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60 How's China in Global Financial Crisis?

It is very similar as last time's Asia finance crisis, 'financial crisis, what is it?' ...
Posted by zhang at 2008-10-31 19:53:57. More

59 Yifan has Hukou Today

I suggested "王建博" for you to show that son is better than the father, :-)
So your baby got a Shanghai HuKou, or still remains a HeNan HuKou? I am curious for a couple like you living in Shanghai so long, do they give your son a Shanghai HuKou?
This HuKou thing is notorious and has been long critized, hope the day will come soon when everyone just need an ID card, and no HuKou is required for equal education opportunity.
Posted by zhang at 2007-06-26 12:35:10. More

58 Name of the Baby - Part II

????Janbo Wang??????????????????
Posted by zhang at 2007-06-17 00:04:05. More

57 Where are You - Part II

hi, jianshuo, i started to read your blog 3 years ago, stopped for a while due to my busy job, but i think i used to contribute the some dots in your geo map in particularly Europe as i live in Belgium, :-)
Posted by zhang at 2006-10-30 04:54:34. More

56 Maglev Accident in Germany

Germen had a lot of hope that Chinese would buy the maglev technology at the end, but the hope's faded a large deal after these 2 accidents.
Posted by zhang at 2006-09-24 21:05:51. More

55 Shanghai Buses

I'm just a Chinese student at Shanghai tourism institute. So English is very important to me. I want to learn pure American English.Pronunciation is a difficulty. So I want to know an some one who can speak fluent English an a little Chinese. I can teach him or her Chinese.
If some one want to,Please relate me!
Posted by zhang at 2006-08-08 22:53:59. More

54 BBC's Interview

BBC is nauty, choose to interview a businessman on sensitive topics.
WJS is loyal to his business I have no complain.
Posted by zhang at 2005-11-10 22:19:46. More

53 Pictures in Shanghai Metro

Posted by zhang at 2005-10-22 22:55:36. More

52 Pictures in Shanghai Metro

"I cannot figure out what is exciting for?", this is cute, kevin, :-)
I have a Canadian friend told me about his accent pointed out by Londoners: "Why are you always so exited everyday?", hehe...
What I really mean here is, JianShuo is apparently a positive thinking person, and there are lots of things that I, as a Chinese fellow living outside China, don't feel so exiting too: there are better and far more advanced metro system in US and Europe, there are better cars and fancier digital gadgets (Palm Tero, BlakBerry, PSP, XBOX... other than just a Nokia 6670 with a buildin camera), but he manages to figure out his pettet daily amusement, in boring urban life, and my point is: upon the time that you are no longer exited by something around you, some tiny things that are truly cheerful but easily be neglected, then you've lost the Zen of life.
Smile, and find your happiness around you, don't be afraid to be seen as naive or silly, as long as you are "exited", whoelse would care?
Posted by zhang at 2005-10-21 05:58:30. More

51 Baidu Post

Actually, just found there is a wikipedia entry:
Posted by zhang at 2005-08-31 03:57:22. More

50 Baidu Post

yeah, we are more fond of BigBrother things here in Europe, good China hasn't reached that stage of TV biz.
Posted by zhang at 2005-08-31 03:55:04. More

49 Donghai Bridge

Brad, take a look at this interesting post about Parisian:
Replace the "petiteanglais" with "petiteanglaise", don't know why I can not post with "e".
Posted by zhang at 2005-07-22 15:55:56. More

48 Donghai Bridge

Hehe, with those who are scared driving in China, come to Paris, you have seen nothing yet, :-)
Posted by zhang at 2005-07-20 05:53:28. More

47 Cheap Place to Stay in Shanghai

Hi, i come to this site in the hope to find IT partners for joint web projects in Europe, but soon we'll need also a branch in China. Can you suggest to me some IT people working with Open Source, with a reasonable level of English? We need both people live and work in China as well as travelling to Europe. Thanks YC Zhang
Posted by zhang at 2005-06-09 05:39:00. More

46 Waiting for More Metro Lines

I was really impressed by Madrid's subway system when I visited Spain few years ago:
Note that it started its service as early as 1919!
Posted by zhang at 2005-05-28 06:44:20. More

45 Spring Comes to Shanghai

How is the anti-japanese demonstration there in Shanghai?
Posted by zhang at 2005-04-16 21:15:51. More

44 L'Invitation au Voyage

"behavoir art"? motion art?

