

11 Driving for Exams

I think Xiao Wang is sure to take your light pressure for impetus to pass it tommorow with fluttering red flags !
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-20 12:05:24. More

10 My Experience of TOEIC Exam

Toufu, sounds just like TOEFL ^^, your remark is great! The result can only tell us the result, but the most important is the process, although it sounds a little self ?consoling. Wait a minute, it sounds somehow so familiar ?Oh, now I recalled, isnít that what the typical punch line of a love story says? ^^

Talking about TOEIC, I see it is very popular here in Japan as well as TOEFL, there is public individual test every month held in more than a dozen places around the country. While TOEFL is the test for those who seek the way to learn in English ?bloc universities, TOEIC is a name card for those are coming by a job required English skill. As a matter of fact, almost a bulk of companies ask for your TOEIC score here, when they are recruiting. So, it is increasingly said to be involved in the scope of IQ, intelligence quotient. I believe in the short coming days TOEIC individual program will also spread in China. By the way, here is the exchange formula told by ETS, TOEIC scores * 0.348 + 296 = TOEFL scores, which means TOEIC 860 points is similar as TOEFL 600 points ( the old paper test), while TOEIC 730 is TOEFL 550. Xiao wang, now you can compare your scores after you got it two weeks later with your TOEFL scores taten 5 years before. If it get improved, might you want to think to stop complaining of TOEIC? Anyway it is a free lunch to you now. ^^
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-18 18:33:04. More

9 Upcoming TOEIC and MSF Practitioner Exams

Xiao Wang:

Thanks for your response.
I am surprised that you, a busy man even remember and think of the likes of me whom only has entered the site for limited times. A matter of fact is, I posted this site on the top of my Intenet blowser list, as I take it as the best window of knowing updated Shanghai and new Shanghainese. Yes, the sense of accomplishment is very sweet, but it is laid a foundation on your persistently hard work, saying no reward without toil, I salute for all your efforts to keep this nice site rolling along and to make Shanghai more popular and Shanghainese more brilliant!
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-11 19:23:30. More

8 Upcoming TOEIC and MSF Practitioner Exams

Xiao Wang : How are you!
Now I know the phrase saying ?the busiest man makes the most time ? Look at you -- go to work, keep this blog refreshed every day, do the driver license training, study for newest exam to enhance your career, and go out for a trip from weekend even till Monday frequently, of course, you still have enough time to go for groceries and enjoy yourself around the dinner table with your family. I wonder if God bless you more than 24 hours a day?

If you donít feel bored, please let us know what is your tip of making time with you. By the way, saying TOEIC, what scores gained means what you said above you could pass? 730, 800, or 860 points? How often is TOEIC held now in Shanghai? How much it takes? And how long will you get your scores from test held? I hope I donít interrupt you in your cramming time. Good luck to you! May last laughter belong to you!
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-10 21:43:42. More

7 Upcoming TOEIC and MSF Practitioner Exams

Xiao Wang : How are you!
Now I know the phrase saying ?the busiest man makes the most time ? Look at you -- go to work, keep this blog refreshed every day, do the driver license training, study for newest exam to enhance your career, and go out for a trip from weekend even till Monday frequently, of course, you still have enough time to go for groceries and enjoy yourself around the dinner table with your family. I wonder if God bless you more than 24 hours a day?

If you donít feel bored, please let us know what is your tip of making time with you. By the way, saying TOEIC, what scores gained means what you said above you could pass? 730, 800, or 860 points? How often is TOEIC held now in Shanghai? How much it takes? And how long will you get your scores from test held? I hope I donít interrupt you in your cramming time. Good luck to you! May last laughter belong to you!
Posted by Xu at 2003-08-10 21:38:40. More

6 Returned on Delayed Train K284

Mr Wang:
I very understand you. I don't know if I want to laugh or cry, as reading your simplest words -- about 10 hours later, the broadcast suddenly announced that the train had arrived. Within 1 second, people rushed to the door, tired, hot and in bad mood. 5 minutes later, the train started. I think almost every our Chinese has been and still be suffuring from that experience. Even worse things you should be prepared for, like although you spent a lot of energy and got a TICKET, but you are blessed to find your seat were already taken by someone whom shows you the same TICKET of the same seat, no one can tell you which one is genuine, Oh poor man, this time you have to stand all through the trip hours again! I am wondering how can a foreigner imagin you under such situation are the same person who wears stiff white shirt and tie strolling in radiant shopping mall and sitting in STARBARK by only using credit cards! I must say, that is what we should be proud of -- a incredible adaptation. Look, you still used a smiling mark to grummble about the bitter matter.

