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5 Booking China Domestic Flight Outside China


u r such a hoot. wasting my time with thick skulls. have a good life.
Posted by zippy at 2006-03-15 13:04:36. More

4 Booking China Domestic Flight Outside China


u r the one thats offering the laughs here, ignorant of how things are at cathay and misusing of terms in labeling shareholding structures.

ask anyone who is in ibanking if they use the term principal shareholder? u must the the sole accountant that uses this term and thinking its the way to go. like i said, stating things as facts before checking it out properly or understanding it is a huge problem with posts like this. the half knowledgable thinks that they know it all.... leave this matter to those that really knows - like someone that structures deals for cathay pacific. accountants are better at looking at the numbers and making sure its in the right columns and in a standarized format and acceptable standards. nothing else. r u an auditor? r u a corporate restructuring specialist? what is your invlovement in structures like cathay?

u posted what u posted initially and what was the original true meaning of it?

what were u trying to insinuate by linking a chinese (citic) substantial shareholding has with the best airline in the world for 2006 (cathay pacific)? any third grader can sense that u are trying to say that the china, china party is offering a world's best airline to the world. absolutely hogwash and thats what i'm telling u and the rest that reads this postings/chats.

and i can tell u for a fact that there is not a single chinese from mainland china that is running the really critical parts of cathay that makes it the 2006 airline of the year. there are chinese persons that works for cathay in various positions within cathay as an employee but none in the senior management and executive directors category.

please don't try to linked things together that doesn't exist in the first place.
Posted by zippy at 2006-03-14 12:04:58. More

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if u don't understand how corporate jargon goes, brush up before posting.

there are majority, substantial and minority shareholders , no principal shareholders in ibank talk. ask any ibanker.

and i do understand how a proper corporation is managed.

the whole board of executive directors at cathay pacific are controlled by directors nominated by swire pacific, thus ensuring the day to day management at cathay is controlled by swire as thay are the majority shareholder of cathay (46.82%)

executive directors, which cathay has 5 - are all nominated by swire pacific and all of either uk, hk or australia origin. 5 out of 5 executive directors are all from swire group - that makes swire the driver in cathay pacific. this 5 executive directors then designate and hire other senior management to run the day to day operations at cathay together with themselves. there are no china "expertise" in running cathay pacific. cathay's claim to fame as the 2005 airline of the year is led by this 5 executive directors which are all not from china. cathay is not a china, china firm.

citic has nominated a couple of directors on to the board of cathay as they are substantial shareholder (25.69%) of cathay but they are of the non executive directors category (persons not running the firm) - son of citic chairman, carl yung and another person from china - zhang xianlin. there are 7 non executive directors and citic has only 2 nominations... 2 out of 7 - more to check on the books and making sure their interest in cathay as passive investors are not forgotten.

then, there are the independent non executive directors - 4 persons to ensure the minority shareholders are given some say. these 2 groups of independent non executive directors and non executive directors don't run cathay.

as u can see, swire directors run the show at cathay and the professionalism comes from these senior managers of the firm, not chinese parties from citic. cnac doesn't own any shares of cathay pacific anymore. and the substantial shareholder (citic) has no input in the daily going ons at cathay pacific.

hope that explains how things are at cathay pacific. hope cathay's glory as a hong kong, china corporation is not gonna be claimed by self promoting china, china parties. professionalism rests in hong kong, not china.

please ensure facts are checked and not misrepresent cathay as a "china, china" company - its a british/australian/hk run company, located in hong kong, china and the majority shareholder being the swire pacific group, a british conglomerate that has diversified biz operations all over the world that includes shipping, commodities trading, properties, hospitality and aviation not unlike the other big british conglomerate, jardines group.
Posted by zippy at 2006-03-14 02:42:01. More

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please check your facts before stating it as if it is fact - cathay has always been been majority owned by swire pacific, since the day it was listed on the hk stock exchange. citic is a passive shareholder and has only invested in cx post listing. checkout cathay's website at to correct yourself.

swire owns 46.82 % of cathay pacific and citic only holds 25.69 %. management is all from international / multinational backgrounds, none from china. the professionalism at cathay is not from china. citic doesn't run anything at cathay pacific, only as a passive investor.

they have no input other than helping out cathay in getting china route allocations when and if it happens. so far cathay only flies to xiamen and beijing in china, the shanghai route has been discussed and on the table for the last 3 years and citic has done nothing much in aiding to get the route going.

chairman and ceo of cathay pacific has been british or australian since the day it became a airline until the present hong kong ceo came into his post. he was previously from dragonair, another hk based airline that has a level of professionalism that the chinese airlines only tries to adopt but had difficulties. check around on the airfares between dragonair and the china based airlines... there is a very noticeable difference......

here's a complet list of the Senior Management at cathay pacific

Christopher Pratt

Deputy Chairman
Henry Fan

Chief Executive
Philip Chen

Chief Operating Officer
Tony Tyler

Finance Director
Robert Atkinson

Director Service Delivery
Quince Chong

Director Flight Operations
Nick Rhodes

Engineering Director
Derek Cridland

Director Sales & Marketing
James Barrington

Director Personnel
William Chau

Director Corporate Development
Augustus Tang

Director Information Management & e-Business
Edward Nicol

Director and General Manager Cargo
Ron Mathison

Posted by zippy at 2006-03-13 19:13:25. More

1 Booking China Domestic Flight Outside China

fyi, cathay's majority shareholder is swire, a british conglomerate based in hong kong. company is registered in hong kong, china not china, china per se. senior management are all highly experienced aviation personnels and are predominantly from australia, uk and hong kong, none from china.
Posted by Zippy at 2006-03-11 01:52:42. More