Have fun, anyway. :-)
Posted by zhang at 2005-03-28 23:31:58. More

43 I Didn't Escape from Puxi

Peter, you have my sympathy for your experience at the otherwise groovy bund.
Although local people may even give you figure that shows out of every 10 of police theft reports, 7 is done by immigrant labor worker,or "Min Gong". But something I'd say here is Shanghai people are really BAD on their view of new commers. Pretty much as some Germen's attitude towards the Turks immigrants, Shanghai people tend to hold mixed feeling about people from outside, basically they don't like them, although most of themself are originally from neighbouring regions. They are more or less bit of snobbish, as if you are bringing big money in or having a nice job, they feel OK, AND, people are therefore equal on this point, which is good and not like Beijing.
This is a big topic worth writing about, I remember actually some Taiwan author wrote some book years ago.
Posted by zhang at 2005-03-27 21:36:15. More

42 Enjoy Doing or Being Able to Do

Agreed with "Chinese". My wife and I are always thinking to go back to China, because of the food, the entertainment and old friends there. But we are fully aware of this: life will be same in everywhere. You'd not be meeting up with friend all the time and eating up all the time. After few gathering and couple of month of going for restraunt, most likely you end up with the same life: watching TV at home and listening to the music with your Hi-Fi, spend your time with your family after work.
Posted by zhang at 2005-03-08 05:07:09. More

41 Helping by Hiring

I can understand Shelly's concern, when a giant is growing up, people tend to worry about how to deal with that, especially, a giant who has been annoyed by you before. I guess British got trouble with American before and fortunately they did well to please them by being American's yesman. I don't if someday China will ask all the Chinese antiques in London to return home when China, but I know Indian asked the Queen to return her dimond on her crown back to India when she visited there.
Don't say who cares, we do care.
Posted by zhang at 2005-03-06 18:10:36. More

40 Helping by Hiring

I'd like to comment something on Europe since I have been here for the last 6 years. It is true that there are lots of people living on social wellfare offered by government, which is from my 48% tax rate every month. But I think it is OK. Compared to the States, people here more relaxed, and you don't find people searching for food in the street rubish bin. I agree that such system will cause more lazy people, you have the freedom to choose not to work and to be fed by other people. I believe this idea is more developed than US.
I agree with Shelly that quality of life is better in Shanghai with same wage as in US or Europe. US is just at the worst situation compared with China and Europe, people don't earn that much to hire an Ayi like in China, while the government is not going offer you free money to take a break like in Europe.
Posted by zhang at 2005-03-05 03:32:50. More

39 Life in a Low Cost Labor World

Hi, JianShuo,
I had mixed reaction reading this thread. The dark side is this reminds me something about the street girls in China, people's say the same "Help them by doing their business". On the other hand, it is quite understandable that offer them business is indeed the best way to offer help.
China's majority of farmers remains poor, this is the sad story hehind the dazzling economy achievement in big cities like Shanghai, the Chinese government is doing little to help them out of their unfair situation, and crazy enough to keep the most notorious Hu Kou system. I am a Chinese and really feel ashamed of this government, not people like you.
Posted by zhang at 2005-03-04 03:32:53. More

38 Seoul Changes Chinese Name

Who cares? Those small contries are always fond of chaning their names, like Mianma to Burma, Holland to Nederlands...
China used to be father country of many surrounding small countries, we never forced anyone to join the Great China, much like in Europe, via marriage with royal family to hold the crown in one piece.
Personally, I really don't care someone want to be within China like HongKong, so if British are happy to take them, be my guest and take it, :-)
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-26 21:43:55. More