While, I appretiate it that you always look things forward by putting the good news at the end. Were the all carts including hard seats and three-lay berths air-conditioned? What is the difference between air-circulation and air-condition?
Posted by Xu at 2003-07-30 17:35:12. More

5 Back from Taihu by Bike

Inspiring challenge!
I saw you had a new bicycle, this time how much did you pay for it? Is the last new one unable to move well? How were you prepaired for rain time giving there no fender covered on the tires? And how long did you take for this round travel, three days?
Anyway I appretiate it much, you are a rising star!
Posted by Xu at 2003-06-26 17:26:14. More

4 Traffic Rules in Shanghai

Yes, I agree with you.
Whatever considered as uncivilized or even shameful behavior habits by Shanghainese were created compulsorily along with that so poor traffic conditions. The fact is, there was no pedestrian signal lights existed everywhere past, even now I don't think they are equipped all over the intersections in place, people who cross the road by their feet had to follow the same traffic signs which is used to regulate wheels both cars and bicycles. That means your feet must run as fast as wheels do if you step in the cross way at last second of green sign. What we learned from elders in our childhood is you must depend on your own sence and judgement turning head at first left and then right to protect yourself when you are crossing.

Mr Wang Jianshuo, I appreciate your courage and your tolerance even waiting for unchanged red pedestrian sign for 15 minutes in the midnight singly!
If I can call you proudly as excellent new young Shanghainese, and the coming star on the TV :-), please be more patient with native Shanghainese and explain to or persuade your friends both national and foreign to understand these legacies and still ongoing situations
well. It takes time for native Shanghainese to change their perceptions which have been treated as golden living rules in several decades.
Posted by Xu at 2003-06-05 19:46:32. More

3 SARS is Over in Shanghai - II

Oh, I forgot writing down the renting price at that time, it noly took 1 RMB a day! Meanwhile the price of a new bicycle was even higher than now.
Posted by Xu at 2003-06-04 19:07:04. More

2 SARS is Over in Shanghai - II

Yes, what a pretty lucrative "new" business!
50 RMB per day? They can give the cost back only in 4 times renting or so. I wonder if it is going along well.

It reminded me of my memory some 10 years ago, renting a bicycle - not so polished, but it move - riding around the city in Zhejiang province when I visited their by work.
Is my sence antiquated?
Posted by Xu at 2003-06-04 18:54:47. More

1 Daily Life - SARS Related IV

I am so interested that earthquake here even become a news in my hometown Shanghai where is some 2000 kilometers away from epicenter under the offing of northeast,300 kilo or so north from Tokyo. It is the biggest one in recent years, but epicenter is gauged 71 kilo undersea, so the damage is limited, there is no casualty dead and severe house destruction reported. actually, quake felling is quite frequent experence here, once a month, sometimes a week, like a sway or quiver horizontally, but I haven't undergone it as stronge as can move down books on the desk in near 5 years. Sometimes I feel my chair moving softly again, but later I realized it just my heart pulse.(-:
I can proudly say, Shanghai is absolutly a place free from quake, considering both the history of zero record and stable earth slate structure. Maybe we can get a little feeling of that once several years, but it is no concern about any damage occured, that just give us a reassuring perception that the earth is still moving, and a joking topic in the lunch time relaxly. So, that is why the highest skysraper can and must locate in Shanghai, It is the priority and privilege belong to us, isn't it!
Posted by Xu at 2003-05-27 16:45:31. More