37 MagLev May Extend to Hangzhou

carsten, you got me wrong.
I am not talking about British, I am talking about prejudice, towards Chinese people and their government.
It seems to me any rubish country could point the finger to any Chinese, "You are ruled by Communists dictator, your money is wasted by your Party boss, stand up and bring down this evil regime!". To my ear, it is something like you are telling me, one of a 5 sons from a poor family, "Look, your parents are spending more money on your elder brother, go and beat up your parents to get equal!"
My mother and my wife are all CCP members and my mother used to serve as dean of a medical school, she worked so hard that she quited the job at her early 50's due to health problem. You are right that there are corruption, and there are lots of things need to approve in term of running the government more effectively and efficiently, BUT mind you, Chinese people support their government, they have shed their blood and brought down the imperial regime 90 years ago, which still exists in UK and other Kingdom of blah blah in Europe, and built a new Repulic. Because China is a "communist" country, the nation was boycotted by the West for few decades, in 1960's, my mother had to trade out one of my grandmother's gold ring for my grandfather's TB lung disease drug from HongKong(that's why they got rich). Where were you at that time, carsten? Who led us to survive all of these hardship and even manage to beat up American led United Nation army in Korea? CCP. To CCP, I have my full respect.
Hope you come earlier with your wife and know the real China and its people.
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-15 03:16:46. More

36 MagLev May Extend to Hangzhou

carsten, yes, I was replying PC.
I always got bit annoyed when someone pops up and says something as waste of money or even as far as democracy for MagLev. By all means, it is CHINESE money, why are you so much concerned for it?
As for the democracy bit, shall we just put up a man or woman as King or Queen something, then let the rich people organize a House of Landloads, to own massive land and properties, and then elect a middle class lawyer from Low House as prime minister to listen to the American and send us Chinese young men to invade Iraq using public money? After all of it, British would feel so much cheerful and celebrate:" Oh Yeah! China finally becomes another democracy like us!"
Go Republic like French and China!
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-14 15:08:15. More

35 Top Two Differences in China

Agreed with Damien B.
Being as "expat" in Europe for 7 years, I have never encountered scenario of tipping in all European countries I travelled.
I was shocked the first time in NYc when the cab driver did not give me back the changes: "it is the tip".
Anyway, that's America, there are lots of uinque things, like they still use "gallon" rather than liter in gas station, and I don't see "kg" in supermarket as weight unit......
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-13 18:08:12. More

34 MagLev May Extend to Hangzhou

Don't tell me that your life with your average UK salary in UK is better than an average wage earner's life in China, at least I don't believe it, so as my British colleagues in Zurich.
Enjoy your rain-soaked and windy democratic life in Britain,:-)
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-13 17:43:54. More

33 MagLev May Extend to Hangzhou

PC, I agreed that the Shanghai local government can't wait to showing off its new money. But I believe if British got the same handsome amount of cash, they will build such project in London too, rather than the ugly and stupid cheaply made "London Eye".
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-11 08:09:37. More

32 Life in New York is Tough for Me

People there in NYC told me renting an appartment is around 3-4k/month in downtown, so most of the people commute everyday more than 1 hour in the subway to avoid spending your lion part of your income on housing.
I lived in Zurich, the difference between NYC and Zurich is that in Zurich, you have no other cheaper alternative for food, movie and housing: eating Chinese food is only one price in SuangLong(double dragons, one Chinese takeaway chain shop) from the prestigious Bahnhofstrasse to exotic Langstrasse, 20 Swiss(15 Euro) for one disk of "chicken chow mein". So, JianShou, you should feel lucky if you were living in NYC, you still "can buy lunch box from Canel Street Chinatown which is good for two meals for $3.", hehe...
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-05 03:15:36. More

31 Is the Real Estate Cooling Down?

Great to see comments from JianShuo and others on the property price in Shanghai.
I've been watching this issue since last year, as my relatives in Shanghai told me to take a look at the market since they feel it is going to be right time to buy an appartment. BUT I think it hasn't come yet. The situation in Shanghai and HangZhou is something like the smarter people have sold first batch of profitable appartments out, with cash in hands and strong belief that they will get same luck next time. Such speculation is based on presumption that purchasing power will continue to rise, and will go on as long as there are people following them. Since I'd buy an appartment just for my parents to live, not for the fancy "investment", I'd rathere wait.
Some comparision: The appartment price in Shanghai is already reaching townhouse price in Brussels now.
Posted by zhang at 2005-01-04 02:03:06. More

30 Chinatowns in U.S.

There is something about NYC still remains in my mind: I took a taxi from JFK airport to Manhattan, so when the taxi was on the bridge cross the tiny strait to downtown NY, the landscape of NYC suddenly poped up to my view, my response was, "wahooo... that is the real Ameeeeticaaaa!", the cab driver even slowed down the car when he saw me grabbing my camera to shoot the gorgeous front views.
Rest of the things are more or the less the same everywhere around the world, in big cities.
Posted by zhang at 2004-12-31 02:00:05. More

29 Chinatowns in U.S.

Agree with "Chinese", I was brought up in a small Southern Chinese town, I still remember those elegant slate paved streets and old wonderful biuldings made with wood, white wall and black bricks. They are replaced by ugly concrete streets and houses since mid-70's, and thanks God, during my last visit, the local government decided to revive the town by restoring the old style, now the streets and biuldings are appearing as sort of Renaissance, for tourism purpose.
Posted by zhang at 2004-12-27 00:57:51. More

28 New York - Day 2

When I was in NYC, people told me, "It is a city never sleeps", I responsed,"So do I".
Amazingly that in the central NYC area, they are still building up at night!
My freinds told me NYC is not really a typical Amermican city, I think they are talking about the noise.
BTW, NYC, so as US as an whole, has changed very much after 911 attack, NYC is a elegant city with scar, and with nervous people cross rest of the country and a man called Bush leading these people.
Posted by zhang at 2004-12-17 15:46:13. More

27 I Got my U.S. Visa

Rogi and Kaili,
Maybe you'd never imagine that some European countries are very open to immigration? In Holland, when you start your Ph.D, you pay tax, and after 5 years of tax paying, you are entitled to apply a CITIZENSHIP, so there quite number of international students get Dutch citizenship after Ph.D. I don't know how much does it mean for an American citizenship, but the Dutch one means a lot for your living, since it is a highly social wellfared country. Sweden, Finland, Belgium..are among this kind of "non-immigration" country.
It is rather very ironical that US, as so-called "immigration country" has the most harsh VISA system in the world, and still not safe.
Posted by zhang at 2004-11-16 16:07:54. More

26 Jian Shuo Wang is Going to U.S.

Hi, JianShuo, great that you have such long holidays for a tour in US.
My two cents tips: Spend sometime on coastal cities, like Boston. Most of American cities are the same, driving around downtown Seattle isn't that different from driving around in downtown Chicago or New York, well, there something indeed you only find in New York: central park, wallstreet, broadway, radiocity, time square, and lots more... And MIT and Harvard in Boston.
Posted by zhang at 2004-11-14 23:11:03. More

25 Basic Geographic Knowledge about China

I went to New York and Boston recently. Boston is of my type and I took lots of photos in Harvard and MIT campus., the city's archtecture is very much European style. New York is a BIG city, and since there are so many Chinese living there, it is not difficult to find a Chinese shop on virtually very street. People are very nice and helpful towards tourist. I found New York very a confortable place to live, I am thinking to move to New York as I got a job offer from there.
Posted by zhang at 2004-11-10 07:32:45. More

24 Planning to Travel to Tokyo

I have been to Tokyo, not really immpressed. Something like New York, but with all Asian looking people and lots of Chinese(?) logos and street names.
People are nice and polite everywhere, things are expensive, you can find something less expensive in supermarket, but nowdays, what can you find in Tokey that you can not find in Shanghai? eating is cheap if you stick to 吉野家, :-), but I'd suggest try at least once the Japanese seafood, it is bloody expensive, but you won't regret, it is something only available in Japan and real. AND, the hotspring bath!, plus the Japanese wine there! Save your cash prepared for SONY videocam or other digital gudget for this these stuff.
The subway system is a mess, easily get lost, but relax, the policemen(?) are very helpful if you approach them with a your train ticket(normally they don't speak English, so better hand in your ticket). I was guided by one policemn to one direction, he informed his colleague with his radio, so that I was picked up at another end where I was heading to sort of nowhere again, and this chain relay went on till a VERY CUTE(!!) girl picked up my ticket and helped me punch it in the machine!
I went to Kyoto, and farther to Sendai and other cities, they are better place to visit.
Posted by zhang at 2004-11-05 15:27:18. More

23 XGAO's RJRI Retired

Hi, JianShuo,
To be polite, when you leave a French, don't fotget to say to him/her:"傻驴", hehe...
Posted by zhang at 2004-09-24 14:53:16. More

22 Posting my Mobile Number

hmm, what you wrote reminds me my experience in Zurich, Switzerland. Swiss tend to treat people's privacy differently. In Swisscom's phone booth, there is a terminal, from which screen you can search all the resident phone number cross Switzerland, this is nothing fancy, while hold on, apart from the phone number you get from the name searching(it was impossible to ask Swisscom to hind your name from this public accessable database), you also get the Academic Degree you posses and Academic Title you have! , together with your Home Address!
Posted by zhang at 2004-09-18 02:07:53. More

21 Goudaner Scratched by Drunk Driver

See if you can do something further, that drunk driver might have killed someone before punched your car!
Posted by zhang at 2004-09-16 17:20:33. More

20 Negative Comments for this Blog

Hi, JianShuo,

Carry on your great blog in English! Forget those negative comments, these are from as someone pointed out, jealousy hearts; and forget hopeless French, they never travel or live outside their own place.
As a Chinese bit older than your generation, I believe China will always remain open and powerful as long as there are quality people like you back home.
Enjoy your life, and write for people who love your blog, and leave some mercy for those nagetive commenter: they have no other place to speak out, and annoying a humble Chinese guy like you is their great achievement. :-)
Posted by zhang at 2004-09-16 17:07:27. More

19 HP Pavilion a610cl - My New Home PC

Nice piece indeed!
You didn't say how much you paid for this HP, mind leaking bit? :-)
Sad to know that Linux becomes sort of trick for those PC vendor to sell more hardware with hidden M$ OS copyright vilation...
Posted by zhang at 2004-07-21 04:24:35. More

18 My New Laptop - Dell Latitue D600

mw, I am not really a geek guy, but check out this website for your SE P900:
I started using Linux on Dell Laptop back in 1997, quite happy with it. IBM and Compaq seem to all have something "their-own"(reserved tiny system partition, PCMCIA card, video card), it is much better nowdays though. while Dell, due to its heavy OEM, is better suported by Linux programmer.
Posted by zhang at 2004-07-13 16:36:34. More

17 My New Laptop - Dell Latitue D600

I am using Dell latitude as well, and my wife is using ThinkPad, I agree ThinkPad is more durable than Dell, I have changed battery once, cable once. While Dell seems more friendly towards Linux than IBM, I am daul-booting with Win2k and Mandrake on my Dell.
Posted by zhang at 2004-07-10 18:48:50. More

16 Price Rules in China Market

"CARREFOUR not Carefore", yeah, it is French, means Crossroad, "Shi Zi Jie Tou" ,:-)
Posted by zhang at 2004-07-02 17:17:58. More

15 Hardship of Living without Twix

Speaking of candy, something from Shanghai is definately within virtually every Chinese child's memory, at least my gerneration, White Rabbit Candy:
Funny that I heard from once a British young lady told me that she had lots of that since her high school boyfriend used to offer her this sweet things, hehe...
Posted by zhang at 2004-03-02 04:54:06. More

14 Hardship of Living without Twix

I must say I was really surprised when my Canadian friend,a tough 38 yrs old something ice hockey player, open up whole pack of M&M chocolate bean and eat them all. Hoho, did you have some shortage of decent candy in North America during teeage, John? :-)
Posted by zhang at 2004-03-02 04:42:04. More

13 Satellite Dishes Still Forbidden in China

I just installed a dish and now I can receive cctv4 and cctv9 at home. My mum is very happy now to be able to follow up the news backhome and some TV serials. I heard that from my friends that it is still OFFICIALLY banned in China, well if you put your dish not so visiable from outside, nobody will trouble you, but be warned, THEY ARE titled to ask you stop using it anytime and for further legal or finacial punishment.
Posted by Zhang at 2004-01-10 19:14:58. More

12 Bring Your Mobile and Internet to Shanghai

The European mobile works in China, I used my Nokia(Mobistar.be network) and Ericsson(Sunrise.ch Network), both worked in Shanghai and HangZhou. For my opinion, it is rather easier to but a prepaid mobile card with SIM card(http://www.shmc.com.cn/English/fivegreat/shenzhou.htm) on it, only costs you 20 Euro something(I am not very sure), then when you land in China, just replace the SIM card, and you are reachable by a number in China.
Posted by Zhang at 2004-01-06 23:21:55. More

11 10 Things You Love/Hate About Shanghai

Vicky,the public transportation system is bad in US, UK, Italy,not good in France, Nederland, good in Belgium, Germany, and nearly perfect in Switzerland(the train brings you up to the top of snow montain, so you can just dump out and start skiiing)
Posted by Zhang at 2003-12-24 20:57:19. More

10 Friend is Sick. Please Show Your Support

The organ match usually is organized by the hospital, but as properbly you already know that there is always a long waiting list for the donor. Patients with renal falure live on hemodialysis for sometime until she/he get a donor who has the same so-called HLA type, this process takes quite long. I don't know if it is possible for Flora to find her own donor and has her operation done some other place in China, but she can try, and other friends also can help. Wish her good luck and spirit.
Here is one reference:
Posted by Zhang at 2003-12-27 03:21:07. More

9 Friend is Sick. Please Show Your Support

I did 5 years of surgery after my medical school and post-graduate training. As far as I know, kidney transplantation is most stable and cost-effective organ transplantation with the highest post-operative survival rate, in China. I know in HangZhou, even early in 1991, in my hospital there were already hundreds patients under out-patient clinic follow-up, that means they had transplantation and they are still healthy. So, technically, FLORA should not worry too much, here is my best wish and Merry Christmas greeting from another Chinese folk living in cold, flu-troubled Europe, :-)
Posted by Zhang at 2003-12-24 20:50:30. More

8 Going to Europe?

If you are coming to Europe, there is only one VISA you need to apply: schengen states VISA. With this VISA you can go to:
Austria Germany Portugal
Belgium Greece Spain
Denmark Italy Sweden
Finland Luxembourg
France Netherlands
Norway Iceland
As shown here:

To apply this VISA, you can go to one of these General Conculate in Shanghai, I bet the Belgian one is the best:
On the above link, you can find this info:


1) 本人有效护照:可向当地公安机关申请。此护照在申请人回国之后,仍需具有至少3个月的有效期。

2) 4份由申请人签名并注明填表日期的申请表格。表格需以荷兰语、法语或英语填写,希望使用打字机填写。每份表格上需贴2寸照片一张。请注明申请的入境次数(一次/两次/多次)*。申请表第24、25和28项请仔细填写:入境次数及停留天数(24 & 25); 过去是否得到过申根国的签证 (28)。

*:如果申请人在离开申根国地区、访问其他国家 (如英国、瑞士) 之后,希望重新进入申根国地区,那么必须申请2次或多次入境签证。如果申请人在递交材料后还需申请其他国家的签证,申请人可取回护照,在指定的签证签发之日前,将护照交回。

3) 申请人的身份证复印件。

4) 比利时公司的邀请信原件,需注明被邀请人的姓名、职位、护照号码、访问目的及时间、旅行及住宿费用由哪方面承担、比利时邀请方的电话/传真/地址/E-mail地址、邀请方负责人的姓名/职位/签名。

5) 申请人在中国的工作单位出具的派遣书。派遣书需用英语、法语或荷兰语书写,并需注明申请人的职位、护照号码、以及赴比利时访问的时间和目的、旅行及住宿费用由哪方面承担。派遣书必须印有公司的抬头,注明公司的名称、地址、电话、传真和E-mail地址。派遣书必须加盖公章,由有关负责人签名,并注明其姓名和职位。

6) 申请人在中国的工作单位的营业执照的复印件,以及此文件英语、法语或荷兰语的翻译件。

7) 如果所有或部分旅行费用由申请人的工作单位支付,需提供派遣方的资信情况证明(银行对帐单或存款证明等)。

8) 根据具体情况,申请人将被要求提供其他补充材料,例如:来回飞机票订单,旅馆订单等。

注意: 所有材料(除第2、3项外)均需递交一份原件及一份复印件。

Posted by Zhang at 2003-11-14 23:04:01. More

7 Volkswagen Polo

Polo is nice car for young couple without children, get GOLF if you have extra cash.
I am planning for a Touran, newly released from VM, saw it on sale in Zurich two month ago.
One reference:

Compared to Jap cars, Germen car have less considerate automatic functions(like you need remeber to manually turn off the front lamp before leave...), but they are made in durable material and with strong and heavy framework, ensure that you can drive it to next ice age, :-)
Forget Jap cars.
Posted by Zhang at 2003-11-07 18:04:58. More

6 PVG: From Pudong Airport to Hangzhou


You are crazy, :-) Seems you will be spinning around the major coastal cities for one week. I am from HangZhou, my suggestion will be:
HongKong Shanghai: Airplane, DragonAir?
Shanghai Nanjing HangZhou: Express train, there are special express train between these cities, fast and confortable.
HangZhou KunmingHongKong: Airplane
HongKong GuangZhou: train
you can always find cheap hotel,go http://english.ctrip.com/to reserve it if you are so sure after landing.
Posted by Zhang at 2003-09-30 04:56:29. More

5 Typical Rush Hours in Shanghai

Oops, Nick, you'd better keep some small bills for them next time, people around are not always prepared using newspaper to help you for you next time, :-)
Crime is usually very low in China, even on the street at midnight, but never follow people who trying to sell you something and guide you to backstreet, it is a trap, though not always targetting on foreigners.
Posted by zhang at 2003-08-03 20:41:32. More

4 My Dinner Impacted by SARS

Our voice must be heard!.....

** Message from Jian Shuo Wang **

Sorry. I have to ban your IP address now. Please drop me a mail and we can keep talk, but no here. Thanks, Zheng.
Posted by Zhang at 2003-04-30 19:34:45. More

3 My Dinner Impacted by SARS

** Original message removed **

** Message from Jian Shuo Wang **

In the special preiod of time, I need everyone participating this site to follow the simple rule: please post confirmed information only and don't spread rumors, which will hurt the country which is already suffering from SARS. I don't want to do it but I have delete some content - this is only the 3rd time on this board now. I don't have the poster's email address. Please drop me an email if you read this. I don't mean to be rude or don't respect your work. But I have to. Please understand.
Posted by Zhang at 2003-04-30 18:08:10. More

2 My Dinner Impacted by SARS

** Original post content removed **

** Message from Jian Shuo Wang to Zhang **

I am afraid I have to remove your last post due to obvious reason. Please note that this site is hosted in Shanghai and needs to follow the regulation and law of the country. I need your understanding for this.
Posted by Zhang at 2003-04-30 17:36:27. More

1 Wedding Anniversary

Nice blog! and congratulations for your wedding!
For the matter of where to spend your honeymoon, I highly recommend Italy and France here in Europe. Just imagine those names: Paris, Nice, Canne, Bordeaux, and Roma, Venice, Florenz, Sicily, and Naples ...
Washington is just another Seattle you've been to, with some Italian or Greek style of buldings they call "Capitol Hill" ... :-)
Posted by Zhang at 2003-06-02 00:50:35. More